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Season Finale Contest!!!

One of the goals we have with this site is to introduce fans of the show to the comic. The other is rewarding and keeping in touch with all of our fans. To that end, to celebrate the season 3 finale of the show, we’re offering up a Walking Dead prize bag that we think everyone will dig. In the prize bag:

A Walking Dead lunchbox


A PVC “Michonne and Pets,” color to be determined

A Kill Them All Shirt, black, you pick the size.

A Blood Logo shirt, black, you pick the size.

A Walking Dead Board Game, if we have any left after WonderCon

1 Hardcover Compendium, SIGNED by the man, Robert Kirkman

And we’ll send it to you in a Skybound swag bag, which I don’t even have a picture of because we don’t sell them.

Ok, so great, awesome prize bag but how do you win it? We want ONE comment (below, here on the site), ONE paragraph (meaning short), saying who your favorite character is from The Walking Dead and why. It can be show or comic (so yes, Daryl counts), but if it’s comic let’s keep it mostly spoiler free—nothing big that hasn’t been seen on the show yet! Nothing like “I love Denny because his head gets blown apart by aliens in issue 147!” Of course that’s just silly because we all know that Rick gets his head blown apart by aliens in issue 147. You CAN include characters that are more recent: Jesus, Ezekiel, Negan. Just be smart about what you say.

In addition to brevity, we like intelligence, humor, good spelling, and brown-nosing (optional). On Monday or Tuesday we’ll pick a winner! Pretty easy, right?

CONTEST CLOSED! I’ll be picking a winner tomorrow, Tuesday the 2nd. I’ll try to do so by noon. You guys haven’t made this easy on me!


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Comments 476

  1. Derek Herring says:

    My favorite character from The Walking Dead is Glenn. He shows so much development over time. He starts out as this loyal kid who will risk his neck for anyone, just in the hope that someday someone will do the same for him. That’s something that we all need- hope. As he grows older and develops his relationship with Maggie, he develops as a more serious figure but he still retains his hope. He cares more for Maggie than he does his own life, from being worried about being shot in “Triggerfinger” for her sake to worrying about Merle’s apology to Maggie in the most recent episode. He would easily lay his life down for her, or anyone else for that matter, because he views his life as no more significant than any other.

  2. Javier DeSantiago says:

    I would say Dale (comic) as he is badass and get’s some from Andrea. #pimp

  3. Guest says:

    Long story short: I love Glenn. He’s, loyal, noble, and trustworthy and values everyone else’s life before his own. Above all- he has hope.

  4. Everett Baliwas says:

    My favorite character is Daryl Dixon because he is tough and brave. Yet he has the heart to show love and compassion to other people. He is loyal to the people he consider family. He is the reason I keep watching “The Walking Dead” episode after episode.

  5. Tom Whaley says:

    My choice for my favorite character is a bit of an odd one, because actually liking his character is a struggle… It’s Negan. His in-person introduction in issue #100 is arguably the most gut-wrenching issue of the entire series. After that issue, I can’t say I’ve ever hated a fictional character as quickly and as much as I did with Negan. However, with every issue, he began to come around to the point where I was actually anticipating and enjoying him. His blend of profane dialogue and blunt humor separate his character from anything we’ve ever experienced in the story thus far. Despite all of the terrible things he has put our group through, can you really hate a guy with lines like “Excuse me while I go ping pong my dick on these titties.” It’s hard. However, as funny as he may be, he is equally as terrifying. The issue where he is escorting Carl through the warehouse was, for lack of a better term, tight butthole tense. The way he burns his Saviors’ faces is also inhumane. In my opinion, as a villain, he trumps The Governor in every category. Kirkman has outdone himself with this character, and if one things for sure: There’s never a dull page when Negan is on it.

    • Elden Nielson says:

      Agreed. I didn’t think it was possible but they actually turned Negan into…didn’t think I’d say this after #100, but…a likeable character.

  6. Blake says:

    I’d have to say the character I love most is The Governor because the way he sits back and tries to work everything out in his own evil little way is cunning! And the way Rick called him a town drunk in S03E13, and a few minutes on The Governor slams the table and says ‘I brought whiskey!’. Made me laugh!

  7. Rick S says:

    My favorite by far is Beth. She is often over looked and ignored but she quietly takes care of a lot of the behind the scenes stuff like cooking and taking care of the baby. She has also provided much needed timely morale with her beautiful singing voice. Reminding us and the group that they just need to “Hold On”

  8. Amy O'Brien says:

    My favorite character is Daryl. Not only is he a bad-ass zombie assassin, but he has heart. He shows his tenderness throughout the show and he’s not afraid of his vulnerable side. At the beginning of the series he came off as the little brother that would follow his older brother anywhere. Now at the end of the 3rd season we see that he has developed into his own strong persona. I love the way his character turned out in the series. If/when the zombie apocalypse happens I only pray that my group of survivors finds someone as ultimately awesome as Daryl.

  9. Juan Carlos says:

    My favorite character is Negan because he just doesn’t give a fucking fuckity fuck.

  10. Den says:

    My favourite character is Merle Dixon as he wont through alot during the apocalypse after atlanta, he did what he had to in the governors inner circle, he murdered 16 people and this shows what some may do to survive, even after he changed sides he was still wiling to be the ‘bad guy’ by fulfilling the deal, in the end he changed and attempted to save the group in his final stand showing that he cared about daryls and the groups life.

  11. Lacey says:

    I’ve always loved Tyrese. More so in the comics, I suppose, since we haven’t really gotten to know him in the show yet. He was the counterpart to and the balance Rick needed when they were at the prison, and yet he wasn’t afraid to punch his BFF in the face if he felt like he deserved it. Also. That motherfreakin hammer, man.

    • Elden Nielson says:

      A gym full of dead zombies has got to go down as one of the more badass moments of the series. Tyrese and his hammer, FTW!

  12. Chris Blue says:

    My favorite character is Daryl. The reason for that is one he is so freaking tough!!! Also it is great to see a character who when he first appears in the show you aren’t really sure if this guy is going to be a major part of the group or is he going to be to bitter over what Rick did to his brother. He has just been a really fun character watch develop and as a fan of the comic book it was really nice to see that a television show based on a comic book was going to surprise me. Daryl has so many great qualities:loyal, tough, brave, dependable, and he has Rick’s back despite the fact that he could be a capable leader himself if he wanted to. He also has risked his own life for others on several occasions.

  13. R A M O S ❤ says:

    My favorite character from twd is michonne because honestly she has the best strategies. Who would think to come up with the idea of putting zombies on chains for protection and having a samurai sword?? She has to be one of the most bad ass characters, i mean she took out the governors eye!! Also i would have to say Daryl bc hes.done sho much for the group i forgot about that. Hes also such a biggo sweetheart and doesnt.like to show it but we all know he has feelings.. ps i hope i get picked <33

  14. Francisco Lethbridge says:

    My favorite character would have to be Carl. Now I realize he’s but a young boy, but the way he has evolved through the life of the series is exactly why I favor him. He began like any normal child, but the habitat he was exposed to changed him. It made him into a weapon. He did what he felt needed to be done when it came to Ben, taking matters into his own hands. He shows that in their world, it is adapt or die. When they have a daytime-Halloween, Carl has no interest in being a part of it, because he feels it is all just a make-believe. He grows, and shows no fear. After his unmentionables occur, Carl appears different, but with time begins to grow into a more fearless young boy, one who stares death in face and doesn’t flinch. He shows no fear in front of the saviors, and rather frightens Negan. There are moments where Carl breaks down, but for the most part Carl keeps his emotional walls up and does what he has to do. He was Damian Wayne before Damian Wayne existed. He doesn’t let his disability handicap him from being the best he can be. There’s nothing that’s going to stop him from protecting everyone he can, no matter the cost. Fear is null. Carl has evolved, he’s adapted into the prime specie for a zombie apocalypse, and the apocalypse molded him into the best, next possible leader, and if not for his age, he likely would’ve been just that.

  15. Lee Everett says:

    My favorite character has to be Rick! (From the TV show :P) because its great to see he’s journey from waking up from a coma to become the leader and making tough decisions! Killing his best friend and losing his wife and yet he’s still there leading the group preparing for war! Also doing stuff and things. 🙂

  16. Lerinne Natalia says:

    My favorite character…The Governor. Why? Kirkman nailed it! He totally represents typical human nature in the midst of great tragedy. Some idiot that couldn’t cut it in his old life, finally got his chance to be Mr. Big Boss. He needs followers, he needs worshipers, all he’s ever wanted in life is to feel important…and now he’s finally got his chance. The walkers are far from the enemy. They don’t even know what they’re doing. They’re just hungry! If you can outrun them you’ll live. However, a guy like the gov, who has his pathetic little agenda, that would be the REAL problem. You should be able to reason with him, but of course…you can’t. He’s too busy being “The Governor”. He’s too busy trying “not to look weak”. He never for a second thinks “hey, my race is dying off at an amazing rate with no sign of stopping…maybe I shouldn’t be killing off the last handful of us.” I mean does that not cross his mind…at all??? ugh. His level of selfishness is beyond words. His character was written a little too well…lol. That’s why he’s my fav!

  17. BaneofKings says:

    I really enjoy a large amount of the cast but would have to go with Glenn, the TV show incarnation. If Glenn didn’t exist, we wouldn’t have a Rick, whom he helped rescue from the tank in the first season. (I don’t know if this is enough of a spoiler, after all – we’ve all seen Season One, right?) Risking his life to help out a complete stranger, and providing some great character development over the course of the series as well as being loyal makes him my favourite character. It’s hard to pick a second though as there are so many good characters in this show.

  18. Heath Hunter says:

    Michonne is my favorite character. After all this time she’s been around, and knowing her back story, she’s still mysterious. She’s strong and has instincts like no other. Let’s not forget about how she handles business with that Katana, such a warrior on all levels.

  19. Adam Bannister says:

    how can you go past the governor everybody loves to hate the bad guy, we all want him secretly win without him it would of just been a show about a few zombies and some people in jail he bought out the emotion and rage in everyone that entertained us all.

  20. Kevin Kennedy says:

    My favorite character has to be Daryl. Sometimes it’s hard to argue it since he has become one of the most lovable and popular characters on show (mainly because of the amazing acting of Norman Reedus). Nowadays, popularity isn’t always a good thing. But hey, The Beatles were really popular too, and sometimes the popularity is justified. I have to say that the creation of Daryl, in addition to Merle, was critical to the success of the show. Daryl reminds me a lot of Sawyer from “Lost”, starting out as the group’s asshole who you love to hate, yet becoming the character much of the group relies on and cares for. Daryl provides some of the best back story/character conflict, and Merle’s story only makes us feel worse for the guy. We begin laughing off his racist, vulgar comments to crying for the character and feeling terribly sorry and crying for him. I’ve read all the comics, seen all of the episodes, and have played all of the games, and this character tops them all. No one captures the audience’s attention and emotion the way Daryl does it. He was crying last week, yet I’m sure we’ll witness him kicking some ass this week.

  21. Michonne Tsukiko says:

    My favorite character from Robert Kirkman’s “The Walking Dead” would have to be Michonne because of her many unique traits. Michonne’s ability to quickly collect herself and follow her instincts in these dire situations is a skill that serves her well in the zombie apocalypse as it allows her to always be ahead of her enemy. In both the show and the comics, Michonne is cautious and leery of new people she runs into. This is a vital trait to have since, in this world where supplies are running low, some people will do whatever it takes to make sure that they and those closest to them can remain healthy and ready to move forward. Traits such as these will serve Michonne well in the long run. Besides, she can rock those dreads like nobody’s business.

  22. David says:

    Michonne all the way love her skillset would want her by me in the zombie apocalypse her secret ways is a plus

  23. david gillis says:

    If we are talking about the show, there is no other choice than Shane. He is a badass plus he tapped 2 of the women in the group. He was willing to kill to keep the people he cared about alive. He just went a little nuts at the end, but in a zombie apocalypse we all go a little nuts. I would have tried to kill someone after the last pack of Oreos were gone. Rick should have let it slide. What a dick.

  24. Josh Bingham says:

    Comic Dale is my favorite character. He was still the elder in the group but he didn’t seem as overbearing in the comic, to me. His relationship with Andrea was more meaningful. While his loss was difficult to take in both the comic and the show all I have to say is “TAINTED MEAT!!!”

  25. Vincent says:

    Shane…of course. He is a great mix of the governor and rick. Evil thoughts
    Though you find yourself agreeing with him many times. A man who cared about the group and demonstrated great skills and Im not just talking about when he was with Laurie. Plus
    After he turned he still had that classic Shane face on, you know the one. Rick + Governor = Shane.

  26. Nico R. says:

    I am going to have to go with Jesus on this one. There is a lot we still don’t know about him but he is without a doubt a certified badass. He is very resourceful with many different skills and doesn’t need the obvious weapons. He kinda reminds me of a hobo who became a productive member of society (or lack thereof) after the apocalypse.

  27. LawAgent says:

    Well this will be a bit of a cliche choice, but my favorite character has to be Rick from the comics. I choose the one from the comics cause I see the comic version and the TV show version very differently, but that’s a whole other story. Rick from the comics is one of the deepest and relatable characters I have ever seen in fiction. He is a sort of embodiment of what it takes to be a leader in a dire situation and to have all the choices on your shoulders. He also embodies what toll this sort of responsibility can take, often driving Rick to madness. He is man, who treasures his family more than anything, even turning savage just to protect them. While these kind of actions might be seen as terrible, I like his explanation: he does what needs to be done. I think Rick stuck with me cause of how he demonstrates the toll this sort of situation might have on somebody while also being a flawed human being, who can be easily empathized with.

  28. J. Drain says:

    My favorite character is Daryl. Why? First and foremost I am huge Norman Reedus fan. Secondly Daryl is one of those characters on the show who has had a evolution going from selfish intense loner looking out for only himself and his brother to someone who is willing to risk his life to help strangers survive an attack on a bridge. It’s that development that makes me go “Yes! Go Daryl go!” Lastly…he is just absolutely too cool 🙂

  29. Matthew Gazda says:

    My favorite “character” is beyond-the-grave telephone Lori, primarily based on way the narrative plays out in the comics. The sequence of “calls” goes a tremendously long way to establishing that even Rick, always the stalwart leader, is emotionally devastated and gives him a good amount of patheos.

  30. samantha says:

    I’m going to go with Rick. I find his character arc fascinating, starting out as a man who appears to have endless optimism to a man who has become similar to the one person he strived not to be, Shane. But there is a goodness in Rick that wasn’t there in Shane, and getting to peel back those layers of character is what I really enjoy about Rick. Ps..you guys are soooo amazing (hey you said you liked brown-nosing) :P.

  31. Derick Gonzalez says:

    Well My Favorite Character of the Series is Rick Grimes, Daryl Comes after him though haha. Anyway Rick is My Favorite Because I like his leadership, careness for his Family and The will to not Surrender to any Stranger he comes Across with. I also like his Magnum, It’s like His Ultimate Weapon to Perform an Epic Kill on Any Walker or Enemy.

  32. Lisa says:

    It’s a close call between a few but I have to go with comic Andrea. It’s been painful watching how much slower and more awkward TV Andrea’s transformation has been, but to a more obvious degree in the comic she starts off dealing with things ok-ish, what happens to Amy completely guts her, and then she basically rebuilds herself from scratch as the person she wants to be, who also happens to be a badass. She did so without becoming cold and calculated and has become one of the best keepers of the faith. She’s not a hyperbolic lady berzerker like, say, Buffy, but a much more realistic girl to admire who built herself back up FOR herself, not because she had a kid or a boyfriend (I mean the thing with Dale but come on. Girls with a weakness for older guys shouldn’t throw stones. Or something like that) which has been a personal source of inspiration this year.

  33. GregKoenig says:

    I would have to say that Rick is my fav. My comments reflect the TV series. To me he is very easy to relate to. He’s gone through a huge range of changes and emotions. But my favorite thing is that it seems like he’s the only one to really “lose his shit”. Completely loses his mind for a time, but somehow pulls it back together. To me, I would think that there would be a lot more crazies in the world they currently live in, and many that never could come back to the sane side.

  34. Jason Rector says:

    My favorite character is the enigma known as Tyreese. Although he is a little subdued on the show right now, I just know he’ll become the same bad-ass that cleared a gym full of walkers with nothing but rage and a hammer. Being a father to a daughter myself, I also admire the way he handles Julie’s boyfriends. Go Tyreese!

  35. James says:

    My favorite character doesn’t kick much zombie ass, she’s not a very good shot, but she provides something the group would be lost without. Hope. Sophia has suffered so much, and she still manages to move on, and as a kid! Sophia has always been the symbol that no matter what happens in this screwed up world you can always get back on your feet and move forward. Sometimes for better or for worse.

  36. David Talbot says:

    Glen… Going from a boy to a man. nuff said

  37. Roberto Carmona says:

    Morgan – His inability to properly “end” his son. Morgan lived on with the guilt(for a little while anyway) and his boy is among the walkers. Still one of the saddest issues.

  38. Mozza810 says:

    My favorite character is Lori, aha just kidding sorry Lori.
    My favorite character is The Governor, The way he starts of as a feeble survivor who cant, and wont shoot a gun and then ends up as this rock-hard ruthless antagonist.
    His character development is not only outstanding writing but just amazing to read, his back-story is more sorrowful than Ricks any-day. You’ll understand when I say “I really want this” but my love for this character aside is amazing.
    Also, is it a coincidence that the mod who wrote the first comment is called Brian?

    • Elden Nielson says:

      “Rise of the Governor” was awesome. “Road to Woodbury” not as much, but I look forward to more companion novels.

      • Mozza810 says:

        I agree I loved rise of the governor not sure about road to Woodbury because I’m just reading that at the moment, I LOVED the ending to rise of governer!
        Yeah, me to maybe another prequel of a loved character? 🙂

  39. Rachel O'Brien says:

    My favorite character is Milton. He is smart, he has to dig deep inside himself for courage (which he does), and he is getting very angry with the Governor now. I sense big things coming from him. (Though I could certainly be wrong.)

  40. Ken Krebs says:

    I’d have to say Michonne because of the fact that she’s a total BAMF, and that she is pretty much unchanged between the crossover

  41. Zach Prater says:

    I’d say Carl. He went from being just like any other little kid to actually being helpful to the group. He tries to do what Rick does so that could help him be an effective leader if he ever needs to be. Carl is a good example of stepping up to do what has to be done. I think we’ve seen in Season 2 that he’s been through a lot. Remember Lori? He’s also a lot more mature than in the comic book which makes him a greater asset to everyone. And, it’s almost like nothing phases him anymore which makes him that much cooler.

  42. Ciaran Hammond says:

    My favorite TV show character is probably Glenn. He started out as the underdog way back in Season One and now he’s become this womanizing, walker-killing bad-ass who doesn’t take crap from anyone. Also, he’s managed to keep his hat through all three seasons. For the comics has to be Andrea. She is so unbelievably awesome in the comics it’s not even funny. I love how she wears Dale’s hat as well after Fear The Hunters (no spoilers). And she didn’t have a weird thing for The Gov either in the comics!

  43. John P Nguyen says:

    My favorite character from the show TWD, would have to be Glenn, for reasons that are obvious. He has grown up(not literally) since the Atlanta episodes. He is smart, fast (seeing how he scavenges items for the group), caring, but most of all he is loyal. Even when he ws captured and beaten, he did not give up the whereabouts of his group. Almost eaten by a walker and still kept his mouth shut. Only when they threatend Maggie was he forced to reveal the location, he loved Maggie and could not let her be harmed.

    • Willaim Dalrymple says:

      i think that its funny how you describe carol (which I would agree with) but she is so polar opposite in the comics to the point that she tries to off her self when her boyfriend cheats on her

  44. Kayla Rodgers says:

    Carol is my favorite. I connect with her on a level I’m unwilling to explain. I can only hope to be as brave as she throughout the zombie apocalypse.

  45. Anthony Rivera says:

    My favorite character is Carol from the show. The way she is portrayed on the show is so much better. You think after all she has been through (being abused by her husband and losing Sophia) she would turn out the way she did in the comics, but she has become stronger. She has learned to heal within time. She knows how to take care of herself and has learned that people do care about her. I think Her relationship with Daryl and the birth of Judith have really helped Carol realize that it is ok to move on and live again. In the past she would have never confronted Merle like she did in the last episode. I know a lot of people would say that they are more of the leader type like Rick, but I think most people would be like Carol (a normal person that has gone through a lot of struggle in life). I feel more emotionally invested in her character than any other. I hope to see more good things to come from her character in the future.

  46. Tom Cap says:

    My favorite character from both the comics and the TV show is absolutely Glen. At this point he is a total badass which perfectly exemplifies the changes a person can undergo when the dead rise. Glen has went from being a sensitive, insignificant pizza delivery boy to now being a vital component to the group(plus he’s married to a smoking hot chick). I hope that when the zombie apocalypse occurs(because it will) I can change and adapt much like glen has(getting married to a smoking hot chick would be a bonus). The writers of this show are brilliant(figured I’d add the brown-nosing).

  47. Brookie91Cookie says:

    I favorite Character is Daryl because he is mysterious at first he was staying away from everyone not wanting to get close then he started to become more the group. He also uses a cross bow to kill which is awesome he is a big impact on the group helps them in many different ways. If Daryl Dies We Riot!!

    in the comic my favorite charactor is Andrea she is very protective of her group and Dale she is a good shot and shes everything like her charctor in the show except shes not stupid she would be my favorite if the whole thing with the gov. didnt happen! 🙂

  48. Joseph says:

    My favourite character would have to be Judith. Judith was the ultimate example of new hope in a world that was rapidly losing it. When she came into the world (in the comics) everyone wanted to hold the baby, and everytime anybody looked at that child they forgot about the death and destruction around them. But when that *thing* happened to the baby Rick and Carl along with the others that survived quickly got reminded of the world outside the prison. (Spoilers: Avoided)

  49. Henry Oakes says:

    I have a few, but Dale (in the show) stands out to me. Mainly be cause he was that last thread of “humanity”, the voice of reason. He was like the wise old man. People went to him to tell him things they told no one else(yet), or he would guess them(Lori). He was the loss of real rational thinking. OH! and did i mention he had the balls to stand up to Shane!

  50. Chris Arnold says:

    Tyreese is definitely my favorite. He is because of how fast he adapted to his world, after killing Chris he said he enjoyed it. He cleared out the gym alone, and beat the shit out of Rick when he very much needed it.

  51. elle says:

    Dear TWD site mods, I don’t think you understand how much I love every character.
    Since I HAVE to choose, today’s favorite character is Carl Grimes. While the concept of a child-soldier is entirely terrifying, I cannot lie: It’s really badass seeing him taking down walkers. While he does have a survivor mentality, I love his bouts of naivety and inexperience (Negan’s wifeys will never leave his mind). Plus, he makes cool memes.
    &You keep doing what you do, mods. (Brown-nosing, check.)

  52. StonesPlaysMineCraft says:

    I think my most favorite character would be dale … Because he had so much leader ship in him but what made me mad is that nobody ever really listned to him ? He was a man of words that showed leadership , he wasnt ever afraide to speak his mind to nobody .

  53. Melody Naroleski says:

    My favorite chAracter is Rick. I have never seen such an evolution of a character. To watch his character change from season 1 to season 3 is shocking. The moral conflict of a man, totally visable for all of us to witness. The trials and tribulations, though not many, make us cry or laugh. So much unsaid, yet we know so much. A man with a good soul, in a harrowing time.

  54. Emily says:

    I’d pick Daryl as my favorite character. He wants to help everybody and he does that while beïng a badass. Also I like him because when his brother died he cried and as a girl I need to say it is really cute to see a boy cry. It’s also a sign of his humanity in a world full of dead and insane people who drive each other heinous acts.
    And besides that there’s nothing more to say:)

  55. Nick Brose Music says:

    Rick Grimes has been through the ringer and back, and while he is my favorite character in both the comics and the TV show, he seems to also be the most misunderstood. While talking to my friends during our religious viewings of the show on Sundays, they don’t necessarily get the direction that they took Rick in the show. However, I really love it because it is realistic. A man who was forced into a leadership position shows how pressure to keep everyone, most of all his family, safe. Also, he is a man who has recently lost some of the people he loves most in their world (Shane, Lori). To not show him breaking down the way he did would be a crime. All in all, Rick Grimes is my favorite character because of his complexity and realness.

  56. Terry Barnard says:

    My favorite character in The Walking Dead is definitely Carl (comics and TV show). This kid has been through so much crap, yet he has adapted to the world they now live in. He does what needs to be done. Without going into spoiler territory, I am speaking of situations he has handled with Lori (TV) and the twins (comics). It is really tragic to think about the things he has done for the greater good, which helps to keep it interesting and see how he turns out as an adult!

  57. Justin Moreno says:

    Easily Axel, he showed the human part, sleeping around and always complaining, I thought that was really important to the story line

  58. Marko Pipercevic says:

    My favorite character is Dale, and he always will be.

  59. mark black says:

    My favorite Character is Daryl. Even though he is a killing machine. He seems to be silently quiet, calm, cool and collected. Even though he is going to want revenge now, he is similar to a ninja. He shoots his arrow, does what he has to do, walks over to the zombie and retrieves the arrow. Totally awesome. I can see him replacing Rick as leader some day, if he is still around. The rest of group do respect him.

  60. Matt Coppin says:

    My favourite character is Carl. Sure,he can be a little brat, but you have to remember that he is a kid. He wants to be Rick so badly, and sometimes he pulls off it in full badassery, and then there’s other times he does not… Carl has grown up in a world full of anxiety, danger and death, and while many other children have been so dependent on others he wants nothing more than to be one others depend on. I read recently that Robert Kirkman could easily kill off Rick and The Walking Dead would still continue, and with Carl at the helm, I completely agree. Keep on rockin’ in the Z-World!

  61. Keith Casas says:

    Mr Huntington! So you want to know my favorite character is, huh? Daryl? No. Awesome sause? Yes. Rick? no. Bad a$$? Yes. Both probably the 2 best characters. But Favorite would have to be Carl! He for sure has the most room for growth on the show & comic. He has been growing this whole time. Series and comic. Each change is felt more by me compared to all other characters. Kids don’t kill. Not even their own mothers. Err…he did. I think he even has a higher human kill count than his father on paper. Sure he has made his fair share of bad calls. Some right ones too. Rick cant stop making bad calls sometimes. Carl won’t go down and those who have “tryed”, all failed. So Carl has been growing and changing far more than his blood or anyone else by leaps and bounds. That is never the case in a normal world for children. By the time he is an adult, he will have been molded into parts of all these hardened survivors. Imagine a Carl with the fine traits of Rick, Jesus, Michonne, Glen & Daryl. That Carl would be unstoppable. “Where’s Carl?”…Behind you with a knife to your throat.

  62. Juelz0011 says:

    The zombie in the well was my favorite because he kept a positive attitude throughout it all..lol ok all kidding aside i’d have to say Rick because of his character’s evolution from being in a hospital bed to leading a group and making decisions to keep his group safe. He’s kept it together longer than I would have, even though he did lose it briefly. Oh and I’ll take a size large on the shirts :p

  63. John Zemke says:

    So hard to choose just one. Buuut since we’re all limited to just one choice, Carl takes the cake hands down. Dudes just a zombie slayin’ machine! In a society where all hell has broken loose he’s adapting the best. I mean c’mon, we all know that most of the characters have stumbled with the loss of a loved one. Carl on the other hand put a bullet into his mother and showed next to no remorse. If the zombie apocolypse ever actually happens this is the attitude you need to have. Dude’s gonna survive. Basically if you take Rick, Shane, Daryl, and Merle and squash them into one person, you get Carl Grimes. I know i wouldn’t wanna piss the kid off.

  64. Chris Bigger says:

    Look I am going with Merle. Yeah he was an ass and said ALOT of things that he shouldn’t have said but if you look at the big picture Merle was a survivor.Surviving is what you need to do right? His heart was in the right place just look at what he did to try and help the group before he died. He was the brother daryl thought he was. How bad ass is it too look death in the face and say “I AIN’T GONNA BEG!” Thank you Robert Kirkman for such a warrior.

    • Chris Bigger says:

      I was also going to go with Lee from the game but didn’t know if I could use him.

      • Chris Bigger says:

        Brian you should have let us atleast pick three. I would have said Abraham. Not giving any spoilers read issues 53-98.How many times did he help Rick and Carl? He’s red headed come on everyone needs a ginger on their team.

  65. Matt Bippes says:

    My favorite character from The Walking Dead comic is Carl because he is always doing things to show what a little badass he has become. His character is a reminder to all of us that children are tougher than think they are. Being in the situation that the world is in has made him grow up fast but like the TV Governor said adolescents is a twentieth century invention.

  66. Nick Lemr says:

    I love Glenn because he is the embodiment of what makes the Television show so great for the comic readers. I love both the comic and the television show versions of Glenn, they’re both great, and seeing as how they both were losers before the zombie apocalypse, I can relate. Glenn in the comics was pretty significant as he hasn’t ever had to kill another human being, while on the show, he became a warmonger in response to what the governor did to Maggie. That is why the television show keeps comic book readers on the edges of our seats. It takes numerous elements from the comics but throws them into a new mix that means I have no idea who is going to die in the finale, no one is safe.

  67. Rebecca 'Bekka' McFall says:

    Tv: Daryl and Merle, Comics: Andrea

  68. Lesa Feazel says:

    My favorite character is Daryl. I think out of all the characters he has evolved and changed the most. Instead of staying the person he was destined to be by his past and upbringing he broke out of that mold and became his own man!

  69. Jack Caldiero says:

    So many awesome characters, this is very tough. I’ll stick with Glen. He is the perfect example of how the zombie apocalypse forces one to change in order to survive. Glen stepped up every time he was needed, he risked his life for the good of the group on numerous occasions. Glen risked his life for Rick in the very beginning and he didn’t even know him. The group needs more people like Glen, not many others would put there life at risk to save a group of strangers.

  70. Josh Carbine says:

    Carl is my favorite. He has come a long way from being a scared kid to quite the badass who is very helpful to the group. he knows what must be done and isn’t afraid to step up and do it.

  71. The Sheriff 6GUN says:

    My Favorite character is Rick, Because he is the good and sometimes bad of the show. The most driven character in both comic and show. He is the most “Real” character in terms of how would ME or YOU approach a situation. The things he has gone through and continues going through are remarkable and shear genius when it comes to a main character design. Flawed not perfect but still the greatest!

  72. Lana Williams says:

    Gotta be Daryl!!! He has gone from being a total red neck jerk to a tour de force! If needs be he will someday be in charge! He has Merle’s survival skills but also a heart. I do think he needs a girlfriend. Even though the show has sort of paired him with Carol I think that she is a little too old for him. Time for a new cast member!

  73. Carolyn Graham says:

    Daryl Motherfuckin Dixon! He’s a total bad-ass with a heart of gold plus he’s totally easy on the eyes. His character has gone from one of little importance to total fan favorite! He doesn’t need the group to survive but has now become part of it and doesn’t want to go…& hopefully now that Merle is gone he’ll get through it and continue to be that bad-ass we’ve all come to love!

    • Bryson Duckworth says:

      He does need the group. 1 last weeks episode he says it to Merle “you can’t do anything without people anymore bro” and 2 he says it to Andrea in tonight episode. He needs people to survive. Everyone does. Michonne would’ve ended up dying out there alone that’s why she stays with Rick in the show and comics. So you’re wrong

  74. Andrew Gillenwater says:

    My favorite would have to be Glenn. He’s grown so much since the turn. He found his one true love and does anything and everything he can to keep her safe, as well as looking out for the whole group. In the comics, he and Maggie protect and love Sophia as if se were their own. Plus in the show, he takes out a zombie with a chair arm. I mean, come on!

  75. Steph Guerin says:

    My favorite is Michonne. In the comics and show. I think she is just extremely baddass and I would love to have her around during a walker apocalypse. I also seriously love her Katana (sword) just as much.:)

  76. Audrey Horne says:

    I have to say that my favorite character is Rick…it may not be super original, but it is his story after all. He starts off as one of the most level characters on the show, and even at this stage with all they’ve been through, he still shows that he is the man to get the job done. He’s grown so much throughout these first few seasons, struggling between being the “good guy” and doing what he knows he has to do to keep his loved ones safe. And being formerly known as the “good guy”, it makes people all the more critical of every decision he is faced with.

    I think Rick Grimes is a loving father, kick-ass and sexy. He’s a real guy, and he steps up where others can’t–like the scene on the farm when everyone was staring at what was revealed, he stepped forward and did what had to be done. What more could you want in a person during the zombie apocalypse?

  77. Franky Lopez says:

    My Favorite character is Glenn because in a zombie apocalypse that is who I would want to be like. He would stick his neck out for you even if you are a stranger. It shows that even in the walking dead there’s good people like Glenn still around.

  78. Areesha Azhar says:

    From all the characters in this damn acopolypse, I’d have to say Glen is one of the strongest members from the group. He’s always stood up and has always been the “smarts” of the group. He’s the most asian any asian could be! I mean, he’s the one who saved Rick’s life in the first place and I think he should have had more parts in season 3 as a leader. He was a total bad-ass for staying strong after the whole Merle situation at WoodBerry, and I loved how there is some romance going on between him and Maggy. The group probably would’nt be as strong as they are right now without HIM! Maggie’s got a good man! 😉

  79. Ty Cheman says:

    My favorite Walking Dead character is Carl; throughout the show and the books it always shows that he is having trouble adjusting to the outbreak but cannot help himself for his age. Back when Lori died in the books and his father Rick was injured/delusional, he does not have the choice to be a child anymore and had to forcibly mature to the situation around him in order to protect what remained of his family. After that I felt Rick saw him more as a man instead of a boy, but understands that his son’s life has become too out of control and way off than what a child deserves. Also having a say in the decisions now made and the war against Negan, both his physical and mental ways have created an impact on the group around him. Thus, Carl will Always be my favorite.

  80. Guest says:

    I have to say Carl. To me, as much as this is seen as Rick’s story, i think Rick’s story begins and ends with Carl. to me the books (and the tv show) is Carl’s journey not only through this fucked up new world, but into manhood as well. The trials he has gone through and how he handles the hell that has surrounded his life has made him my favorite character.

  81. Erik Swanson says:

    I think I can honestly say that my favorite character is Hershel Greene. He’s a very relatable character, reacting as many would, going to great lengths to protect his beloved family. Hershel is the perfect “girlfriend’s dad” stereotype, making sure his daughters lovers know who is boss. Hershel seems to be the one keeping faith, the last religious man alive. He is hard, but soft when needed and overall an amazing person. Thanks to Hershel, the group hasn’t gone over the edge and he can always provide a quick laugh. In the end, Hershel Greene resembles more than a character. He is the last good natured man alive.

  82. Kevin Brown says:

    I have to say Carl. To me, as much as this is seen as Rick’s story, i think Rick’s story begins and ends with Carl. To me the books (and the TV show) is Carl’s journey not only through this fucked up new world, but into manhood as well. The trials he has gone through and how he handles the hell that has surrounded his life has made him my favorite character

  83. Diana Ghousy says:

    I’m going to have to say Andrea. She is a powerful character in both series and show. On top of that, she the first woman in the series that is not the scared girl behind a man, she has the power and guts(see what I did there? No? It was funnier in my head) to do what she wants and knows how to act in any situation. Her transformation from the very beginning to what she is now is, in my opinion, is the most compelling.

  84. Robert Davis says:

    Carl. He’s an incredible character in the comics, the stuff he’s been through. And in the show he’s finally starting to act like a part of the group and not just a kid, And I have a feeling his role will only grow in the show.

    And kudos to Skybound for throwing together such an awesome swag bag!

  85. Daryl's Arms says:

    I pick Merle as my favorite character. Sure, he was an asshole sometimes (okay… MOST of the time) but his character is possibly one of the most realest characters I’ve seen, as much as it sucks to admit it , ASSHOLES do exist! Characters like Merle, is what makes the show and comics feel REAL. He was deep, deep, deep, deep, down, a great guy. Who genuinely cared for his little brother, and his relationship with Daryl showed us the great guy he is. He died a hero to his little brother, and he will be a hero to ALL of us! P.S. Ben looked delicious. *Fist Bump*

  86. jennifer reyes says:

    so hard to pick only one because I have four D: but ok I’m going to have to go
    with carol(from the show). She has been through so much but yet she manages to
    stay strong. She is super brave and she also knows how to take care of herself
    without anyone’s help. If
    it was my daughter who would of died I would have been devastated, but no she
    uses her daughters death to keep going and that’s why she is my favorite. She’s
    a strong and independent woman.

  87. Bryson Duckworth says:

    Well My Favorite character in the show is Daryl because he is played by Norman Reedus and Norman Reedus is a complete badass. But my favorite character in the comic is Jesus because he is a freaking ninja

  88. Andrew says:

    I’ma be apart of the OBVIOUSLY very small minority that says Daryl. Now, although there’s times where he’s diametrically innocuous – like when he fed Judith – he’s without a doubt one of the most proficient people in the show. He’s also had quite a few one-liners/zingers. Calling Lori “Olive Oyl”, telling Merle he lost his hand because he’s a simple-minded piece of sh- well, you guys remember it. You were there. We all were, it was hilarious. Merle didn’t laugh.. we did though. T’was great. Anyway, Daryl’s level of awesome is off the charts (though it’s not exactly stratospherically untouchable like yours is) and if he were to become obsolete by way of Walkerism, the group would be screwed. That’s just axiomatic.

    • Kye says:

      I don’t know why this was downvoted, this is probably the best one I have read so far, must be because of all the big words most of them don’t understand. 😛

      • Andrew says:

        LOL Well, this IS the internet.. they could always just look up the definitions, right? Thanks for supporting my answer, you guys. Also thanks to everybody that’s upvoted it too! It means a lot, really. I love you all.. ALLLLLL.

      • Ruby says:

        I actually thought the ‘big words’ are a bit unnecessary. It feels like he just learned them and wanted to use them all at same time. I also didn’t like the ‘brown-nosing’; it was just too much and not funny at all.

    • Lala Davis says:

      I completely agree! Also nice use of words and the sucking up added a nice touch!! 😉

  89. drew tomlinson says:

    Rick hands down. He is a normal guy thrust into a his role as the leader of this rag-tag group. He is forced, on a seemingly daily basis, to make the life and death decisions that affect the entire group. More than that though he is looked upon to make those tough decisions some pay off and some he and the group pay dearly, but throughout it all he is confident, though sometimes a little hard headed, capable leader. Not to mention he can really kick some zombie ass.

  90. Wendy Bainbridge says:

    My favorite character would have to be Daryl. He is the most likely to survive on his own. Daryl does what needs to be done, without a lot of whining or angst. He doesn’t mind someone else leading, but if they go too far from his idea of acceptable, he will go his own way. Daryl is willing to change, when he knows he is wrong. Go Daryl !

  91. Amy Sloan says:

    Carl because he quietly drives the story. His innocence when he’s shot creates so much tension, but while recovering, he is reborn with focus and after “taking care” of Lori, purpose. Carl is the future and unlike any others in the group, he’s not invited to discuss strategy, yet could be an effective warriorM

  92. Guest says:

    Favorite character? The hell is this?

  93. Amy Lam says:

    I have to say Daryl because even with all the hell he’s been through in his life he has still managed to maintain his humanity and an astounding depth of character. I mean in Merle we have all seen how he could so easily have turned out.

  94. Vanessa Cubillo says:

    My favorite character is Michonne. As a woman, she has shown that she can handle herself during times of crisis. Not only is she a strong fighter alone, but she is still a good team player and looks out for others. She may be perceived as cold and distant, but you can tell that she still has a lot of warmth inside. So my favorite character is Michonne because she is a great female protector.

  95. Lloyd Green says:

    My favorite character is the “Walking Dead” You know, those re-animated corpses shuffling around. All at once they are disgusting, they are beautiful, they cause terror or comedy or tender moments of reflection, they can be easily dispatched or they can be a tidal wave. They can be distracted, they can be hated, they can be loved. They can not be ignored. Without them Rick is not a bad-ass, Carl is just another kid, Michonne is a lawyer, Daryl is a punk, the Governor is a pussy. Yes, the walkers have it…hands down (or OFF if you prefer).

    • Bastet says:

      How original…it’s cool!

    • Elden Nielson says:

      Technically, the survivors are the ‘walking dead’. But I hear ya. Walkers, biters, roamers, lurkers. The world of TWD just wouldn’t be the same without their je ne sais quoi.

    • Lala Davis says:

      The “Walking dead” refers to the people still living in the apocalypse not the zombies.

      • Lloyd Green says:

        Yes, it was an epic moment when (SPOILER… Rick stated “We are the walking Dead!” on the next to last page of issue 24). If it helps to understand the intent of the original comment please substitute the term “walkers”, “biters”, “geeks”, “roamers”, “zombies”, “lurkers”, “undead”, “living dead”, “ghouls”, “corpses”, “infected” or just make up your own cool word !

  96. debbie juggan says:

    Daryl is my favorite. He has such a big heart and is longing to belong somewhere kinda like me. He loves his brother and he respects Rick and the group. He isxa true hero. Long live Daryl.

  97. Bryson Duckworth says:

    My favorite character is Daryl because he first comes in as being a racist jackass then in season 2 we learn he isn’t a racist by saving T-Dogg. And he isn’t a jackass from how he cares about Sophia and he’s sweet and caring whilst being a badass. He uses a crossbow which is a lot smarter than a gun cause it doesn’t make noise and it while kill a roamer in one shot just like a gun would. But in the comics my favorite character is Rick (originally said Jesus, but his character hasn’t developed enough yet) I love Tyresse in the comic to so it was a hard decision. But it’s Rick because he’s always going through different character developments one point there’s no hope while one point it’s just about surviving and others where he’s full of hope. He has his ups and downs but always pulls through cause he is strong and an amazing leader. I am one of the Walking Deads biggest fans I’ve seen every episode atleast twice first two seasons atleast 3 times. And I’ve read every single issue of the comic. I’m a huge fan and would be extremely grateful if you picked me to win this contest. Plz consider me for it

  98. Matt Quintana says:


  99. Chandler Wood says:

    Aw man, my favorite character has to be Carl, because he can take care of himself in any situation, and adapt to overcome anything he cant, but probably it’s because he’s an 8 year old ( 9 maybe, who knows you skipped his birthday ) Badass! I love What he grows into in the show and in the comic, so in the event that you guys actually decide to kill rick maybe you should take into consideration making carl the leader, because we all know he would make a magnificent one. 😉

  100. Bastet says:

    JUDITH is my favorite character! I’m thinking of the future and with Judith, the possibilities are endless: She’ll be able to carry a big gun while she leads & protects her people (Rick). She’ll handle a crossbow, able to take out 2 walkers with one shot (Daryl). Her group will be reigned in if they lose track of their morals/ethics (Hershel). To help them find a moment of peace, she’ll sing with a sweet voice (Beth). Her weapon of choice may be a katana, which she can slice & dice anything surrounding her & with a quick flick of the wrist, remove the goo on the blade (Michonne). Her willingness to contribute will make her an asset to her group (Tyreese). She can set booby traps made for Indiana Jones (Morgan). Her group will give her the map & let her make the plans because she can quickly gather what’s needed & get out (Glenn). She’ll lend support and love to her partner (Maggie). When it comes to housekeeping, she knows how to improvise (Carol). When necessary, she’ll shoot the living, shoot the dead, shoot the living dead (Carl). I imagine if she makes a bad choice, she can recover and redeem herself (Andrea). All this potential from the characters we know & love all rolled into one survivor puts Judith at the top of my list. After all, she is THE LITTLE ASS KICKER! Now I have loved this fantastic site from the day I found it & post something almost every day since. Maybe you could slip me something from this awesome bag, even if I don’t win (?)

    • Chris Bigger says:

      The Walking Dead Issue 48

      • Bastet says:

        Haven’t read up to 48 yet so if something happens to Judith, I wouldn’t know. We’re all at different places of the story– comics & show.

  101. Stephanie Fay says:

    I love Daryl because he sobbed when he had to kill his brother. I think men are sexier when they can show more emotion. I really would like to win some stuff because I’m too poor to buy any of the merchandise. Pretty please and thank you!

  102. Daisy Juliana Tyler says:

    My favourite character is The Governer. He is so convincingly evil because he can make himself seem like a nice guy. Also his eyepatch in the show looks like an Oreo and Oreos are delicious.

  103. Lucas Atchison says:

    Favorite is Glenn because even though he is young and reckless, he understands what it takes to protect the group and has reacted well to the fact that he is not an authority in the group but still carries his own weight and then some

  104. tim says:

    my favorite character so far of the tv series has been the Sophia Zombie … it was really one of the real first moments that pulled at your heart strings and really caught you off guard as she came walking out of Hershel’s barn … I forgot was watching a tv show for a moment and felt such horrible sadness and empathy for the characters witnessing her. For a tv show to create that type of emotional attachment/reaction to a scene is awesome drama! also important because Rick losing her in the woods when he could have potentially saved her was the first thread pulled towards his beginning to unravel which has implications throughout the future episodes. Zombie Merle had a lot of the same impact for me but that was more based on the great way the actor pulled off the scene versus the surprise factor of not expecting to see Sophia as a Zombie. Also by Sophia becoming a Zombie it let Carol become a harder more interesting character that probably wouldn’t have happened if she was focussed on being motherly to her daughter making for a better Walking Dead tv show. Sophia Zombie has my vote!

  105. Brooke Payne-Lopez says:

    Rick Grimes is my fan favorite. He try’s so hard to do what’s right, but in the end the man has a conscious and heart.

  106. joel coleman says:

    This season I have really enjoyed Michonne. From the moment she came on screen with her sword and quiet anger I wanted to know note about her back story. Who were the walkers she kept as pets which we later found out that it was probably not a friendship. I lived how she does not have to talk but you can tell what she is thinking. I really hope she stays around for a while.

  107. Richard Sutton says:

    My favorite character is Axel (Comics) because he is so awesome, and reminds me of Santa Clause. And whats better than Santa fighting Zombies? Ah…..Nothing, duh. He’s got the beard, the hair, the belly, and even the biker tat’s (everyone knows the real Santa has them). Axel is so much like Santa, I’m pretty sure he might even be Santa. He was up on a roof, and a cop thought he was breaking in an arrested him. He just made up the armed robbery part, and the name Axel. This is what he told the other inmate’s so he fit in. He also seems to have a friendly relationship with the kids, Carl, Billy, and Sophia; like an uncle/grandpa type figure…..SANTA! It’s also pretty cool that he sleeps with Patricia (dudes like fifty, she is in her twenties, hope I can get action like that in thirty years. He probably had to tell her his secret, and that’s why she was so sad when he died). I remember just about crying when he died. What kind of heartless bastard would kill Santa Clause, didn’t the Governor realize, he could have kidnapped him and find his elves, getting his own personal zombie-killing army of midgets. The Governor would also have flying Reindeer, he could have ruled the world. It was sad seeing my hero, Santa (AKA Axel, I’m watching you Kirkman, when you put the Easter Bunny in I’ll find him) die, but sacrifices had to be made and Axel did it for the group.

  108. DAVID SCATENA says:

    I think it has to be Rick. Sane or not without Rick the group would have been lost long ago. Some would make a case for Shane over Rick but I think he would have lead the group based on what was best for himself not the group. Its hard not to mention Daryl Rick needs him. Riding the edge raw and scared Rick.

  109. Keith Anderson says:

    Bicycle Girl! She was the first of the undead to make us (and Rick) feel her zombie pain! No, wait: Morgan, in the show, not so much in the books. Okay, for real…Show: Jim, Books: Merle! This is stupid…I want all that schwagg, though!

  110. Noah Lowen says:

    My favorite character from the walking is Rick Grimes. I chose Rick because how of a character he’s is around his group. Rick will do anything to keep his group safe from all dangers of the zombie apocalypse. Another reason why I chose Rick is how such a great leader he is, even though he may make bad decisions, he always has a plan with it. Rick has lost so much in his life his wife, his best friend Shane,Dale, and other along the way.

  111. Keri says:

    There are many of the characters I like on The Walking Dead, but if I had to choose one I would have to say Rick. Although left for dead he found his family and reunited. His best friend stabbed him in the back and he still gave him a chance to redeem himself. His wife cheated on him and is unsure of who the babies father is, yet he still loves her despite all this. He has had a hard time dealing with everything, but he strives to take care of the others. He is a sensitive person, but takes no crap from anyone.

  112. Kristie Clark says:

    Daryl is my favorite character! I Just believe I would stay alive with him on my side.

  113. Justin Thomas says:

    Tyreese in the comic is my favorite character. The second he showed up with his group he was always the one I never wanted to see die. Mainly because he was the one character who really did things the way most people put into the situatons they were put in would handle them. That, coupled with the fact that you could always count on him to kick some ass when needed was what made him great.

  114. Casey Wogan says:

    Im completely in love with merles character. He can be so bipolar! In the begining you only see him as a junky psychopath but as the show progresses and he becomes a bigger part of the television series you see how much deeper his character is. Now he is SERIOUSLY bipolar but you can tell there is something going on behind those maniacle eyes of his.

  115. Jerry David Hutchinson says:

    My favorite Walking Dead character is Rick. Andrew Lincoln is an AMAZING actor! I like how even when shit gets rough he’s still kept his head on straight for the most part. My favorite part is in season 1 episode 1 when Rick is in the tank and shoots the gun. That was an amazingly realistic reaction to what would really happen if you fired a gun in a tank. I also found it pretty bad ass when he killed Shane. You would have to keep your cool to pull something like that off.Rick has done a lot of awesome things and thats why he’s my favorite.

  116. Ryan Swiggett says:

    While this is a hard one I would have to go with Rick mofuggin Grimes… Both in the show and the comic, although more so in the comic. I absolutely love watching the change from innocent police officer/ family man to a cold calculated killing machine who will do absolutely anything to protect my (runner up for favorite) Carl. I had never read a comic before this one and the depth of the characters as well as the great story hooked me in I bought all of them within a few weeks and became totally obsessed. Just sayin those shirts would really complement the badass tattoo of Rick I will be getting as soon as I can save up the money. Also, when is Rick in the show going to bust out the hatchet I have been waiting so patiently for? Keep up the excellent work can’t wait to get the next issue.

  117. Keith Anderson says:

    Bicycle Girl. She was the first of the undead to make us (and Rick) feel her zombie pain. Okay, serious nods to Jim from the show (season 1) and the Ben kid from the books. But, Bicycle Girl drew me into this universe more than Rick did from the outset. Rick came back and extinguished her agony, setting a solid tone for the series!

  118. Michael Davis says:

    My favorite character is MICHONNE! Not only is she in my opinion the most versed in combat (although not particularly skilled with a gun) but she also comes across as the “toughest” on the show. Her toughness manifests itself through not only her physical prowess, but also through her mental skills. People have made negative comments and continue to be puzzled as to why Michonne is so quiet, never talks to anyone, and doesn’t seem to be able to communicate with most of the characters on the show (including Andrea now). She’s not stupid or mute, but rather she is analyzing EVERY character’s strengths and weaknesses mentally first, THEN making a determination on their benefit to her moving forward (I feel like this is one of the MAIN reasons she left Andrea back in Woodbury). She’s like a chess player; 2 steps ahead of EVERYONE, never shocked or surprised by anything (i.e., her calm demeanor during the Meryl kidnapping last episode). All in all, MICHONNE FTW…*and hopefully she takes out the Governor’s other eye in the finale!!

  119. Katie Henk says:

    Choosing one charictor is tantamount to choosing one weapon. With so many options how can you ask us to chose just one. My favorite though if I had to chose I would have to say Daryl. I chose Daryl because he reminds me so much of the guys that I went to school with. Guys that I grew up around. Daryl is the kind of guy that I know how to deal with. Plus it doesn’t hurt that he’s s played by the sexy and talented Norman Reedus. Lol. Who doesn’t love a dirty sexy crossbow wielding redneck. That crossbow is bad ass anyways. I mean the average person in that situation would reach for a gun or a machette or something. I mean who in the walkerpocalypse has the balls to use a crossbow.

  120. Jaime Flores says:

    My favorite character is Beth Greene. Now this may be rather confusing, since she hasn’t had a “huge” role as one might compare against Rick or Daryl. The reason why I love her is because she represents the part of the group that keeps them calm. She presents a serene atmosphere when it is needed. From her campfire song that indirectly tells everyone that they’re going to be fine, to singing “Hold On” in the prison when Rick plans to take a “visit” to Woodbury. Now the most impacting scene is when she fires the gun when Glenn and Merle are fighting, again, being the one to bring tranquility.


  121. Laura ღ says:

    My favorite character is Rick Grimes for so many reasons. He doesn’t have to help keep these people in the group safe, but he does it anyway. He’s incredibly badass and not to mention, super sexy! But most importantly he’s a great leader. His character has so many levels, he’s not trying to play the good guy card. He does what he has to in order to keep everyone safe even when he’s gone off to crazytown!! Dammit, Lori, can’t we get rid of you already?! Rick’s got stuff and thangs to do!

  122. Ricky Riggleman says:

    Rick is my favorite character… in the comics and the show… its like you get to live that life with him especially when reading the comics. I love the walking dead, it is genius (a little brown nosing) and i feel like i connect with Ricks character he is tested in so many ways and always proves to be able to deal with what he has to in order to survive and help those around him. Of course Rick struggles sometimes in the face of increasingly dire circumstances but he is the groups leader and wants to keep everyone safe and find them a better life and home. He is a character who emphasizes moral codes and values. Rick is also the longest living character and that has to count for something in a world like this. I love that we as the readers/viewers wake up in the hospital with him and go on this journey of life with him.

  123. Axel Twd says:

    My favorite character in The Walking Dead is Rick Grimes. Allies and enemies come and go, and they shape Rick, but The Walking Dead is truly Rick’s story. Rick himself is an ever changing and evolving character. His experiences in the apocalypse have completely changed his morals and values to a degree in which he appears to be a completely different person than he was before the apocalypse.

    As a leader, he frequently struggles from guilt and is extremely remorseful of not being able to keep those he cares about alive. At times, he can be cold and hardened due to the new world, and at other times, he is compassionate and caring. He can be considered many things: a cop, a father, a friend, a survivor, but what makes most sense to me, given his changing nature, is the label, “human”. It is these drastic changes that make Rick so interesting, and what makes him my favorite character.

    Thanks for taking time to read this post. I hope you will consider my entry as a winner.

  124. Kernel Sanders says:

    hi walking dead people my favorite character in the show is well i have many Rick is awesome just because he is, Carl is the man he becomes a crucial member of the group, and the last two of my top four are the Dixon brothers Daryl and Merle they are both played by wonderful actors Norman Reedus and Mike Rooker without Daryl who is my all time favorite Rick and everyone would probably be dead because he is Ricks right hand man now and he is such a bad!@#, now for Merle who went out like a boss in the show getting drunk luring all the walkers to the “meet” which was really an ambush zone.

  125. Lyam Butler says:

    There are lots of good character daryl because (in the show) he sometimes knows what he is doing his the only one that has a crossbow. He will never give up. He will help people who are in need.

  126. Aaron Williams says:

    My favorite is Ezekiel. Granted he just showed up and hasnt had a very big part yet, but the dude has a freaking tiger as a pet. Instant bad ass instant fav. I mean no one wants to mess with a self proclaimed king with a pet tiger right. 🙂

  127. Jennifer Smith says:

    My favorite character is Daryl. I think that is reason enough! 🙂 Look I kept it short!!

  128. Keven Skinner says:

    My favorite character in The Walking Dead is…. Me! Am I a crazy person? Nope. Well, let’s scratch that, OK maybe I am, but that’s besides the point. I have a cameo as a zombie in the pages of The Walking Dead comic series. I’m the zombie with glasses on page 1 of issue #91. I take a machete to the forehead. I’m a writer for http://www.dailyblam.com and because I’ve interviewed artist Charlie Adlard a few times, he drew me into my favorite comic series as a walker. No joke, it’s one of the greatest things to ever happen to me aside from my children.

    • Ruby says:

      I don’t think you will win this contest, but it is a awesome story! I’m totally envying you now!

  129. Pushing 40 says:

    OK, I have a few favorite characters from the show, but if I have to just pick one, it would be Daryl Dixon. Daryl is my favorite character because I think he changed a lot from the first time he was seen on screen. In the beginning he seemed like he was a pretty big jerk, cold towards people and some what hateful/prejudice of others.In the episodes following he was growing into himself and becoming more of a man with a heart. He became kind towards others and very helpful. He still kept the tough exterior but softened up on the inside. He named the baby lil ass kicker when no one else came up with a name right away, he hunted for food (squirrel) for the others to eat so they wouldn’t starve. And best of all he can shoot and arrow and save the environment at the same time by reusing the same arrows over and over again. I think Daryl is the best one on the team, he carries the others, he protects the others. Basically Daryl is a god disguised as a southern man out to protect Team Prison and lil ass kicker herself. I may be a newbie fan, but omg the first day I set my eyes on Daryl I just knew he was the best character in the series ever. Daryl is like my dream man, he is wonderful with kids and omg he knows how to use a crossbow, every girls dream man.


    I want a Daryl Dixon life sized doll if I can’t win the prizes above.

  130. Jen-WAITFORIT-nelyn says:

    There are so many great characters on the show and comics, that it is hard to decide, but if I had to choose it would be Jimmy from Hershel’s farm in season 2 of the TV series. He had a very small and minor role in season, but when they showed him, he was up for anything. He wanted to learn how to shoot a gun, he wrangled the walkers from Otis’ traps, and he helped save Rick and Carl’s lives, but he accidentally sacrificed his own life by doing that. Without him driving Dale’s RV to save Rick and Carl’s life out of the burning barn, those two would have been walker bait and the TV series would have ended since it is Rick’s story.

  131. Elden Nielson says:

    No mention of the awesome video game so I guess that disqualifies Clementine. Man, if her and Carl ever met up, that would be something. Speaking of which, I gotta go with Carl as my favorite character, especially in the comic (not so much from the ‘he’s-not-in-the-house’ version from season 2, but that’s neither here nor there). He does what needs to be done (at least what he thinks) and he is great as his dad’s right hand man (or left hand…see what I did there?). Also, anybody who’s cool by Negan is cool by me.

  132. Robert Reno says:

    Love the comics & the show! I have to pick Abraham from the comics (with Michone a very close second). He is a tough dude, a former soldier and a strong member of the survivors community. Abraham was conflicted in the comics due to personal tragedy but he (mostly) set his issues aside when it was time to take action. Abe was a strong ally of Rick’s and a valuable member of the group. He sure knew his firearms & seemed to have a good mind for survival. Hope we see him on the TV show…

  133. Luke Campbell says:

    Like most that are avid fans of the show, Darly is my favourite. Three reasons why: 1) he was considered the bad guy before the dead walked. 2) he is a survivalist – nothing breaks him. 3)he is the type of character we what to be when the dead walk.

  134. Danielle Myatt says:

    I love Merle because first he was a character that everyone hated because he was a racist badass that didn’t give a shit about anybody but himself and his brother. and then turned into a hero in the end for trying to kill the governor on his own to save everyone at the prison but got killed trying. he didn’t care that he could end up dead to try and redeem himself.

  135. Helle Loyche says:

    Actually, I kinda love Andrea. Mostly because everyone else hates her for no real reason.
    Also, how many people can be covered in walker-guts and still look good?

  136. Brad Yetman says:

    Favourite character lately has to be Lucille. Just don’t piss her off

  137. Matt Jagusch says:

    Glen is awesome in both the show and the comic. Saves Rick in Atlanta, always puts the groups’ needs before his (running for supplies, putting the armor on at prison, etc), and is trying to protect Maggie. He really stepped up after Merle and Governor messed them up. He just needs to stay away from crazy leader types.

  138. Kyle says:

    Shane Walsh

    The man got things done and he should be respected for it. He did what was necessary to protect himself and the people he cared most for – Carl and Lori – although he did go psycho and try to kill Rick he still remains one of, if not the most interesting character in the show. Jon Bernthal did a spot on job as well.

  139. Anita Wheeler Schmidt says:

    I would have to say Carl. I know, I know he has been a little brat in the earlier episodes but he has had to grow up very quickly the last season or two. I mean, he had to be the one to shoot his mother to keep her from turning. He has become an amazing shot and has stepped up to the plate and became a very strong and driven individual who is more than capable of defending his group and protecting what is theirs!

  140. The Book Geek/artist says:

    A fave? That is a tough call, because I love the wisdom that Herschel offers the group, and he’s kinda like the dad of them all. Rick always consults him and Daryl before he does anything big. Plus he’s cool like a pirate having one leg. 😛

  141. Jason Shewbert says:

    My favorite character would be Rick. His story of loss and reluctant leadership is universal. We all want to believe that we’re someone that people would need in desperate situations. And that we’re strong enough to prevail through anything. Rick is the great hero that has been included in stories for centuries.

  142. SevyJane says:

    Tough decision here. Robert Kirkman imagined and brought to life such an eclectic group of people ranging from the psychotic to the tragically naive; all with endearing and unfortunate qualities that leave you with an emotional and personal connection to each character.
    Since I must, I will choose Carol. She has gone through an entirely different journey than anyone else on the television show. Not only has she continued to fight for her life from the never-ending horde of undead, she had to endure the abuse of a husband, the death of said husband and the subsequent confusing grief despite his welcomed departure. Along with continued loss, she has grown into herself with such grace and has become a remarkable woman. An admirable example of how strong women truly are. (A welcomed variance from the graphic novel.)
    Though lacking in brevity or humor, I sincerely have a unique love for all characters in both the graphic novels and the television show thus far. Keep up the amazing work!

  143. kintantee says:

    Since today is Easter I have to go with the little girl walker in the bunny slippers. I never heard of the comic when the show came out. I figured I would check out this zombie show, and didn’t really have high expectations. The way Rick just blew her away blew me away. I thought, damn this show is not fucking around.

  144. Evil E says:

    Got to be either shane when he lost the plot completely or merle because he never got the plot, excellent that main characters keep turning! Errmm Merle because he hacked his own arm off! Whoever came up with that needs a pay rise.
    From the tv show

  145. Cody Justice says:

    My favorite character is Carl Because he is so young and he has been through so much at his age. He can’t have a normal child hood anymore but what is normal anymore. He had to shoot his mom then see his dad go crazy. As a little kid seeing this happen he more than likely wouldn’t see what there trying to save but no he is Still going stong. That is why Carl is my favorite character.

  146. Ryan Bailey says:

    Michonne is my favorite character from the comics and the show. I just love her story and how she went from an everyday person to a total badass. I really think that Michonne and Rick are the epitome of what everyone would go through should the zombie apocalypse hit

  147. Joe Burnham says:

    When it comes to The Walking Dead and it’s characters, none of them stick out more than Carl. In the TV show, Carl is my favorite character because he is at an age where this can all be very scary, but he is handling it very well. He has been through a lot, dealing with killing his mother and then seeing his father go crazy over her death. Not a lot of kids can go through what he has and stay somewhat stable, but when you grow up in a world like that, you have to. He also has to be a great older brother for his little sister and protect her. His character really developed after he got shot and realized there are more dangers out there besides walkers. Carl is still developing as a character, but he truly shines when the group needs him to.

  148. Mona says:

    My favorite characters would without a doubt be the aliens from issue 147. I mean, their evolution through issues 147 to 153 is unbelievable. They go from just some sketchy aliens stalking a group of survivors to blowing their leaders head to bits (RIP Rick). Seeing their evolution through the comics made me realize how truly beautiful these creatures can be. I can’t wait to see how they’re portrayed on the show. Oh, Daryl’s a favorite too, looooove me some Daryl.

  149. Andy Gordon says:

    Meryl! **********

  150. Brennan Calvey says:

    Rick is the ultimate bad ass, somebody I would hope I can be
    in a zombie apocalypse. I draw a parallel to him as he’s made some great
    decisions to protect his family no matter what the cost. I feel like I would do
    the same…well I think that’s why I enjoy his character so much. He’ll do
    anything to protect Carl regardless of the circumstances or laws he used to
    defend as a Police Officer. Because of his moral code, it’s taken longer for
    Rick to get used to the outlaw type of world created by Kirkman. Robert and the
    Walking Dead writers (in the show or the comic) have made his character gel
    nicely into disregarding those laws and putting his family first. Can’t wait
    for issue 109 and the Season 3 Finale tonight! Thanks for creating such an
    amazing universe!

  151. Luigi Vaccaro says:

    I would have to say Carl, reason to be, he is growing up in a world that has changed his life as we know it, he doesn’t get to grow up a “normal” life and has to adjust accordingly losing his childhood and transitioning to adulthood within weeks. He had to watch his loved ones die, had to make adult decisions, and tries to hold on to any “childhood” he has left. It’s really hard having to see the ones you love die before you get old, and I give much love and respect to Carl for having to be a man.

  152. Matt Saunders says:

    The Walking Dead has some amazing characters. I have many favourites but my overall favourite has to be Rick. He has suffered so much throughout the story, from losing his family and friends as well as being physically injured multiple times. He always perseveres though, which is why I love him. He knows he has to be strong, because he is a natural leader. If Rick fully breaks, I don’t think his group would cope. He always seems to know what the right choice is, and is always prepared to sacrifice. This is why Rick is my favourite.

  153. James Walsh says:

    Personally, I find no one gives Glen the credit that he deserves. When he was introduced S1, E2 I thought he was a coward. As the series progressed further Glen started to learn what he was capable of. He learned auto-repair from Dale, learned to become a killing machine and a lover all at the same time. Not even Rick or Darryl has all those elements. Glen is a strong man who in my opinion has earned his place. Without him, I could imagine the troubles the group could face, especially his new family.

  154. Alex Perdue says:

    My favorite character would have to be Lucille because she is a a baseball bat. She has barbed wire wrapped around the end of her. It’s fucking awesome.

  155. Karena Date says:

    I would have to say my favorite character is Carl. I don’t think he gets as much credit as he should. Not only did he watch (and end) the death of his mother, but he also kept coming back to the thought of her cheating on his dad. And me, being the same age as Carl, find him EXTREMELY attractive<3. I do realize that everyone in the TV show and comic books has gone through a lot of misery, but Carl has practically grown up through it. I'm pretty sad that Sophia had to die, especially so early on, because it would've put more drama into the show if Carl and Sophia became boyfriend and girlfriend later on. Wait, what am I saying? Without Sophia, Carl is more available!

  156. Ken Mahrle says:

    I have to say that Rick has been my favorite. Hes had so many tough choices to make all while trying not to lose it and his family. He is also a good man. Knowing that Judith could be Shanes baby but not even worrying enough to discuss it with Lori because he loved her and didn’t care. He nearly went totally crazy but was able to pull himself back to reality in time to help protect everyone at the prison. The writers have done a good job making Rick a deep and lovable character!

  157. Matthew Nesler says:

    I would have to say my favorite character is Dale. He always seemed to be the voice of reason in the group. And he always knew what was going on. He saw Shane for who he really was. And he never backed down. He was a stubborn old man that kind of reminded me of my father.

  158. Eric says:

    If I had to pick one favorite character I would pick Carl. In the comics he’s my favorite because he’s been through so much and has done things no kid should ever have to do. On the show he’s my favorite because I think it will the most interesting long term to see how they handle the character compared to the books.

  159. Brady West says:

    I’d have to say my favorite character of any comic not just TWD would have to be Negan. His pure ruthlessness and badassery alone is enough to put him on the list of top villains of any series of all time. He also has that dark sense of humor that just adds to fact that he is BA. Of course if you mention Negan you can’t leave out Lucille!;)

  160. Tom says:

    My favorite character is Carl. In both the show and the comics, Carl quickly evolves from a child to a young warrior of the apocalypse. He sheds the old world and embraces the reality of the new world.

  161. Bea says:

    My favorit character is Daryl, I love him. The reason for why? He is the coolest of them all and he always has the coolest lines…

  162. Autumn Abattoir says:

    My all time favorite character is going to have to be Michonne, she’s just so kick-ass. Yeah she may not talk all the time when she should, but overall she seems to be the most reliable character in my opinion. She knows how to yield a weapon and she’s just a cool person…I mean…I would go into a hoard of zombies for a cat statue too!

  163. Isha L. Medema says:

    I obviously love Daryl but i wanted to say something different from everyone so im gonna say Michonne is my favorite character. Because as soon as you saw her, she is a badass. She had pet zombies! If i was in a zombie apocalypse, id like to be near her. She kind of reminds me of myself. ;D

  164. Dave Chavez says:

    Michonne is by far the best character both TV show and comic. She’s a bad ass, she’s hot, she carries a katana and knows how to use it, enough said.

  165. Nick says:

    My favorite character is the Governor. The first episode he appears in on the television show he immediately became the greatest villain ever and my favorite character. He is the person that you love, but hate. After reading Rise of the Governor (also my favorite book) I understand he so much more and it makes him that much more interesting of a character. I hope he survives season three because he is such a good opposite to Rick and such a fun dark character his story is extremely interesting. If he does die this season I hope Rise of the Governor becomes a movie. I might even buy an eye patch to be cool like him (minus the crazy).

  166. Justin says:

    I think Shane on the show was a great character. I loved the tension and unpredictability he brought to his scenes. Even though he went all homicidal I wouldn’t mind him still being on the show just for the vibe he added. Anyways, I obviously win. Right?

  167. Joshua Warren says:

    How many times has the name “Michonne” been mentioned on this thread?…..I’m sure a lot. However, I can’t abandon my favorite just for the sake of sounding different. Michonne (TV version), immediately got my fires burning (apart from Hershel’s barn ) when I saw her silhouette in the season 2 finale. When season 3 premiered, the built-up anticipation didn’t even come close to threatening the awesomeness her character developed into. Danai Gurira plays her perfectly (with very little dialog)….giving Michonne strength, integrity, vulnerability at times, and what seems to be a mysterious purpose that I, for one, can not wait to see play out. Michonne is, simply, bad-ass.

  168. Vanessa Wade says:

    Merle won me over in his final episode. His death was heroic! Also: I want to go out rolling out of cars and shooting bad guys after pounding whiskey and listening to Motorhead.

  169. TWD Carla Barbera says:

    I absolutely love the way Daryl has developed over the last three seasons. I am very much looking forward to how he handles the loss of his brother. Will he be a better man? Bitter? Norman Reedus and the writers have developed a fantastic character in Daryl. No other actor could have done what Norman has accomplished…so far…

  170. Amanda Hernandez says:

    Wow that’s a dope prize bag. I am a huge fan of both the comics and the show. To pick one favorite character is really hard. Im acually a bit of a Walking Dead freak. Im obsessed, TWD really is the best show. I personally like the comics more but
    from being caught up with the comics, show, and novels I’m going to have to say Rick is my favorite character. With out him most of the others would be gone already. Rick is such a complex man, has been threw so much lost i it all pretty much but still manages to pull it together and save the day. Haha I see him as such a good person, father, husband, friend you name it. His struggles and sanity vary from the comic to show but over all Rick Grims is a badass and I would hope to be on his side in the zombie apocalypse. To everybody involved in the walking dead in any way. …. I love you. <3

  171. Justine Barré says:

    My favorite character is the backpack guy in the show ! Who doesn’t love him when he screams “pleeeeeeeease I’m beggiiiiiiin’ youuuuuuu !” ? I would have stopped the car to take him, not only his bag. Poor guy.

    Well more seriously (or not) my favorite character is Tyreese in the comics (I hope he becomes the same in the show), I love his personnality, he’s a very strong character physically and mentally, I can’t say what he did in this comment because I don’t want to spoil but it’s just awesome. If there is a zombie apocalypse, I want someone like him in my team ! And seriously, who would have thought to take a hammer as a weapon? That’s pretty impressive 🙂

  172. Mark Johnson says:

    My favorite character is Carl either comic or show. I’ve really enjoyed his growth. He takes risks to constantly prove his value to the group. If you’ve read the comic, wow, to be living with what’s going on is pretty crazy. Being a school teacher, it’s cool to see a child take control of his life and persevere.

  173. Austin Christopher Friant says:

    My favorite character from “The Walking Dead” would have to be Andrea. Everything she says, and every action she takes is so compelling to me. In the beginning she was willing to give up her life to get away from the chaos of this new world, and now she’s just become stronger, and is determined to find a way to live in this world safely among the walkers around her. So to see her willing to give up so quick, to now fighting like hell, i can’t wait for each episode to see what she does next.

  174. Guest says:

    My favorite character out of the whole series/comics has to be Merle. Even though he wasn’t in the comics, I believe he could easily fit into the story line going on at the moment. Even before his heroic fall, I thought knew could definitely be one of the greater heroes of the show. Merle had such a broken past with his abusive family and drug use it made him the right man to work alone, having no attachment to any survivors he came across in the apocalyptic world. The one thing though that kept him from becoming that was his little brother Daryl. Daryl was the one person he cared for deep down through all of the mayhem and chaos that progressed in their adventures. He would have done anything to keep him safe, even if it meant losing his own life in the process. (Which it did in a heroic sacrifice rivaling T-Dog’s for Carol during “Killer Within”) Merle would always try to make funny remarks, even if they sounded full of vulgar and nonsense to the rest of the group

  175. ryder maverick says:

    My favorite character out of the whole series/comics has to be Merle. Even though he wasn’t in the comics, I believe he could easily fit into the story line going on at the moment. Even before his heroic fall, I thought knew could definitely be one of the greater heroes of the show. Merle had such a broken past with his abusive family and drug use it made him the right man to work alone, having no attachment to any survivors he came across in the apocalyptic world. The one thing though that kept him from becoming that was his little brother Daryl. Daryl was the one person he cared for deep down through all of the mayhem and chaos that progressed in their adventures. He would have done anything to keep him safe, even if it meant losing his own life in the process. (Which it did in a heroic sacrifice rivaling T-Dog’s for Carol during “Killer Within”) Merle would always try to make funny remarks, even if they sounded full of vulgar and nonsense to the rest of the group. Merle also had a way of coming up with witty nicknames for many of the survivors as his own way of enjoying the little things in life. He brings a certain comedy, vulgarity, and badassery to the ravaged world of the undead. Even though it took a mighty attempt to stop the Governor for the audience to notice what a good man Merle was, I believed throughout the whole show that he still had that small sliver of goodness left. That small sliver being inspired by his brother that he worried for even as they were far apart.

  176. Ashley Payne says:

    I would have to say that Carl is my favorite character honestly. Daryl is a close second for sure, and Michonne an equally close third. Why are those two part of my list? Well that’s a rhetorical question really that doesn’t warrent an answer. Back to Carl; Carl I feel is the strongest character emotionally, and a damn good shot. He’s the zombie apocalypse equivalent of a child who holds the weight, responsibility and strength of his family together, since they won’t. Individuals with that much character, compassion and strength on their shoulders are admirable to me. His character development has progressed the most throughout the story. Lastly, with all of these factors, he’s one legitimately smart, courageous, tough little bad ass.

  177. James Caruso says:

    Lets get right down to it, first off there are way to many characters to have a favorite because they’re all awesome, but if I had to pick one I’d say…………….Daryl, or the team of Daryl and Merle, why you ask? Because they are the ultimate badass duo that’s why. A crossbow and a poncho mixed with tank top and a bayonet as an arm, I mean what more could you want?!

  178. Yesinator says:

    My first and foremost favorite character from the show and the comic, has to be Rick Grimes. I know I know…he’s the leading man, and leader of the group (such an obvious choice, right?). Well yes, but this man has no easy choices, and nothing to guide him but the instinct of keeping Carl safe. He’s been through so much more in the comic than he has in the show, and some how in the show he still carries this burden–and it’s no easier. I fell in love with this character in the show at first, and thought to myself…this man is as true as they come (crazy and all). Then I started reading the comics from issue 1 til present issues, and am continuously blown away by this man. He is as resilient as they come. A very well written leader, who hasn’t “changed” like the rest of the leaders of other groups–and has kept as much “do the right thing” as any person could given the circumstances. Rick’s obtained many loses (both in the comic and in the show) and his role as a leader, has not skipped a beat. I would have to say Rick Grimes is on my top 5 “SuperHeroes” of all time. Thank you Robert Kirkman, for bringing such an incredible story to fruition…

  179. Fernando Granadino says:

    My favorite character (or characters) will always be our own friendly neighbourhood rotting corpses. Ever since Thriller came out, i’ve been obsessed with zombies and when I first saw the advert for the show on a local billboard I flipped out! Sparkling vampires 24/7? Come on! Who needs Tinkerbell when you have rotting, grunting, hungry, creepy and non-shinny corpses?! Who doesn’t get on the edge of their seat when they see a slow moving figure in the background? I don’t see even Daryl Dixon causing this much excitement (whatever type of excitement that may be). In both show and comics, these guys are the sh#@ (or should I say, the Brains?). They’re an ever present menace that can never be forgotten (unless you want to become a MANwich) and just when you started to feel the story line was suitable for an episode of “Days of our Lives”, these guys stumble in and save the day! Their very own existence is and always will be a mystery. Whether they represent man’s insatiable consumerism, an ancient Voodoo cult creation or simply the interpretation of a movie director genius, zombies are the greatest movie and comic book villains and heroes. Hands down.

  180. Mario Nicoletto says:

    in all honesty, out of all the characters in the comics and Tv show (so far!), Morgan is my favorite character because he is a metaphor for sadness. Rick can be a badass, Daryl can be a asskicker, and the governer can be a jerk, but Morgan will always be a depiction of realisim in a ZA, people close to you are going to die. Your parents, freinds, brothers, sisters, they are going to die, and Morgan is an embodiement of the lurking lonliness, sadness, and despair in everybodys soul. Thanks!

  181. Alejandro Pardo says:

    My favorite character would have to be Daryl along with countless Walking Dead fans. Daryl has transformed throughout the seasons from this isolated and selfish redneck to someone who puts his team first and cares for others’ safety. Daryl’s love for his brother is very moving despite the dysfunctional nature of their relationship. His attitude towards helping others and how he goes through with things is influenced by Merle. Merle always belittled Daryl and let him believe he was less than he was capable of. What really made Daryl number one on my list was his endless search for Sophia in season 2. He does it to help Carol, but his main reason is because he was lost when he was a child and no one looked for him. It shows how much his childhood affected who he’s let himself become and how he’s willing to change for the group. “Chupacabra” was the episode that just emulated how tough Daryl was. He got an arrow in his side and still managed to climb the hill, he was grazed with a bullet and still lived. How could you not love this guy? Daryl rose to being a leader by leaving behind his past just being the person he has always been. Daryl is just an overall Bad***.

  182. Guest says:

    Lets get right down to it, first off there are way to many characters to have a favorite because they’re all awesome, but if I had to pick one I’d say…………….Daryl, or the team of Daryl and Merle, why you ask? Because they are the ultimate badass duo that’s why. A crossbow and a poncho mixed with tank top and a bayonet as an arm, I mean what more could you want?!

  183. James Caruso says:

    Lets get right down to it, first off there are way to many characters to have a favorite because they’re all awesome, but if I had to pick one I’d say…………….Daryl, or the team of Daryl and Merle, why you ask? Because they are the ultimate badass duo that’s why. A crossbow and a poncho mixed with tank top and a bayonet as an arm, I mean what more could you want

  184. James Caruso says:

    Lets get right down to it, first off there are way to many characters to have a favorite because they’re all awesome, but if I had to pick one I’d say…………….Daryl, or the team of Daryl and Merle, why you ask? Because they are the ultimate badass duo that’s why. A crossbow and a poncho mixed with tank top and a bayonet as an arm, I mean what more could you want?!

  185. Crystal O'Connell says:

    My favorite is Carl he is so young and has to go through so much being a child. ( Even killing his mother.) He is such a strong young man for all thats going on.

  186. Grady Lovato says:

    My favorite character is Daryl because he has an explicit aim and shoots the best. He’s been through a lot as a kid which makes him a cold hearted killer. His method to killing is like hunting, but he kills to the extreme and it’s interesting to see. He’s like a hardcore Cupid with his arrows he gets to the zombies head.

  187. Shandi Lee says:

    my fav is michonne because she is smart and she is brave

  188. Tim Krieger says:

    My favorite character… I would have to say right now it’s Glen. He has gone from a more reserved and clueless guy to a complete badass leader, though he’s more second string leading now that Rick is starting to come to with his way of thinking. He has progressed more and more each episode, but especially lately once Merle and the Guv’nah pit him in a small room against a walker following a severe ass whoopin’. He is the epitome of an underdog turned leader/hero, and he has already got the girl.

  189. LyzRocksIt says:

    I would have too say my favorite character is Hershel. I mean come on he lost a leg during the ZA and made it. I like how in season 2 I was just like, this dude is like a innocent man too the world with all the zombies etc. In Season 3 he lost a leg(okay half a leg?), grew his hair and beard out(great look with the rawhide tie) and is seen cradling a baby while spouting off his bible verses and wisdom. 🙂

  190. Sean Michael Fritz says:

    Honestly as a guy that watched the show before reading the comics, I still love seeing the difference of characters and how they are portrayed. Especially Carl; he is an annoying little stubborn kid in the show, and in the comic you see him become an awesome little man-child, that is willing to do anything to save the people he loves and wants protect. Just like his father did as a police officer.

  191. lbrandt27@yahoo.com says:

    My favorite character would have to be Carl. He has turned from such a young boy to an adult like character so soon to do what is best for his family. He’s such a smart boy and loves to take care of everyone to keep them safe! 🙂 He has been through so much just as well as carol has with her losing her husband and daughter and with carl losing his mother and having to take care of his sister even when his father wasn’t quite there for him 100 percent some of the time.

  192. JustinBieberFans says:

    I have many favorite characters but the one I would choose would be Daryl. The thing that I love about Daryl is that, he is very nice and very cool. He also survived for a very long time in the show. Also, I would not want him to die. That is one of my favorite characters in The Walking Dead.

  193. Nate Knight says:

    My favorite character is Carl. For being the youngest of the group, I think he’s keeping it together better than anyone, I mean, come on, he’s a kid! He had to kill his mother, kills walkers almost daily, his father is seeing ghosts, and he just keeps on keepin’ on

  194. jillo says:

    OMG…Are u all serious with picking Carl?? WOW..He should have been eayen a long time ago. Biggest pain in the ass and take off the damned hat already. The best actors on the show are dead and gone already. Now the best one will be gone tonight (No Spoiler) so I cant say the name. But I will be bummed out if this show goes bad like “True Blood”..I love this show but I wont kiss butt for a “Bag”.. Chances of me winning are really a joke. But I will always cherish the past few seasons. Brilliant but please have a zombie eat Carl. Thank you…

  195. Alex Munoz says:

    Personally my favorite character has to be Tyreese. Without Tyreese the comic would have missed out on some of the most pivotal moments that made the comic truly great. He was not just a two dimensional character that did not evolve through the course of the comics. He changed and even made his own share of mistakes but those formed him into an extremely complex character. I was so excited when he first appeared on the show and was so upset when Rick accidentally chased him off. The show is already showing what a good man he is and I hope he makes the right decision in joining Rick. I would have gone more in depth on his character but I would hate to spoil some of the most key moments for those who have not read the comics. In the grand scheme of things I have so many beloved Walking Dead characters but there was something so human and relateable to Tyreese that immediately drew me to him. The last thing I have to say is that he wrecks so many zombies with a hammer, that is just so cool!!!! 😀

  196. Sandra says:

    Daryl…In the beginning he was rough and tough and stone cold. He’s evolved into a dedicated loyal and compassionate member of the group. We are seeing his emotional side now and that he’s more than just a survivor

  197. Sean Anthony says:

    My favorite character is Daryl because I like how he’s like mostly the leader and he is so cool and his crossbow I like how he like Is starting to grow on Rick now

  198. Jazzmine Daniel says:

    My favorite has to be Darryl.
    He is the most clever in the show, opting to use a crossbow and being stealth enough to avoid being noticed by walkers. He would be the best kind of person to have around. A voice of reason, a kind heart, strong when he has to be, soft when he knows the situation calls for it and an all around bad ass.
    I don’t claim to be the biggest fan, but I’ve never missed an episode and recently started getting into the comic book. If I win, I’m going to split the winnings with my boyfriend and best friend who are huge fans too.
    Then again, who isn’t?

  199. Dave says:

    Lucille… She’s batty!

  200. Matthew Jones says:

    Lilly Caul is one of my favorites. From her story in Road to Woodbury to her pivotal role in the prison assault. Her character was responsible for three huge character deaths. I hope to see what happened, good or bad, to this character at the end of the prison arc.

  201. Tony Ynot Smith says:

    To be honest i was already a Norman Reedus fan, ever since i saw Boondock saints 1 &2. So when I heard he was in zombie television adaptation of friends comic books i was intrigued. Then once i finished the first few episodes i began religiously watching it ever sunday and to finish the comics i’m on 12, so fun awaits! So yea my favorite character is daryl even though he wasn’t in the comics. He rides a harley in the apocalypse with a crossbow i mean come on!

  202. mokie says:

    Carl, Because the easy choice is honestly rick but without Carl rick would not have the drive and will to push forward and make the decisions that we love to follow so much, plus it’s been amazing to see Carl evolve not only as a character but as a young man, I was never into Comics my whole life now i’m trying to put together the whole collection of this series, Thank you for an amazing story.

  203. Amy Winston Max says:

    MICHONNE defines bravery, loyalty, integrity and strength. What more would you want from a friend or ally. She is also BEAUTIFUL inside and out.

  204. Shelly A. Nieman-Carvalho says:

    It is a hard choice to pick one of the many componets that make TWD such an addictive show to anticipate getting to at the end of each week. Some characters we love to hate, some we look at and go I have a relative like that, and than those that just make us shake our heads and get warm fuzzy’s. I have to choose Daryl from the lot. He obviously had a bad hand dealt growing up, but he had chosen to break the mold and not let those cards of past fate continue to bring bad upon him. The TWD group has became a family and all families have some form of disfunction in them. Daryl is like the middle child that mediates and brings all together because this is the family he never had. There is strength, provider,protector, tenderness, anger, love, and dedication thrown into this character which makes Daryl such a likeable person.

  205. Cason Jones says:

    Rick is my favorite character because he is badass and that is all

  206. Tim says:

    My favorite characters are two people who represent two sides of the same coin…Rick and The Governor. I think their arc is one of the most fascinating of the series. Two men, with families, normal, respectable jobs, suddenly thrust into roles of leadership, power, and responsibility. One man has tried to take the honorable path…though that road leads to being questioned, moral anguish, and trying to hold onto humanity in a godless landscape…the other seizing control, ruling through fear and deception as well as a head-collecting iron fist. These men are not terribly different…one has simply tried to remain of the world that’s now in the past while the other has let himself be seduced into madness. Fascinating.

  207. Carlo Siochi says:

    It’s got to be not Merle, but Walker Merle, the most badass zombie there can be with a knife for a hand.

  208. Debbie Bailey says:

    Daryl, because no matter what you can count on him

  209. Salma Stephany says:

    My favorite character is Carol, but i LOVE Daryl…. Yeah… I’m a Caryl shipper!! :3

  210. Rachael Kirk says:

    My favorite character is Merle. Yeah he was an asshole, and had his problems, but we all do, and in the end he showed his true colors and went out like a warrior. He sacrificed himself for the great good and dies with honor and that definitely earns my respect.

  211. De♈aη says:

    My favorite character is Michonne! She just stands out to me and is a total badass 😉 Also the fact that she hasn’t had much character development in the show just intrigues me and makes me keep wanting to know more and more about her. She is just a character that makes you want to know whats next

  212. The Walking Addicts says:

    That’s a hard one… All the characters are so amazing. I would have to say Carol. She has grown so much as a character and she has overcome all of the difficulties she has faced. I also love her relationship with Daryl, it is so cute!

  213. Austin Robinson says:

    Daryl because I mean who doesnt like daryl everyone disrespects the redneck until the zombiesapocalypse

  214. Nanette Vrana says:

    how do you enter?

  215. Sargent Pepper says:

    i like carl. he has really grown and has become a pretty good shot.

  216. Jared Perez says:

    Shane… Sadly haha he was too fuckin sick of a zombie killer to die. Favorite living character Michonne for sure!!!

  217. Danielle T. says:

    I have to say my favorite character is Merle and Michael Rooker portrayed him beautifully. He was the character you loved to hate. On many occasion he proved himself to be a redneck asshole, but I found the character to be quite dynamic. He had a hard exterior and showed little to no emotion except when it came to his little brother Daryl, that was his “soft” spot. We only get to see a peek into their complex relationship, but it seems they were together through thick and thin including an abusive father. At the end Merle made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure the safety and happiness of his brother. RIP Merle!

  218. Cora-Lee says:

    My favourite character this season has to be Daryl. I don’t care that he wasn’t in the comic…he’s badass. And everyone loves the redneck when there is dirty work to be done. I love that he’s quietly “there” for everyone, just loitering in the background when there is conflict, jumping in when it’s time to git ‘er done. He’s got a soft side, holding Judith and saving Carol, and he clearly cares for people very deeply. Daryl has been damaged, and he’s still having a hard time opening up to others, but he’s working on it. Merle’s death may push him back into himself and make him put up more walls, but I hope not. I think if he survives the finale, we’ll see him heal even more next season.

  219. Michelle says:

    My name is Michelle, but I would legally change my name to Michonne (it wouldn’t be that far off!) – That is how much I love this character of The Walking Dead. In both the comics and the tv show, she is a complete badass. She wields a katana as her weapon, which obviously has unlimited ammo, and used the walkers to her advantage. It was brilliant that she used walkers, people from her life before the world turned to Hell, and turned them into her pets so as to distract other walkers from attacking her. She is a crucial part of Team Prison on the show, and I feel she has proven herself to be a loyal member of the group. She is capable of taking care of herself and has put her life at risk to save others. She does not seem to fear the challenges that have been thrown her way and Danai Gurira portraying her on the show is PERFECTION. I would love to see this character develop more in the television show. I’m ready for the finale now!!!!!!!

  220. Sarah Faulkner says:

    My favorite The Walking Dead character is Axel, you follow? He is often the comic relief. Yes he lied about why he was in prison, but we all make mistakes. Plus, he keeps his mustache pretty groomed, even in a Walker Apocalypse. (I really would like to know what his brother did, too). Everyone thought Axel was thought to be a bad seed, I knew from the start what he was capable of. Axel taught us not to choose a book by its cover, its the inside that maters.

    • Keith Anderson says:

      Axel’s tag line was annoying as hell…coudn’t wait for him to die!

  221. Bubblypoo says:

    My favorite character is hands down Michonne! She’s a badass beyotch with a sword. Need I say more?

  222. DeeGeeK says:

    It’s actually hard to pick one favorite…Merle (RIP!), Michonne (she’s such a bada** ninja!), Dale (he was just cool), Hershel (especially after seeing his sense of humor come out in last week’s scene with Milton). But I simply must go with Daryl. He’s grown and changed so much since season 1. He’s become a better man, one that the other look to for protection, and seems he likes it that way. I hope to be able to see him grow, change, and adapt (especially now with his big brother gone) even more in season 4. I love watching Norman Reedus playing Daryl — he gives him so much depth. He’s just so great at what he does.

  223. April says:

    My favorite character is Rick because even as he seems to be losing it, he still maintains control. He has survived a coma, finding and losing part of his family and is still trying to keep everyone together. Also he’s extremely hot. Finale time!! Tough question, by the way!!

  224. disqus_KHLx5XcRin says:

    Carol is my Fav. Sweet yet so tough 😉

  225. John S. says:

    Posting for my wife – yes she’s read the comics. Of course she picked Daryl…but she says because he’s tough and marches to his own bet, but still soft enough inside to help take care of “little ass-kicker.” She also said, “definitely not Carl!” Haha. Poor Carl!

  226. 〽ichael Elizalde says:

    My most ABSOLUTELY FAVORITE character would have to be Glen. He changed SOOOOOOO uch since season one, and he’s become more stronger and bold. He knows what he wants, and shoot, he’s got the hottest girl on the show as his fiance! You go Glen Coco! haha

  227. Leo Novosel says:

    Every character is my favorite, whether it’s on AMC The Walking Dead or Walking Dead Comics!!! But absolute favorite is Morgan. Morgan plays such a HUGE role in the series by taking in Rick Grimes and catching him up. Morgan sets up to be a major every show/every page character and we see him fade out faster than he was brought in. Although his comeback differs slightly in show and comics, when he does come back you are drawn in entirely, to where he has been, what happened to Duane, what has the happened to him. Morgan rules. It helps that Lennie James is an incredible actor. No one could have played the part of Morgan better

  228. Nadine Strong says:

    Absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, Daryl is my favorite! Doesn’t take crap, can lead when he has to, and has a sensitive side as well! LOVE DARYL!

  229. Erica Nelson says:

    I like Carol. She has gone from the abused mousy wife to the bad mama jama who doesnt take any crap from anyone, and through it all, finds love in her heart for Daryl!

  230. Rachel McMahon says:

    Daryl is my favorite character. Although it is hard to keep a constant favorite, I will have to say him. Yes, for the obvious reasons, but also because I feel that only the most outside layers of his character have been revealed and I feel there are many many more to learn about.

  231. Brandon Wentworth says:

    I have to say that Glen is my favorite, that little Asian dude kicks some ass and he gets the girl. One more aspect of Glen that I really like is his character development in the series, he has gone from what seems like a useless, shy, and not much to him to the respectable, lets get it done attitude.

  232. Wayne Pieper says:

    the governor cause he’s deep and dark.

  233. Ryan Ebert says:

    My favorite character is Tyreese. He had an immediate impact on the group, and after his daughter died, he stayed strong. He could have very easily given up after losing his whole family, but he stayed the course, took out the entire gym by himself, and helped Rick clear his head (rather forcefully). Sure, he made a few mistakes with his personal choices, and it may have very well led to the demise of a character or two, but he was a great man, and a valuable asset right til the end. Plus, what an epic death?

  234. Aaron Ramos says:

    My favorite character is Glen. He was runner from the beginning and always stay as far away as possible from walkers. Now he his a total opposite and is Ricks number two, plus he has a great companion in Maggie. Not such a bad life other than dead walking and trying to eat you.

  235. Vaughan Jenkins Jr. says:

    Daryl he is the most heroic character in the show in a walker world how many people would track down a little girl in a undead forest. not to mention to dig deep to find the will to kill your own blood but i would have to say the top reason i choose daryl is because he has come so far from season 1 and he still holds his cool and get things done. he is emotionally damaged goods but i believe he can save day of course assuming he survives the finale.

  236. Essie Es Garcia says:

    I have to say out of all the characters from the series i love RICK GRIMES.from episode one up to the season three finally which i am viewing as i write this…watching him is like watching a caterpillar go through some psycho crazy metamorphisis and now just waiting to see what he will emerge out of that apacolyptic zombie world infested cocoon as is gonna be a hell of a nailbiter for me lol or should i say flesh biter lol

  237. Dylan Ablan says:

    Picking a favorite character is really difficult. All the characters and storylines are written so well that sometimes I absolutely loathe a character (cough… cough…. Andrea) and at other times I love/feel bad for that character. However, throughout the series, one of my favorites would have to be Hannah, the walker next to the bike. It was the first time that I felt an emotional attachment to a walker, and the way she made it look like she wanted to die was extremely powerful, its as if she was still somewhat human. When Rick killed her and apologized, I almost shed some (manly) tears.

  238. qj says:

    Lucille without a doubt,she’s a greedy one, loves to taste blood but giving her a name made it so much cooler. Negan even asks Rick to hold her for him. If I can’t choose her then Shane cause he’s been a bad ass in the comics tv show and the video game

  239. ami bruce says:

    I like Daryl for the simple fact that he is a redneck and has always been and will be and doesn’t apologize for it! He reminds me of the kid everyone made fun of in high school for being in vo-tech…but now you see him today and he makes $90,000 being a carpenter or brick layer and you’re paying back $40,000 worth of student loans and making $12 an hour 😛 People always make fun of the redneck til they need a zombie shot with a bow and arrow. He’s pretty bad ass but has a heart as well.

  240. B Gold says:

    My Favorite character has to be Michonne. How can you not love a character that runs around in an apocalypse with a sword and uses zombies as pets?! Any other answer to this question is just wrong. (P.S. don’t tell my wife I didn’t pick Daryl or I will probably be sleeping on the couch tonight)

  241. Chasidy Wine says:

    I honestly think that Rick, Daryol, and Mishon should stay alive…. Mostly Rick because he was on every episode.

  242. Reghan Smith says:

    The Walking Dead has been an astonishing show that has amazing graphics, and a very detailed plot. Although, I look forward to seeing Hershal every Sunday night. I feel as if he has done so much to and for the group throughout the seasons that he’s hard to not notice. Hershal has led the group through all of the difficulties; including walkers, Lori’s baby, shelter, etc. He is an amazing actor with so much potential and plays a major part in TWD in my opinion.

  243. Juan Diaz says:

    Daryl Dixon, because he is a man who became better under these conditions!!!

  244. Timothy Quinto says:

    My favorite would have to be The Governor – in one scene, he’s the friendly, charming Southerner you want to sit down and drink a Mint Julep with, and in the next, he’s the villain that threatens an entire group’s safety. He’s conniving, lies to his people in their faces, and is motivated by something we can all related to – the death of a loved one. Plus, he has his own supervillain signature – that ridiculous eyepatch!

  245. Brandon Asanakis says:

    My favorite charecter of The Walkind Dead is Daryl. Along with many other people. He is one of my few heroes. He is a superhero in a way. Instead of a cape he wears a poncho, instead of flying around he rides a motorcycle, instead of super strength he uses a crossbow. And most of all he stands up for what’s right for everybody.

  246. Nicole Marie says:

    Glenn would have to be my favorite character because of how much he has changed over the course of the show, and he’s cute too. He used to be so optimistic and almost always used as bait. Now he is a real fighter (when he killed that walker well tied to the chair) and he has been showing leadership (when Rick was crazy). These are just some of the reasons Glenn is my favorite character.

  247. Jessica Lucus says:

    I would have to say my favorite character so far would be Carl. You put a kid like that in situations like hes seen and look what hes become.I only hope my own son could be that strong in situations like that. He way the world is going this might be a reality in our or his near future. You never know. Anything could happen and thats why I chose him. The kids are our future. embrace it and hope you have done your job to make them good people. Smart enough people to do the right things in life. Whatevert that may be

  248. Robert Beattie says:

    Carl is definitely my favorite character. In the first 2 seasons he was more of a problem, but in the third season he became more of the comic book Carl i was waiting for. (You did say to keep away from the spoilers so Im gonna have to keep this brief) but what he did at Negan was the bravest move i’ve ever seen anyone done. In this episode it almost seemed like he took over as the leader. That scene when Rick and Carl were talking about the kid Carl shot, Carl gave great advice to Rick. That scene reminded me of when Carl was shot and rick gave Carl his hat.

  249. Marissa Duescher says:

    I love Maggie. She is such a strong woman. She has been through so much and has carried the group very far. She’s sweet enough to show her love for Glenn, but tough enough to stand on her own against a group of walkers!

  250. Stephen Sherman says:

    Honestly my favorite character has to be Merle. He is just the definition of awesome at every angle. He knew what it takes to survive, I want him at my back if a ton of walkers were attacking us. Plus he doesn’t let emotions get the best of him.

  251. Robert Beattie says:

    Carl is definitely my favorite character. In the first 2 seasons he was more of a problem, but in the third season he became more of the comic book Carl i was waiting for. (You did say to keep away from the spoilers so Im gonna have to keep this brief) but what he did at Negan was the bravest move i’ve ever seen anyone done. In this episode it almost seemed like he took over as the leader. That scene when Rick and Carl were talking about the kid Carl shot, Carl gave great advice to Rick. That scene reminded me of when Carl was shot and rick gave Carl his hat.

  252. Kelly says:

    I love Carl because he is slowly becoming the new Sheriff in town. He is highlighting the difference between being a child growing up in this madness versus being a part of an older generation remembering the way it was. Carl is all about survival because of his developmental stage, he is not thinking love, peace and happiness. It is going to be interesting to watch him evolve into a human being that none of the others have witnessed before…and of course that leaves you wondering how Judith will be should she survive.

  253. JJ says:

    My favorite Walking Dead character is Carl. He does not have the choice to be a child anymore and has had to mature far beyond his years. Carl’s mental attitudes will have an impact on the group around him. Carl does what needs to be done when it needs to be done. He has become what his father was in the beginning of the series. Carl will Always be my favorite.

  254. Dann Mansel says:

    As much of a die hard fan of the comics as I am I think my favorite is now a television exclusive. The lovable little scamp Merle showed us one of the series most complex characters and then to add the Merle/Daryl dynamic to that only heightened what the character and Michael Rooker brought to the series. He gave the season depth, and was the focus of some of the most well composed and insightful moments of the season like the whole river tracking scene when they save the spanish speaking family.

  255. Caitlin McNally says:

    Without a doubt, my favorite character is Michonne. Her first appearance on the show was so incredibly badass that my interest in her character was instantly piqued. She doesn’t say much, but when she speaks its best to listen up because she’s definitely not one to waste her breath. Her caring nature is starting to become more apparent with Carl and the fact that she stayed with Andrea

  256. Alex Hustak says:

    My favorite character in the walking dead would be a tough pick, but I would have to pick Dale. Dale was a simple minded man who knew that the world has changed and everyone else was going to also, he showed that if you stayed the same and defused situations that were tense that everyone could get through the dead together. He showed this when he saved Andrea from the CDC explosion and how he cares for everyone.

  257. Alec Hess says:

    My favorite character is Carl or chandler Riggs because he is just a bit older than me he is very caring like his father for the safety of the group I like how much he has changed since season 1 to season 3 he sort of goes against his father and takes his own way for the safety of the group even though it might be the wrong thing this show has made my year this is what I look forward in the week the best show ever

  258. Jake Frye says:

    My favorite character would definitely have to be Daryl. He is because he is very gutsy as a character. He has been one of my favorite actors ever since Boondock Saints (great movie). He is also very strict on what moves they make like in season finale 3, Rick told Tyresse they were coming threw the gate and you could tell Daryl didn’t agree with the decision. He is very ballsy to by taking out Merrel (killing him). Daryl is an awesome character and that’s why he’s my favorite.

  259. Rhonda says:

    Daryl is my favorite character, bar none. If there were a zombie apocalypse, he is the character you would definitely want around. He’s smart, unconventional, and really knows how to handle that bow! Not only that, but Daryl does care, and it makes him all the more real because his instincts and emotions work together. You know that if this were really going down, this man would ultimately be a survivor…and hey, Daryl…I loved your crying face because it was REAL. You rock!!

  260. Billy Ippolito says:

    My favorite character in the walking dead is Andrea. In tr comic and show she shows determination.She wants to keep peace just like Dale did. She does not want to lose her humanity.She got brave and she learned
    How to kill zombies

  261. Gabriel Torres says:

    I’d have to say Carl. I know he starts as a wimpy kid but after everything he has to go through he turns into a real bad ass. Sure hope I get to see where his story goes and if he continues to surprise me.

  262. Giselle ☺ says:

    My favorite character is Daryl in the show because he went from being a mad man to a man for the team. In season one, he hated Rick because of what he did to his brother Merle, in the farm he went a little crazy. But towards seasons 2 and 3 he became a man of the team. He’s an amazing actor!

  263. deevers says:

    ( tv show ) Michonne she has always been there for the group even though at times she felt like the outsider alot of the members from the group most likely would of died if she was not there to have there back

  264. Cameron Scott Cole Landry says:

    My favorite character from the Walking Dead is Carl. He is my favorite because he has matured so quickly and he’s been through so much but I feel he’s the most balanced between emotional, strong, and badass! He keeps me wanting more from his actions.

  265. Jannifer Esparza says:

    My favorite charcater is …Daryl because he is loyal, protective of group, tracker and straight bad ass!!

  266. alen says:

    My favorite character in the walking dead is Morgan. I chose him because he is the first survivor Rick met and when he encountered Rick, he chose to help him instead of just kill him. From his appearances in the first and third season i can tell that Morgan would be a great addition to the group with his skills of placing traps and being a nice guy (after he gets over his sons death)

  267. James Voidoids says:

    Carjulio is the best!

  268. James Voidoids says:

    The Hermit in the cabin was pretty amazing!

  269. Ben Hood says:

    I honestly am in love with everyone from the show. Everyone has their own place in my heart. If I had to pick one, however, it would most definitely be Daryl. Why, you ask? Daryl knows where to draw the line. If things get crazy with Merle, he is the one to calm him down. He isn’t racist or brutal. Daryl is the one who keeps his calm in any situation. However, he isn’t just “That redneck with a bow” When Merle had fallen to the walkers, he showed his more emotional side, and really played his part well. At first I had thought of hime poorly, but began to grow on him. I really feel like Daryl is on of my “Top Ten” and will always be remembered.

  270. clleth says:

    I enjoy watching Glen’s character develop. He was so young and naive in the beginning but he has since grown into a hard core fighting machine. His character is wavering between lover and fighter. Just ask Maggie! Glen has a good sense of humor and he seems really reflective on his decisions.Crazy things happen when we live on the bottom of Maslow’s hiararchy.

  271. Double Stuff ✌ says:

    Carl. Yes, he is a child. but being put through all of this at such a young age has forced him to grow up which is one of the hardest things to do.He knows what has to be but doesn’t always know at what cost. Carl’s progress through the show is one that is going to be essential to not only his sanity but Rick’s. Rick is already dead to Carl but what more could be dead to Carl physically and mentally?

  272. Melissa Navarra says:

    My favorite character is definitely Daryl Dixon. He’s the one that everyone would feel safe with. He always comes through. He’s the most dependable. I think everyone who imagines themselves in this ‘Walking Dead world’ either sees themselves with Daryl, or sees themselves AS Daryl. He’s a superhero. He’s awesome. He’s the Batman of the Apocalypse.

  273. kimmycoach says:

    There hasn’t been enough said abouet the character of “Carl”. Besides the obvious traits like Carl’s age, height and emotional immaturity, this character has been dealt a set of circumstances that he must grow up in. The other main characters had the benefit of being adults at the time of the zombie apocalypse. Carl was caught up in school, soccer, play dates and X-Box and now wears a holster and shoots to kill. There are layers upon layers of yet undiscovered depth and underestimated abilities. Can’t wait to watch Carl grow up on set right before our eyes in the upcoming seasons.

  274. Jessica Jones says:

    Michonne would be my favorite character because she is fucking bad ass she is tough and has no emotion at all until now. She acted like she didn’t care about Andrea that much until it came down to life and death. I like her because she does not let emotions get in her way of kicking some zombie ass.She never gave up on the team even though Merle told her she was an outsider. I also like her because even though RIck was going to turn her over to be killed she did not turn on everyone else at the jail.

  275. Charlie Ball says:

    As a reader and a viewer of TWD, my top 3 characters are: Rick, Michonne, and Daryl. Having to pick only one character, I’d have to choose Michonne. You have to give her some kudos from becoming an attorney to a skilled, fearless, independent swords-woman. Also, she’s the same character in both the comic and the show! But after watching the finale, this is the first time I think fans (from both the comic and the show) get to see a different side to her character. Also I would love to see the rainbow colored cat in the next season haha.

  276. James Voidoids says:

    From the comic?…Definitely Axel, that guy is the sh*t!…You follow me?

  277. Michelle Mason says:

    My favorite character would have to be the governor… I think he really makes the show… Every show needs someone to hate but love at the same time… My heart broke for him but i hated him and I loved watching him go off the crazy train in the finale!!!

  278. Team_Grimes(: says:

    First off, I would like to say, thank you SO much for giving each and everyone of us this kind of opportunity. Well, I honestly think Carl is my favorite character, because he has changed alot, and become so brave, the past few years/seasons. And yes, I know that just about everyone on the show has changed, but I think Carl has made the biggest improvement, and most change. Because in the first season, he was so shy, and truamatized, with no hope. But during the second season, he became stronger, from all of the horrible deaths he viewed. And not only that, but im sure he has become used to all of the BS! But as you watch him in the third season, he completely gives up all children stuff, and changed into the most brave, strong kid in the show. I dont only think he is the best, because of his AMAZING looks(; But also his change, and his improvement. Carl is my absolute favorite. Thank you for reading. xoxoxoxoxo

    -Payton Hansen

  279. Chris Rodriguez says:

    By far my favorite character was T-dog. He quite possibly had the most selfless act while dying. He would have been the percent figure in rebuilding the new world. He had always been the bigger man. Example, going back for Merle on the roof top. Good man, good values. RIP T-Dog

  280. MollySkinner says:

    MY favorite is Lori is because as in life she tried to help Rick in making the right choices she does the same as in death as Rick start to make wrong choices for the group she showed her ghost self to make Rick stop and think about what he was about to do.At the end of 3:16 when Rick brought the last of the woodbury people to live with them he looked up to see if Lori was there but because he did the right thing she was not there

  281. Andrew Smith says:

    My favorite character is Rick. Because despite the odds he has came through so much. He has had to deal so much after being shot and Shane and Lori. He stepped up to the plate to lead the group. He is one hardcore individual.

  282. Andre McCullough says:

    My favorite character is The Governor. He personifies what a good man can become when driven to madness. He unknowingly shows Rick what he could have become had he kept on the “Ricktatorship” path. He’s also an image of Carl’s current path if Carl continues the way he has…

  283. Connor Brogan says:

    My favorite character has got to be Hershel. He’s the voice of reason in the group. He, to me, is the most wise and least insane of them all not to mention the most stable. He feels to me, like a Dale. He advises, sees through people and ultimately, assists Rick make some of his toughest decisions. He’s protective of his two daughters greatly, and although they are beginning to defend them selves a little more as the group falls into combat more often, I hope he doesn’t go out on a limb to save them. (Pardon the pun)

  284. Rebecca Neuding says:

    My favorite character would have to be Daryl of course. There are so many reason’s as to why he is my favorite character, throughout the show he goes through some extremely devastating things and losses but yet still remains to be a bad ass. Daryl’s weapon of choice plays in quite a bit also, the crossbow is a very interesting and smart choice, it’s quiet, fast, and if you pick up your arrows it doesn’t run out of ammo.The question is why isn’t Daryl everyone’s favorite character!

  285. Meredith says:

    Michonne is my favorite character on The Walking Dead (based upon the television show only, as I’ve never read the comics). From the day she first appeared with her “pet walkers,” I instantly loved her. She just seemed like such a bad-a** and her shadowy figure portrayed a woman who can handle her own, and don’t mess with her. And then we met her character, her personality, the reason behind her walkers, and she became everything she appeared to be. She knew the Governor was bad news even when Andrea was too naïve to see it, and she wasn’t about to stick around to watch things blow up. Couple that with her hilarious comments and her now-happy personality (her first smile, her bonding with Carl, the food in Morgan’s apartment, the cat statue)… How can Michonne NOT be someone’s favorite character? (Is this paragraph too long?)

  286. Jt Diaz says:

    My favorite character has to be Andrea. I felt for her so much this season in the show but I love the comic Andrea even more. She is such a fighter even though she lost her love and survived everything that happened early on in the comic. Even up to the most current issue I feel like she is just such a driving force in this dark and depressing world. She never wants to stop or slow down and give up. She keeps fighting and going on! I also love the new love she found as of recent and could see it coming for a little while and its good for “that person” as well and she is helping him out of a slump. I do like how they portrayed her on the TV show but they are two completely different entities. They are both very noble and level headed and just want everyone to get along! That is my two cents and i am sticking to it! Cannot wait for another season and thank you for causing me week Anxiety!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  287. Duston Williamson says:

    My favorite to me would be the great Carl Grimes. Yes many people didn’t like him because of the house stuff, but he has matured so much. Carl has shown the perseverance of a child in the zombie apocalypse. He has grown up so much and has earned my respect as a fan, and he will continue to make a continuous impact!

  288. ManSpice says:

    My favorite character in the comic was Glenn. He represented everything that could be good in a world that was not. He was the awkward guy that had nothing to live for, and he found love when it was thought to be lost. Out of all the people, Glenn was a no one in regular society, and he finally found everything he was look for during the apocalypse.

  289. María Inés Ugartemendía says:

    I have a lot of favourite characters but I think that the most is Michonne because she is always alert to the walkers and trying to kill them when she feels like unsafe because when they are trying to attack her, she take her sword and kill them. Also she looks like an strong person but I think that she is afraid of all that is happening and she is a little weak about it but she dosen’t want to show it. I hope I can win this, I’m uruguayan and I LOVE The Walking Dead.

  290. Nicole Callaghan says:

    My favorite character has got to be Michonne (only known the TV version but wanting to know the comic). She has all the qualities I love about a woman (being a woman) in a zombie apocalypse. She doesn’t just breakdown when a walker comes near. Heck no! She takes her katana and slices their head open like a watermelon. She reminds me of me being a quiet type who can make intuitive decisions about whether a person is good or bad, but never letting them get close enough just in case. LOVE MICHONNE!! XD I have the whole family behind Michonne. We do love Daryl too but gotta put my money on Michonne for being the awesome woman she is. ^_0

  291. Linda Minutola says:

    Definitely Michonne. She is simply THE most badass character I’ve ever seen. Plus after mt fiancé dressed up as her character for our best fan video….I’m strangely attracted to her. Hmmmmm.

  292. Paige says:

    My favorite character is Daryl. He has remained loyal to both the group and his brother, which shows how he remains humanized through this plague. Even through the harrowing experience of loosing Merle, Daryl continues to fight for the group. Besides…his hair and cross bow skills are hot!

  293. Kady Cocker says:

    My favorite character is Darryl. He’s a very strong person. He’s been through so much in all three seasons, losing his brother in the first season after he was handcuffed to the pipe on the roof, looking for him through season two and caring so much for Sophia and seeing her as a walker and watching Rick shoot her after she walked out of the barn. also in the third season being captured by the governer finding Merle and almost forced to fight his brother to the death. he thought he had it all together when they both escaped with Rick and the others when they attacked Woodbury, then he lost him again when Merle went back to Woodbury to kill the governer and then Merle got killed and became a walker and Darryl had to kill Merle himself. also losing group members he’s been through so much and still hasnt lost his will to fight and keep going to help protect the group even though he’s mentally drained.

  294. Jasmin Sanchez says:

    Daryl by far is my favorite! Not just because he knows how to use that bow and arrow but because I just love his toughness yet gentle side. When his character first came on he seemed very immature and arrogant but as time goes by he seems to have an open mind about people and things that go on around him. He goes with things that Rick says but when he doesn’t agree with something he speaks up. Daryl seems to have his eyes and mind open without affecting who he’s become and that is why he is my favorite!

  295. Erin Gaspardy says:

    My favourite character is Michonne, both in the comics and on the show, because she is so tough and perfect for the apocalypse. As seen in a recent issue at an event (I’m avoiding spoilers here) you see that she hasn’t REALLY been changed by the apocalypse and that she’s always been a bit of an outsider. Also, her being able to survive for so long by herself is seriously impressive, and what she did at the end of the fight at the prison (before she met up with them again) was so heartwrenchly sad. She’s really an incredible character with a warm heart, but coated in steel.
    Although, Ezekiel is pretty wicked, I mean, he has a TIGER.

  296. James D. Hughes says:

    I love all the characters very much, but my favorite is Rick! Why is he my favorite, well ill tell you why. Rick is a very strong man, he has lost almost everything, his house and most likely his family except for two people his son and not so sure of daughter, but he still loves the child even though he’s not sure of if its his child or not! Rick has some of the best attributes out of all the characters, he’s loving, caring, smart, strong, sensitive, and he is always taking one for the team, he has put his life on the line many times to save the people he’s with and even though some have past he still manages to overcome all of it and make the best of things. If I were to ever be in a apocalypse I would defiantly want Rick Grimes by my side no matter if he goes crazy or not I would never doubt him for he is the ultimate savior in the Walking Dead

  297. Raul Javier Aldape says:

    My favorite character is Martinez. He’s the only latino on the show who represents a strong hispanic presence. He’s not affraid to follow and shows his loyalty to the Governor. I look forward to seeing how his roots and culture develop thru the series.

  298. Fariba Rezwan says:

    Daryl is my favorite character because he is not like any other rednecks that most people think in the modern day. Yes Daryl did start off as a asshole and right away wanted to punch him but as Daryl slowly progressed into the series, he showed that he has a soft side in him. Just remember he said Glenn was Korean to Merle. Usually rednecks say all people with small eyes are Chinese. Remember that Daryl had a very abusive childhood life yet he is able to control his temper and obviously words. Daryl is one of the most unique and original character that no on could of imagine. Also, without him the whole group would be in chaos. If Daryl hadn’t come back when the Governor attacked them, Rick would be dead. Plus, he has a badass cross bow and even when Merle died, he didn’t go as crazy as Rick and remember this Daryl was angry not 2 but 3 times. One when he assumed Merle was dead in Season 1, Carol assumed death and finally Merle’s actual death. The best part was when Daryl was holding onto little Judith and comforting her. He is strongest character and well intelligent and tough. He has the survival skills that will help the group.

  299. Cheryl Phillips says:

    I just recently started reading the comic book so I could compare it to the show. I’ve seen just about every episode and the one character that comes out on top from a short list of favorites would have to be Michonne. I look up to her. I’m not a physically fit nor strong woman. I would hope with a bit of weigh lifting and proper training I could be very much like her. She has a past we don’t know much about which keeps her mysterious. She wields a sword as if it were a part of her. She has confidence I only wish I had. She has survived and continues to do so. If ever there were a true zombie apocalypse, I would love to be very much like Michonne. Knowing my luck, I’ll be eaten for dinner during the first wave.

  300. Kelli Cross says:

    Andrea is my favorite character because she loses her sister, than loses her way for a while, but in the end she is true to her family. Through bonds and blood, her true family, the real family of this show is Rick’s group. She makes the ultimate sacrifice for them, plus she was an ass kicking, Walker killing machine. Yes Andrea, you did know how the safety worked!

  301. Loren Turner says:

    My favorite character would be Rick. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep the group alive.

  302. BJ says:

    My favorite character in the “Walking Dead” is Daryl. The fact that most of his life was troubled and he was as bad as his brother, he stepped up and proved himself to be a very needed and valuable member of the group. If he ever gets killed or bitten, I will cry.

  303. Emily:) says:

    By far my favorite character is Daryl Dixon. After watching him becoming his own person, & how he overcomes his past. He has inspired me to do the same. Daryl makes me feel safe & that no matter what happens I can get through it. Daryl is also such a badass that its hard not to like him. He’s tough, eats squirrels, & wore a ear necklace. His crossbow makes him even sexier. I could go on forever about why I think Daryl’s the best . I would like to think The Walking Dead for creating Daryl for Norman. I love them both. Great job guy. Please keep Daryl in season four! -Emily Xx

  304. Buttless4life@yahoo.com says:

    The Walking Dead has to be my favorite show. My Favorite character would be Dale. Dale was really thoughtful to other people. He would go around and do things for peoples own good. All the other characters are great. Even Daryl and Merle are great characters. Yet Dale has always stood out to me. His caring heart just made me think of how I would of handled things in some situations. How he has helped everyone in some parts made things that much better.

  305. Chris Patterson says:

    I would have to say Darrel is my fav because he is the bad ass of the group and everyone know it

  306. Christina says:

    My favorite is Michonne for multiple reasons, she is independent yet works well in a group. She is her own person. She is loyal ( Andrea). She sees through people ( the governor). She tried to reason with Merle, and understood Rick’s decision, she’s forgiving. She makes tough choices and follows through. I think she will be a good influence on Carl.

  307. disqus_h5xcFHNAhI says:

    i’m not sure it’s tied between carl, daryl and michone. I think i’d say daryl. he’s a total BA as we’ve all established! not only that but he is loyal to the group. he may have left with Meryl but thats family and he came back anyway. plus, he has a humorous side to him like when he came up with Judiths nickname! that made me lol. ROCK ON DARYL! p.s. i have his i <3 daryl shirt!

  308. Justin D Lundy says:

    My favorite character is easily Carl. The kid is just hardcore, and I feel he has adapted to this world better than anyone else. After all he’s been through, and anyone who has read the comics knows it’s quite a lot, he’s still standing and still fighting. He has so much potential and will clearly be the leader of the group someday. I just hope he lives long enough to be the walker killing leader we all know he can be. After all, the children are our future. Of course, Daryl is a close second, but as a comic reader first, I just have to go with Carl.

  309. Matthew Cudd says:

    My favorite character is Rick because he has really stepped up from were he has come from in season one to now. He maybe the greatest leader I’ve ever seen on tv. If it was the end of the world for real I would want the kind of leadership Rick shows in TWD!

  310. annalee345 says:

    My favorite character in The Walking Dead would have to be Hershel. He is such a wise man and he is such an incredible asset to the group. Rick confides in him for decisions involving the group as a whole. Without Hershel there is no telling what Rick would have done in many of the situations. Plus, I love how he has a sense of humor about his leg being gone. Even being one legged he still kicks walker butt.

  311. Bravo Captain says:

    TWD is an awesome show and I have been a fan of Zombies since a child.I love all the characters because it brings reality to a TV show of what if this happened for real.But I have to say Im starting to repspect Rick for his role of leader and the responsibilty he haves to by keeping the group safe.

  312. Frank says:

    The governor, we know the most about him than anyone, from his back story in ‘The Rise Of The Governor’ he also is the most diverse, as Brian, Phillip, The Governor that Woodbury knows, and The Governor that Rick knows.

  313. Cedric Jenkins says:

    My favorite character on the walking dead I’d Carol. Her evolution from scared abused shadow to this dynamic, strong thoughtful woman is inspiring for anyone who has been abused and survived better afterwards. She had to not only evolve the horror of her husbands abuse, she had to do it when the world moved into utter chaos and disorder. To know that I fully expected to see her come to an end in season one, to not only survive but survive in season 3 when it appeared all was lost shows the fire and desire if the human spirit to never give up. Thank you for bringing her story to life.

  314. Tonyy Mendez Morales says:

    I have many favorite characters but my top favorite is Daryl! I know i know “uhg another Daryl Dixon fan…” but bare with me. I love Daryl because not only is he hardened because of his abusive dad and tough guy “lets make it a competition” Merle but he Daryl is also sweet and loving at times. I walk down the street and see a stick that looks like a crossbow and i keep it and show my friends “true story bro.” I also LOVE the comics and get one every week but i would LOVE to win and get a prize! I am a HUGE fan so much that my mom would ground me and take away my walking dead stuff that i’ll beg and do anything ANYTHING to get it back. I hope i win!

  315. Kalil Stoudmire says:

    I would have to say glen comic/tv and Jesus because for Jesus cause everybody saying michonne but he coming around the comic to be a real badass somewhat of a assassin and glen he a character I can relate to the most he a nerd or average joe turn to a lover, killer machine and a leader

  316. Brittany Aikman says:

    My favorite character is Daryl because he is badass and sensitive at the same time. The fact that he would protect anyone in the group is heartwarming; he can go from killing a walker to holding baby Judith and change his character to fit the scene immediately. Also, looking good while doing it doesn’t hurt. <3

  317. Austin Gregory says:

    My favorite character is Carl because we get to see him grow in the show I think that’s amazing and he grows is a man in the show and comic and I can’t wait to see you it happen I’m looking forward to see him gro in the show he’s gone to lie on thure alot in the comics ,yeah I can’t wait and that’s why he’s my favorite character in The Walking Dead

  318. Laura Pettit Criswell says:

    I really like Carl, he’s a little boy thrust into a very grown up world, first by Insane Shane, them when daddy goes over the edge after Laurie dies and now by whats happening between Woodbury and the Prison. He is certainitly seems to be heading towards the Governors shoes.

  319. Christian Gonzalez says:

    Just as I was about to state that Carl was my favorite, since he started making a use of himself in the TV series, i was watching today’s finale and my opinion completely changed. 1st he shot down the woodbury kid when he obviously surrendered, 2nd he responds to his father as if they were two complete strangers who found themselves in the Zombie Apocalypse and not family, 3rd he threw Rick’s sheriff’s badge on the floor right in front of him and 4th as the new members arrived into the prison he left without welcoming them. Because of this, my favorite would now be Rick, yes i know he had a total meltdown and and although he STILL hallucinates about Lori he’s still a total bad-ass, the leader, and father. Not only is this the reason he’s my favorite but also because if I were in his place in today’s finale i would’ve given Carl a nice ASS-WHOOPING and taken my GOD DAMN hat back. Rick, you got my respect from this day forth.

    • Cassie Silva says:

      nice ass-whooping indeed lol !

    • Bryson Duckworth says:

      Actually I have to say Carl was right about the not taking chances. Now if he hasn’t just tried to kill all of them and he was a random in the woods I do not think Carl would’ve done that. Do I think that kid would’ve come at him? No I just don’t think you should take chances. Carl saw a direct result of this with Dale. Ou just can’t take chances anymore

    • Rachel Steiner says:

      I agree with Bryson and someone on the AfterBuzz aftershow brought up a good point. If anyone had a gun with a silencer pointed straight at my head, I wouldn’t be /handing/ him my gun. I would drop that thing on the ground like it’s hot and kick it away from me.

    • Christian Gonzalez says:

      i understand where you guys are coming from ,
      but what i’m trying to say is was it really necessary to kill him,
      and yes i understand either you kill or you die but he was giving up the gun,.
      Like they said in the Talking Dead Carl couldv’e given a warning , maybe like ” I’m giving you one more chance put the gun down” AND if your saying the boy was with the governor (trying to kill everyone) it wasn’t really an option for him to go or not. The governor forced everyone who can carry a gun to go. You can tell the boy didn’t want to take part in the war, or why else would he have been running away from both the governor and the prison.

  320. Sydney Parent says:

    My favourite character in the Walking Dead is Carl. Not because of who he currently is, but because of who he will become, and his character development over the series. He is the reader and viewers way in to the world full of Walkers, showing just how twisted ones morals can become when growing up in a post-apocalyptic setting. You may not agree with his actions (Carl, could you do what you’re told please?!), and you may be uncomfortable with his morals, but he is the ultimate depiction of a post-apocalyptic person, and depending on your views, possibly the future of the human race. (As long as it’s not Beth, am I right?)

  321. Jesse Ewart says:

    There are two characters that I absolutely love that I can’t chose between; Abraham and Michonne. Michonne from the comic and show is a straight up badass with a loving sense of humor and personality. She is a woman of integrity, courage, will power, and ‘sword’. In the comics she is very close to Rick and is by his side for just about everything. Personally, I believe that if there’s no Michonne, there’s no Rick, and in the show, I think they are going in that direction as well. She brings such dynamic to the show and the comic which is why I love her and that sword. A character I’m really hoping to see come too the show soon is Abraham. Along with Michonne, he brings such dynamic to the show and ends up sticking with rick through thick and thin. I love Abraham just as much as Michonne, and soon hope to see his appearance come on to the show. They both have badass kills in the comic, so how the hell could I decide which one is better?

  322. Guest says:

    My favorite character from The Walking Dead is Daryl Dixon. The reason I

  323. Laurie OE says:

    I will always love Shane. He did what needed to get done. I compare myself to him and laugh because my husband is just like Rick.

  324. telerobotic says:

    “SHANE! SHANE! SHANE!” They all chanted his name as he ran the length of his high school football field, and everything was beautiful and nothing hurt. After high school, though, things didn’t go so well. Sure, he had a fantastic job, but he was always second to Rick, didn’t even have a beautiful family to call his own. I can identify, being a college dropout and single at 25, as I sit in a pile of used tissues thanks to allergy season starting early. Back to Shane, though, and why he’s my favorite character: He’s the perennial underdog, because even after his untimely demise, we look back and think, “What would Shane have done?” Why does it matter to us? Because, whether we agree or disagree with the various choices he made over the course of two seasons, the plans he put together — some which went off (albeit with a little bit of a hitch) and some which fell through completely — Shane wasn’t afraid to make the unpopular decision or go against the grain. Whereas Dale was the quintessential “voice of reason,” Shane was the guy we loved to hate, or hated to love, all because hey, we wish we could’ve been that brash. We totally would’ve left Otis behind… had our potential baby mama been around the corner.

  325. Linda Rudd says:

    My fav is Daryl because he is a shy badass that kills adorably & hits the spot! I love how he can be strong, helping with dale, yet tender…getting Carl to talk about his mom. He seems to have finally found where he belongs. Even his brother figures that out & tries to help him. I think he will get a little rougher around the edges since merle died. Think carol & maybe rick might still be able to reach him. He is the best because he keeps growing & changing. People can relate to him.

  326. Candais Andjoeywhalin says:

    My favorite character is Daryl of course because he is about that life! He has kept it real from the jump. He reminds me a Conan the Cimmerian because he does not hesitate and moves like a panther. He has shown he has a soft side and everyone loves a lone-wolf lady killer as their hero.

  327. Roxy Leah says:

    My favorite character on The Walking Dead is Daryl Dixon. Not because he’s insanely bad ass & sexy but because he brings a lot to the table. He’s never fully committed to the group or anyone else because he knows first hand how people turn on each other. He keeps himself at a safe distance, is more alert than the rest, and I couldn’t imagine anyone other then someone like Daryl’s character beside me during a real zombie apocalypse. He is the strongest character in my opinion and I love how he’s still so mysterious to us.

  328. Benjamin Packett says:

    My favorite character is Carl. At his age, you not only get to see his transformation to this new world, but you also see him learn and grow from specific events. Between trying to impress his father, becoming a more important member of the group, and learning how to actually grow up in a brand new world is so intriguing. He is a prime example of the loss of youthfulness in the young members of the zombie apocalypse.

  329. omeramiri says:

    My favourite character is Merle Dixon. Many people hate him because how he was a racist to T-Dog in the first season and how he was such a bitch to the whole group except Daryl. One thing that stood out a lot about Merle was how much he loved his brother and that everything he did was just a way of trying to tell his brother that he loved him. I also liked how Merle died in such a heroic way. Also Merle is just a bad ass he put the stump of his hand on a stove is that doesn’t mean he has balls than i don’t know what does/

  330. Tracy Hansen says:

    Daryl because I am a T-shirt and Levi’s kind of girl ; ) He is the sweetest bad ass and they need him. He does need a girlfriend, I am available for interviews, lol

  331. Angela Forke says:

    My favorite is….. Rick. No, he’s losing his mind & acts like an idiot. Ummm… maybe Daryl. IF only he wasn’tt so discusting. But then again Maggie is cool but she’s so needy & acts like a whiney snob at times. Gosh this is harder than I thought! I hate the Governor & so glad to get rid of this “other one” tonite. I’ve wanted Carl dead since the beginning & still hold a grudge against him. I think we all hated Lorie & her loose legs! LOL How about Dale? Ugh… all that wise advice that noone ever asked for but yet he felt the need to add his two cents. Hershel would hafta be my actual pick. He was just minding his own buisiness & here comes Rick along with so much trouble & chaos but yet he’s adapted to their way of living & is still going strong to protect his girls! Love a man with so much fight in him.

  332. win1414 says:

    I would have to say that my favorite character from the comics and the show would have to be michonne. I mean whats not to like about her, since the finale was tonight ill use her character from the show. First off lets all agree the way she goes through the walkers with her sword is some of the coolest killings in the show. Second I think shes one of the toughest characters, and lastly when she speaks your sitting on the edge of your seat to see what shes going to say, the conversation with merle, not only was she let loose she made merle sacrifice himself for the group

  333. Mike Soares says:

    By far my favorite character, both in the series and in the comics would be Carl.
    Having never heard of the comic prior to becoming a fan of the show my first impressions of Carl obviously came from the show. I have watched him go from crying and hiding behind Lori in season one, to still having that wide eyed wonder as he approached the deer in season two. His refusal to consider leaving the farm without finding Sophia showed he retained the innocence of childhood. After her death we see the change begin, and some of that hope begin to fade; then once we see him put down Shane as a walker it becomes very apparent that childhood is a thing of the past. In season 3 Carl has become willing to do anything it takes to protect the group, even the ultimate of putting down his own mother.
    When the mid season break came around I decided to give the comics a shot, not sure if I would like it or not, as I had not picked up a comic in 45 years or so. I ended up reading the first two compendiums in about a week each, then drove all over the area to find the next 7 single issues to bring me up to 105. Since I have gotten on a monthly reservation list at a local comic shop. Reading the comics only reinforced Carl being my favorite character. Even with the age difference between comic Carl and tv Carl I still see the same strength and willingness to do whatever has to be done. His comments to Rick in tonight’s season finale sum it all up. Carl sees what needs to be done, and he no longer hesitates in doing it.

  334. Isaac Rivers says:

    My all-time favorite character from ” The Walking Dead” is Daryl Dixon because he is ruthless, kind-hearted, and brave. If Daryl wasn’t in Rick’s group, it would turn to crap. Plus, Daryl’s backround story has a major effect on the series because of his abusive childhood. In fact, people with abusive childhoods, like Daryl’s, can look up to him and relize that life can be tough, but it will turn out good. That is why Daryl Dixon is my favorite character, hands down, from “The Walking Dead” series. THE END

  335. Keesha Jones-Timoney says:

    Andrea is gone finally could not stand her

  336. Edward Sitzes says:

    I miss Shane! he was right on a lot of things and a great shot they need him in the fight I wish he was still around they really do need to leave Carl alone that boy was not putting the gun down he was getting closer to try and take Carl’s Gun and even if he wasn’t I feel carl had every right to take the shot I would have shot and never lost sleep over it remember they were there to kill every body not to have lunch

  337. Dani says:

    There are some characters I like more in the comic than in the show and vice versa. However, Andrew Lincoln portrays Rick Grimes so accurately that it makes me fall in love with the character that much more. The way he brings Rick’s passion, dedication, leadership and fighting spirit to life absolutely amazes me. How do you even put yourself in Rick Grimes’ shoes to play his character? How do you even imagine the situation that he’s in? A single father who lost his wife (lost other things I can’t say here), trying to raise his children in a world that’s strictly about survival – trying to teach his son the difference between good and evil, in a time when what was considered good or evil in the ‘pre-apocalyptic’ world has changed drastically. He’s not the perfect leader. He’s made bad calls (and took calls from his deceased wife…), been cowardice at times, attempted to abandon his responsibility. But, he’s done what no one else has been willing to do and he always leads with only the best of intentions – though it’s not always with the best of ideas. I really do admire him. I don’t know how many people would have the (explicative) to do what he’s done, and continues to do.

  338. Natalie Clark says:

    I have so many favorite characters it is so hard to pick just one, but since I have to choose…I am picking Daryl. Daryl is the ultimate zombie apocalypse badass. He is strong, witty, calm(most of the time lol), level headed, and remains sane even when the world is crumbling around him and the group. He doesnt need to rely on anyone to take care of him,but also has learned to work well with the group. I think he has done the most “growing up” on the show out of the entire cast(even more than Carl). Obviously his turning point was the Sophia situation, and that is when we all saw the change from the old “shut down, piss off, screw everyone and the world” Daryl, into the current character who is a more caring, group oriented, protect his new family kind of character. I think this is just the beginning of his growth in this crazy, gruesome, post apocalyptic world….And I really hope to see Daryl step more in to a leadership role next season. I think he could make better decisions and lead the group a whole lot better than “Crazy Rick” does! At least he doesnt see a dead pregnant Lori rubbing her belly through a chain link fence or walking around in a white gown….OR get calls from beyond the grave. LOL. Daryl Dixon=Badass bow hunting, zombie killing, awesome baby naming, Hillbilly

  339. mudmartinie says:

    Glenn is my favorite character. He is smart, quick, resourceful, and cool. A good person to have in a bind. Strong in character, and strong will. A warrior. He has the ability to adapt to every situation. Glenn knows how to lift spirits and the perfect time to drop a quick quip to lighten the mood. The fact that he has himself a fine lady which gives him a little more cred. Everyone loves the pizza guy!

  340. Kris says:

    This is hard because Daryl rocks. But my favorite would be Carol. I think when the show started she was weak and submissive. Ironically in a marriage that most likely would have killed her. Now when the world is more violent and agressive then her own husband she has found this strength that I don’t think she knew she had in her. She is intuitive and resourceful. I think she will continue to evolve and may offer the group some sage advice in the future now that there is no longer a ricktatorship!

  341. Larry Schultz says:

    To be different, I will say “Lil’ Asskicker.” She adds a whole new level to the show, promise for the future, an even greater level of vulnerability, and a new layer of emotion to every TWD character, even Daryl and Rick. Her agent should get her more face time, but her “less is more” approach to screen time works! 🙂

  342. Vinny Wade Lawton says:

    I think that my favorite character is Daryl. I like him because he may seem like a total asshole but he actually cares deep down. He goes and tries to rescue Michonne for the good of everybody at the prison. He risks his life and, sadly, he has to kill his brother.

  343. Ethan Schroeder says:

    What is this madness?! I’ll go with Rick Motha’fuck’in Grimes! While I don’t think he has always been my favorite character at times, as of the current issue 108 of the comic book as well as his representation in the show, Rick is by far the most important character ( obviously being the main one and all ) and my favorite because he never fails to see his own shortcomings and rise above them. Well that and the fact that in the end he always Gets-Shit-Done! The other thing that makes Rick my favorite is the fact that, without him, none of the other characters would be shit. He is the Duct tape that holds the whole rickety wheels of the carriage a rollin’. Plus the fact that he doesn’t even need a blade on the end of his stump to be a badass ( Yeah i’m talkin’ to you Merle!)


  344. Michael Blackman says:

    Daryl Dixon is my favourite character because underneath his hard take no sh*t exterior beats a heart of gold. A real, true and surprisingly gentle human being who cares more about others than his life experiences can allow to be expressed openly.

  345. CoachHulla says:

    I, like most people, have a number of characters of which I am fond. My first instinct was to say Daryl, however I know a LOT of people are going to say him (and with good reason). I’ve decided to take another route and choose Hershel. He has grown so much from when he was first introduced in Season 2. He has gone from a man of God who sees salvation and hope where there is none, to someone who views the world more clearly now and accepts it, yet doesn’t want what’s left of our humanity to perish in this harsh new reality. He has assumed Dale’s role as the “moral compass” of the group (and Dale was another of my favorite characters, for many of the same reasons and characteristics which Hershel possesses). I was concerned when he was bitten so early in Season 3, yet was glad to see the writers take the direction they did with his character. I think he has helped guide and council Rick through his mental breakdown, while never losing faith in him as a leader and believing he’s a good person. Finally, since you wanted this to be brief and I feel it getting long, Hershel had one of the most creative, adapted lines in the Season 2 finale: “Christ promised a resurrection of the dead, I just thought he had something else in mind.”

  346. Jestin Rowe-mann says:

    I would have to say Carl because he is starting to turn out to be a leader and is helping the team out as much as he can

  347. Eric Grieve says:

    Maybe you won’t count it, but my favourite character out of the Walking Dead would have to be Lee. He had the most growth out of any character in the entire series and also had the best and most loving companionship. Even though he wasn’t related to Clementine or know anything about her, he felt obligated to pretext her from any and all harm. Even when (SPOILER ALERT) he was dying, all he wanted to do was make sure she was safe. His death was in such a dramatic fashion that it just left you stunned yet it felt right the way it had ended. Lee is without a doubt, in my mind, the best character I have ever got the pleasure of knowing, loving and mourning.

  348. tina says:

    My favorite character in the show is Daryl. He is a scruffy/independent guy who grew up with a ruff childhood although he has a sweet and humble side to him. His childhood and upbringing has given him the skills to servive in this harsh environment and the group has given him the will to care. I think he is a beneficial asset to the group and hope he is around awhile.

  349. David Carlos Mercado says:

    My Favorite walking dead character is Michonne. Michonne is the Bad-Ass of the show and the comic. She survived on her own for so long and she only made the group stronger, even if she made have been a bit too silent in the show and caused some problems when she arrived in the comic. To top it all off, she uses a katana to kill zombies, cant get any better than that.

  350. HMD says:

    My favorite character is Darryl because he is a great biter slayer and helps protect the group. In the begining he was a loner, he didn’t want to belong. But he was just protecting his emotions after all the let downs he’s had in his life.Turns out Darryl just wants to be loved.

  351. Jamie says:

    My favorite character, as in who would I do? If I were in to that whole “tall, dark, and handsome” bit, then Tyrese would be the guy. I mean, come on, does he not have that “do me” swagger down to a T? On the other hand, there’s a lot to be said for a man in uniform. Am I right? A year deep into the end of the world, and Rick is still getting dressed for work! (Seriously, there’s no dress code in the zombie apocalypse). But hey, who’s complaining? As for me? I go for the guy who knows how to accessorize. Daryl Dixon isn’t afraid to do something bold with his look. Who else can pull off the black leather vest with angel wings on the back, a squirrel sash over one shoulder, bow and arrow over the other, with a string of walker ears hanging on his neck? Daryl does it so well, no one else should even try. This guy is a hot slice of bread, and I’d like to butter him up. So, yeah. If given the choice, Daryl’s definitely the guy. Hands down, up, sideways, backwards — however.

    But Daryl is only my second favorite Walking Dead character. The best character is the one who puts the governor down like the foaming at the mouth, stark raving lunatic that he is. Can’t wait to give that guy (or gal) a handshake and pat on the back. It’s time we see the governor’s head in an aquarium. (Man! This show really has a way of bringing the dark out of people, doesn’t it?)

    • Tangy R. says:

      What about Glen? He’s got the romantic thing going for him….cutting the ring from her cold,dead fingers and all…

    • Ander Green says:

      The governor’s not going anywhere. He’s going to be a regular on the next season.

  352. Nick Nagle says:

    Daryl Dixon – The angel vest rocking, crossbow wielding, poncho wearing survivor is favorite to many, and I find myself no different. He continually shows personal growth throughout the show all the while not racking up the most screen time. The silent defender has captivated me even though so little about him has been revealed. The once hot-headed rebel that was peppered with extremest ideals, has earned the respect of the group as well as the viewers and continues to play an important core role for the group’s survival… and I hope that continues. After all, what would the world be like without a Daryl Dixon?

  353. Delfina Delgado says:

    Darryl is my favorite, he has come a long way. Being the bad boy to start with and turning into the guy you want to see make it with Rick to the end! He s been through a lot. Hated to see him have to put Merle down even though we loved hating Merle. The way he put everything into the search for Sophia. He s the best!

  354. Atomic Betty says:

    Hands down Michonne, favourite character! Why? Well, she’s a badass, katana wielding, feminist warrior and I like that alot. I like that Michonne says what she means and means what she says, but she also adds a little comic relief every now and then. Which is good since a zombie apocalypse can be pretty grim. She chopped the arms and lower jaw off her boyfriend and his buddy and towed them around on chains for protection, enough said.

  355. Chazlyn says:

    I love Daryl Dixon because Chuck Norris fears him.

  356. Nathan Sizemore says:

    Tyrese. One easy math equation. Hammer + prison gym = badass.

  357. Jessica says:

    Well I love all the characters (Except the governor. That guy is just a looney). But my favorite character would have to be…Rick. I mean, I am a big fan of Deryl Dixon but Rick took o a huge responsibility from the get go without being asked to. Sure, he made some bad choices along the way, but at least a choice was made. He has selflessly taken on the weight of the world. All his acts have been unselfish and he haws always tried to do what he thought was best for the group. Even after he lost his wife, he continued taking on the role of the leader. I admire him. He is a strong and brave character. When he almost has every reason to give up, he continues to push forward. I could only praise a man like Rick.

  358. Mike k says:

    I’m afraid to pick someone in fear of them dying…here comes the death sentence…I like several characters for the obvious reasons, but to me Herschel stands out as the father figure and voice of reason. He seems capable of keeping things and the group together in a rational sort of way…minus the whole Barn full of walkers incident, and slip into the whiskey bottle, no ones perfect, but he’s a tough old bird and if I were to bet on a one legged man in an ass kicking contest, it would be Herschel.

  359. Natalie Holden says:

    My favorite character is Daryl because he’s always had his head on straight when it comes to make it to the right choice. He has never went crazy or made a bad decision for the group. And because he’s hot. I totally have a picture of us from last weekend & his hand is in my hair!! 🙂

  360. Steve Bacha says:

    hands down I have to hand it to the one and only true being bred bad ass, Carl. All thru the series he has grown from being a snot nose little mommas boy to a true blue zombie (and now human) killing machine. How easily he walked through the prison poppping rounds in one walker after another, he made sure his own mother wouldn’t be a walker and when he shot that other boy in tonights episode he was logically able to justify it. And while if I was related to the young actor I might be a bit nervouse about how well adjusted he’ll be at twenty (hopefully the show goes on several more years) I can’t wait for the episode that has Rick threatening to disipline Carl and him looking sideways at Rick saying “you want to kick my ass? maybe you should ask mom about that..oh wait you can’t…I shot her”

  361. Robyn says:

    Daryl is my favorite…however, since he’s everyone’s favorite I also nominate Milton as my tie for favorite. And after tonight’s finale, it unfortunately really doesn’t matter why Milton is my favorite now. 🙁

  362. Andre H. says:

    My favorite character from the TV series, is most definitely Michonne. Ever since we saw a glimpse of her at the end of the second season, she got me hooked. Michonne is not only a dark, and mysterious person, but we did see a much softer side of her towards the end of this season. She might seem like a tough loner, but you can tell she always wanted to fit in. I’m glad she opened up more towards the end, and that the group accepted her. And plus, she is kickass with her katana. I love a strong woman who can take down zombies, and do it with ease. I can’t wait to see more of her next season!

  363. Your⚡Hero says:

    Rick has to be my favorite charecter, he’s just an amazing guy like he’s really awesome and cool. One of the things that I love about him is that even though he’s been thru hell and back like loosing Lori and Judith. He even lost his right hand and I just don’t know what else to say because there’s so many things to say about him I don’t think it will ever fit here. I hope that the winner of these prizes feels special because I don’t have any merchandise and I know I felt special when I got the ear key chain when I bought “the walking dead survival instinct” and I’m not just saying this cause I want the prizes. I come from a poor town and I still manage to keep up with the show and updates every chance I get, well. Here’s to THE WALKING DEAD for being the only reason I want a zombie apocalypse and not only that but for being the best show ever

  364. Jodi Matties Wilton says:

    The character that I picked as my favorite is the one that I would emulate if an apocalyptic event such as this ever occurs – Rick. He is struggling with every decision, yet trying to retain some semblance of the humanity that his group has lost ever since Dale was killed. He has literally gone through hell and, minus a few days of insanity, has been able to lead the group without forgetting that there is both good and bad in every decision.

  365. Jessica says:

    Well I love all the characters (Except the governor. That guy is just a looney). But my favorite character would have to be…Rick. I mean, I am a big fan of Deryl Dixon but Rick took on a huge responsibility from the get go without being asked to. Sure, he made some bad choices along the way, but at least a choice was made. He has selflessly taken on the weight of the world. All his acts have been unselfish and he has always tried to do what he thought was best for the group. Even after he lost his wife, he continued taking on the role of the leader. I admire him. He is a strong and brave character. When he almost has every reason to give up, he continues to push forward. I could only praise and respect a man like Rick.

    • Jessica says:

      I was in the Army and they taught us morals/qualities. It spelled out LDRSHIP. It stands for Loyaty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage. I think Rick has all of the above.

  366. Candace Denise Arden says:

    Rick is my favorite character. I think out of all the characters he has the biggest range of emotions. You see him sad, pissed, compassionate, completely insane…I think he is the moral compass of the group. Even though he screws up sometimes he tries. He’s got a huge burden to carry and he does it pretty well.

  367. Erik Gerjets says:

    My favorite character would have to be Carl Grimes. Not only did he kill his own mother and a defenseless kid but had the guts to tell his fathther to stop acting like a bitch and dropped that badge like Eminem dropping his mic in Eight Mile. Rise of the Carlfather.

  368. Alexis Reyes says:

    My favorite character is Rick Grimes, from the amc’s TV show, since the first episode. I like him for many reasons. In first place, he was the sherif of the town, and i find thar very cool; he uses a COLT PYTHON, and this revolver, is so beautiful and nice, i would use one of those if i where in a zombie apocalipse; he has a family, and when he arrived to his house and did’t find his wife and son, he didn’t rest until he found them, and when he found them, it looked like if all the stuff of the zombie apocalipse didn’t ever happen! He is a nice dad and a good husband; other thing i like from him is that he has been always the leader, and he knows what to do, he takes the most difficult choices, and this choices had changed him. And i know that maybe he “doesn’t do many things like others” apparently, but he does a lot, and there are things that he has to do, that anyone else of the group would be able to do. He tried to keep his friendship with Shane after everything that happened between him and Lori. But what i most like of him, is that he´s very brave, and that he never gives up after everything that hapen to him.

  369. Brittany Johnson says:

    My favorite character in the series is Daryl Dixon. I love to see a person transform for the better, and if anyone has done that, Daryl has. I didn’t like him in the first season; I thought he was way too rough around the edges for the group, and that he would cause nothing but harm to everyone with his short temper and his lone wolf way of going about doing things. However, that is no longer the case. He has more than warmed up to the group; I feel like he would put it all on the line for every single one of them (not just Carol). Even when it came to kin, he couldn’t stay away from them. He has adopted them as his family. He would do anything to protect them, and you wouldn’t have seen that in season one. I adore what and who he has become.

  370. Carla Davis says:

    If given the opportunity to choose someone to befriend in this “Walking Dead” world, Michonne, as depicted in the television series, is the complete package when it comes to apocalyptic survival.
    Michonne is a strong, intelligent, stealthy, no nonsense, beautiful woman equipped with a silent, but deadly weapon which she uses flawlessly. Thinking quickly and clearly allows her to escape certain death or serious injury during tight or tough situations. Her tough mental demeanor allows her to handle situations and make tough decisions without a resulting emotional collapse. Her basic survival skills allow her the knowledge to find and secure the necessities: food, water, and shelter.
    Even though she is tough and capable of independent survival, she finds the company of others a necessity, physically, mentally, and emotionally. She is loyal to her allies and forgiving of human fallacies; Looking beyond people’s masquerades, she sees the evil behind the mask of goodness or the good behind the mask of evil.
    I have no doubts that my ability to survive in a world filled with zombies and cruel people would multiply drastically if Michonne were at my side as my ally and friend.

  371. Lala Davis says:

    My favorite character is Daryl hands down! He always makes good decisions no matter how hard and has no problem keeping the group safe at all costs! He’s very smart and considers things in ways you don’t see anyone else doing it. He very much stays himself and thus far has no mental complexions interrupting his mind set plus he had a softer dice which is also necessary as showed in the way he took care of lil as kicker! He is strong minded, strong willed, but also kws he needs people top keep going! Plus who doesn’t love an awesome crossbow!! And in my opinion he has some of the most awesome kills throughout the show!! It will take a lot to get and keep him down!! I live Daryl!

  372. Fernando Robles says:

    How about this. I love Michonne. Cause fuck all the stereotypes, she is the man ( the woman.) I mean, come on, she has a freaking sword on the zombie apocalypse. Adn we all know that if she dies, half of the audience will stop watching and the other half will stay for daryl. Did I mention she has a fucking katana. Anyway, is she dies, she has to die with still harakiri style if I may.

  373. Alex Ortiz says:

    Ugh. I want these prizes! Anyways, one character that stands out the most to me is Carol. She is such an amazing person, so loving, and has went through a lot. Carol went through a lot with her husband Ed, being beaten and treated like nothing, and losing her daughter Sophia, the love of her life and ended up finding her as a zombie. She also couldn’t stand the fact that Daryl left without saying goodbye because she grew such a strong bond with him after he spent so much time searching for Sophia. But she grew past everything, going from a weak, helpless woman to a strong, independent, woman. She really became a valid member of the group.

  374. Steven Maldonado says:

    Merle for a few reasons. He didn’t give up on the roof. He does what needs to be done. Michael Rooker is bad ass.

  375. David Alfonso Dominguez Garcia says:

    My favorite character of the walking dead is the zombie without legs in the first season, she was a good zombie.. 🙁

  376. Kenneth Strader says:

    My favorite character is one that I feel truly set the tone for what the “meat” of The Walking Dead was all about: Hannah, a.k.a. the “Bicycle Girl” zombie. I’m going to assume that her back story in the webisode follows up with her zombie self in the actual tv series. I feel that her presence was so poignant for me because I was able to learn about her. The first walker that Rick puts out of it’s misery, signifying the start of this compelling journey. To know where she came from, who she was and who she loved is important to me because she was a human on that earth just like everyone else. And to have that stripped away from you and to be forgotten, forced into the wayside of the massive hordes of walkers…is the worst hell I could possibly imagine. And for me, that is the true horror of the show.

  377. Lala Davis says:

    My favorite character is Daryl hands down! He makes all the necessary decisions and has no problem keeping the group safe at any cost ! He is strong minded and strong willed, yet has a necessary soft side as well. The way he stepped up and looked for Sophia and took care of lil ass kicker was so amazing. He has used this experience to become the man he truly always wanted to be and found a part of himself I think was lost for a long time! He had thus far had no mental disconnections tho he’s had plenty of reason to flip out! He’s just an all around good guy and who doesn’t love a wicked crossbow! I love Daryl he’s s complete bada**!!

    • Lala Davis says:

      Also thank you so much to these wonderful people for this offer and for listening top or opinions!!

  378. amberlanes says:

    When I was little the only female heros were Wonderwoman Bionic Woman and Charlie’s Angels…. Michonne kicks all their collective mascara-ed eyed, hair sprayed teased hair and tight jeaned butts! She’s strong, fierce and capable. Amazing female that this world needs more of… Thank you Robert Kirkman, Thanks to all the women whove inspired you 🙂

  379. Nat Price says:

    Definitely the Governor. Of course the walkers are absolutely awesome and we all love them. But at this point everyone (audience and characters) knows what to expect from a walker: they will bite you, scratch you, eat your flesh while you are alive. But with the Governor, you just never know what to expect! One can feel safe around him and have
    their head on a tray in the following minute! Or, to be more authentic: today he gives you wine, food and (please don’t vomit now) love; tomorrow you are gagged in a torture chamber! He was shot, attacked by 30 walkers at once, had a piece of glass piercing his eye, had a knife over his neck while sleeping. And yet he is still standing, with that same peaceful countenance and those totally insane and dark plans. How could it be possible not to love this guy?

  380. Ivonne M says:

    My favorite character is Michonne, both comic and TV versions. She is a strong woman who can take care of herself and others. She is smart and was able to survive on her own by using her zombie pets, an idea that others had not used. Also, I cannot forget to mention that I love how she hanled the Governor in both the comic and TV series. I must say it broke my heart to see her cry when Andrea died.

  381. Andrew Barnhart says:

    Jesus! Because his abilities and confidence are something to be excited about. He will obviously play a key role in the coming issues when shit hits the fan. The little thing with the rope and the car that he just did 😉 was straight ninja, son! Some Chuck Norris shit! There’s also a lot we don’t know about him (like how bad-ass is he, exactly?), so he has me intrigued.

  382. Rebecca says:

    My favorite character from The Walking Dead is Daryl Dixon.
    I find Daryl to be unique. He starts out as a rather stereotypical Redneck
    character who evolves into a well rounded person who is more than just the
    token Redneck. I like the fact that Daryl wants to protect others but also does
    not want to have others get close to him all at the same time. Daryl is not a
    perfect person but he has a good heart and has the potential to be a very
    important person to help recreate the structure of humanity. I believe that
    Daryl should not just exist in the TV version of The Walking Dead but the comic
    version as well. I feel that Daryl has earned a very important part of what
    makes The Walking Dead such a powerful piece of storytelling.

  383. Ariel Davila says:

    My favorite character is Michonne…She is the only one that got a peace of the governor and also killed his daughter again (as a zombie)…She is a true hero and if everyone was to fall apart,she would be the last person standing….She is also very calm in every situation and shows very little motions…except for when Andrea died,,,she might be more hardcore now…I can’t wait till season four to come out in October it’s going to feel like a major holiday…I might just throw a welcome back season four party….

  384. A Camp says:

    My favorite character on The Walking Dead tv series is Andrea. From the start Andrea has always believed in the good in people. She is not a blind idealist but from siding with Dale on Randall’s fate to orchestrating a peace conference between Rick’s group and the Woodbury group she has always believed there are redeeming qualities in people. She never once killed a living person, even with the world on the brink of destruction. I know she would have killed Phillip at the end, given the chance, but it’s not a decision she came to lightly. Andrea stayed in Woodbury, at a great risk to her own safety, in order to protect and advocate for the citizens. In the end, even Rick, Daryl and the rest of the prison group (except Carl) all realized that at the end of the world, we need each other to survive and prevail and you have to trust. It’s a dangerous world and there are bad people but being a stranger doesn’t automatically make you a bad person, even doing some bad things doesn’t make you bad and Andrea wanted to believe that humanity, not just humans, can be saved.

  385. David Talbot says:

    i said it before i<ll say it again….Glen. Didn't see much of him in finale but he has become a very important member of the group. think about how things would be different if he wasn't around.

  386. Izalino Coelho says:

    Carl is my favourite character on the walking dead. Seeing his transition from a little boy to a young man is amazing. Growing up in that world and realizing what’s really going on its really made his character noticed. Rick talking with him in season 2 about things in the world and what he might do.

  387. Maria Gonzalez says:

    As I have many favorite characters and they all contribute in there own way, Rick is my favorite of the pack! He does it all! He goes out there and does what needs to be done. Yes, he did go off his rocker for a bit there but considering what they are all going through its quite understandable! Rick was sort of made “leader” by the group because they ALL looked to him to keep them safe, so naturally he just fell into the role. He keeps the group together and takes risks to ensure that! I don’t know about you but if I ever find myself in that situation, I would want Rick on my side and in my group!!! He doesn’t pretend to be something he is not, like the Governor!! : ))

  388. Otto Kaiser says:

    Being an avid fan of comics and zombie movies (before it was cool!) I find it strange coming to the realization that it is not the zombies that keep me reading the comic or watching the show. In my opinion “you come for the zombies but you stay for the story”. Seeing the character development work with The Walking Dead is something totally unique to the zombie genre. Never before have we seen what it is like for the people that are made to survive through this hell on earth. Not in any great detail anyway. That being said, the Governor is my favorite character (especially in the comic). I know he’s an evil bastard but he has done so much to enrich the story. Think about how the show or the comic would be if you took him out of the equation… Not even close to the same caliber of story. Mr. Governor, you evil son of a bitch. Thanks for all of the terrible things you do!!! It makes for some great reading/viewing.

  389. Justin Gain says:

    There’s a lot of good answers on here. I’m going to be completely unoriginal and say that my favorite character is Rick. Both versions. Here’s my reasoning. In the comics, he states the he’s a regular Barney Fife. Meaning he was kinda the town goof as far as police officers go. To go from someone who’s bumbling to an able leader is pretty crazy. Yeah, he doesn’t always make the right choices. In fact he screws up a lot. However, he does what he thinks is right almost always. There are times when he lost his mind, sure. But after awhile you can tell his moral compass kicks in and he continues on his righteous path. He is also incredibly loyal to his friends and companions. Almost to the point of getting himself and others killed. That’s just the kind of person he is. I also like the fact that he knows when to go by his law abiding ways to keep people calm and when to use everyday humanity. All and all, if I was in that group I’d follow that man into the depths of hell itself. (Just like Daryl is obviously willing to do) Anyway, that’s my thought. Hope it makes sense.

  390. Terry Williams says:

    I’ve only seen maybe one or two episodes. Within those episodes I did enjoy Carl I think his name was. He looked after the sheriffs family and it wasn’t his fault he fell in love. He shouldn’t have lied about the sheriff being dead, but it made it easier for the time being for the wife and son. I would love to get into this series but I don’t have cable and only get to watch it at friends or family’s house.

  391. Kylee Simpson says:

    It is honesty so hard to pick a favorite character because I love ALL of them! (especially Daryl!) But if i had to pick one, I would definitely say Maggie. throughout the seasons we have seen her evolve so much. At first glance she just appeared to be scared and well.. just the farmer’s daughter. but she quickly showed us just how badass she can be! And of course every story has to have a love like Glenn and Maggie’s. I mean how cute would their wedding be??.. surrounded by their closest friends and family, and dozens of walkers of course! but in all seriousness, Maggie is such a strong female character for girls to look up to.Take the finale for example, when the governor and his army attacked the prison, she was out there with the guys defending her family and friends. No doubt about it, Maggie is the most badass girl on the show, and therefore my favorite. And lets face it, even in an apocalypse, she still manages to look pretty damn good! i give her huge props for that alone! 🙂

  392. Eric M Converset says:

    Michonne is my favorite right now, she knows how to handle walkers and survive. At the same time she has a soft side to her where she cares about others but she also seems to have a keen ability to spot the tyrants among the living. All in all she has the best intentions but keeps it real under the circumstances.

  393. Karla Katiusca says:

    My character always was and is Rick. Even though he has had his ups and downs, I feel that he is good to the core and his heart is always in the right place. In a world where all chaos breaks lose and there are no more norms or morals, he still demonstrates what is it like to be humane to another person. He showed it once more by taking in the Woodbury people. Sure he was going kind of crazy seeing his dead wife and all, but he never stopped being useful and getting things done. Leading in a zombie apocalypse is no easy task and all things considered, I don’t think he’s done such a bad job.

  394. Karla Katiusca says:


  395. Daniel King says:

    The Governor, he’s my man! First off I can completely see where he is coming from. At first he seems like the gentle caring man, who just wants his old life back with his little Penny. Later on you realize what a crazy guy he really is, by lying to the people of Woodbury and killing innocent survivors. Then the crazy nut loses his eye, and wheres that badass eye patch. Everything after that episode is just pure fury from the man himself, The Governor.

  396. Kurt Garcia says:

    My favorite character is Hershel. He is a deeply religious man, in an insane world. Herschel is the voice of reason and wisdom in the community.

  397. August 10th, 2013 says:

    Aside from Daryl Dixon’s sexiness and his epic cross-bow skills. I love where his heart is. In the first season we see a selfish, heartless, jerk who cares about no one but himself and his brother Merle……but then after Sophia runs off and no one can find her, we see him being sweet to Carol. Then later we see how much he really loves and cares for the group. He has to choose between the group and his brother Merle. He chooses Merle, because Merle is blood. That’s his family. He still cares for his older brother, and they go back to the prison together. Daryl sees Merle as a zombie and just breaks down. We see how much he really loved his brother in this scene. This scene is absolutely amazing and has so much emotion. Daryl’s crying and pushing his walker-brother, and then stabs him in the head. Not just once, but multiple times. A lot of people have been saying that this was out of anger towards his brother. No…I think it was because he thought this would be a new beginning with his brother. He had hope that Merle was going to be considered family to the group. So, that is why Daryl Dixon is my favorite character. (:

  398. Cheryl says:

    I would say Andrea. She transformed from utter despair and fear which reached a pinnacle with the loss of her sister to the point of completely giving up at the CDC to finding renewed hope at Woodbury as reflected in her continued optimism to save everyone and bring the two groups together. She seemed to come full circle with a sense of inner peace and balance by the end of last night’s episode.

    • Andy says:

      Her character in the comics is so well-done. Much more depth and humanity to her than portrayed in the show. She’s at the top of my comic book character list…in the show…I spent most of the time wondering where the badass from the comics was and when they were going to let her grow into it. Guess I have my answer now, they’re not. Must be Daryl gets that role of confidant and lieutenant with the tv show.

      • Cheryl says:

        My daughter and I are playing catch up. We finally watched the first two seasons in December and then appreciated the opportunity to catch up with the beginning of season 3 through the two marathons that played, including staying up until 4am the first marathon to see what we had previously missed. We are just now getting intrigued by the comics and wishing for an opportunity to catch up with that as well, especially considering the synopsis of each volume listed on this site is different in a lot of ways than what we have viewed in the show.

      • Cheryl says:

        My daughter and I are playing catch up. We need to take our heads out of gaming a little more often. We caught up with the first two seasons just this past December then caught the first of the two marathons to catch up with the beginning of season 3. We are now becoming intrigued with the comics and would like to catch up with those as well.

  399. Andy says:

    It’s just not fair to say comic OR the show. The characters are close, but not the same. So, yeah, not freaking fair. As I’ve been a fan of the comics since they started (and if one more person says to me “oh my gods, there’s a comic now, too?” all serious like I swear to all that is unholy I’m going to borrow Michonne’s sword), I’m going with that part of TWD universe. Rick, hands down, is my favorite of the group. He’s tragic, flawed and completely committed to doing the right thing. Even when the right thing isn’t so clear. He stepped up and assumed responsibility. He lost a damn hand for the cause. Here’s a man who has been steeped in the tradition of civic duty and experienced countless personal tragedies and keeps. Freaking. Fighting. As you said no spoilers, I can’t exactly talk about one of my favorite things (loved the cannibal hunters story line), but his handling of Negan…well-played, Rick. Well. Played.

  400. Christie Kuefner says:

    Daryl, Daryl, Daryl…love that guys. Was a scuzz ball in the beginning, and , quite frankly, I now find him extremely hot! He can be my wingman during zombie season any time!!!!!

  401. Robert William says:

    Carol is one of my fav characters, she’s sensible, practical and down the line but loved how she switched when talking to Andrea about killing th governor, that for me showed the steel and pragmatism needed to survive.

  402. Sander Wie Moen says:

    My favourite has been Daryl from the start, i liked him the second i saw him. He has evolved so much and is a loving character meanwhile being completely badass!

  403. The Sheriff 6GUN says:

    My Favorite character is Rick, Because he is the good and sometimes bad of both show and comic. The most driven character in both comic and show. He is the most “Real” character in terms of how me or you would make these decisions that could be life or death. The things he has gone through and continues going through are remarkable and shear genius when it comes to a main character design. Flawed not perfect but still the greatest! That is why Rick is my favorite.

  404. Eric Broadbent Solo says:

    My favourite character always has been Rick and always will be. The man was lucky enough to survive the coma only to awake to find his life in hell. His mental state may be questionable but only due to what he’s physically lost. He is an incredible leader and without him, there would have been many more deaths. P.S. I have a guitar solo video coming for you!

  405. Rachel Steiner says:

    A lot of people are dismissing Carl just because of what has happened in the finale and I get the reasons why but he has to be my favorite character. I am taking into consideration both versions from the comic and the TV show in my assessment. Carl has come so far in the comics. Whereas a lot of characters were killed off after Woodbury, Carl has been one of the few to persist and without delving into details, there is so much that has happened to him. Both the TV show and the comics have given him such huge growth as a character and a person that I can’t deny the awesome even if I don’t agree with his attitude.

  406. marj raguso says:

    I really think Maggie is a great character. She’s the girl who gets her emotions out at an appropriate time and then moves on. She’s a strong female character, and I think she’s a definite connector piece for the group overall. Not to mention she’s the biggest reason that Glen is who he is today! She’s just an overall badass and the series would be A LOT different without her.

  407. Debra Bean says:

    Favorite character is Daryl. I love his relationship with Rick, Carol, and , of course, the lil’ ass kicker!

  408. valerie gritsch says:

    Even though I am a big fan of the comics, I think I’d have to go with Daryl as my favorite character. He went from being a cold hearted, every-man-for-himself kind of person who wasn’t very agreeable or helpful to the group to a vital family member. Being separated from Merle was horrible for him, but it allowed him to grow from that pain. It allowed him to make real connections to others who were hurting and stake out a spot as one of the most badass characters on the show. He is resourceful, observant, patient and tender. Daryl is the reason Judith survived, something I don’t think he would have been concerned about at the beginning of the show. He took charge of things when Rick went crazy with grief. He left with his brother when they were finally reunited, but he came back and saved lives in coming back. I think Daryl has a lot more to give and to do before his time ends and I look forward to seeing his story unfold.

  409. Paige Reeves says:

    My favorite character, recently, has to be Negan. Although he is easy to hate for the deaths and struggles he causes for the group, it’s hard to find anything like-able about him. It is forgotten by many that without villains like Negan, there is no conflict and thus no real story to TWD. Negan changes the game, he has a whole group of people basically worshiping him and two other groups scared to death of him. He’s also extremely blunt about things, which brings humor to his character. But the thing that really made me love Negan was that he was scared of Carl. Negan had killed so many men, yet he was scared of a 12 year old. Carl is my second favorite character, and the fact that Negan can see something in him that is terrifying and makes him a complete badass 12 year old is what really got me. Negan’s sick, blunt humor and radical punishments for his followers really make him a great character. Plus you never know what’s going to happen next with him, and everyone loves a surprise 😉

  410. Sam Schoen says:

    My favorite character both in comic and show thus far has to be, Michonne. Between her emotional hang ups, swordmanship, and sexual appetite, she is great fun to witness. I was practically steaming through the ears at the thought of Rick giving her up to the Governor.

  411. Christina Marie says:

    My favorite would have to be Carl, (technically Chandler) because the diversity that’s been going on in his character. No, I don’t agree with how they had him in the finale, but it is a show. He has went from season one to season three as a boy who lived in a world that has been torn apart from this outbreak to a young man trying to survive. He’s evolved into such a young adult trying to protect the people “HE” loves. He thinks he is doing the right thing and at times he’s not. But he will have to realize this himself. I think the season finale was the best episode of that character. Showing how cold he can be to not just people he feels are a threat but to even the people he loves. So kudos to the writers and directors for getting that across! Thank you & I hope I win! 😀

    • Christina Marie says:

      Oh and this is the show Carl. I haven’t read the comics.

  412. Angie Phillips says:

    My favorite of course is Daryl Dixon. He started off as being a bad ass loner who quickly became part of the group. He has taken many chances with his character for the good of the group, such as searching for Sophia on his own and almost biting the dust. He readily shows he has great determination and bravery and lets that soft side show through on occasion.

  413. Ronni Necessary says:

    Okay, honestly carl is my favorite because he ain’t afraid of nothing He dose what he has to do if he has to kill someone he will if he has to risk his life for someone he will he only trusts the people that is in the prison because there like his Family he has been with them for a long time and has be on many runs with them and at times saved there lives and when Evreyone is sad and like we can’t do this his dession is to keep trying never to give up he makes people fill better and shoots really good and know his way around and really in an apocolips you can’t trust anyone and for him it’s hard cause he lost his mom and he just has to get over it so he don’t put the group in danger he is really pulling threw for him but,his dad is’n so he has to deal with his dada seeing stuff but, he got over that and he don’t trust anyone but his family Anyways that kid could of killed him but,he didn’t want any one to end up like dale or lori or shane so he took his chance to kill him and he did cause the boy could of killed anyonein ricks group so he didn’t want that to happen he stood up for the group and i think he was proud of that and he was trying to make is dada make the right dession! he lost so much but he acts unbroken to help the group!!

  414. Mauranne says:

    My favourite character is Daryl Dixon because: Even a poncho won’t stop this man from kicking some serious ass, and
    Killing zombies is a dirty job, but Daryl knows how to get it done while keeping his cool. He’s still a total badass who rides a motorcycle. And, HIS ARMS.
    I’m a french girl and i’ll be very happy if I can win… Please… <333

  415. Brandy Kinney says:

    I would have to say, without a doubt, Daryl Dixon is my favorite character on TWD. From the very first season we have seen such a growth in his character. Norman was the perfect choice to play him, not only because he is an awesome actor, but because you can see so much of Daryl in him. I seriously am impressed with Daryl’s ability to learn from this group, and start to see it as his new family. Daryl’s emotions are so real on the show, you can feel his sadness, anger, joy, and confusion. By far THE best character!

  416. Josh Magee says:

    Carl is my favorite he is a future leader in this world. He has the strength and hard attitude to keep people safe and lead them to a better future like governor 2.0

  417. David Christman says:

    My favorite character by far is Daryl Dixon. He develops so much over the seasons. at the beginning when i started watching and they first showed him i didn’t think i’d like him. but as the seasons progressed, you begin to see his changes and then you love him. He’s such a great character, and his personality on the show is the best one. he’s not one to give up at all, he believes its all possible, until it’s proven impossible. some things will make him become cold, but he always comes back good to the group. he is a forgiving person, everything about him is like-able, from how he is. he’s one to bring a little humor in such a bad world. He’s the one who usually is a go-to guy because he’s not afraid of the walkers, and he is always willing to contribute. he shows signs of humanity when things about the deceased characters are mentioned, or just as the days in the show progress, he realizes you need people in this world to survive, and without them you die. he is the best character on the show to me, without a doubt.

  418. Marie Raybern says:

    My favorite character is Daryl Dixon.

    A character conceived out of Norman Reedus’s general bad-assery, the back woods hick role of Daryl could’ve been immensely one dimensional. With exceptional acting, Reedus turned Daryl into something more with his subtlety and intuition. Daryl is a character who,
    unlike the others, has had to survive from the moment he was born. Perhaps that is the reason he has flourished in the zombie apocalypse. He went from being the racist’s brother in season one, to being one hell of a zombie killer in season two and finally Rick’s
    right hand man in season three (thanks to Shane going crazy in the head and getting knifed in the gut). His innovation (yes, innovation!) with a cross bow has changed millions of people’s minds about weapon choice in the zombie apocalypse (for the record, mine is 1. Crossbow, 2. Katana). However, what I like most about Daryl is not is ability to handle a room full of walkers silently or even his wicked motorcycle. It’s the poncho.

    No, I’m kidding, it’s not the poncho. Although I’d never related the terms “sexy” and “poncho” before this show, this is not my favorite thing about Daryl. From the latest episode with Morgan, we learn the true dangers of living life alone, but if you watched the character development of Daryl you would have learned this far before. Daryl spent most of his life alone, and was told only to trust his family. When Merle disappeared in season one, clearly Daryl was stricken not only because his brother was missing, but for the first time in a long time he was left with a group of people who were not his family. Slowly but surely, Daryl found himself growing closer to these people to whom he had no relation. He begrudgingly began to care for the members of the group as seen with Sophia and Carol, with Carl and with Rick. He went from a wild card to a character that the others depend on. With time, Daryl found that it was okay to open up, it was okay to care. He lost his brother, but gained a new family.
    Instead of fighting to survive, for the first time he had something to fight for.

    And now, for the tl;dr version:

    Daryl’s a bad ass. Looks sexy in a poncho. Makes you have the feels.

  419. st_SIMPSON says:

    I I was gonna say lil ass kicker does she die ? Live ? Cause them to die or turn in to a savior lol but I like Daryl I know he was not in comics but he’s a badass he’s loyal and he is not completely gone yet and comic book tyres

  420. Travis T. Bickle says:

    I will nominate Rick. He has gone Berserk on and off several times, has a murdering psychopath for a kid, and he just can’t seem to scratch all the itches from week to week. There is always some new MAJOR challenge facing Rick, and we are talking with a week to week frequency. He bravely steers his ship of Madness into a new and uncharted sea of insanity with each episode, and he hasn’t cracked up all the way, yet!!!

  421. ZachieV says:

    Rick has been my favorite character, through and through. He has faced a number of hardships, from the moment be woke up in the hospital through the moment Carl criticized him for not killing the Governor. He went back for Merle. He shot his best friend. He saved Hershal from turning. His wife died and his son put a bullet in her head. He lead the group to rescue Glenn and Maggie. These are big moments for me. These are moment when humanity shines through all of the darkness and despair. These are the moments that make Rick Grimes my favorite character.

  422. Lauren says:

    Glenn Rhee is my favorite character for sure. From the very beginning of “Guts” when he saves Rick from the tank, I knew it was going to be fun watching him develop. He started out really geeky and insecure but is now a professional badass who can take care of himself and also Maggie. He knows when to be serious and get things done, but he also has a good hearted side where he can’t help but just want to be happy. I ship Gleggie so hard because they are so perfect for each other and I love how much Glenn puts into the relationship. He’s my favorite character…and always will be. And for god’s sake he’s Korean!!

  423. Dwayne Smith says:

    Daryl is definitely my favorite. He has grown as a person, making logical choices, even knowing that following Rick is the right thing to do. He has become a caring, responsible human being, Emulating the wonderful Brian Huntington.

  424. Jonathan Thornton says:

    My favorite character is Michonne. She’s the quiet badass, but she’s had to open up a bit to the prison crowd as she’s gotten over her PTSD. She’s the Snake Eyes of the group!

  425. Sarah Small says:

    Reading this question, the answer was obvious to me right away. My favorite character could only be none other than the crossbow wielding, squirrel chewing, man himself, Daryl Dixon. He’s grown so much since the beginning, from a tough. cold and restricted man to being a part of the group just like anyone else. He belongs there. He’s learned so much, from planning to rob the camp with his brother Merle, to joining them and wanting to help out in any way he can. He even left with his brother, but realized it was the wrong decision and went back to where he belonged. He has everything a survivor should have. The skills, the strength, the respect, and the fast acting reflexes that save lives. He’s a very admirable character because of all these attributes. And being portrayed by my favorite actor ever, Norman Reedus just makes it all the better. Nobody can screw with Daryl. I love this character and what he has become, I’d look to him for his opinion on any decision I made in the zombie apocalypse because his character proves that he has strong morals and knows what is right and wrong. Undoubtedly he is the best character there could ever be in The Walking Dead. Long live Daryl. If Daryl dies we riot.

  426. Guest says:

    Andrea is my favorite because she did everything that she could to save the two groups; the prison and woodbury. sometimes she only thought of herself like when she let michone leave woodbury, that was when i just wanted her to leave the show. but then she tries to warn the prison and just paid the ultimate sacrifice for them, it made me just take her back into my favorite character.

  427. Layne Herpin says:

    Andrea is my favorite because she did everything that she could to save the two groups; the prison and woodbury. sometimes she only thought of herself like when she let michone leave woodbury, that was when i just wanted her to leave the show. but then she tries to warn the prison and just paid the ultimate sacrifice for them, it made me just take her back into my favorite character. Now she is with Amy,Lori,Dale,Her family.

  428. zora says:

    we like Daryl, because he is a loner and can kick some ass, he has gone through so much through out the show , seems to be the only one that has some hunting skills, Daryl would be the only one to servive in the woods by him self .

    GOOOO DARYL………………..

  429. Seth Miller says:

    My favorite character from ‘The Walking Dead’ is the Television Series version of Shane; a loose cannon mother fucker (Literally) who likes to throw wrenches at his B.F.F. And bangs two hotties within a Two Month period (One character whose name is Lori, and the other a character played by an actress named Laurie.) His decent into madness was a well orchestrated piece of character development that showed the emotional toll the zombie apocalypse was taking on the human psyche: To the world we live in now, he would appear to suffer from insanity — to a world where walking corpses roam and devour the living, he was the only sane man in the group.