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The Narrow Path

Developed by BEAVL

Move your monsters = Left Mouse Button Click.
Create more monsters = Left Click Mouse Button on the van (every type of monster has its own recipe).
Attack Enemies = Left Click Mouse Button.
Fetch Items = Left Click Mouse on the items.

Kill zombies to get meat.
Kill humans to get cell phones.
The Narrow Path is an RTS-Roguelike with a motorhome, a mutant dog and an army of reanimated monsters. Every kill counts! Level up your monsters and fight!

Read more about Narrow Path and Beavl, here, and don’t forget to leave your feedback and comments on the game below!
If you enjoy the game, please visit their page on Steam Greenlight, to vote for it to launch on Valve’s Steam service!

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Comments 50

  1. BradleySmith says:

    This is really really awesome – I love the pixel art/animations. Excellent work! Would be cool to maybe be able to upgrade the radius of light on the motor home, or perhaps some with some unique abilities. Definite thumbs up on Greenlight from me. 🙂

    • Nico Saraintaris says:

      Hey, thanks, man! Yeah, upgrading the van is a cool idea. We have only one upgrade concerning the van in the jam version (Motorhome Repairman!) but as you point out, improving its different characteristics would be great. Thanks again for the interest and the thumbs up on Greenlight!

      • Tyler DeVeau says:

        I have an idea for a van upgrade. Maybe allow your van to ram into undead for damage so you’re not entirely defenseless when you run out of monsters. And maybe a Right Click To Move for the van and Left Click to Move for all to make the van more controllable.

  2. Tyler DeVeau says:

    This game sucks. No error prevention. Oh look, my next upgrade was wasted on a HP increase to the family van! Emphasis on wasted because it was full!

    • Alvaro says:

      you sucks; what do you even understand about a creative process? about an artistic feeling of create and share some simply story game with people? your easy words and creapy easy position of critic with empty hands and empty brain make us sick; what did you expect from the game ? to fill out your emptiness? keep trying baby u r far away from home or even a pixel.

      • Tyler DeVeau says:

        Actually, my analytical skills are spot on. Try getting an upgrade and quickly clicking accept. You’ll use one of your crucial upgrades on a wasted one. Not to mention there’s little to no way to get barbed wire, which is a staple to make any monster. Yes, games are art, but you have to know your brushstrokes before you paint a masterpiece.

        Also, fix your grammar, it’s horrid.

        • Nico Saraintaris says:

          Tyler, we are working on balancing the game (and fleshing it out). The upgrade you mention adds HP to your van. Concerning the van, we are going to make some changes, so as not to leave it defenseless in case your army is gone. Barbed wire, yeah. We are balancing that too (recovering barbed wire from the dead ones was our first attempt to do this). Please have in mind that this is the jam version (made just in two weeks). Full game will have these things and many more addressed (along lots of new content, story mode and so). Cheers and thanks for playing!

  3. David Demma says:

    Lvl 14 with 464 kills. Was fun, but it got monotonous around kill 200. There needs to be more upgrades (light larger, faster RV, possible slow HP recovery) and more variety in enemies. Keep up the fine work!

    • Nico Saraintaris says:

      Thanks David! We are working on it! The full release is going to have new units, new cooking system (recipes to discover!), side and main quests, improved item drops logic and more apocalyptic madness!

      In the next update we will address the “dog-get-stuck-on-the-rv” issue among other improvements. And weather! We have some surprises concerning weather.


      • David Demma says:

        Love it when a dev interacts with the community, guranteed buy whenever the game is released, Greenlit, or Kickstarted!

        • Nico Saraintaris says:

          Thanks again, David! This is all about collaboration. We love feedback and suggestions, so yeah, we will be around here (and Greenlight) a lot, heh.

      • Tyler DeVeau says:

        A cooking system and item drop logic? Very impressed. Can’t wait to see them. Also, can you work on getting barbed wire a little more than using random dice rolls? It makes the game feel more chance-based than skill-based.

        • Nico Saraintaris says:

          Yeah, Tyler! We are working on that too. Balancing is going to be one of our major tasks in the following weeks. Cheers.

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  8. asdasda says:

    I love the walking dead i am brazil … i speek english so so

  9. mariana says:

    Felicitaciones! Excelente todo!!! Unos genios!

    • Nico Saraintaris says:

      Gracias, Mariana. Lo de genios tal vez nos queda un poco grandes, bah, a los chicos (Dami y Ruppel) no sé, jej. ¡Un beso!

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  12. Fedora G4mer says:

    this is pretty wonderful and I look forward to it being turned into a fully realized game.

    I featured it in my Free Game Friday video series.

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