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After Us

Developed by David Schneider

Grab the supply crate from the truck and bring it back to your house.
Move = W (forward), A (left), S (backward), D (right)
Shoot = Click Left Mouse button
Zoom = Click Right Mouse button
Reload = R
Sprint = Left Shift key
Crouch = Left Control/CTRL key
Jump = Space
Pick up item = F
Switch weapon = 1/2 or Q/E
Menu = ESC key
Survive for as long as you can against hordes of the undead. Remember to aim for the head! Read more about After Us and David Schneider here, and don’t forget to leave your feedback and comments on the game below!
To play the game, make sure you have the latest Unity Web Player installed!.

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Comments 3

  1. Michael Thelen says:

    From the video I felt this game was “just a simple FPS controller” game. However after playing it I can tell that you did some pretty serious technical work to make this play so smoothly. My hats off to you sir.
    If you had some fast running zombies in there… this could be pretty bloody scary 🙂 It’s pretty freaky to look down the street and see 50+ zombies in every direction.

  2. Egor Agafonov says:

    To easy – just need some time.
    1) Get as much zombies after you as you can.
    2) Walk back to a corner or just to side of the street.
    3) Sprint until zombs loose you
    4) After 4-5 packs of zombies just take that box and get away.

  3. Adam Ngô says:

    Fun game! Could you release the source code? I would like to improve this game like adding multiplayer and make it look better.

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