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A tale of struggle and survival that has captivated the world. The Walking Dead, created by Robert Kirkman, is a post-apocalyptic story about the families, bonds, and trials that test those bonds in the most desperate of times. The Walking Dead centers on Rick Grimes, a Kentucky deputy who wakes from a coma to find that the dead have risen and now walk the earth, eating those who lay in their path. 

Rick’s journey and rise as the leader of the survivors of the apocalypse has become the gold standard in survival storytelling. Readers quickly connected with Grimes as he struggled to keep his humanity intact while trying to keep his family and friends safe.  

On October 8, 2003, The Walking Dead #1 debuted in comic shops and began a historic run from creator Robert Kirkman that would change the face of pop culture. For nearly sixteen years, The Walking Dead rewrote the rules of comic book storytelling, including its surprise ending at issue #193, and has since expanded to include special one-shots, graphic novels, video games and an unprecedented hit television franchise on the AMC network. The franchise continues to grow in new directions, from the Clementine YA graphic novels by superstar Tillie Walden to dynamic new interactive experiences like The Walking Dead: The Last Mile and further expansion of AMC’s The Walking Dead universe.




Currently, The Walking Dead: Deluxe is presenting the series in full-color format for the first time from creator Robert Kirkman, with art by Charlie Adlard and colors by Dave McCaig. 

Clementine is a graphic novel trilogy set in the world of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead, from Skybound Comet, an acclaimed original graphic novel imprint aimed at Young Adult (Ages 12+) and Middle Grade (Ages 8-12) audiences, but sure to captivate readers of all ages. Written and illustrated by the award-winning Tillie Walden,Clementine Book One debuted in 2022. Clementine Book Two will be released in October 2023. 


Over half a dozen television series have been created based on The Walking Dead with over 112 million viewers. AMC’s The Walking Dead is the highest-rated show in cable television history and the #1 most-watched scripted TV show on cable. As a testament to the franchise’s global reach, AMC’s The Walking Dead is the #1 show in 80+ countries. 

Following the successful spinoff series Fear the Walking Dead, other spinoff series are premiering in 2023, including The Walking Dead: Dead City.

Video Games

The Walking Dead’s adaptations in gaming continue to be an immense success. Over 80 million episodes have been sold of the Telltale Game series, andThe Walking Dead: Survivorsboasts 5.3MM players and won the VGX 2012 Game of the Year for its Telltale Definitive Edition.

The VR hit The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners has sold 2MM units, and its sequel The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution debuted in 2022. 

The Walking Dead: All-Stars, also released in 2022, is one of the most successful mobile games of its year.

Skybound has also partnered with Meta for the The Walking Dead: Last Mile, a Webby Award-winning interactive Facebook Gaming experience.

Tabletop Games

Iterations of The Walking Dead have laid their mark on celebrated tabletop games including Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, and Risk. 

In 2023, The Walking Dead celebrates its 20th Anniversary with new projects and live events to be announced soon!

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