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Developed by Kingdom of Dunftopia

Move = W (forward), A (left), S (backward), D (right)
Move Turret = Left and Right movement with the Mouse
Rotate Turret = Up and Down movement with the Mouse.
Robots fight the wars of the future. AI control systems called N.E.X.I.S. determine the front lines and a stalemate has existed for years… until now. Vehicles of old have been rebuilt and human soldiers are once again taking the field. Push your enemies back. Destroy their forces. Claim victory.

To play the game, make sure you have the latest Unity Web Player installed!.

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  1. Ryan Dunfee says:

    Hey Folks. I left a quick rundown of my experiences in the main honourable mentions page. https://www.skybound.com/the-walking-dead/all-out-war-game-jam-the-honorable-mentions/

    If you want to ask me anything specific about the game you can do so here or via twitter: @rDunfee

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