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Episode 416: A – Recap and Discussion

It’s been a long road (track?), but we’re finally here, the end of Season 4! I think the two halves of Season 4 are the most disparate of all the seasons—they could literally be two separate seasons. The only through-lines are the lessons learned from Hershel and the stark contrast of peaceful life at the prison versus the harsh reality of the open road. We’ll see both of these themes featured prominently tonight, as well as an answer as to whether the people of Terminus are friendly or not.

So speaking of Hershel, we start with a flashback to old times. The gang’s all together after a supply run. Rick goes to cull the herd at the gates and we cut to the near future. Rick is sitting against a truck, alone and covered in blood with a thousand-yard stare.


In the present, Rick, Carl, and Michonne are breaking camp on the way to Terminus. Rick takes Carl and Michonne to check on their traps and teach them how to make their own. As they walk, Carl asks if they’ll be honest about what they’ve done when they get to Terminus. Rick says that they won’t hide who they are. When a walker approaches, they dispatch it calmly and quickly. This is a world full of monsters.

As Rick teaches them about trapping, they hear screams. A man is being devoured by walkers and Rick has to stop Carl from trying to help. Yet another lesson in harsh apocalypse living. They move on and run into a herd.

We flashback again to Hershel. It’s morning in the Prison. He wakes Rick up for something and tells him that he won’t need his gun.

Back in the present, Rick, Carl, and Michonne find a truck and make camp. That night, Carl sleeps while Rick and Michonne talk about how they’re hungry all the time, and they forgot what it was like to not be that way. They don’t talk long before Joe and his gang get the drop on them. They surround Rick and Michonne, and one of the gang finds Carl in the car. Joe counts down to Rick’s execution until Daryl arrives. “These people, you’re gonna let ‘em go, these are good people.” Joe points out that Rick killed one of them in a bathroom. Daryl drops his crossbow and offers himself up instead.

Joe doesn’t like that Daryl is vouching for the person that killed a member of their group. They start beating Rick while the creepy pedophile pulls Carl out of the car. Joe tells Rick what’s going to happen: “First we’re gonna beat Daryl to death. Then we’ll have the girl. Then the boy. Then I’m gonna shoot you and then we’ll be square.”

Rick pleads for them to let Carl go as the creepy one pins him to the ground. Rick head butts Joe and they start to fight. Joe fights him off. The creepy pedophile is laughing while Carl struggles. Rick fights off unconsciousness but is unsteady on his feet. Joe grabs him in a bear hug and asks “What are you gonna do now, sport?” Rick rips Joe’s throat out with his teeth, that’s what.

The group is shocked. Michonne and Daryl use the moment to their advantage. Michonne grabs her captor’s gun and kills him with it, then kills one of Daryl’s attackers. Daryl knocks the other guy to the ground and then curb stomps him. Now it’s the three of them against the creepy pedophile, who tries to use Carl as a shield. “He’s mine,” Rick says.

The pedophile tries to push Carl away and surrender. It doesn’t work. Rick stabs him the stomach and we hear him cutting his way up his torso as the man screams. Carl watches the whole thing. With the man dying on the ground Rick continues to stab him over and over.

Back to the Prison. Hershel is selling Rick on learning how to farm. Rick resists, but Hershel is convincing. He tells him that Rick needs to show him that they can live a peaceful life. Rick says there’s a run soon, and he has to go. “No you don’t,” says Hershel.

When we cut back to the present, we see it’s the glimpse we got Rick sitting against the truck, bloody. Michonne is inside with a sleeping Carl. Daryl comes back from the woods and sits with Rick. He gives Rick a wet bandana to clean his face off so Carl won’t have to look at it. Daryl tells Rick how he came to be with the gang and how he lost Beth. “Is she dead?” “She’s just gone.” Daryl says he knew they weren’t good guys but they had a code. When the guys said they had spotted the guy they were after Daryl thought about leaving but stayed and then saw how it was they were going to kill. Rick doesn’t blame him at all. “You’re my brother” he says. Daryl tells him that what he did to the attackers, anybody would have done. Rick disagrees. Daryl says that it wasn’t him. Rick again disagrees. “You saw what I did to Tyreese.” Michonne listens from inside the car as Rick says that keeping Carl safe is all that matters. The camera pans down and we see that Carl, too, is listening.

Later that day they approach Terminus. Rick decides that they’ll go through the woods and get the drop on the people inside Terminus in case it’s not safe (um, hello, why didn’t Abraham try this?). First, though, they’ll spread and out and observe. When Rick invites Carl to come with him, he declines and goes with Michonne. Michonne ends up having to explain Rick’s mental state by way of her experience with losing her son Andre and how that affected her. Mike and Terry were high when their camp was overrun and Andre was killed. They got bit. Michonne cut off their jaws and arms and chained them as punishment. Their ability to mask her was just an unintended bonus. Michonne was mentally gone until she met Andrea, Rick, and Carl. She tells Carl that he doesn’t have to be scared of her or Rick. Unexpectedly, Carl says that he think he is a monster too, just like them.

Not seeing anything suspicious, the group buries the duffel bag of guns (including Rick’s hand cannon) and hop the fence.

When they enter through the back, the first thing they see is the woman on the radio that they heard oh so many episodes ago in the car. She repeats her message over and over. As they enter the room, community leader Gareth sees them. “Are you here to rob us?” “No, we wanted to see you before you saw us.” Gareth welcomes them and asks them to set down their weapons so they can check them but then they let them hold on to them. He asks Alex to show them to the front.

They meet Mary, who apparently grills 24 hours a day. He asks her to fix them plates. Rick starts to notice that the people at Terminus all have possessions belonging to his group: Daryl’s poncho (that Maggie had), riot gear (Eugene’s), the dead hitchhiker’s orange back pack (Glenn’s), Hershel’s pocket watch (the last straw). He pulls his gun on Alex and demands to know where he got the watch.

We flashback to the Prison again. Carl’s older friend Patrick is playing with the Legos that Rick got for Carl while Carl strips and cleans his gun. Rick asks Carl to come with him and tells him to leave his gun. Rick leaves his as well.

Back to the showdown. All weapons drawn. A sniper on the roof has his gun on Rick. Alex convinces the sniper to set his gun down. He says he got the watch from a dead person. Gareth says that they found the rest. Alex starts to beg Gareth to help him. Gareth tells him repeatedly to shut up. While Gareth and Rick try and talk, Gareth makes a hand signal. Rick spins to find Mary behind him with a gun. She shoots but hits Alex and everyone opens fire.

Our group runs through the compound, being corralled by gun fire and locked doors. They run past a fenced off area full of human bones and past some cargo containers that sounds like they might possibly have people inside…? The last building they run through is a strange kind of memorial, full of candles, names, and personal belongings. Written on the wall:


When they exit, they’re surrounded. They’ve been led to a loading dock. Gareth has them lay down their weapons and forces them to enter a shipping container, one-by-one in a very specific order. When the door closes they find Glenn, Maggie, Bob, Sasha, Tara, Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita. Rick looks at the people he doesn’t recognize.

Maggie: They’re our friends. They helped save us.
Daryl: Now they’re friends of ours.
Abraham: For however long that’ll be.
Rick: No.

Final flashback. Rick and Carl are farming, Beth is with Judith, Hershel is helping out. They’re happy. Hershel says “It can be like this all the time.” Rick says, “It’s like this now. That’s enough.”

Back to the present. The music starts to swell.

Rick: They’re gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out.
Abraham: Find out what?
The group all looks to Rick, one by one.
Rick: They’re screwing with the wrong people.


Holy S Balls! We have to wait until OCTOBER to find out how they’re getting out of this?!
Where the F is Beth?!
Where are Tyreese and Carol?!
What’s up with the crazy memorial chamber?!

Lizzy and I will pick our favorite comment to win this SUPER CRAZY FINALE PRIZE PACK! A signed 10th Anniversary book, two hardcover The Walking Dead compendiums, a signed Daryl motorcycle action figure, and, last but not least, a Walking Dead shirt!



We have a winner! It’s Josh! Josh says:

“This finale did so many things great….the BIG moment where Rick ‘turns,’ …and the cliffhanger ending with a confident leader giving us a line that had me cheering. The genius foreshadowing of Rick showing Carl how to create a trap by funneling in the prey…only to end up the prey themselves being funneled where the Termites wanted them to go…master storytelling! But, for me, the most important parts of this episode were the flashbacks. Bringing back Hershel from the dead (in a different way than we’re used to) in order to show us the exact moments that Rick made the decision to be the “farmer,” and then show us how far gone he has had to go in order to survive in this world…that really brought this entire season, and more importantly Rick’s story, full circle.”

Hershel is SO important to this season and to this group moving forward, and I think Josh summarized that really well. I know some people complained about those flashbacks but in my mind they were crucial. Good work, Josh.

Kudos to you guys on some awesome comments. LULZ were had over all the BBQ jokes.

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Comments 741

  1. Greg says:

    Bravo! Bravo! The finale did not disappoint me! Mr. Kirkman, you made your promises about a shocking ending. Now, we are just stunned about this episode ending.

    It was a cliff hanger Mr. Kirkman. Well, done! Your show hasn’t disappointed me, and also your books. I made prediction in the new episode on the “How will Season 4 end?” on 3/21/14. “This is my prediction. This prediction can be in the next episode on Sunday or the end.

    Joe and his gang will find Rick, Carl and Michonne camping somewhere and they will ambush them. Just like in issue 57.” I was so stuned. I can not believe that scene with Joe’s group ambush Rick, Michonne, and Carol. They made the scene look the scene in the comic. I can not believe, I was right about my prediction. kinda. Oh, my gosh! Gareth is portraying Chris in the comic. Gareth is leader of the cannibals. I’M SO STUNNED! Everyone was right about the cannibals.

    The “Claimed” is getting annoying. Just like the Arrow to the knee joke. Just saying lol.

    This season 4 was probably the darkest season ever. Since, The prison got infected, Tyreese girlfriend was murdered by Carol, Carol left the first half of the season, Governor come back for vengeance. Prison got destroyed by the Governor, Hershel death, Everyone splits up, Rick almost die, Carl and Michonne find that creepy house with the creepy painting, The golf Course, Beth was kidnapped, Lizzie and Mica death, The tunnel, The mystery meat on the grill in Terminus, Joe’s group ambush, Poor Carl is almost getting raped by Joe’s group members, Gareth appearance was so dang creepy, Gareth people are wearing Maggie and other belonging, and the creepy train yard. Also, All the poor rabbit deaths on this show. It is ridiculous.

    My favorite moment in The Walking Dead season 4 was Glenn and Maggie reunite together.

    My favorite episode was “After” because the episode was written by Robert Kirkman. What is shown special about that episode. That episode was based on issue 49 and issue 50 of The Walking Dead comic.

    This season 4 was an outstanding season. A remarkable Season. Every episode has a jaw dropping surprising. It is felt like we got two seasons out of one. Every season, should be like that. Just saying… I do not know which half was the best but I can tell you, They both are well done. Great writers and all the actors did a great role on their own character. People will talk about this season for a long time until season 5 come. Oh man, I will be waiting for the next season to come out.

    The best part about of The Walking Dead has been the people thoughts about this show. I can’t wait for the next season for now, I will be reading more of The Walking Dead comic.

    “That they’re messing with the wrong people.” Best quote in the final.

    #The Walking Dead

    • shelby says:

      First of all I am a huge fan of the walking dead! Big shout out to Mr. Daryl Dixon. The hottest bow shootin red neck I have ever had the pleasure of laying my eyes on. This season 4 however I believe that it was focusing more on flashbacks and memories of our favorite characters and who/what they were before the madness of zombies. I am all for it but felt there could have been less of this. Maybe one or two herr and there but I hate to bash….it was a lot. I was always on the edge of me seat, eyes drying out from not blinking afraid I may miss something. I was more than relieved to witness the governor dying, saddened by their home for so many months being turned into a bloody grave. I was very pleased to see Glenn and Maggie reunite and to see my number one favorite character find his group again…although I was biting my fist hoping Daryl Dixon would kick the shit out of the biker group!! All in all I thought the season was amazing except for the flashbacks and such but other than that, there is no complaints from this girl!! Love love love the show and each of the characters and what they bring to the group!! Although I do have one request. like to see Mr. Daryl Dixon have a scene with his shirt off 😉 good job everyone!! Soooo excited for season 5!!

      • Misty Volquardsen says:

        I definately agree about Daryl without a shirt please! LOL

      • thewalkingdeadfanatic2 says:

        Daryl: hey girl, feel my shirt. U know what that’s made of? Boyfriend material.

  2. Sapphire says:

    Well done guys!!!!! Awesome ep! And long live LIZZIE! 🙂

  3. Allen Garza says:

    This was a great season finale!!! It hit every emotion in your body. I’m still in shock over everything that happened. I will be re watching this episode for the next 195 days

  4. Steven Barnes says:

    Anyone else notice a dark similarity between Rick and the Governor rallying their groups into a blind war for survival? Cannot wait for next season!

  5. Rob Sturma says:

    Apocalypse Joke: A ringleader, an archer, and a samurai walk into a train car…

  6. Claudine Lamos says:

    AMAZING FINALE!! Next time, have Rick make them “Squeal like a pig” when he guts them from stem to stern!! Rick going Deliverance on the piggy!!

  7. Kay Tiner Poling says:

    WELCOME TO TERMINUS!! May I take your order? One Beth burger please, hold the Glen and Maggie!!

  8. TonyKorleone!™ says:

    as the 101st Airborne guys said in WWII


  9. Krista V says:

    Anyone else hungry after tonights episode 😉

  10. mbs16 says:

    AMAZING FINALE!! cant wait till next

  11. Marty Snowden says:

    I guess Rick is glad the Sheriff’s department had great dental benefits.

  12. Shelby says:

    I can’t believe we have to wait until October to see if the train car really is a part of Meals on Wheels. Wake me up when September ends, y’all.

  13. Chasity Smith says:

    They ARE the Walking Dead! Fear Ricks group!!!

  14. Miles Kwiatek says:

    “Andrea, the big guy, left ear… oh. Crap.”

    • Bastet says:

      Aw man!

    • AJ says:

      If only, man.. I wonder how they are going to take out these cannibals? A lot more of them than how many Rick, Abraham, Andrea, and Michonne deal with in the comic.

      • Daniel says:

        Don’t forget about Ty and Carol, they’ll probably go RAMBO on these mofos!

    • Daniel says:

      Andrea in the show would miss the ear and shoot Daryl again..

  15. AJ says:

    The wait to October is going to take FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a great finale and season.

  16. Jason Thomas says:

    Very good episode it had me paranoid that Michonne was going to die because of her speech to Carl . I’m glad that they found the other survivors at Terminus even though they are captured at least they are together. How about Rick redeeming himself after the ass whooping he took from The Governor glad he was able to stop that guy from hurting Carl anymore than he did .

    • Bastet says:

      I think there was a time when I was paranoid about every one of them except Abraham’s group!

      • Jason Thomas says:

        Yes I agree they are a little too new and way too much hype to go that quickly I wasn’t worried about them either.

    • Christy says:

      That scared me more than anything seeing Carl in trouble.
      Go Rick get ya bite on

    • Arnold Armand Hardik says:

      that speech gave me baad feelings too… 🙂

    • Elden Nielson says:

      Is that Shane as your avatar? 🙂 Nice.

  17. Kendra Evans says:

    Judith=baby back ribs?

    • Jonathon Moreau says:

      I personally hope so. But she’s still with Tyreese and Carol.

  18. UnknownFangirl says:

    Tonight we met Rick Grimes and His Mighty Band of Super Ninjas.

  19. Donna Walker says:

    More like “They’re fucking with the wrong people!” In car A you have the Super League of Badasses! I feel sorry for the fury when it’s unleashed.

  20. Jo-Anne Pfoh says:


  21. Wil Volz says:

    Terminus was an incredible expansion of the cannibal story line in the comic. Rick looks to be gearing up to go all out badass next season!

  22. joe says:

    Gareth: Welcome to Terminus, how tough are ya?
    Rick: I ate a man’s jugular this morning.
    Gareth: So?
    Rick: Without any milk.
    Gareth: ….

  23. Bastet says:

    First of all, I have to say that this episode seemed really hyped up, so before the theme song, I was already on edge. It certainly started out as a nail biter, hair puller, adrenaline rush! Add the emotional touch of Carl not being sure how to feel about his father, Michonne opening up to him, & Daryl finding his way out of a bad group made for a fantastic episode. I am always amazed at how they put in elements of the comic but still manage to keep us readers not knowing what to expect. What was missing was a death at the end, but being that there wasn’t, proved that YOU SIMPLY CANNOT PREDICT THIS SHOW!! The only thing I would have changed was to have a little emotion at the end when the two groups reunited in the A Train.

    Grueling wait for October!

  24. Jo-Anne Pfoh says:

    Someone needs to cut down on their salt intake (said by rick after he spits our Joe, literally)

  25. Dani says:

    So excited to finally see Rick step into his bad ass alter ego.
    My highlights were of course Rick ripping the stuff out of that scum and the group running through Terminus and seeing the pile of bones (fresh I might add) Nicotero and friends had a great time with this episode!
    I am thrilled that they “went there” and showed that Rick would literally do anything to save Carl. They truly are messing with the wrong people
    Termites will be Ricksterminated
    (insert groan here )

  26. Jessica Desormeau says:

    Rick took hickies to another level

  27. Chris says:

    This season has by far been the best because of the awesome Character Development. Everyone has come so far since season 1, especially Rick. All of them being separated brings back the memories of the first season. Terminus is going to be an awesome addition to the show… even though it’s creepy! It’ll add the suspense because lets be honest, zombies aren’t the only problem anymore! October can’t come any sooner, I can’t wait. Well done cast and crew!!

  28. Adam B. Carlson says:

    So…Beth, Judith, Carol, and Tyreese….
    Are they out there?

    • AJ says:

      Well, I think they were serving Beth on that grill, but Carol, Tyreese and Judith are still out there.

  29. carry marrale says:

    great finale cant wait til the fall when the next season begins kinda wanderin wat is goin to happen to the group

  30. Chris Bigger says:

    They are fu$@king with the wrong group

    • Valerie Yanez says:

      I like that line better. I wouldn’t mind the *beep* noise.

      • thewalkingdeadfanatic2 says:

        or maybe you could hear a zombie over him. “Their Fu (Zombie groan) ing with the wrong people.”

    • karen1nicola says:

      Andrew Lincoln said they did shoot a version with the f bomb, but they decided against using it. Personally I think it would have been more powerful, but that’s just me. And while we hear it on uk TV all the time, I don’t think it’s the accepted thing in the US 🙁

      • Bastet says:

        My 13 year old was watching with me, so I’m OK with how it was done. The message got across in Rick’s look alone.

        • karen1nicola says:

          Yes, Rick’s look conveyed all we needed, but f**king with would have had more impact. Furthermore, the show has been rated TV-14 (and many are campaigning for it to be raised to R) so the writers and producers aren’t catering for anyone who is letting their 13 year old watch it.

          • Blue of the Croatan says:

            My 5 year old loves the show – though he only watches the first few episodes of the first season. My 13 year old watched for a while but has not seen most of this half of the season. I won’t judge others, as they know what their kids can handle, but I am kind of glad mine didn’t watch last night (though there were some valuable lessons that could have been talked though – I just don’t want to haveto pause the show for a “The More You Know” moment..). I think that if the show stays on this track (pun not intended but *claimed*) they should push for a R rateing as it would alow for a bit more creativity…

          • Scott P. says:

            Well as they keep following the comic(for the most part) it only goes downhill from here. I’m honestly dumbfounded how the show isn’t on HBO or starz yet

          • Scott P. says:

            Also in America, the TV rating switched from TV-14 to TV-MA at the start of the second half of season 3…… Soooo….. yeah that’s kind of as high on the ratings that they can go without making it adults only or something like that

        • Chris Chenard says:

          Wait, so your 13 year old watched a man get torn apart by zombies, zombie killing, a kid almost raped, a throat ripped out, and cannibalism but the f-bomb was the line in the sand?

          • Desmon Palmer says:

            right? lmao Carl was almost raped on national tv, but that was fine for a 13 year old to witness? This is why America can’t get anything straight.

          • Scott P. says:

            Why aren’t more people freaking out about that.. I mean I know it’s a scene straight out of the comics…. but still.. on TV… WTF….

          • Bastet says:

            “almost”. This is AMC, not a premium.

          • Desmon Palmer says:

            right “almost” is still impactful, you can’t tell me it didn’t make you cringe at any point. Plus there is a lot of killing, violence, etc. How would cursing be the line not to cross, btw if you checked the info for that night it says TV-MA.

          • Bastet says:

            I never said cursing was a line that I drew… obviously not, because TWD has had colorful language on there, starting with Merle. If I drew that line, my kids would be watching Nick Jr., which is not gonna happen for a 13 year old! Killing, violence, etc. is on the news, so that’s reality. The way my household deals with profanity is exposure is limited; if something is full of F-bombs, my kids don’t watch, however if it’s one or two slipped in, I cringe but carry on. If it’s sexuality, I’m definitely checking the details to see what they may be exposed to, & most times it’s completely avoided. The scene with Carl did make me cringe, but if I suspected that it would have been a full blown rape, movie style, my son would not have watched. I knew this wasn’t going to be the case because of FCC & because I know it had to have been shown like depicted in the comic.

          • Bastet says:

            I didn’t draw a line in the sand. If that was the case, my kid wouldn’t be watching it in the first place. I think he knows by now that zombies aren’t real and I can’t protect him from seeing/hearing everything else. The important thing is that he knows what HE shouldn’t be doing/saying! All I’m saying is that the F-bomb didn’t necessarily need to be dropped in order for Rick’s moment to be effective.

          • thewalkingdeadfanatic2 says:

            hey hey hey, I’m thirteen too….and look, as kinda creepy as it is, you lose the ick factor of it, and you just watch it for the people. I’ll beit, Watching that guys eye torn out was a little bit disgusting, but it doesnt impact me as much anymore. And yeah, I guess F-bombs are a line in the sand, theirs just something…harsher about that then other things. just my opinion.

        • Rita Mabrey says:

          Yeah, I am savoring the irony that American TV nazis will let us watch all the gruesome goodness of living and dead bloody ultraviolence, but we can’t hear the F word. Perfect example of our Victorian, Puritan, national split personality. But, anyway, i LOVE THIS F’ING SHOW!!! Thanks ti the great American creative minds who write it.

        • thewalkingdeadfanatic2 says:

          yes! THINK OF THE THIRTEEN YEAR OLDS! Like, I mean, it’s not like I’ve never heard it….but i prefer the walking dead without f bombs….but i agree it wouldve added more oomph to it, but i liked it how it was.

          • Bastet says:

            There are certain things I can prevent exposure to but nowadays, what we deem bad element is EVERYWHERE. The key to good parenting is not what you can shield your child from but limiting the amount of it and teaching him/her about what he/she is exposed to.

      • Isabel says:

        We hear it all the time in Canada too, if it’s in a news report, they don’t bleep it out. It’s always confused me the way the US is about swearing on tv.

      • Chris Bigger says:

        It would have been soooo much more to that scene

  31. Robi says:

    That was not ” Shit Happens ” Rick Grimes, That was ” Holy Fuck ” Rick Grimes. #BeserkerRickGrimes

  32. Renee says:

    What is the significance of the trash by the rail car as they get in? What was in it that I missed???

  33. Addie-Sherell Haywood says:

    End of the line, this is the termite’s stop.

  34. Jo-Anne Pfoh says:

    You better hope this is all of us, say hello to our other friends!

  35. RobinTWhite says:

    I wanna know why the broadcaster at Terminus has not yet memorized the two sentences she has been repeating FOR WEEKS and has to read them off a piece of paper!

    • Rofbg Jose Santiago says:

      Old people have really bad….um….bad….uh…oh..bad memory..

    • Iristeen Rodriguez says:

      No shit huh lol

    • jrriddle22 says:

      LMAO, Hilarious!!

    • Juli Hanson says:

      Maybe she isn’t the “original” broadcaster. Maybe the original is now on the menu

    • Bill Manson says:

      Maybe, she has dementia!

      • vegoia says:

        mad cow disease, humans can get a form of that from eating …brains.

    • Jake Maese says:

      I rewatch the episode this morning. The broadcaster did memorized her speech. The paper she was reading. It’s wasn’t a paper. it was a map, she was reading.
      So, you are wrong…

      • RobinTWhite says:

        Thanks for the heads up, not sure if I would have re-watched it just for that!

    • Jake Maese says:

      A map. Not a piece of paper

    • Dia says:

      I dont care if it was really a map…this was HILARIOUS to me!!!

    • Tyler Larbes says:

      plus its been way more than two weeks. If you remember, when Daryl, Michonne, Bob, & Ty went to the Vet. collage to get meds, right before they ran into the thousand-Walker heard you could hear the faint words of the terminus brodcast!!

      • Indigo Frankencastle says:

        Not that it makes much of a difference, but that was a male voice on the radio …

    • fluidpockets says:

      Not to a be stickler here. She looked like she was using a ham radio setup which normally runs on electricity. I also noticed some of the fluorescent lights around her were on. I am assuming these things are running on a generator or a batteries, since I didn’t hear a generator humming in the background I suppose it would have to be batteries although I didn’t see them in their setup.

  36. Billy Simonson says:

    Nobody’s hungrier than Rick Grimes, not even walkers.

  37. Merlyn says:

    Glad to see so many nods to the comic in this season. Too bad we have to wait until October for terminus to find out they fucked with the wrong people. #TeamRick #TeamAbraham

  38. Guest says:

    This finale really grabbed you by the throat and spit me out!

  39. Corey Klare says:

    I enjoyed the finale; no one died at least! (Especially not Michonne, thank goodness.) I knew terminal was bad news since I saw Mary. She’s evil. IT’S IN THE EYES. Can’t believe how long we have to wait now… I believe however that Beth will save the group in Terminus somehow,just because of the flashback where Rick gives his hat to Beth and he says “There’s a new sheriff in town!”. Overall, awesome episode.

  40. Bethanny says:

    Papa Bear Rick came out of hibernation when someone tried to steal his honey (Carl).

  41. mbs16 says:

    I thought rick was a walker when he bit joe

  42. Daniel Boyer says:


    disclaimer: if said crazy finale prize involves raw chicken and blood…I will donate said prize to the appropriate charity

  43. kndykisz says:

    Yummmmm tastes like chicken

  44. Desmon Palmer says:

    This finale was sensational. I can go on a tirade but tonight for all the people who dislike the “farmer” Rick became taming the beast within this episode put that to rest. Rick wants to be a good father, and leader and he now knows (after Carl’s near incident which made me cringe) in order to truly be the leader/father the group & Carl needs that beast has to be in balance with himself.

    It’s almost like Rick was Bruce Banner battling his inner Hulk at times. We saw his “Hulk” come out at times when he was threatened such as killing his best friend in Shane, the bar scene when he went to find Hershel, killing Tomas in the prison (remember? “Shit happens”), etc. But this was a new beast, this was the Hulk at it’s finest and Rick has now balanced that factor within himself.

    And in regards to Terminus, we now know for sure it’s a threat. But somehow Rick’s last words give hope “They’re messing with the wrong people”, and he may just be right. Rick is back in charge, but he’s a balanced animal with a clear head. And numbers are very important, to have Daryl, Glenn, Michonne, etc. all together can only mean there is some hope of escaping.

    I only have a certain number of questions after this season finale (some have haunted me for quite some time)

    -Where the hell is Beth, and who has her?
    -What will happen when Carol & Tyreese get to Terminus?
    -Can Rick & the rest get to those buried weapons?
    -And most importantly what’s going on outside of that area, like across the country. The setting has been primarily the south (Georgia), but the mentioning of New Years Eve by the gang leader Joe (NYC reference) & the possibility of Eugene really knowing the source of the outbreak having to get to Washington D.C. (which I’m iffy about).

    Great finale, looking forward to more great moments.

    • jrriddle22 says:

      Yes, the finale was awesome to say the least!! Loved It!! Can I tell you who I think has Beth?? The weirdo from the funeral home that was doing as I say “Only God Knows What” to those dead walkers on the table in the basement!! Remember how they kept mentioning how clean the place was, and how someone must be living there?? And wasn’t it a little odd how all those walkers outside the front door got there so quietly EVEN though they had those cans hanging up?? But you just KNEW something bad was going to happen the 2nd time Daryl had to go to the front door to check their security system!! I just thought I would share my thoughts with you!!

      • Desmon Palmer says:

        Thanks man!!! I do remember. I’m so mad we have to wait until October to find out but man oh man was that finale amazing.

      • thewalkingdeadfanatic2 says:

        I think Gareth had beth…but I’m not sure why…

    • Daniel says:

      I don’t know if you had read the comics so I won’t answer everything’ but I’ll give you a hint:

      In this episode, Rick slapped Beth.

  45. Jessica Desormeau says:

    Is it October yet?

  46. mbs16 says:

    I CLAMED fav comment

  47. Gina Zampatori says:

    How to season grilled person terminus edition.

  48. Justin Mitchell says:

    Joe…It’s what’s for dinner. #BeastModeRick

  49. Ali Kobeissi says:

    amazing finale! Loved how they turned back towards Rick in the train when he said “NO”. A commander leading his troops! Cannot wait for the next season.

    almost flipped my desk with the constant commercials! ha

  50. Claudia Valerio says:

    Cliff hanger. Rick is gonna go around bitting necks.

  51. Joshuastar says:

    Andrew Lincoln delivered that last line with so much testosterone that we all felt the f-bomb anyway.

  52. NoHablaEspanol says:

    The gang is (mostly) back together.
    Everyone’s fate hangs in the balance.
    Rick is a total badass.
    Michonne and her Katana? Badass too!
    I don’t know if I can wait until October.
    Now the rewatches of Season 4 start.
    Until new episodes come back, we will
    Sit and wait paitently for the return of the best show on TV!!

  53. Selena says:

    Terminus those who arrive get eaten alive

  54. Chrissy McPherson says:

    I had a weird feeling about Terminus from the first time it showed the creepy place but I was never expecting tonight episode to be as explosive as it was. I was on the edge of my seat, standing up, covering my eyes, screaming at the TV, crying & every other kind of emotion a person can go through in under a hour. From Rick biting dudes throat out (which I so would of done if some guy was on top of my son), to what I was hoping was going to be a nice well deserved reunion, turned upside down by the creepy people (who are always serving the new guest slabs of meat (I’m thinking a McRib from someones real rib sandwich). I can’t wait till season 5 to see how in the world they are going to get out of this mess & take down the sicko’s that have them captured & hopefully find Beth which at this point she could of been the dinner served tonight. Love this show. Will be having nightmares for 7 months waiting to see what happens next! Now off to become a Vegetarian after tonight’s gory episode but I am so glad Rick IS BACK & in butt kicking mode =)

  55. mbs16 says:

    I CALM fav comment

  56. Keith Boldt says:

    Living where they film the show and getting to meet the cast and crew and see filming, all I can say is the they never disappoint in any episode. I say thank you to each and every one of them and I HOPE ALL THE TERMITES WILL PAY!

  57. Christy Gaeta says:

    Rick took a page out of the zombie playbook and took a chunk out of a human’s neck. YES! Shit just got real. #BeastMode #DontMessWithTheKid #NextSeasonWillBeEpic

  58. Lil says:

    “I can’t believe that just freaking happened!!”

    I have to point out the relationship between Michonne and Carl. It is so refreshing and comforting. Michonne trusts that kid with all her heart.

    Also, our dear brothers Daryl and Rick. I am so glad Daryl is finally back. Not on the episodes – as people went nuts about it on twitter haha! – but to being himself! He was insanely sad, he who has lived all kinds of crazy shit, he was just sick of losing people, and looking at his face as they were talking got me such chills – I cannot find any better words to be honest, there is no way. And as I thought of Merle I was in tears.

    And finally, the two crazy comic Rick scenes!! Joe’s death was the top of the tops (and Deserved It Dan also deserves to be mentioned lol). And “they’re going to feel pretty stupid when they find out”… 😉

    These 7 months are going to hurt. Can’t wait for Carol, Tyreese and Judith to find them (there’s still hope for our Carol saving Rick theory ha!! lol), and to find Beth (hopefully still with her two legs, we’ve had enough for that family), and to get some more Morgan. Now, rewatch marathon!!

  59. The Sheriff says:

    To bite or not to bite that was the question. Rick answered the call without hesitation. He bit and he spit, and saved Carl and Daryl. Brothers united Traveled to Terminus to find only a trap. They dodged and they ran only to come find the end of the line, put in the dark reunited Glen and Maggie stood united. With a smug on his face he uttered “they’re gonna be upset…” The group looked in misunderstanding, what could Rick mean with where we are standing. “they are screwing with the wrong people.” This will be all mainly because I can’t rhyme anymore. Can’t wait for the next season amazing work to all the crew and actors. Sheer awesomeness. Keep up the good work!

  60. Zack Johnson says:

    Now I will start with season 1 again and work my way to this one. Best season yet. I cannot wait until October.

  61. Daniel Boyer says:

    seriously, That was an awesome…totally unpredictable ending…

    I imagine some folks are going to still keep saying, Terminus is “The Hunters” from the comics…but that is just not accurate…”The Hunters” in the comics were not a well organized group with a facility and armed to the teeth…

    Terminus clearly has a process…and the process appears to be cult based…

    The good folks at Terminus, clearly could have just killed off Rick and his group when he killed one of the good folks of Terminus…they did not…that is NOT their process…they see some type of value (more than a meal)…with Rick and his group…

  62. Tashua Schriner says:

    There is always a big twist in the walking dead and I cant wait for more! And yuk they are eating the people. I felt it in my gut the that place was creepy when Maggie and all them made it there and the creepy lady was grilling meet with no animals around. Please keep rick..carl..the baby and daryl alive! Hopefully the rest make it because they all have tried their best but everyone has their own favorites on shows!

  63. John Mosher says:

    If that guy wanted to keep Carl he just need to say “claimed”.

  64. ME says:

    I can’t believe they didnt get hit by #1 bullet at #terminus. I mean come on!!!!

    • Lil says:

      I believe they didn’t want to kill the group (nor spoil the meat? lol), they wanted them to get in the train car.

      • ME says:

        ahhhhh, okay… okay. Everything happens the way it supposed to…, right, right! Herding.

    • Bastet says:

      They were “herding” them.

  65. Crystal M says:

    As a parent, I totally understand why Rick ripped Joe’s throat out with his teeth and why he carved up the pedophile. Don’t mess with the kids!!

  66. Melissa Kings says:

    The termites are screwed

  67. Andrew says:

    The best showrunner The Walking Dead has had ends the best season The Walking Dead has had with the best episode The Walking Dead has had. That’s saying a lot. It was insanely intense, insanely gruesome, violent, exciting, energetic, action-packed.. I was literally on the edge of my seat all hour long. As a fan of the show from day one and a dedicated reader of the comic, it was a dream come true. It’s been so amazing to have so many things from the comic brought to the show. I’m also loving the evolution that TV Rick is making into becoming comic Rick. Season 4 has literally been mind-blowing and I can’t wait until Season 5.

  68. Nestor says:

    rick “hannibal lecter” grimes is about to be on one in the train car.

  69. Aydin Mitchell says:

    Beating the Hunters for the first half of next season? Then what? Morgan and the Horde? Gabriel? Alexandria?

  70. Jo-Anne Pfoh says:

    Terminites, just one more thing to crush with my boots.

  71. Dustin Spear says:

    If the producers kill off Rick/and Daryl then they will be screwing with the wrong fans!!!!!

  72. Spencer134567890 says:

    In the comics their the Hunters but, in the TV show are they the Couch Patatos

  73. Lo Tom says:

    Coincidentally, Rick’s last line is the same thing TWD fans say when someone tries to bad mouth our favorite show. “They screwed with the wrong people.”

  74. Jo-Anne Pfoh says:

    When in doubt, rip its throat out!

  75. Scott P. says:

    Rick Grimes: cannibals aint got nothin’ on me!!

  76. Kevin says:

    Terminus: Meat was tough. Culty atmosphere. 2 stars.

  77. Mandie Payne says:

    “Is it still considered necrophilia if it’s with a walker?!”

  78. mikkoxB says:

    I can’t wait for next season! Hopefully we see clips at SDCC!

  79. Joseph DelBeato says:

    How many times did rick stab the fat dude with the knife ? Badass rick grimes !!! Also I’m guessing Beth is with the priest from the comic maybe !!? October feels like a long time away!! Damn

  80. Brad says:

    Great finale! Loved seeing what they did with Rick when you push a man beyond his means. Awesome way to end the season, and lead into the next. Is it October yet?!

  81. Jody Harris says:

    To bite or not to bite. That was the question!

  82. Scott P. says:

    I can’t believe this show isn’t on HBO or something yet. Almost getting to be a bit much for regular TV

  83. Katie Matt says:

    He’ll be back….. The Ricktator !!

  84. smalls007 says:

    I think I have a feeling they was lucky Rick wanted a watch and they didn’t eat the food because like the one guy said how they are all connected plus the scene where they have bones behind the fence makes me think where do they get meat from maybe train carts pulling people out one by one?

  85. Melissa O'Donnell says:

    What a beautiful finale! Love Rick more than ever. Totally dug the way he stopped Abraham in his tracks with one word: “No.” Seriously satisfying finale. The cliffhanger was just right. It raised some fun questions

  86. penny Hahn says:

    They got us good. All the speculation over who would be killed off from the group, that never saw anything else coming. Of course, I want more and have questions but I have to say well done.

  87. Owen De Val says:

    Savage? Savage? Damn it Kirkman that was brutality! 195 days people. This evil corrupt man is making us wait 195 days to find out what’s gonna happen. These people are the Hunters… did you see the evidence? The bones and flesh, the captive people, the all round strange “aurora” of them. These people… Their gonna feel stupid, when they find out their screwing with the wrong people! I’m coming for you Kirkman and everybody else, your all mine…

  88. Monica Stricker says:

    You’re screwing with the wrong people…camera pans to Glenn as he whispers ominously, “Don’t be dumb, just be smart…haha”

  89. thewalkingdeadfanatic2 says:


    • Bastet says:

      Ah, just consider it unpredictability.

    • Ricardo Colombo says:

      The “who dies next” poll is going to have to stay up for 6 more months.

    • karen1nicola says:

      Go watch Game of Thrones it you want main characters killed left right and centre!

      • Bastet says:

        I don’t think she was necessarily WANTING someone to get killed, but the way things were hyped up (including what we’ve said to ourselves) set us up for a shock that there wasn’t a death!

        • karen1nicola says:

          No one, not a single writer, director, producer, cast or crew member EVER said there would be a death (of a main character) in the finale. It was described as being “Savage” among other things, but never was it even suggested that we would lose a regular. And if Rick tearing out a mans throat with his bare teeth isn’t “Savage” enough, then I don’t know what is! If anyone built it up in their own heads that that was definitely going to happen, then more fool them.

          • Bastet says:

            The writers, director, producers, cast & crew members wouldn’t tell if there was gonna be a death. They don’t give it away like that. Anyone who didn’t feel like there was a STRONG possibility of a major character death has been hiding under a rock this season!

          • karen1nicola says:

            You just proved my point. It was FAN SPECULATION and nothing more. If you are going to be disappointed when that particular something that you have chosen to believe could happen, but then doesn’t, that is not any shortcoming of the writing or producing teams etc. If you want something to follow a story *you* want, then write your own, and dont criticise the artistic choices of a highly talented team who clearly know more than you. You can dislike it as much as you please, but denigrating writing decisions simply because they are different to what you wanted or expected says more about you than it does the quality of the original work.

          • Bastet says:

            Who’s denigrating writing decisions?

          • karen1nicola says:

            Every single one of the people who have complained about the storyline are essentially saying that they know better. Newsflash: they dont.

          • Bastet says:

            I was expecting a death but since that didn’t happen, I think it’s more ingenious of them. I wouldn’t want the predictability of a death on every mid season or season finale. So I’m not one of the disappointed ones, just so you know.

        • Chris Bigger says:

          No doubt I was really shocked that none of the people we thought would die did/ I am happy though

          • Bastet says:

            Kirkman says be prepared for make-up loss for next season.

  90. Melissa O'Donnell says:

    The broadcaster at Terminus reminded me of the announcements they would make at Nazi interment camps…very creepy!

  91. Scott P. says:

    Joe: I’m gonna be cool and bear hug this guy!! I got him.. “what are you gonna do now tough guy”
    Rick: “this” *bites out throat*

  92. Troy says:

    Good to see that Eugene’s mullet arrived… and survived.

  93. Montco Metal Delve says:

    JOE: tastes like chicken!

  94. Lil says:

    You mess with Rick, you risk your life.

  95. Scott P. says:

    well Rick has some interesting bar stories to tell now..

  96. Melissa O'Donnell says:

    I guess the big death wasn’t a main character after all. Can’t say I’m sorry to see Joe go after the threats he made.

    • Bastet says:

      Joe did add a good bad element to the show…kinda in the way that one of my faves did: Shane!

      • Melissa O'Donnell says:

        Yeah. I liked him up until he was going to gang rape Michonne & Carl.

      • Melissa O'Donnell says:

        Was a fan until he th threatened sexual violence

  97. Melissa O'Donnell says:

    When you screw with Rick, you’re really risking your neck!

  98. Scott P. says:

    Rick Grimes most interesting man in the world: ” I don’t always bite as****** jugulars out, but when I do its because they screwed with the wrong people…”

  99. Scott P. says:

    Rick is more hardcore than the Hunters.. When he eats peoples flesh he doesn’t even cook it or throw spices on it. He just goes raw..

  100. YR says:

    Fee Fi Fo Fum, I smell the blood of an English man (I’m cool with that Andy :>) …and a few others as well.
    I heard many voices screaming “Let us out” as they ran around Terminus. There are other people being kept prisoner, but I worry that they may be more of a liability than a hindrance. Rick and friends have honed some very impressive skills! I remember back at the farm, thinking; C’mon people. Here’s some farm equipment, and a way to set up a perimeter alarm with some string and those cans Ma used for canning. Start thinking!”
    That was along time ago… and now I don’t verbally try to coach anyone any more, I just sit back in awe and root them on!

  101. Derek says:

    First off I just want to say thank you for making this such a great TV series. My dad watched season 1 and I saw the 1st episode from the marathon before season 2. I watched the whole marathon leading up to the season 2 premiere. I’ve been hooked ever since. This show is going to go down as a TV classic with Seinfeld and M*A*S*H*.

    I have a group of friends that I have to talk to every Monday after an episode to discuss what happened the night before. This was great ending to the season and makes me crushed I have to wait until next October to see Rick and the gang again. By far the best cliffhanger yet.

    I’m a writer or my school paper the and I already posted one article about the shows success (just search walking dead on the website) but I’ll definitely write a season wrap up tomorrow and it will be up by Thursday. Check it out if you want!

    I won’t say it because I don’t want to ruin it for others if they don’t know but I love where you are going with terminus and how they relate to the comics. Excited to see how the group deals with that next fall.

    I’d also like to say great job on casting Abraham Rosita and Eugene. They look so much like the comics!

    Great job on another season, and here’s to many more!

  102. Trey says:

    $10 says that season 5 starts with a member of Terminus writing Alex’s name in that crazy room and lighting a candle for him… any takers?

  103. Spence says:

    I just want them to get to Negan.

  104. PRNNT says:

    Termites Walking Dead by PRNNT via @Etsy #termites

  105. Sarah Dylan Breuer says:

    Why is Mary always at that grill? As Alex says, “more people become part of us — we get stronger.” #thewalkingdead #cannibals gotgrill?

  106. Scott P. says:

    Abraham: “you find a group of like minded people and you stick together like wet on water”
    The Hunters: ” Way ahead of you man”

  107. Shannon Newman says:

    I got a kicking homemade BBQ sauce recipe!

  108. Jo-Anne Pfoh says:

    As they ran through Terminus and viewed the bloody bones followed by the screams of let us out, i am convinced they are the meal train. I believe they keep them their until they are ready to cook them up. Putting Rick and the crew in a separate box is wise because they see that this group are smart and clearly leaders. They sure as heck don’t want our crew in with the general food population stoking the fire (no pun intended) and starting a revolt. There is nothing stronger than giving someone “hope”.

  109. Chris Bigger says:

    Man oh man what an episode. I love getting to see the flashbacks of Hershel and the prison. We got to see Rick come from a dark palce to take him and his son to the light. Then we have to see Rick go back to what he was before times ten. This is the Rick that is going to lead our group of people, this is the Rick that will do whatever it takes to protect the ones that he loves, his family his friends. This is the Rick that will not only protect this group but he will destroy anything trying to harm it. I BELIEVE IN RICK GRIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. Shannon Newman says:

    wonder if what they are cooking up taste like chicken???

  111. Claudine Lamos says:

    when Rick goes for the jugular….RICK GOES FOR THE JUGULAR!!

  112. Scott P. says:

    Daryl needs to stop almost dying.. He’s scaring the whole Walking Dead fanbase too much

    • Bastet says:

      Whether he’s an “inside cat” or an “outside cat”, he’s a prime example of having 9 lives!!

      • Scott P. says:

        So how many has he used?? like 2?

        • Bastet says:

          I don’t know but sure feels like his time should be up!

          • Scott P. says:

            He’s our only remaining redneck on the show.. He can’t die… or half the fans may riot

          • Bastet says:

            They’re still in GA… no shortage of rednecks, lol!

          • Scott P. says:

            true dat

          • Jonathon Moreau says:

            Let them riot. It shows that the world is brutal and just because you like someone doesn’t mean they’ll last.

    • Ricardo Colombo says:

      All that beating that he took, and he just had a shiner and a little blood on his lip. Bet that blood wasn’t even his.

      • Scott P. says:

        Daryl’s too manly to bleed… no body makes him bleed his own blood

  113. adaelion says:

    Now this is the Rick Grimes from the comics… He was a mothereffing problem in this episode…now to wait 7 long months for S5. time to re-read every issue again to pass the time

  114. Chris Bigger says:


  115. Cass Brooks says:

    You threaten Rick’s family, you risk your life. You arrive at Terminus, you risk your life. You eat at Terminus, you risk your life. Every day you risk your life, but what are you risking it for. If you kill off Rick, Glenn or Maggie you risk your life.

  116. Scott P. says:

    WAIT!!!! WHERE’S BABY JUDITH???????!!!!!!!!

  117. Shannon Newman says:

    if they eat Daryl- we riot!

  118. Chris Bigger says:

    If I was in Rick’s place I would have done the same thing but probably much much worse

  119. Chris Bigger says:

    Who needs a pitbull when you have Rick Grimes

  120. Scott P. says:

    rick has gotten the taste for blood now. I wouldn’t be comfortable staying in the same, small box car as him…. Who knows when he’ll need to feed again….

  121. Scott P. says:

    Are we going to see some Boondock Saints style planning on how to bust out of that box car from Norman? We’re going to need more rope….

  122. Sean Hammond says:

    I really thought that box car was going to have a butcher in there and not the others. I was concerned Maggie was going to die because Glenn burning the only picture of her was definitely a bad omen. I would bet the farm Beth is with Gabriel. Carol, Tyreese and Judith are still out there and going to play into this story in a big way. I haven’t figured out how though…
    With the comments leading up to this episode, I thought something far worse was in store for Rick, like having to kill Carl. I’m glad he didn’t. The way we watched him transform from the peaceful farmer to the primal zombie-like killer was epic. Superb writing. Though I have to admit, I miss Hershel even more now. =(
    The whole episode was genius. So many hints of what could be in store and possibly some to throw us off. Overwhelming suspense through the entire episode with basically none of our questions answered. At least Daryl is away from the idiots (thank god) and no major characters died…yet. What a brutal cliff hanger to leave us wondering what the heck is going to happen next and 7 months to stew. Talk about a love-hate relationship!

  123. Tom Fletcher says:

    Did that terminus guy really think Rick and the others wouldn’t recognize Glenn’s riot gear? No seconds for that dude at supper.

    • Jonathon Moreau says:

      How was he in any way supposed to know they knew Glenn?

  124. Justin Thomas says:

    “They’re f**king with the wrong people” One of the greatest lines ever from the comics. So happy with that finale. Two of my favorite things from the comics that they brought to life, with Rick coming back to being the bad ass we all know he is. I’m hoping that the way they handled Joe’s group was only a small glimpse of how they will deal with the Terminus folk.

  125. Scott P. says:

    The Boxcar: Reserved seating for VIP’s only at the finest dine-in restaurant in post apocalypse Georgia

  126. Nicholas says:

    I still think the most shocking clip in this episode is when Rick slaps down that plate of BBQ Beth…

    • Aimee Russo Doneyhue says:

      I think it might have been bbq rosita…she was missing from the train car 😉

      • Aimee Russo Doneyhue says:

        Apparently Im wrong, others tell me she was in the train car. Hmmmm….left wondering so much!

      • Maureen Connell says:

        You can see Rosita’s pigtails in the shadows in the back right side of the train car. I went back and looked slo-mo.

    • Misty Volquardsen says:

      You knew they were cannibals when they showed how much meat they had to eat lol. It probably is Beth

      • Corey Webster says:

        Beth was rather skinny, though, so not a lot of meat to pick off those bones eh. Now if it was grilled Tyreese then THAT would have been a bountiful harvest for the cannibals or like a “gift that keeps on giving” 😉

      • Andrea Ouellette Johnston says:

        I don’t think Beth is dead you can hear other people yelling for help from the cars she maybe still be in there.

  127. Scott P. says:

    Terminus: sort of like Hotel California, you can check out any time you like but you can never leave

  128. Ashley Lee says:

    Family. Exactly what this episode was all about!!

  129. Lexi says:

    I dont blame Rick for biting that dudes neck. I mean he did say that the rabbit was very little. He was just hungry.

  130. Lexi says:

    When in doubt act like a creature of the night!

  131. Scott P. says:

    Rick:’ if you let my people go, I will not look for you, I will not pursue you.. But if you do not. I will break out of this box car. I will find you. And I will kill you”

  132. Scott P. says:

    Let My people FREE!!!

  133. Tanya says:

    I live in Los Angeles California, so I have not seen the episode yet. Thank you all for informing me of what will happen. Do not worry about spoilers TWD is like Christmas even though you know what is going down you still get excited about it. Glad they did a nod to Herschel he was one of the great ones. Now my Walking Dead Brothers and Sisters as we wait for the next season may ALL of you be in good health and in continued wealth. It has been an absolute pleasure getting your opinions, your insight, disappointments as well as predictions. LET US ALL STAY THIRSTY!! FOR THE WALKING DEAD, DEADHEAD TANYA SIGNING OFF.

  134. Christina Sipes says:

    Rick to Joe, right before he bit him (stealing from NOES): “How sweet, fresh meat.”

  135. Scott P. says:

    Alex:” The foods not that bad once you put enough hot sauce on it. You can hardly tell its grilled human”

  136. j. cano says:

    Tyrese to the rescue!!! October can’t get here soon enough. I love the way things always seem to be in a balance between surviving, and really living. The breaking down of one’s own mind lies with each decision that is made . On another note: Did anybody notice any familar names on the floor in that crazy looking ritual room?

  137. Scott P. says:

    Michonne thought she was a monster.. The true monsters are those who eat their own kind to survive

    • Tanya says:

      We have a saying at the PD : “Those who fight monsters have to be careful not to become monsters”. Glad they are showing Michonne’s maternal side are you ok with that? I think she would die for Carl.

  138. Rob J says:

    Won’t Taco Bell be upset that the secret of their meat has been revealed on national tv? Stay tuned this fall for the Walking Dead promotional tie-in at Taco Bell.

  139. Ricardo Colombo says:

    Either Alex took Bob’s spare pair of identical pants, or Bob’s the only one in the box car with just his drawers on. While expectations ran high for me all week about which group member or members were going to die, I have to wait 6 months to find out if it was Bob’s dignity that died at Terminus.

    I couldn’t believe an hour had already passed when the group met up as captives. This episode really had a lot packed in. The encounter with Joe’s gang was done extremely well; doing justice to a pivotal point in the comic while incorporating the reunion with Daryl. You had both ends of the spectrum with Daryl willing to sacrifice himself for his real group and Rick willing to kill with savagery to protect them.

    Terminus is what everyone expected it to be: a variation of the hunters from the comic. It looks like the show is set up to spend a little more time with this encounter than the comic did, which can only be a good thing. Of course, the way Rick seemed ready to rock at the end of the show, it’s just a possible that he takes off this boot and spends the first ten minutes of the season 5 premier mowing through the whole community!

  140. Tomi Gortman says:

    There is no way I can wait until the next season. I’ve never in my life been so addicted to a show.

  141. Tom Fletcher says:

    “Is it October already? I better buy some candy for those kids since it’s already October”….(did it work?)

  142. Angie Renee Miller says:

    Ok we all knew pretty much how it would be when those jerks caught up with Rick. I knew they wouldn’t make it and Daryl of course would be on Ricks side. And of course Rick lost it, they were messing with his child, who he thinks is all he has left, believing Judith is dead. He did right,I would have chopped all them guys up over my child! Any parent would! Personally I think they should have shown more of what Rick did, but watching the impact it had on Carl was was a great show but seven months waiting is going to put us all in DT’s!

  143. SlipS says:

    If these are the Hunters, What an introduction!!!!
    This was another episode that had plots essential to the development of our characters. Rick finally unleashing the beast after suppressing it for so long and going right back to “Dear Old Dad” of course(wish Abraham was there to say that 🙁 ) afterwards. Carl says early in this episode “What do we tell them?? WHO ARE WE??” , Rick still thinks hes a man doing right for his boy by any means, even after chomping a mans jugular and repeatedly stabbing the attempted rapist (OMG BTW how awesome was it to see this done in the show!? Was hoping this was a part of this episode :D:D) of Carl. Carl is scared to tell Rick what he really thinks of it all, because deep down he doesnt want his father knowing that he cant be his little boy any more and is coming to terms with how he and everyone he knows have become monsters in there own right, and there is no turning back. Michonne is also fully at peace with who she is and how she can consider herself a monster as well, but tells Carl its justified in a way because thats just the way things are now. We have always known that Daryl is Ricks right hand man but for Rick to call Daryl his “brother” meant a lot to his character and maybe is foreshadowing some sort of sacrifice of himself saving Rick or Carl.
    Garreth turned out to be one sinister son of a bitch! the Terminus broadcasting room was so trippy! Immediately felt sketchy. I was literally at the edge of my seat when it showed the Terminus group with all of the survivors gear….And Rick spotting it all out and having that stand off….. INTENSE!!!! How the “hunters”(may or may not be, BUT MAYBE PROBABLY :P) “herded” their pray was baffling to me at first. me and my friends were like “what are these guys extras from Die Hard?” but soon realized the hunt that was in process.
    “THEY’RE SCREWING WITH THE WRONG PEOPLE(u know how it really goes :P)”

    seven months left to ponder one thing……..

    • snarkbite says:

      Good idea! I was sure it was Glenn who would die after being reunited with Maggie but maybe it will be Darryl after he and Carole reunite. Darryl would be a terrible double wammie to the viewer: brother to Rick and unrequited love to Carol.

  144. Tom Fletcher says:

    Did anyone else think it was the strangest thing seeing Michonne use a gun? lol

  145. snarkbite says:

    1.Where the F is Beth?!
    2.Where are Tyreese and Carol?!
    3.What’s up with the crazy memorial chamber?!

    1.Beth was kidnapped by a Cult Preacher. She was targeted because she was the only one of the group who was considered “pure” or “innocent” enough to be worthy of (and also susceptible to brainwashing) indoctrination into the cult. Either that or as a trophy concubine/conscript.
    2. Tyreese and Carol are on their way to Terminus still. They got sidetracked with the death of the girls and they are straggling behind the others who were ahead of them.
    3. The crazy memorial chamber is part of the cult Indoctrination. Terminus isn’t only a place – it’s also the cult. A cannibilistic cult that has somehow perverted some scripture – thus justifying their behavior.

    The cult is actually running Terminus. The inhabitants are its members. Gareth is not actually their leader. He is the second-in-command to the preacher who is the leader of the cult. When outsiders are lured to Terminus, they are captured, separated and undergo conditioning. Those that accept the conditioning and vow to protect it’s members are pledged and have to commit a ritual sacrifice of an outsider who cannot be turned into a cult member. The ritual sacrifice probably involves eating the heart or something equally savage to cement their commitment to the cult. Kind of a point-of-no-return. The pledge is then fully accepted into the cult and their blind loyalty secured.

    Beth will show up at Terminus (if she is not already there). Carol and Tyreese are not far behind. How will our group of rugged survivors escape their train-car prison? Beth will either not be as susceptible as thought – she will fake the indoctrination and help out, or it will be her sister that she is supposed to kill in the ritual sacrifice and snap out of her brainwashing conditioning trance. All hell will break loose from here. Or…. Carol and Tyreese will be more cautious than Rick and the rest of the group, or find a clue causing them to be cautious, and will learn of the groups imprisonment. They will then either sneak in special forces-style and rescue or walk openly through the front gates and pretend ignorance until they figure out a way to set the group free. Maybe some combination of the two.

    When the new season starts I hope the writers don’t drag this part of the story out too long. The prison sickness run went a little long for my taste.

    Finally, I am somewhat surprised that Rick, et al. were so easily “herded” by the Terminus gang. The Terminus gang did seem to be pretty well rehearsed in the herding but still…. I guess that’s what food deprivation will do to you…

    I’m going to get me a Rick Grimes T-Shirt that says “They’re going to feel pretty stupid”.

  146. CarlsRightEye says:

    Rick learns fast. Didn’t take him long to claim Joe’s throat… and all of Dan. Grade “A” episode!

  147. Sean Yates says:

    Rick is back, and he brought Carl with him.

  148. David J Marshall says:

    I think Rick’s season 5 weapon should be…..

  149. Trevor says:

    You know, I’ve been sitting here trying to think up some witty comment to try and win the prize, but you know what? Screw it. I’d rather just say how I really feel about the episode. This entire season was amazing, and perfectly blended this show’s ability to do its own thing while giving nods to fans of the comics. Episode 16 was no different. The flashbacks, the confrontation with Joe (and its reference to the comics), Terminus… everything was flawlessly executed.

    Well done, AMC. Well done. Oh, and as far as that prize for the best comment… ‘claimed’. 😉

  150. michelle says:

    great episode

  151. Elliot Gray Van Orman says:

    Great show tonight! I’m glad my favorite characters (Rick and Daryl mainly) are still with us, but very anxious and worried to find out their fates in Season 5. The Hunters are real! Excellent job all around, and to those who were disappointed, it just goes to say, “You can’t please everyone.” Great show and cast, this next season will be treat. Looking forward to season 5 and the news coming with it. Very happy right now. All the best.

    The Walking Dead Family

  152. Jennifer says:


  153. 3373 says:

    Thank you for playing me like a fiddle.
    You tease and manipulate me into thinking my favorite characters are going to die.

    Then, instead, you take a long-conflicted father and within a few gruesome, defining moments turn him, finally, into the man and leader he needs to be for this changed world.

    You do it in a way that makes the hint of cannibalism secondary to my curiosity of the fate of the still missing characters and the safety of those already trapped.

    The only thing I can be sure of is that nothing will happen as I expect it to.

    I really need to read the comic compendiums so I can catch up and keep guessing wrong. I ordered the paperbacks. They come in hardback? See, you just keep surprising me! And for that I am so grateful; except, October? Seriously?

  154. Subversive Nerd says:

    Awesome finale, left me in tension the entire time. Can’t wait.

  155. Michael Diaz says:

    I didn’t care for it at all. I was board.. But I’m sure I’ll stay a fan and it will get better

  156. Scott Halfacre says:

    7 months to go… spring is around the corner. I guess I’ll just look at the pretty flowers…

  157. michelle says:

    What if twd ends with Rick waking up from a coma for a year and it was all just a dream. Everyone still alive and happy. as they leave hospital they slowly bump into the rest of the cast but don’t know each other because it was all a dream but it ends nicely them all back to normal happy and finally in sanctuary.

    • karen1nicola says:

      It better bloody not!

    • Ricardo Colombo says:

      And Rick decides to become a writer instead of going back to the Sheriff’s department, turning his dream into an idea for a TV show. He tries to market it to AMC, they tell him that there wouldn’t be an adequate demographic for a zombie series. It gets rewritten into a teenage vampire drama and sold to the CW.

  158. Jeremy says:

    Did anyone notice when they pass some train cars while getting funneled through Terminus that there are other people inside them? Watch the scene on AMC’s Youtube. You can hear them banging on the walls and yelling for help from inside the containers.

  159. liz jim says:

    Hey Terminus..”Guess who’s coming to “Dinner?”

  160. Nick Daniels says:

    The one time this half of the season ends in a REAL cliffhanger, and we have to wait until October?! ARGH..!!!

  161. Jeremy Radke Cajas says:

    Glad to see so much from the comic incorporated in this episode. Although i must admit i was hoping to see Beth, Tyresse, Carol, and Judith. Oh well, season 5 is comming.

  162. Albert Boswell says:

    I loved this season, it showed even more depth to the characters. The suspense if the group was going to ever see each other again and the struggles of each group to get to Terminus. Its going to be interesting to see if/when the group sees Tyreese and Carol again, if they do, are Carol and Tyreese going to say anything about the girls? Or will they just make up a story? Was Beth able to escape or were those people from Terminus? Going to be an amazing Season 5 in the Fall. I am super excited and can not wait for it to start!!!!

  163. Danielle Crosby says:

    it only takes one to get out, get the weapons, sneak back in, arm everyone else and then stealthily take out the termites. hope all of next season isn’t just them trying to get out of terminus. there should be some other big bad to deal with. yeah the termites are clearly off their rockers but i don’t think they’ll be able to stand up against one P.O.’d rick, abraham, daryl, and well pretty much the whole group. rick’s already hit a major badass breaking point. i’m sure he’s in the “take no prisoners” mindset now.

  164. yorke_and_vedder says:

    This episode blew my mind!! I can’t wait for season 5 to see how the group escapes Terminus! I’d like to think they’ll get out unscathed, but I doubt it… :/

  165. Anthony15 says:

    Carl nearly getting raped…..TOO FAR! I wanna know how Chandler is feeling about that. Hands down, I have a huge crush on him and that scene just made me pale.

  166. David A. Radford says:

    Rick went beast mode tonight. I really enjoyed the finale.

  167. Mike says:

    Sure sounded like Beth yelling for help from the containers they passed while getting herded…

  168. Heather Mayrie Powell says:

    By far the best episode yet. They really stuck to the comics on this one. My heart was racing hands were shaking it was phenomenal

  169. Brit Stiles says:

    It’s nice to see more concrete references to the comic book. I know it only follows the comic book loosely, but it’s nice to see some of the frames come to life every once in a while.

  170. Melissa Fletcher says:

    I heard a lot of complaints from friends about this season being too boring in places. I think this season was more of a showcase to the characters and showing their humanity–either in flashbacks or in the soul-twisting situations they were places in. This season had time to let us know a little bit more about each one and even have a little dream of sanctuary in the midst of total chaos. While season 4 began with that dream, it ended with the nightmare it can become. My only prediction for season 5 is that there won’t be any time for slower, more thoughtful episodes as we all just climbed aboard the Crazy Train.

  171. jeff payne says:

    The best line in the whole episode was when Rick told Daryl “You’re my brother.” It was symbol of how far those 2 have come as characters. They are in their eyes family.

  172. Corey Earnest says:

    One thing I am really excited for is that they will more then likely get Lennie James (Morgan) to come back and join the group on the road to DC..I really hope that he shows up at Terminus and brings some heavy fire power with him to help the survivors out!!

  173. Irvin Lira says:

    Tonight’s episode was amazing. Acting, story, character development and the action. This episode is the episode where Rick comes out as the unquestionable leader. It also shows how far Rick is not only willing to go to save Carl, but also how far he is willing to go to survive. That last scene where everyone looks at Rick in the train cart was awesome. Loved how everyone looks at him hence my comment as the unquestionable leader of this group.

  174. Brent says:

    Interesting episode. I’m kind of wondering what was with all the flashbacks though. I didn’t really get all that.

    • Aimee Russo Doneyhue says:

      Showing how he was trying to bring back morality to himself and Carl…through Hershel and his farming…but how things have come full circle…and now he is okay with brutality, and flip flopping between morality and brutality…as needed.

  175. alicia9938 says:

    I just can’t wait to see if Carol ends up saving Rick’s ass with help of Tyreese. Also, where the fuck is Beth?! I miss her pretty face. These people at Terminus are in for one hell of a fight either way. I knew that something insane was about to go down when Rick buried the weapons before going in. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Why are you making me wait so darn long?!

    • alicia9938 says:

      Oh, and Carol could also be like, “Oh yeah, and here’s your baby, too.” That would be cool.

      • alicia9938 says:

        Also, didn’t think it need to be said that these people are cannibals. I was thinking something crazy was going to happen, and was suspicious of the meat, but when I saw the human bones I knew they were planning to eat them.

  176. Lethia Orlando says:

    Best season yet!!! Finale was perfect. CAN NOT WAIT FOR SEASON 5!!!

  177. Aimee Russo Doneyhue says:

    I noticed Rosita missing from the train car and major fear on Maggie and Glenn’s face versus relief to see Rick and Darl, etc. Also, still wondering what “A” meant as the episode title….About to watch it again lol

    • Danielle Crosby says:

      rosita was there- just in the background and heavy shadows. so wasn’t bob, sasha, abraham, eugene and bob

      • Aimee Russo Doneyhue says:

        She was? I didnt see her. About to watch it again lol. Watching it a second time helps me pick out what I missed. And the attempted rape on Carl and Rick;s take-down of the psychos had me shaking! Literally! I thought for sure Rosita was missing!

        • Danielle Crosby says:

          i agree! i had some serious adrenaline going through all that! rosita’s on the right side of the screen in the back. i don’t remember seeing her face but i saw the silhouette of her pig tails

    • Luis Diaz says:

      “A” is the campus section where the memorial was.

      • Aimee Russo Doneyhue says:

        I will re-look for that! Thank you! I am watching again now lol

  178. Michelle Favorito says:

    I think Beth was kidnapped for the purpose of being “saved” and brainwashed – not eaten like everyone else assumes. Obviously the termites are cannibals, but I think the blonde whose back was turned to the camera was Beth. Assuming the group would end up at Terminus, she probably was smart enough to not acknowledge them, with the hope of trying to let them out of the train car later on and escape. I don’t think they’ll try to take over Terminus – I think they’ll just want to get out. Also, obviously insert the necessary comics spoilers about Eugene and Abraham. That’s gonna happen once they get on the road.

    • Danielle Crosby says:

      i agree with the part about beth being “saved” notice that there didn’t seem to be very many females there? going down that line, that’s what i think they were planing for beth….

      • Michelle Favorito says:

        And that’s why they had the bait house, I think. The dog and the walkers were a trap for Daryl because he obviously would send Beth away from them and right to their waiting car.

        • karen1nicola says:

          Agreed. I’ve been saying that house was a trap from the second I saw it!

        • Bastet says:

          I still don’t think the house was a trap. I can’t see desperate cannibals baiting a house WITH FOOD! I think this was a good guy whose intent was to save Beth. He snatched her to keep her from being taken by walkers (don’t forget she’s got an injured ankle, so she’s slow) and insisted that they not go back for Daryl, assuming that he’s as good as dead.

          • Michelle Favorito says:

            You don’t know that they’re desperate. Just that they’re cannibals. Why do they need jars of expired food when they have fresh meat to grill? Your premise seems naive…I hope I’m not stuck with you if the apocalypse rolls around.

          • Bastet says:

            My “naive premise” is based on the source material: the comic! I wouldn’t want you stuck with me during the apocalypse if you prefer human meat over jars of food, even if it is expired.

    • alicia9938 says:

      Umm, grilled meat upon entry, human bones in fenced off area, and people treats being hoarded in a tin can. Yes, I’d say they are cannibals. They’d have a hard time convincing me otherwise, at this point.

  179. Andrew says:

    This was an excellent episode all around! I had a feeling when we encountered Joe’s group in the house a few episodes back that it was building up to Rick going ape shit after they almost rape Carl. It was an intense scene in the comic and the show did it justice for sure! This and The Grove were the best episodes this season I think.

    I love that they are taking the time to really explore the emotional depth of the characters this season and hope they continue to do that. The action and the zombie gore is all a wonderful part of the show but I think the story line in general is so much more than that. It’s about the struggles within each of the characters. It’s about human emotional shifts. That’s what makes this such a compelling story and I think that the human response to this world is what the comics have always truly been about at their core, same with the show.

    Overall and great season and a tasty finale – redneck juggular tasty.

  180. Andrew Tiscareno says:

    The train car isn’t the only dark place we will be escaping from.

  181. Jeremy Shell says:

    This episode, Wow… AMAZEBALLS!!!

  182. Valerie Yanez says:

    Chomp on the kneck was awesome!!

  183. Ruckass says:

    Awesome end to the season, gonna die waiting for OCT

  184. Corey Earnest says:

    One thing I am really excited about is that they will most likely get Lennie James (Morgan) to return for season 5 and join the survivors on the road to DC..I just really hope he comes to Terminus with some heavy weaponry and helps the survivors take out the “Termites” as Andrew Lincoln called them!!

  185. Cheesy says:

    I am glad they kept certain elements of the comics side plots in the show. The almost rape scene with Carl, though it was not Abe with Rick it was still just as bad ass.

    And then the encounter with the cannibals. Damn. Same basic plot, new story love it.

    Bring on season 5 😛 And hopefully at some point… Negan.
    But now to wait for more >___<

  186. Lonaka says:

    And what about the bloody pile of human skeletal bones lying by the fence as Rick, Michonne & Carl ran into the chamber of candlelit names? Whose beef was Mary grilling after all?

  187. Luis Diaz says:

    I thought this episode was about Hershel trying to convince Rick to become a Vegeterian, but I guess Rick felt the withdrawal to strong and took a bite our of crime. Bacon rules!!!

  188. Mark Corrigan says:

    If Rick went that Bat-shit Crazy over Carl, I cant wait to see what he does when the Cannibals Fuck with Judith!!!

  189. dirtyfairy420 says:

    So many feels! I don’t know yet exactly what I’m feeling…..but it’s a grab bag and its a lot! Amazing episode…glad to see Rick fully come into and own his strength. Also best episode of Carl yet…..he’s growing on me..I’m not m ad he doesn’t stay in the house anymore. they might be trapped right now….but the gangs all here (mostly) and I predict a big ole can of whoop ass will be opened on terminus next season. Man….can people hibernate because I kind of want to till Oct.

  190. Rachel Bolling says:

    It was amazing rick going all badass on joe and the other dude and michonne helping. Terminus was crazy too i knew they were the cannibals. That cliffhanger though come on. And that prize above would be sick to get would go good with my collection

  191. Jessica says:

    Absolutely loved this episode. Soo happy to see Rick and Daryl and the rest back together

  192. Tammie Dillard says:

    I love Bad Ass Rick much better than Farmer Rick and Crazy Rick!! I am hoping someone thought about hiding a weapon under Carl’s hat! It is the perfect spot. They would need to fatten up Beth before they killed her to eat her. No better way to fatten people up than feeding them lots of powdered milk! Cannot wait til October to see how they get out of this.

  193. Christy Watson says:

    Im thinking #terminus is soilent green!

  194. Jose Jimenez says:

    Terminus, You just bit more than you can chew !!!!

  195. JBH says:

    Rick: “Claim.”
    Joe: “What?”
    Rick: “Your larynx”

  196. Hayley Fuson Cobb says:

    Train car full of BAMFs, the Ter-mites really ARE effing with the wrong people! The ‘A’ on that train car stands for Amazeballs,Awesome,Absolutely Asskicking contents. Say your prayers losers, yo just cornered the wrong bunch!

  197. James Dutton says:

    You really need hour long season finales to send us off for a 7 month vacation….

  198. Murph Dixon says:

    Terminus = CANNIBALS No doubt. Beth is probably in another crate in the reserves, waiting to be cooked up. Issue 64 Fear the hunters part 3 Rick says the same thing he said tonight in 416. But now it’s going to be Terminus takeover! Don’t mess with TWDFamily!

  199. Bobbi Jo Fowler says:

    This episode was great. Can’t wait tell October!!
    I’m so happy most of them are back together!!

  200. JBH says:

    “To Serve Glenn” – It’s a cookbook!

  201. John Machurek says:

    I thought the finale was amazing. Rick has unleashed the beast.

  202. Kim says:

    I was so ready to meet Hannibal Lecter at #Terminus

  203. Christy says:

    I’m in love with Daryl!! But anyways they are so gonna take over that damn place.

  204. Corey Earnest says:

    Another thing I’ve been putting some serious thought into is if Abraham is going to try to be Ricks right hand man at some point like in the comics and if that will cause tension between Daryl and Abraham seeing as how close Rick and Daryl are..It is definitely going to be interesting to see because if Rick is back to the savage Rick then Abraham is instantly going to like that quality about him and essentially try to take Daryls spot as Ricks “brother” so to speak

    • Ricardo Colombo says:

      He can be his brother from another mother.

      • Corey Earnest says:

        That is true..I just wonder if they are going to try and make that angle where Daryl and Abraham have tension..I think that would be one hell of a fight and then they make up and go on a walker killing rampage

  205. julia peters says:

    I’ve predicted Daryl and beth are going to find each other! They must!

  206. Allen Drake says:

    2 big ALMOSTS happened in this episode — 1) Carl ALMOST lost his virginity, and 2) the gang ALMOST got to try some succulent crown leg of Beth.

  207. Hunter Barnes says:

    You’re my brother

  208. Lorraine says:

    OMG!! Well done friends… I want more!!! The shizNit is going to hit the fan, there will be hell to pay at terminus…can’t wait for the next season!

  209. katie.wall says:

    They were just living in a prison, you’d think Carl would know it only hurts more when you struggle while you’re being ass raped.

  210. Corey Earnest says:

    One funny thing i’ve noticed is that when Axel was hitting on Beth he was a creepy old pervert..but when people see this connection between Daryl and Beth it is the best thing ever and people want to see them as a “thing” lol

  211. Corey Earnest says:

    I seriously hope we see a guy appear from the shadows and sound just like the guy from Hannibal and say “Hello Clarice” lol

  212. Ronald Weiss says:

    Rick: Does anyone have any floss? everyone: no, sorry. Rick: Man, I got to find something to disloge this piece of throat.

  213. Angela Marie Graves says:

    I read somewhere that the cook was wearing Beth’s sweater. Totally sick! Such an amazingly detailed episode. I had to watch it twice. The only thing I want to know is the A theme at Terminus. That has to be something important! I can’t wait to see how the story continues. Excellent writing. By far my favorite show!

    • karen1nicola says:

      No she wasn’t. There are stills all over the internet debunking that weird rumour!

  214. Christy says:

    Best show ever simply put I’m in love

  215. Matt Day-Reyes says:

    I’ve read up to issue 90. As much as I like the fact that some things are the same and some are different….I was hoping that the end of this season went a little differently. I honestly hoped that I was wrong about Terminus…and that it was more like Alexandria from the comic. I really wanted the hunters to be the cannibals that they were…and capture Daryl instead. Imagine if that scene with Dale and the cannibals played out like the comic. Daryl…waking up to their leader giving a villainous speech…only to tell them that they are eating tainted meat. C’mon. He’d even be bad ass in certain death. Even if they didn’t kill him off there….leaving him on the chopping block…literally…would have made a better ending than this one. They gave it away last week when they foreshadowed it with the critter trap! Still gonna watch though.

  216. Alejandro Bedolla Revilla says:

    Well, i haven’t seen the episode yet Because im from México and the episode Will be tomorrow and i don’t really want to spoil myself but i really want to win so i just read a little bit and i jit read the part when rick gets out of himself and becomes a killer to proyecto carl and the group and what i think is that in the next season rick Will be mire dangerous and he Won’t trust nobody and Will do anything to keep carl alive and what i think is that the group Will fondo beth at some point of the story and Also father Gabriel and i think that Carol and tyreese Will be a good copule 😀

  217. Jose Jimenez says:

    Terminus…I think you bit off more than you can chew!!!!!

  218. Joe Nida says:

    I thought this was one of the better finales, especially the way the season went. Personally disappointed that Beth ‘ s story line wasn’t involved, but then again maybe father Gabriel has her and she turns into a post apocalyptic nun or something. Terminus was definitely a weird, creepy, death trap. Can’t wait till October. I like what Lincoln said iron Talking Dead about extra takes of his last line. Blu-Ray extras maybe? But I think Tyreese will either find the guns or find them and cause enough commotion to help Rick and them get to the guns. The Premier is goin to be great.

  219. Alejandro Bedolla Revilla says:

    And Also i can’t wait for the next season, Its going to be awesome XD

  220. April Murphy says:

    Awesome cliffhanger!! Wondering the exact same what the hell happened to Beth? Whats going on with Carol and Tyresse? And all I want to see is Rick and Carl reunited with Judith and their reaction to knowing shes alive! 🙂

  221. Hunter Wayerski says:

    I love every episode of The Walking Dead. I wonder what will happen when Carol and Tyreese arrive. Will Carol be the next Mary “the griller” she could definitely put that gasoline to use on those in Terminus.

  222. JH says:

    Replacement line for Rick’s last comment: That Carol’s coming.

    • Jair Junior says:

      That’s the hurricane Carol coming. Man, she’s gonna save his ass. Hope she’s not gonna be dead in this journey :/

  223. Joe Nida says:

    One more thing, surprised they did the whole scene with Rick biting Joes neck off. Really thought attempted child rape was pushing it, but it needed done to get Rick to snap.

  224. Katie Wright says:

    I thought it was ok they could have explained more like where beth was or at leadt who took her and i think when rick snpped when that guy tried to rape carl is what any parent would do in that situation would do after already thinking judith was dead as for turmis i thought something was fishy when carl and michone found the messed up painting and the weird room in the house. Ans as for the guys daryl met up with its ok for one of their own to kill groupember but not rick that just goes to show how messed up some people can be

  225. Alejandro Bedolla Revilla says:

    Please i want to win please let me win i already spoiled myself almost the whole episode :'(

  226. Heavy Metal Un1c0rn says:

    This episode was intense. I was so excited to see that Daryl’s “Claimed” group turned out to be the Marauders from the comics. I loved the moment when Rick bit into Joe’s throat and when he cut up the fat guy who assaulted Carl. It really showed Rick’s transformation into more of a violent and dangerous character. And Carl’s reaction to it and his conversation with Michonne really demonstrated his transformation into a much darker character which we have been witnessing since season 3. I never thought that Terminus was going to be any good, but going into this episode I was hoping that it would be alright. But no, it was a trap, just as I, and many others, had expected it to be. And now that we finally saw the new character Gareth, I am so pumped for next season. I predict that the first half of the season will deal with the group trying to escape Terminus (which I predict will end up being the Hunters from the comics) as well as some more information on what’s going on with Tyreese, Carol, Judith, and Beth. Then the second half of season 5 will have the group escape Terminus, and meet up with Eric and Aaron from Alexandria. They will then travel to Alexandria, meet up with Gabriel somewhere along the way and arrive at the community. I suspect that the season finale may involve the small group that tried to raid Alexandria in the comics. That group will probably be made much bigger for dramatic effect to make the show more interesting and to make that encounter finale-worthy material. Season 4 has been the best season so far and I hope that The Walking Dead continues to impress, surprise, and amaze hardcore fans like me for many seasons to come. Long live Rick Grimes! RIP Lizzie, Mika, Hershel and everyone else we’ve lost this season, and let the Marauders (claimed group) and the Governor burn in hell. Let’s hope October comes quickly.

  227. Michael Toth says:

    “Have a ‘TAINTED MEAT’ Plate” is more like it LADY!!!!!!!” Jeez – don’t she get it aint’ no one want yo’ meat LADY hahaha

  228. Vikki Marker says:

    Tonight’s episode was insane “they don’t know who they’re screwing with !”

  229. MarcusFenix says:

    As far as “Where is Beth?” is concerned….

    The graphic novels have multiple groups, such as the cannibals we’ve met in the tv show…it’s possible that one of the other groups scooped her up, but why they did it in that fashion and left Daryl there is a pretty open ended question. Would be nice to find out she survived and that she wasn’t actually lunch. There’s just not enough information to really tell at this point.

    If someone has it recorded…i’d be curious to know exactly what names were in that memorial chamber. I didn’t get a chance to really read many of them, but…might be something of note there?

    • Michelle Favorito says:

      I checked…none of their group.

    • Bastet says:

      ~~~COMIC SPOILER!~~~

      Could be their children & any other members of their own group that they decided to test their BBQing skills on.

  230. Alyssa Shaday Coffey says:

    Oh my fucking god! I was all like o_O. Then i was like =-O. And then i was :-X. But finally i was :-D. Then after it ended i was :'(.

  231. Aiden Winters says:

    Mary literally wants to “make them a plate”

  232. lynda hull says:

    Best episode yet. so many personal stories of the group. nice to get back to being alive while so much killing is happening. love the show, love the characters.

  233. Jason Allen says:

    Sanctuary…get in my belly!

    Oh wait there’s too much Joe in there….

  234. Iristeen Rodriguez says:

    Rick just assumed his ultimate form…. Shit is about to go down next season… Everyone in their group is a beast, it’s gonna be dope

  235. jackson cowart says:

    Then the doors open back and boom!!! That’s when rick attacks. He grabbed gareth by the coller and threw him on the ground. Took his gun and shot mary. “Let’s go find beth,” daryl said. As they shot their way through the crowd of gun men, they caught a glimpse-a small glimpse of what looked like carol. Could it be? As they made their way to where they thought they saw her, she (or anything for that matter) was nowhere in sight. So who was it?or what was it?

  236. michelle says:

    How sad would it be if all this was just a dream of Ricks while he still in a coma at the hospital ~.~

  237. Corey Earnest says:

    Hershel deserved to be in the finale as much as he was..even if it is flashbacks..the man was and will always be one of the most important characters to ever be on the show for the fact of the morals he kept and was still teaching to everybody regardless of how much things has gone bad in the apocalypse..his words will forever live on in the hearts of every fan around the world!!

  238. Estela M Soriano Shaw says:

    I wanna know where Beth Carol Tyreese and Judith are at!!! And how the hell are they gonna get outta there!

  239. Alejandro Bedolla Revilla says:

    Well…. I want to win those things Because i love so much the walking dead, tv series the game and Also the comics i know every character, i would like to have it so i claim it Because If i don’t win i’m going to look at the flowers or turn into a walker or i’ll become a cannibal and now im going to eat pudding 😀

  240. Stephanie Musser says:

    Thought it was great Andys last words made it. October can’t get here fast enough.
    Stephanie Musser from Virginia

  241. Andrew says:

    Really well done finale. The flashbacks gave an awesome perspective. Rick losing all control in defense of Carl, was unsettling and amazing, it was the perfect blend of shocking and justified brutality. Terminus always seemed like a trap and the way the season ended really set up my excitement for next season. The Fall can’t come soon enough.

  242. JBH says:

    *After heartfelt Michonne / Carl convo*

    Carl: “Eat her first, she’s dark meat it’ll taste better”
    Michonne: “You little racist bastard”

  243. Cherise Armfield says:

    I hope Carol and tyreese show up as Rick and the gang are fighting their way out . With more numbers on their side the better

  244. Logan Hill says:

    Holy crap … I was pleasantly surprised that they did the scene with bandits where they try to rape Carl and shit. I thought they’d water it down for tv, but boy was I wrong. Fantastic end to a season. October can’t come fast enough

  245. Alejandro Bedolla Revilla says:

    And the prize would be a great thing to add to my colection (:

  246. Eric Pavon says:

    The problem isnt the dead the problem is the living… we all have morales but when it comes to survival morales isnt the shyte… its what youre willing to do for yours and mine… guess what I have the stash and when we get it its done…. they dont know who they messed with survibal at the fullest. May we never have to choose thats why we watch, its a choice we all have to make but who has the balls to make them

  247. Barstool General says:

    Shhh, Cosmos is on.

  248. Terri Conheeney says:

    Don’t get it. When the Governor attacked the prison, Maggie couldn’t see Tara. Rick could see her cuz he called her “you with the ponytail”. Now she’s his “friend”?

    • Joe Nida says:

      Doesn’t mean he’d recognize her, not to mention that train car was dark as hell

    • D.Ken says:

      In a compromising situation such as being looked in a cramped, dark train car with guns pointed at you, you really shouldn’t start a fight

  249. Christopher Myers says:

    Too bad that Dale is already gone! Woulda been nice to see him get bit and let these cannibal AHOLES eat him!

  250. jrriddle22 says:

    RICK IS BACK BABY, OH YEAH!!!! Absolutely LOVE it when he snaps back to his Bada** self!! Way to go Kirkman!!! Great Job on season 4 Finale!! And I can not WAIT till October!! But…I’m not worried…No, because Rick will think of something awesome like he always does to get them out!! And way to take a beat down Norman!! Way to take one for the team brother!! I am still all pumped up, and have no fingernails left, but it’s all good!! Lol!! Oh, and one more thing….you know how everybody and their brother is asking “Where’s Beth”?? Well, If I were a betting woman, I would bet she’s with the weirdo from the funeral home who was doing God knows what to those walkers that were on the table in the basement, but that’s if I were a betting woman that is!!! Lol!! In one word, well, in 2 words to sum up tonight’s finale….”Pure Awesomeness”!!!!!!

  251. Raymond says:

    Claimed! Tonight was an amazing season closer. Cannot wait for October. Farmer Rick is no more. Unleash the wrath of Rick Grimes! Hope everyone enjoyed it. Awesome season

  252. Jake Ward says:

    The riot gear was Glen’s from when he escaped the prison, Rick didn’t know who Eugene was at that point.

  253. D.Ken says:

    People who read the comics are spoiling possible events in the future D: but that’s my fault. Can’t wait for the next season! I hope Beth is ok!!

  254. Kimberly Bridges Kindler says:

    There once was a leader named Rick,
    Whose only son could be a little dick,
    Rick didn’t care because he loved his son so,
    And his son found out when they ran into Joe,
    That Rick would do any stuff and thang,
    Including ripping out Joe’s throat with his fangs,
    To keep his son safe was Rick’s main goal,
    So once again they set out on the road,
    Along with an archer and a samurai,
    The arrived at Terminus on the sly,
    They were promised if you arrive,
    You will survive,
    They soon found out that like Hannibal,
    The people were nothing but cannibals,
    Into a rail car they were thrown,
    Rick, Carl, Daryl, and Michonne,
    Inside the rail car was some of their friends,
    Who upon seeing the group felt like this is the end,
    But Rick may have had a back up plan,
    Cause Rick fucking Grimes is da man,
    He has reached full survival mode,
    As proves his words at the end of the show,
    “They gonna feel stupid when they find out”,
    They screwing with the wrong people”. Cameras off, lights out!.
    So now for seven long months we wait,
    To find out everyone’s coming fate,
    But let us in our despair not forget,
    That we do not know where the others are yet,
    So maybe they will come along and save the day,
    Oh and where the hell is Beth by the way?

  255. Eric Hughes says:

    Walks past the piles of human bones.. Hey that looks like.. Oh. Sh**!

  256. Kimberly Bridges Kindler says:

    Did anyone else see the empty powdered milk boxes by the rail car? Does that mean Tyreese, Carol, and Judith have already been there?

    • karen1nicola says:

      I initially thought that too, but I’m (desperately!) hoping they’re from some other group of people with an infant.

    • J. Moore says:

      Assuming its just the feeding of Glenn and company. Fattening them up for the slaughter.

    • Bastet says:

      Powdered milk has a much longer shelf life, doesn’t necessarily mean a baby on board.

  257. Amber Davis says:

    This finale left me so stoked for things to come! I always love when the show takes a different direction than the comics, however I was left totally satisfied when Rick bit that ass’s throat out 😀

  258. Jake Ward says:

    Where is Beth? I don’t know, but I’m all but sure that she isn’t dead. It’s almost a rule in the walking dead universe…. If you didn’t see them die, odds are they’re not dead. (Telltale game)

    • 3373 says:

      Is The Governor absolutely, positively dead?
      We didn’t actually see Lilly shoot him, did we?
      Didn’t he say he had a brother? I wonder if they look a lot alike? 😉

      • Jake Ward says:

        Well in the opening sequence of episode 9, we see him lying on the ground with a wound in his head that sure looks like a bullet hole. So, I’m pretty sure he’s dead. I hope they don’t bring in the brother, unless they wanna put a cool twist on the comics, and have his brother have a childhood nick-name… I don’t know let’s say it was Negan.

      • Gregarious Raptopoulos says:

        Governor is for sure dead; they show him with a bullet hole in his head in the opening scene of episode 9. The Governor from the tv show does not have a brother. Governor from the comic is Brian Blake, Philip Blake’s older brother. When the Philip dies, Brian takes on his younger brother Philip’s name and later becomes the governor.

        • 3373 says:

          I’m psychic! I’ve never read the comics and yet I knew he had a brother! You’d think I could figure out what’s gonna happen in Season 5, but nope, got nothin’ 🙂

          • Bastet says:

            You’re in for a world of spoilers hanging around here! I wanted to pace my reading with the show while staying on this site. Epic Fail! Gotta read fast!

          • 3373 says:

            Well, dammit, I’ve got six months of down time to fill in and catch up!

            Nothing until October? That’s more punishment than Rick is going to mete out at Terminus 🙂

          • Bastet says:

            Yeah, it’s brutal (both)! Most of my reading was done last year during this break. Now I can’t even imagine waiting a month for the next comis issue to drop!

  259. Chris Zazarine says:

    I love how the show is heavily influenced by the comics, but the actors bring much more of a humanity to it. They are the walking dead.

    “They’re fucking with the wrong people.”

  260. Julie Bellamy says:

    This episode is my newest favorite! Andrews performance was awesome! Even though a lot has happened it was so great to see him smiling again!!
    Not to mention Chandler’s acting was off the hook!
    I love you guys! I love the show… #TheGreatestShowEver:#TheWalkingDead

  261. Billy Parks says:

    the Rick we all knew was deep inside showed back up tonight and brung a little Hershel with him!!!…, that was just like seeing family together again. i almost feel sorry for Terminus….this ain’t our first rodeo you bunch o’ Donner party hippies!!!

  262. Corey Earnest says:

    The Walking Dead has just simply been something that has changed my life and gave me something to actually look forward to in life since I discovered it in 2009..I was even more excited when the TV show was announced and the first season was created..The way it has been brought to TV has been absolutely incredible and I never thought a show could have such an impact on me as a person..I know that may sound corny but it is really true..I am just thankful that it has caught on in such a big way and is as popular as it is now because I think everybody should get to experience the thrill of watching and following this show religiously..I look forward to each and every second of it and absolutely cannot wait to see what is to come in future seasons..The Walking Dead merchandise and comics is also a very wonderful thing and I hope to own as much as possible someday..The Walking Dead is just hands down the best thing ever to me and I will continue to be a very loyal follower of it until the day I die!!

  263. Jacob Hartman Sr. says:

    Unfortunately I won’t be able to watch until I can purchase the episode on iTunes, but I will add my opinion of what I have seen so far and how I feel the show has been up until now. First off I am a comic fan and reader so I am able to know both comic story and show story. I have enjoyed that Kirkman and other writers have changed up the story for both fans of the comic and the show or just fans of the show. It’s nice to be able to watch something you love, but not always know what is going to happen. I do feel that the second half of season 4 really put to much focus on what everybody was doing after the war at the prison. I think this really could have been accomplished in at the most 2 episodes. I feel like they were trying to stretch the episode to far to keep the suspense building to the final episodes. Now I will say that it wasn’t that I wasn’t pleased with the episodes I just am disappointed that the second half is over. Now those of you show fans that haven’t read the comic please do so because you will not be disappointed plus you can have it all read to the current issues at the time of season 5 premiere. Season 5!! It’s hard to believe we are already there and they haven’t even scratched the surface on charectors and major events that happen in the story. I look forward to watching this episode and I look forward to season 5.

  264. Teala Baillie says:

    Just so well done… Just wow so good!

  265. Teala Baillie says:

    They fucked with the wrong people!

  266. Stephanie Hoag says:

    This was the best season so far. Even though many people felt the pace of the last few episodes was a bit slow, I feel it intensified viewers emotional response when Glen and Maggie, as well as other members of the group, were finally reunited. I also enjoyed the small glimpses of the characters backgrounds we got to see as well. The season finale was hands down the best episode of the series to date. I was terrified from the very first moment wondering who we had lost or who we were going to lose. It’s going to be a very, very long wait until October!

    • jagmarky says:

      The pace was DEFINITELY warranted. After the battle and fallout of the prison with the Governor, we needed to take a step back for a little while.

  267. Kelly Lundrigan says:

    OMG!!! I was hoping someone was gonna be eaten, and not by a zombie!!! Absolutely savage Rick!! Awesomely, fantastically, savage!!!

  268. Kenny Furchner says:

    Unbelievable episode. Still kind of in shock…..and PISSED that we have to wait six months to find out where we’re going with these characters next. Because of this show, I began reading the novels and just purchased my first ever comic book, Walking Dead, Compendium 1. Had to get it used but I’m really loving going back to the beginning and seeing the different ways story lines and characters have been handled in the multiple formats. This show has become a tradition now for us and last season, brought our daughter along for the ridiculous ride too. She’s our Carl and would be a force to reckon with in the apocalyptic world.

  269. Brian says:

    Few things I took from the finale: Scenes with Joe’s crew and Rick/Daryl were powerful and griping, some of the best I’ve seen in the whole show. I got the chills when Rick called Daryl his brother. But holy shit The Hunters waste a lot of fucking bullets! Otherwise awesome finale and incredible season, I truly appreciate the effort made by everyone on this show to keep TWD unique and spectacular. You never disappoint.

  270. Shad Youngblood says:

    The did a great job adapting this from the comics. While it’s not all the from the same issue, they made it work.

  271. Rose Graham says:

    and lets not forget about Judith…..for a 2nd season ending, is she alive or dead. is she a morsal, or taken under someone elses care…..

  272. Chris Miranda says:

    Ricks walker move tonight was Awesome the way he bit that neck… Priceless!!!

  273. Chris Miranda says:

    I have a feeling carol and tyreese saw everything and will sneak in and free the group from the A train.

  274. Mariahz says:

    I can wait for the next season. I think Rick is getting ready to fight again! I’m so proud of him. Please please please don’t kill Rick he is one of the best caractors in this show. I’m so happy they are all back together. I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  275. ThatEpicBeast U Know says:

    Don’t really have anything to say but.. BETH IS NEGAN!!

    • 3373 says:

      I will be so glad when Negan comes to the TV show. Someone will have to call him by name and then I will finally know how it is pronounced!

      • Bastet says:

        “Nee gan”, g like go, not like a j sound.

      • ThatEpicBeast U Know says:

        It’s KNEE-GAN. R.K. even pronounced it like that in a Comic-Con.

      • Bastet says:

        Hey there, minion! How’s the reading going?

        • 3373 says:

          Funny you should ask. I received them a few days ago. My husband got them from the mailbox and asked if I had bricks in there. They are heavy!

          My favorite place to read is in a hot bubble bath for a couple of hours – no way I can hold that book up out of the water – it’s really heavy! So, I started reading the first one in bed that night (thinking that really I might not enjoy a comic/manga/graphic art book but I definitely want to see what all the buzz is about). About an hour later my eyes were drooping and I had to put it down regrettably or I would have fallen asleep with it on my chest (and it might have smothered me in my sleep – did I mention it’s a heavy book!).

          I read much more slowly these days than I used to, it must be an age thing, not to mention I have cataracts. So, I did not get that far along but I was hooked from the very first page. I thought it might be a little boring until I caught up where we are in the TV show (since I would have to read so much of what I already know about from the TV show) but from the first page there were enough differences to keep my interest and I can’t wait to continue! I stopped reading comics back in the 1950’s when I gave up Little Lulu and Superman and now I am back full circle. Great fun! (I gave the entire Bleach manga to my husband and now I may start on that when this is done.)

          Real life intervened and I had to stop for a few days, but tonight I plan to take it up again. I am so glad I made the leap and bought the compendiums. The only thing that would make it more perfect is if I could read them in the tub. Damn, they are 1000 pages of heaviness though.

          Thanks so much for the recommendation and thanks so much for remembering and asking about it!

          I can’t wait until I get to this Negan character everyone keeps talking about. And Lucille? I don’t want to be spoiled about Lucille. I keep imagining either a real person or an inanimate object lol. Either way, until the return of the TV series I will be well entertained I think. I’ve already figured out that once the compendiums end that I need to start purchasing the separate volumes starting with volume 17 and then only a few more until the current issue and then voila! I am caught up. Season 5 will be here before I know it. Good stuff! I am hooked! 🙂

          • Bastet says:

            I figured you’d be enjoying. Yeah, those Compendiums are a chunk! I don’t see how you even see the words in the crack! Lol!

            I couldn’t forget about you because I enjoyed “chatting” with you. I can’t wait for you to get totally caught up & join us on the comic book discussion side of the site!

            I’m always hanging around this site…I’ll keep checking in with ya!

    • J. Moore says:

      That would be epic.

    • Jason Thomas says:

      LOL Yes best comment!

  276. Lisa says:

    Really excellent episode! Felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest on multiple occasions. I loved seeing Rick go all animal style on Joe when Carl’s safety was threatened in such a barbaric way.

  277. jagmarky says:

    Just came from another website filled with hate about this whole season and this episode. Then I come here and I’m embraced by an overwhelming positive reaction, the same I felt after the finale of this excellent season. Just reminds me how much I LOVE you guys! It gives me a warm tingly feeling in my stomach. 😉
    This is where the REAL fans are at!

  278. JBH says:

    *After heartfelt Michonne / Carl convo*
    Carl: “Eat her first, she’s dark meat it’ll taste better”
    Michonne: “You little racist bastard”
    Carl: “Some people might take that as a compliment”
    Michonne: “Eat me”
    Carl: “Don’t worry they’re going to”
    Gareth: “So yeah….we’ve decided that kids might work out the same as Veal, so step on up pardner”
    Carl: “OH SHIIIII”
    Michonne: “I hope you enjoyed that candy bar you little prick.”
    *Carl is dragged away screaming*
    Rick: “I never liked him much anyway.”

  279. Brad Tyler says:

    Rick to me is BATMAN. He plans ahead, and uses his instincts/detective skills and scans his surroundings and knew automatically that something was wrong with Terminus. Ricks speech at the end gave me goosebumps. The people of TERMINUS are in trouble because they’re dealing with THE SURVIVORS!!!! #biteyourneck

    • Sam Fuller says:

      I was hoping that they would end the season finale by showing them that the people of terminus are cannibals. Like actually show them eating one of the group members. Overall tho, good episode!

      • Martha Kelley says:

        They showed some body bones but is see what you mean

      • Brad Tyler says:

        I also thought that the Terminus room with all the candles reminded me of a scene in the Deadspace game lol #necromorphs

        • J. Moore says:

          So in the zombie apocalypse with no electricity, do you really waste that many candles on a memorial? Hmmmm

    • Matt W. says:

      That Carl part with the marauders made me uneasy xP

    • Jessica Gyn says:

      They say that Gareth is going to be a regular in season 5 so I guess this Terminus story line is going to last awhile..Gareth the new apocalypse baddy??

      • J. Moore says:

        Maybe they wipe out everyone in Terminus in the opener but after a REALLY good apology they let Gareth join the group.

    • Arthur Reyes says:

      I’m liking this DARKER Rick Grimes!! LONG LIVE THE RICKTATORSHIP!!!

    • Anthony Mile says:

      Andrew Lincoln for MAN OF STEEL 2!

    • Jason Thomas says:

      I’m with you 100% .. Rick is about to bring the hammer down . #Thuglife #RickGrimesTheLegend

    • thewalkingdeadfanatic2 says:

      plus when he’s angry, his voice gets deeper. Plus, he killed the Joe-ker.

      haha I’m a loser.

  280. Jair Junior says:

    After Carol’s been doing, she cannot die in Terminus. She should save everyone with Tyreese and give Rick his baby back.
    Carol hurricane is coming, Rick was saying!

  281. karen1nicola says:

    I have no words to adequately describe the way that episode left me feeling – as Dale said way back in season one “words are paltry things; always falling short.”

  282. jackie says:

    this is such a great ending for this season. those skulls and bones as they run by — got to be cannibal camp –

  283. Gum Naam says:

    it is trap. wait till Oct.

  284. Maryanne Kemp says:

    glad they all survived to meet up in terminus… just not under the circumstances they did of course. im an avid reader of the comics, but even if i wasnt – this episode was way too predictable, and the shooting scene ? dragged out and no way could all those people be such bad shots… i mean, this is the zombie apocalypse right ? im sure they have had enough practice by now to hit someone, not that id want it to happen. RICK / DARYL DIES = SHOW OVER / RIOT

  285. Linda T Lopez says:

    It was immediately apparent to me that they were herding them like cattle right from the start of the confrontation. Of course they didn’t want to shoot them so they could keep them alive as long as possible until they were needed for food. Great episode so very happy that nobody died from the group. I also think that Beth is in one of the other containers!

  286. marisa murray says:

    Rick is going all Govenor! (Biting off body parts in a fight!!)

  287. Joby says:

    As I sit and listen to the people of Terminus speak, they pretty much are saying, “we’re gonna eat your asses.” The verbiage they use is do full of double meaning! Excellent episode! Almost lost it when the Claimer, torturing Carl, started to pull his zipper and you could hear the zipper coming down! That gave me chills like nails on a chalk board! And Rick comes to the rescue! Yeah, it was incredible and to damn short!!

  288. Misty Volquardsen says:

    Oh hell Rick is gonna mess these cannibals up! Don’t ever test a not so sane badass lol. And i can’t believe Daryl didn’t tell Rick that someone took Beth!

  289. bill norris says:

    Rick isnt gonna take it anymore ….his trust level is at a new all time low, which is a good thing. I liked the flow between past and present. And like he said, they messed with the wrong people.

  290. James W. Morris says:

    I think that the decision to make the cannibals a bigger group will help to separate the comic from the show even more. In the comic, I didn’t feel that they spent enough time on those people considering how vicious they were towards Dale. I am looking forward to the expansion of this group and to how Rick and the gang will take out so many. My biggest concern, is how will the show create the emotional impact that the comic did when Rick and the group finally cornered the cannibals? Him walking into their camp knowing that he had the upper hand was one of the strongest parts of the comic, to me.

  291. Misty Volquardsen says:

    And if my kid was in trouble like that i would have done the same thing Rick did! They have been thru so much that they will get out of this, kill the cannibals and take over terminus!

  292. Misty Volquardsen says:

    Oh and can we see Daryl without a shirt please LOL;-)

  293. Ricky Romero says:

    Wow… Rick,Carl,Michonne and Darrell are all lucky this episode to be alive. Rick has made peace with his inner beast and he is ready to take Terminus down. October is going to be a long wait.

  294. rob huthwaite says:

    What an amazing episode!! Love the fact its going into the hunter arc of the comic and has stayed true to robert and charlies story! I never wish my life away but I cant wait for october to see if the tv stays true to the comic once again. Love rick when he loses it!!

  295. Theresa Serrano says:

    Terminus is not vegan friendly.

  296. Seth Michael Rininger says:

    Rick continues to amaze me. His character has grown more than almost any character I’ve seen. His ability to always make abilities as if he was sure of himself just blows me away. The only time you see him questioning himself is when it might risk Carl. I feel they should have known something was up the second they were aloud to carry their weapons with them into town. What gathering place would ever allow perfect strangers the ability to bring their own weapons with them in just because they were searched for other weapons. I think this new group of “cannibals” were utterly stupid for wearing items off people they had fairly recently captured or really ever worn as someone who would introduce themselves to main guests. Pulling a gun on the guy definitely didn’t seem like the best response because obviously gunman are ready at any moment to kill them if desired to. None the less of the scene feeling a bit forced together, it was so intriguing and amazing to see it happen and then to see the core of the group reunite. I can’t wait to see what has happened to Maggie’s little sister. Her character was just starting to really grow on me when, poof, she’s gone. After all this group has been through it seems to guarentee a great start to the next season. I can’t wait!!!!!

  297. JBH says:


  298. Jw says:

    Love this episode. Can’t wait till October.

  299. Danielle Armstrong says:

    Officer Grimes. Taking a bite out of crime.

  300. J. Moore says:

    A lot of naysayers didn’t like what was happening with Rick in Season 4. I think they brought us full circle and it was a homerun season. It always sucks that we have such a long wait between seasons but now we get to spend our summer with that image of too-far-gone Rick in our heads. Terminus won’t know what hit them.

    Seriously… That combination… Rick, Michonne, Daryl, Abraham… And Carol about to ride up? The Hunters story arc was the one time in the comic that I feel like Rick’s group completely 100% won the conflict (Dale might disagree). I’m hoping that the season opener will recreate that feeling. But there were what, seven or eight hunters? Terminus is better staffed and better armed so it will be interesting.

  301. Justin Mowell says:

    First of all, let me say that this was by far the best episode of the entire series!!! That is saying alot because I am a crazed fan when it comes to the Walking Dead. Scott M. Gimble as showrunner is one of the best things that has happened for this show. After seeing one of the greatest characters from the comics (Andrea) be portayed in the worst way possible last season I was just about done with the show. But man, Gimble seems to really draw inspiration from the genius of the comic and uses it to master the story on screen… To see Carl in a very unwelcomed position on the road and immediately have flashes of panels from the comic come to my mind and see Rick become the badass that he was meant to be, I literally stood and cheered as he gutted that guy like a fish… “I’m Rick Grimes boy… and this is how I roll” LOVED IT!!!!

  302. Joanne Landall Tinsley says:

    Where is Eugene? Why wasn’t he in the train car with Abraham?

  303. eddie rodriguez says:

    the bones are tyreses and carol beth is the queen of the cannibals and the crazy shrine thing they got going on is to worship the only living baby

  304. Nick says:

    I feel like if these cannibals realised that Rick had recently ripped out a dudes jugular with his teeth they’d probably think twice about messing with him.

  305. Mike Soares says:

    Best season finale to date. Shows that you don’t have to kill off a major character to make it great; although I was holding my breath there at the end. As slowly as Carl was walking toward those steps I praying that Gareth was not going to let him get to the top step and then shoot him as he was going through the door.

  306. Tanya de Boer says:

    Rick goes all Ozzy Osbourne and bites a neck, Carl fears he is turning into Norman Bates and Dad will be disappointed, the group meet up with Annie Wilkes cooking lunch so naturally they get locked in a train car, and the group reunites with a Sparta mentality to take on the huge group of people outside….. Man! All we need is a Back to the future reference and this episode will become a classic!

  307. Tammy Triplett says:

    I think they need to take out gareth and the broadcaster first that repeating that message will drive you crazy it self. Carol should have saved Lizzie for terminus all she would have to do is walk around and smile and take out everybody. Hope they wait till the 2or3 episode to take kill anybody off.

    • Tammy Triplett says:

      next season they will take no prisoners once they have there weapons or not Go RICK!

  308. Mary Beth Lane says:

    “Welcome to Terminus” Loved it!

  309. Michael Kempton says:

    I don’t always kill bandits but when I do, I rip their trachea apart with my teeth and gut them from testicles to throat.

  310. Zack Hicks says:

    I wanna know what tv’s correct temperature to cook Beth meat is

  311. Michael Kempton says:

    Rick: We should save that for drinking.
    Daryl: I had enough this week.

  312. David Partenio says:

    We have seen what happens when bruce banner gets angry, hulk smash……and now we have seen what happens when Rick gets angry, he channels shane & RICK KILL!

  313. Michael Kempton says:

    I really want this set so I am going to cheat a little and post a picture of this kitten. Thanks.

    • Bastet says:

      Cuteness doesn’t work on this site! Lol You’d have a much better chance with an ass load of Facebook friends & Twitter followers. Love the kitty, tho!! 😉

      • thewalkingdeadfanatic2 says:

        it may ot work on the site…..but this is so freaking cute….

    • thewalkingdeadfanatic2 says:

      Cheater. But i have to say, this is the most freaking adorable kitten that I’ve ever seen…this is coming from a girl who owns 13 cats…and one kitten..

    • Brian says:

      If Lizzy were picking by herself you probably would have won.

  314. onesolo says:

    all those human bones in that 1 room and the lady grill’s 24 hours a day got me thinking could she be making walker meat or are they cannibals

  315. onesolo says:

    Rick went super saiyan and took a page outta mike tyson vs holyfield fight handbook by biting that man neck

  316. Devin Slade says:

    Rick goes HAM on the “claimers” cant wait to see who’s next on his kill list

  317. David Partenio says:

    All I am goona say really is I call “claim” on WWSD (What Would Shane Do) bumper stickers, cause Rick went there last night….he went Shane crazy on the hunters.

  318. Larry Bates says:

    By far, the best season finale. Every season has gaps between, but for the first time, a season will pick up immediAtely where the previous left off. It’s gonna be intense. Ricks found his balance, the right blend of humanity and brutality. I think he has a back up plan the whole time, and waiting to see what it is is gonna suck.

  319. Frank Chip Munroe says:

    Rick has realized you can’t have a peaceful life and willwill do whatever it takes to protect his people. Carl is realizing what its going to take to survive and s tree srtinhbto understand Rick and Machine. Darryl is as bad ass as ever. Everyone makes fun at the armed red neck till the Zombie Apocalypse then he’s “Your Brother!”

  320. Bboom Bap says:

    Not my favorite season finale but nevertheless, a great one. The highlights were Rick ripping out Joe’s neck with his teeth and Michonne finally explaining who her chained walkers were. Looking forward to seeing how they all get out of that train car.

  321. Frank Chip Munroe says:

    I love the new darker Rick when Carol gets there and Rick, Carol, Daryl, Carl and Mishonne deal with the Terminus people its going to get ugly real quick. How many think Terminus is going to be the new home for “Our People?”

  322. Crystal MacSween says:

    I’ve been reading TWD comics since issue 3. I love how they are branching away from the comics. Keeps me guessing every episode

  323. Thomas Young says:

    Definitely some interesting sequences last night. Wife was complaining that not all of the characters were in the episode, but I think it was well done. I’d rather have them left out for a solid episode, rather than cramming too much into an hour and weakening the effect. We know they’re all on their way, just…. wait… for… it. It’s nice to see Rick’s acceptance of a darker side, perhaps less of a liability now by not giving everyone the benefit of the doubt to strangers, and opening his own folks up to harm. ’til next season… (ugh! – too far away)

  324. Jessica Bailey says:

    I love that Rick turned bada##! I hope Terrence Carol and Judith can sense its bad or atleast i hope there not there! And poor Beth lol!!

  325. Gabriyona says:

    I’m liking this DARKER Rick Grimes!! LONG LIVE THE RICKTATORSHIP!!!

  326. Matthew Solis says:

    If Shane was alive I think this would be the proudest of Rick he has ever been! This is the leader you need in the zombie apocalypse!

  327. Lydia King Manning says:

    I think the best word to describe Rick’s reaction post-bite scene would be shock. Before Darryl walks up he is shaking and has a dazed look in his eyes. For Rick this isn’t a bad thing, when Darryl walks up and gives him the towel (which was dry), it woke Rick up and made him realize that he has to his some things from his son, but that now is the time to turn back into the feral Rick from earlier on in the series.

  328. Matt Crouch says:

    Oh hell yea! That’s what i’m talking about! I wish every episode had me going that much. As a reader/subscriber of the comics and a huge fan of the show – I couldn’t believe that was still shocked to what happened with Rick, Carl and Michonne last night when it was right there in the comics! Terminus is in for a rude awakening. And Season 6, I’m hoping we see the rise of the NEGAN!

  329. Kate says:

    I sincerely hope the Carl is not about to become as annoyingly undecided as Laurie was on what Rick should be…he should be good and moral, he should be brutal and protective or he should kill Shane, he shouldn’t kill Shane then we have Carl with the, Rick should be a leader not a farmer, he should be brutal not weak. He was ashamed of his dad for that and here we are with Rick all out brutality to protect his son and Carls suddenly wary again. Come on!!! Rick will do what he has to do in this world and if anyone can Rick is the the one who will

  330. UTMahoo says:

    Great finale. Whenever my six-year old has a tantrum we used to say that he is Hulking out, but now we might have to say that his is Ricking out. All I can do is picture the Survivors as The Avengers with Rick as the Hulk. If Negan makes an appearance in the show next season, he isn’t going to like Rick when he’s angry. The Saviors may have an army, but the Survivors have a Rick. Viva la Incredible Rick!

  331. heatherspeaks493 says:

    loved this episode….when they took down the hunters, I was jumping and screaming YES! YES! YES! neighbor may have thought something else was going on…I’ve been working scenarios in my head as to how the group will fight back being as they’re in a box without weapons…they may need to send in a mole or two to infiltrate the cannibal cult…a group member(s) may not make it…

  332. Clark R. Kirst says:

    Great episode! Loved it! Can’t wait till October!

  333. russmullins says:

    Loved seeing the savage Rick bite Joe’s neck and kill the pedophile.

  334. lisa delcour says:

    Robert kirkman i love and hate you. I love the characters and how they endure but hate how they suffer those losses and constantly change bc of the pain of living thocalyptic chaos. Thank you for having me whiye knuckled and ever guessing and screaming at my tv. Do you hear me? Lol im sure my neighbors do!

  335. Jennifer Hurrle McCain says:

    Excellent episode. I didn’t think it was as much of a spoiler as it could have been (thank God!), so the wait until October won’t be as painful as it could have been. I am so glad that Rick is back in all of his gritty glory!

  336. russmullins says:

    Cannibalism confirmed? All the scrap bones they passed while running. The names of the sacrificed in the room? Can not wait until the fall.

  337. Chris Chenard says:

    Easily my favorite episode in the entire series. I was really hoping they stayed as true to the source material as possible for Rick’s confrontation with the Claimers and they didn’t disappoint at all. Absolutely loved that scene.

  338. Wesley Masters says:

    ok!, sorry i’m late………..watdidimiss ???

  339. Anthony Ripley says:

    from the slightest variation of Eugene Blasting rounds through the gasoline tank on that military grade vehicle, can lead to an entirely different plot twist. Terminus. I know Im not alone in assuming that is Beth being barbecued on that Grill as Rick and gang rolled up. But HEY, maybe she is still alive somewhere (minu