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In Outpost Zero, the people work the land, go to the fights every Friday night, and tuck their children into bed—but the Outpost is no place for dreams or aspirations. To survive is ambitious enough. As Alea and her friends graduate to adulthood on a frozen world never meant to support human life, something stirs. Something sees…

From Eisner-winning writer Sean Kelley McKeever, artist Alexandre Tefenkgi and colorist Jean-Francois Beaulieu.


Outpost Zero


Sean Kelley McKeever

Alexandre Tefenkgi

Jean-Francois Beaulieu

Ariana Maher



Sean Kelley McKeever

Co-Creator, Writer

Sean is a fiction writer. Over the years, he’s worked with Marvel Comics, BioWare, DC Comics, Marvel Animation, Image Comics, and other in comics, graphic novels, video games, trading cards, newspapers and television. He’s best know for his character-driven work in the titles like SPIDER-MAN LOVES MARY JANE, INHUMANS, SENTINEL, and THE WAITING PLACE — all of which helped him win an Eisner Award. He’s also worked on THE INCREDIBLE HULK, MYSTIQUE, TEEN TITANS, AVENGERS: KREE-SKRULL WAR, X-MEN ORIGINS, the historic STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC MMO, and more

Alexander Tefengki

Creator, Artist

Alex Tefenkgi is a freelance French comic book artist. Originally from Montpellier, he moved to Belgium in 2004 to hone his art at the renowned international school Saint-Luc in Brussels. Soon after completing a degree in Visual Communication and Comic Art, he published his first drawings in the famous Belgian magazine Spirou. In 2008, he visited the International Festival of Comic Books in Angoulême (FR), where he was offered his first contract with Bamboo Editions. His first book, Tranquille Courage, was published in 2009 and since then he has never left the industry: Âme Nomades, Où Sont Passés les Grands Jours, Jean de Florette. He has also collaborated on several projects with Mauricet, notably in Aces Weekly, a comic art magazine created by David Lloyd. With his drawings, he likes to tell humane stories, tackling subjects like friendship, love, death, life. OUTPOST ZERO marks his US debut.

Jean-Francois Beaulieu


Jean-Francois Beaulieu is a comics colorist with a bright and exciting palette. He’s recently worked on our very own INVINCIBLE and I HATE FAIRYLAND (with Skottie Young)

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