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  1. Cameron says:

    Will Compendium 4 of The Walking Dead include the last issue (issue 193)? The number of issues looks right (about 48 issues per compendium) but I’d rather know for sure.

  2. Undead93 says:

    I have seasons 2 and 3 on my phone. Season 2 have 4 savings, all continued my choices of season 1. I imported season 1 to season 2, but it seems i cant import season 2 to season 3. It’s important to say that my season 2 savings are still in early stages since i played it again. How do i import my season 2 savings, all four savings, to season 3? Is it solvable, or is it more complicated than that?

  3. James Thompson says:

    Does anyone know when TWD Saints and Sinners will be released on PSVR? I have heard many articles saying it will release around Spring of 2020.

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