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From Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker! FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE. FIGHT EVIL WITH SCIENCE! Bursting from the pages of INVINCIBLE (well, kind of. More like the pages of the pages of INVINCIBLE since he’s Mark Grayson’s favorite comic character. It’s—you know what—read INVINCIBLE. You’ll get it), Science Dog was once a normal Scottish terrier; the laboratory dog and unofficial mascot in a high tech lab run by Dr Collins. When Science and Walter are sucked into a time machine, they emerge with their molecules evolved one million years.

Science is now a human-dog hybrid, imbued with great powers including insanely enhanced intelligence, super strength, and super speed.




Creator, Writer

Robert Kirkman is the award-winning creator of THE WALKING DEAD, INVINCIBLE, SUPER DINOSAUR, OUTCAST, and more! As Chairman of Skybound Entertainment, Robert continues to develop and produce multiple personal projects and collaborates with an extensive list of creators in all divisions of Skybound—including comics, interactive games, film and television (traditional and digital platforms), licensing, and merchandising.


Co-creator, Artist

Cory Walker is an American comic book artist who co-created and launched INVINCIBLE with writer Robert Kirkman. Throughout its run, Cory was a constant contributor to INVINCIBLE, from designs to full issues. Cory has worked with Robert on SCIENCE DOG, Marvel’s DESTROYER miniseries, the IRREDEEMABLE ANT-MAN, and various other projects.

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