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The Walking Dead Game Jam – Resources

If you’ve already read the rules page and registered, then this page should give you everything else that you need to start on the road to making your All Out War Game Jam entry.

Getting Ready

1. UNITY : Download and install Unity for your PC or Mac

If you have already used a trial key, use this serial code : T3-8FWN-44EK-5CSA-MK5U-TFYN : to give you a fresh 30 days so you can use Unity Pro for the duration of the Game Jam. Below is some beginner level help if you’re new to Unity.

Video Tutorials: learn step by step how to setup a basic scene with this video tutorial!

Documentation: this guide covers how to use every single component in Unity:

Unity Community: an invaluable source of tips, workarounds and general advice.

2. READ THE SURVIVAL GUIDE: Written by Game Jam veteran Byron Atkinson-Jones, this set of tips should increase your odds of success.

3. MEET OTHER GAME JAM PARTICIPANTS : Log into this Google Event to meet other Jammers and find collaborators for your teams. Create Google Hangouts and collaborate as you need.

This should cover everything for your Game Jamming needs. Our Game Development guy Dan will be available in the Google Event page to help any of you with your questions.

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