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Unholy Robo War

Developed by Yanki.jp

Move = W (forward), A (left), S (backward), D (right).
Aim = Move the Mouse.
Shoot = Click the Left Mouse Button.
Health bars are above the base, you, and enemies in the world.
Defend the base from getting destroyed and watch your own health in the progress!
All Robo Hell has broken loose! It is the last stand for the Robo Diablo. Robo Jesus’s (He-sus) army has come to evict him from the world once and for all. Defend his base and defend his life for the Ultimate Unholy Robo War has come to pass. Are you Robo Diablo enough to stand up to 5 levels of Unholy War?

Read more about Unholy Robo War and Yanki.jp, here, and don’t forget to leave your feedback and comments on the game below! To play the game, make sure you have the latest Unity Web Player installed!.

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Comments 3

  1. iDubbbz says:

    Start screen isn’t reacting when I press space…Is it just me? Is my shit broken?

    • J Rubio says:

      Heya! I just tried it. It might need a little time to finish
      downloading the first level. Its set to streaming so it could be
      downloading while playing the intro. I am giving an even smaller version
      of the file soon so that should help.

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