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  1. Channing robinson says:

    Dear skybound entertainment can you please make a minecraft story mode season three? Or a walking dead season five I really want a minecraft story mode season three to come I am a big fan and maybe you could make me a character named chanler in minecraft story mode season three please and if there are any telltale members left get them together for minecraft story mode season three from your biggest fan.

    • Jeremy says:

      Good morning, there is a problem with the walking dead season 4, I can’t do the language upgrade it tell me it’s not possible at the moment, please do something.

  2. mosi says:

    Dear skybound can you please make The Wolf Among Us: What Season 2

  3. Jace says:

    Hello my name is Jace I really wanted to let you guys know that I would love to see another walking Dead telltale series game I’m so hooked after all the ones that have already came out and I would love to see you on where you could possibly switch back and forth as AJ and Clemlike it was in The walking Dead the final season at the end when Clementine was dying and you had to close all the doors in the barn so you can stay safe I know somebody probably won’t read this but if somebody does just now it would make my whole year if we made another game so we can enjoy it as much as we did all the other ones thank you for your time and reading this and goodbye

  4. Kaidyn says:

    Hey skybound I have to ask can you make A remake of all seasons in the style of season 4 and please make a season 5 of the walking dead Telltale series and you guys are amazing and deserve the love and support and I tear up about your games and I love the stuff And would die for it

    • Trey says:

      I agree new season would be awesome! I really hope they make one.

  5. Trey says:

    Hey Skybound, my name is Trey. I would love a new walking dead season 5! Even though that might be unlikley I was hoping you could still. The community is very strong. They’re very good games. Maybe it could be Clem looking over the school sending people on missions or even finding a new place. If season 5 can’t be done I think a game style like the last of us would be awesome!! With Clem or maybe a new cast of survivors. Please do email me with updates if you intend on making another walking dead game. Thank you so much you’re games are amazing!

  6. Uriel says:

    Hey Skybound friends, here is a huge fan of your work. Especially a fan of the TWD saga, it really is very good. When Telltale closed, it shouldn’t have been easy taking care of finishing the final season, but they did it, and it suited them very well. And well, want to ask, will TWD: The Final Season ever exist for android and ios? The truth is that not all fans have powerful computers that can run the game to be able to enjoy it, and it would really be good if this final season existed for these android devices and ios that many do have. I hope it happens, and thanks for your attention.
    From: a big fan
    To: The #StillNotBitten team
    Greetings from Mexico.

  7. Emdadul says:

    hey look i know you guys are not going to port twd season 4 to mobile but plz can you i played all the walking dead games and now i cant play season 4 like atleast downgrade the graphics or something so it can be better preformance just plz man us mobile players are suffering watching other youtubers play the game also make the app free but the 1st episode with money…………….or let skybound do it

  8. Holly McLean says:

    Hi I was wondering if there is a more direct way to get contact with the producers of skybound games I have an idea that I think the players and company will really like.

  9. Holly McLean says:

    Could someone please tweet this at one of the ceos of skybound or Robert kirkman?? Thank you. So I’ve had an idea for a new TWD game. So when clem shot lee she looked away and the gun veered off to the left, what if she missed but didn’t want to see lee shot so she never looked back and she didn’t see that she missed, and when lee passed out it was either due to blood loss if you cut his arm off or if you left it on it was cos of the bite but he hadn’t died yet and then molly finds him and either chops off his arm and does the heat thing AJ does to clem or just finds him n does the heat thing and then they leave the city once lee is well enough and start their hunt for clem. Along the way lee finds christas body and Mike and the Russian guy who remember clem and Kenny talking about lee, they decide to help lee and molly by taking them to wellington but they soon find out it’s been destroyed. Soon after they stumble upon Richmond which has been at war with the delta for a long time. Lee meets Javier and finds out the deltas been using kids to fight, Lee asks if he’s seen a girl with a blue hat with a D on it. Javier instantly knows he’s talking about clem and takes him to see Lily if you let her live or a new character that they found at the wreckage of Lily’s boat. They tell lee about the school. Immediately lee and his new group set off to find clem and along the way they meet some new people, some good, some bad. But eventually they find the school. The RV that is mentioned at the end of season 4 contains Lee, and they are reunited after 9 long years of searching.

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