We’re Developing CHRONICLES OF AMBER for TV!

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We’ve been really excited about this for a while so it’s awesome to finally announce that we’re teaming up with Vincent Newman Entertainment to adapt CHRONICLES OF AMBER for television! The fantasy series that spans worlds/dimensions has been a fan favorite for decades and inspired many well-known current properties, Game of Thrones among them.

The Great Book of Amber (2)

We’re beyond thrilled to finally get to work bringing this series to life! Here’s the full press release:
LOS ANGELES, CA – July 19, 2016 – Skybound Entertainment heads Robert Kirkman and David Alpert (The Walking Dead franchise, Outcast) and Vincent Newman Entertainment (We’re the Millers, Patient Zero) to develop the beloved science fiction/fantasy novel series, Chronicles of Amber, for television.

Roger Zelazny’s Chronicles follows the story of Corwin, who awakens on Earth with no memory, but soon finds he is a prince of a royal family that has the ability to travel through different dimensions of reality (called “shadows”) and rules over the one true world/dimension known as Amber. The novel series unfolds over ten books with two definitive story arches entitled “The Corwin Cycle” and “The Merlin Cycle.” The series has sold more than fifteen million copies globally and has been credited as one of the main inspirations for Game of Thrones.

“Chronicles of Amber is one of my favorite book series of all time, and one of my main inspirations for working in film and television,” said David Alpert, CEO, Skybound Entertainment. Getting to produce this project is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. I can’t wait to share this amazing story with a new generation of fans.”

“The greatness of the Amber universe is attested to by its millions of fans across the globe as well as its influence on so many other literary works,” said executive producer Vincent Newman. I can’t think of better partners in David and Robert with which to bring the Amber novels to television and other platforms.”

Kirkman, Alpert and Newman will serve as Executive Producers and will soon begin the search for a writer to adapt the series.

About Skybound Entertainment
Founded in 2010, Skybound Entertainment is a multiplatform entertainment company that houses projects ranging from television, film, digital content, interactive, live events, and gaming.

Television projects under the Skybound umbrella include AMC’s The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead. To date The Walking Dead is the #1 show on television among the coveted 18-49 demo. Kirkman and Alpert also serve as executive producers on the companion series, Fear the Walking Dead, which premiered in August 2015 and set records by becoming the #1 rated cable television series launch of all time.

Skybound also produces Cinemax’s Outcast, which set records for the network with a cross-platform viewership of the pilot of over 4 million. Newly announced Skybound projects include Five Year, Mastermind and Heroes and Villains: The History of Comics.

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  1. Buckeyebob says:

    I just saw the press release that you are developing a TV show based on the Amber series. I cannot tell you enough how happy this makes me. I consider the Chronicles of Amber in the same category as the Lord of the Rings, The Foundation Trilogy, the Elric of Melnibone series, and Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. For years I’d hoped that someone would put Amber on the screen. My fear was that SciFy would do it and botch it like most of the dreck that’s on that channel. Now that I’ve hear you are going to be developing it, I am confident that you will give it the treatment it deserves. (Speaking of Elric, now that would be a good production for you to consider, but it might be too nihilistic for a commercial audience).

  2. RobertGoudie says:

    As a lifelong fan I am incredibly excited about this. I’ve pictured it in my mind for so long and have imagined a series but I’ve also been worried that the technology wasn’t yet ready or that someone would ruin the telling of the story. Fortunately, I feel like it is in good hands and the tech is ready for the story. Can’t wait to hear the first beeps of the machines in the hospital and the bleary-eyed POV of Corwin when he awakens…and that first time driving to Amber with the subtle changes of the shifting shadows. I can’t wait! Best of luck to you all!

  3. Bjw1961 says:

    I have been writing a screenplay for the first two books in the chronicles. I would be very interested in becoming one of the writing team for the series. Please contact me if you are interested. Thank you.

  4. poeppecg says:

    I have been waiting fifteen years to hear this news. Nine Princes in Amber was the first book I read cover to cover alone, when I was seven. Since then I have read and re-read the serious twice. They are by far my favorite books of all time! If you guys need help with anything, when this gets going, I’ll be the first one to hop on a plane and go anywhere in the world to help out in anyway I can. This series coming to life is one of the greatest dreams I have ever had. I am so very excited that this is happening in my lifetime. I want to thank you guys for taking on the project and wish you guys the very best of luck. Keep us posted!

  5. Juwelgeist says:

    When describing the Pattern, Zelazny described a unicursal path from exterior start to center, with no intersections, which makes it a unicursal “labyrinth”. Unlike previous depictions of the Pattern (DC Comics), make sure that you hire an artist who actually has experience with creating unicursal labyrinths. Further, make sure that the artist you hire understands that the Pattern’s path is the rendered [glowing] figure, not the labyrinth’s “walls” as is typical of labyrinth renderings.

    Example of a Pattern-like unicursal labyrinth with the path as the rendered figure:
    Seattle Center Labyrinth

  6. I am beyond excited about this and have high hopes. There are so many folks that are long-time huge fans of the Amber series, and I’m sure you know that dedicated fans can make very tough critics. I hope you guys are up to the task!

    For years I’ve been trying to come up with my ideal cast for this amazing series (one of my favorite 3am insomniac games). In the end I think it’s better if the main characters aren’t extremely well known — mainly this would be important for Corwin, I think — and I put my faith in your casting. I have to say, however, that I would be disappointed if John Noble didn’t make an appearance (Dworkin is sort of the unicorn-loving Walter Bishop of Amber, right? Sort of?). Anyway, good luck — and yippie!

  7. Is there any kind of an update to this fantastic news? I am soooo ready for this to become a great TV show…

  8. nedlilly says:

    Boy, this would be a fun project. I’ve probably read all 10 books all the way through at least six or seven times. Got the early-80s SciFi Book Club combined editions, which have seen some serious wear and tear!

    It’s such a fantastic story, rich world-building, interesting characters… but there is one potentially significant problem that will be a challenge for the writers. The first series was written in the 70s, well before the advent of personal computers and modern communications technology. The character of Ghostwheel, the worlds-spanning mainframe computer that Merlin builds in the second series, seemed really cool and cutting edge the first couple times I read it – but now a lot of the magic of it has almost been superseded by what the stupid iPhone in your pocket can do.

    That points up the larger storytelling issue – how do you address the dominating role technology has in our lives today? Make “Amber” a period piece, set in the 1970s? That would be cool, and the cleanest solution – allowing you to stay very close to the original text. Or you could take a bigger gamble and expand the scope of the story even more…

    By the way, this could be the answer to Jeff Bezos’ prayers too, if you believe what you read about him pressing the Amazon creatives for his own “GoT” epic. I imagine that thought occurred to you guys some time ago.

    Congrats on getting the rights nailed down (I know it had been messy for a while), and best of luck with the development!

  9. godslayer says:

    I and many other fans have been waiting decades for this! Amber has always been my favorite series. I reread it every year!
    I’m a novelist, run several Amber fansites and the Amber Discord server.
    Please consider me if you are looking for people to join the writing team or consult on the show! I’d love to be involved!

  10. ad59 says:

    Very excited to hear this. My family and I love these adventures, enough so that my wife and I named my son Corwin (now 15 years ago) .
    More updates please…

  11. gaiashadow says:

    I have been waiting nearly my whole life to see Rogers work on television with current tech this is the perfect time to bring his works into our living rooms. I have been trying to spread the news in the GOT community that this story will be coming and who Roger is how he influenced GRRM all the easter eggs in Got. When I read how Roger helped and influenced GRRM that was the moment I began to read GRRMs works, But nobody now or in the future can tell a story the way Roger did. I have gone through countless copies of this book. Some lent out and never returned and hey thats ok you only keep a book if you love it. And as many times as I have read it they fall apart, save my original mustard yellow and green hard covers that nobody gets to touch. I think with GOT on right now waiting to do this right is the best option I believe Got fans will transfer over to Amber fans in a heart beat. I do hope that we will see this in 2019-2020 Take your time and please for all of us fans do this the justice it deserves make Roger proud, and thank you
    .“Death and Light are everywhere, always, and they begin, end, strive, attend, into and upon the Dream of the Nameless that is the world, burning words within Samsara, perhaps to create a thing of beauty.” Roger Zelazny The Lord of Light 1967

  12. whtdimds7 says:

    I have an original signed 1st series signed by Roger Z himself.. I love this series, I look abolut once a year throughout the internet to see if anyone has decided to put this awesome story into movie format. I really hope it comes to fruition. As I get older, it’s harder to read the books. (eyesight going getting old sucks). or his MadWand 2 book series (shades of the Old Vincent Price/Boris Karloff -The Raven) (Jack Nicholson early movie. )
    also, another series I wish someone would do is the Raymond Feist Servant, Daughter and. Mistress of the Empire series (3 books) which would lead to the spin off of Magician Apprentice/Magician Master-rift world sage. so many great books in that series. or Anne MC. Dragonriders of Pern.. or one last favorite-the Snow Queen/Summer Queen by Joan DeVinge – all mini-series or move worthy.
    ahhh. wishing upon a star for those.
    Fingers crossed that Amber will at least come to being.

  13. joseferreira says:

    What’s the status of this? Give us an update please!

  14. justasking says:

    Too bad this project appears to be languishing, while the Kingkiller and Wheel of Time series are moving forward. The Amber stories have such unique elements, the tarots, the pattern, hellrides, shadow, and a great set of core personalities. The Kingkiller books are first rate prose, but have nothing inherently new or interesting to add to the genre. The quality of writing won’t translate to TV. The Wheel of Time, again, nothing new to add to the fantasy landscape and mostly high fantasy cliche. I don’t see near the potential in either of these series, and I don’t think they’re likely to be very successful. Even the Amazon Lord of the Rings show may add up to little more than the most expensive fan fiction in history. They are writing everything from scratch! Amber could be something visionary.

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