Out This Week: Clone #20 & Manifest Destiny #10

Two awesome books will be landing in stores this Wednesday 9/17! Check ‘em out below: “The national clone crisis is over. The threat has been eliminated.” Find out what this cryptic quote means and more in CLONE #20! Nothing cuts through the quiet of night like screams of panic and pain. Stranded on the river […]

Solicits December 2014

Check out the covers, descriptions and titles that Skybound will be releasing in December 2014! BIRTHRIGHT #3 STORY: JOSHUA WILLIAMSON ART / COVER: ANDREI BRESSAN & ADRIANO LUCAS DECEMBER 3 32 PAGES/FC/T+ $2.99 After a standoff in the police station, the Rhodes family is on the run from the law, and for their lives. And […]

Behind the Scenes: Birthright

Last week, CBR got an exclusive looks at some awesome sketches, character designs, and pieces of concept art from ANDREI BRESSAN, the artist of BIRTHRIGHT. From CBR’s article: In Birthright, the upcoming fantasy adventure by writer Joshua Williamson, artist Andrei Bressan and colorist Adriano Lucas, young Mikey Rhodes goes missing, leaving his father a suspect in […]

Birthright Trailer

What started as a game of catch in the park between father and son turned into a parent’s worst nightmare. For the Rhodes family, losing their son was the most devastating thing that could’ve ever occurred… but it couldn’t prepare them for what happened when he returned. Check out an awesome teaser trailer for BIRTHRIGHT […]