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Skybound Xpo III, the upcoming virtual convention will showcase the fan-favorite comics and tabletop games that Skybound is home to, alongside the very best in pop culture panels. Hosted by Andrew Ghai and Sam Humphries, the digital experience featuring all-new programming and limited-edition merch drops will stream on Skybound’s YouTube channel on Friday, July 29, 2022.

Timed to the summer convention season, comics will lead Skybound Xpo III programming. The Xpo boasts a deep dive into The Scariest Place on Earth, the theme park behind upcoming horror comic series Dark Ride from the Birthright team of Joshua Williamson and Andrei Bressan; the largest Comics Vault Live of all time featuring Skybound X #25, Clementine, and The Walking Dead drops; a panel all about one of the most transformative decades in comics—the 90s!; and a can’t-miss roundup of current and upcoming Skybound comics.

Skybound Tabletop promises to unlock the vault and uncover some treasures—which fans of tabletop games Tidal Blades may want to pay close attention to. Resident Skybound superstar Shawn “Big Clutch” Kirkham will also lead a one-of-a-kind chat about the state of pro wrestling and its fandoms.

The full programming line-up, beginning at 10 a.m. PT, includes:

The Scariest Place on Earth: DARK RIDE – Get a special tour of The Scariest Place on Earth and learn more about all your favorite theme parks around the world, including their darkest secrets with writer Joshua Williamson (Batman, Dark Crisis, Birthright), artist Andrei Bressan (Batman and Robin, Birthright), and editor Amanda LaFranco in celebration of the new Skybound series Dark Ride. Moderated by LeeAnna Vamp.

In the Ring: The State of Pro Wrestling – Join moderator Shawn Kirkham (Big Clutch) as he welcomes some very special guests to talk about wrestling fandom and everything going on in the wrestling world today, from the main events to lucha to the independent circuit.

Tabletop Vault – Unlocked! – Join Dan Stong, Ben Kepner, and Matt Faulisi from the Skybound Tabletop team as they unearth a few tabletop treasures that have been locked away in our vault. Fans of Wonderland’s War pay special attention!

Comics Vault Live 307 – Shawn “Big Clutch” Kirkham is back for maybe the largest CVL of all time! We’ll be dropping limited edition CGC’d copies of Skybound X #25, FCBD Clementine #1, and The Walking Dead Deluxe. Don’t miss it!

Skybound Comics Roundup  – We’re breaking down the entire current and upcoming Skybound comic slate live with Alex Antone, Morgan Perry, and Amanda LaFranco. Get an inside look from the people making the magic. Hosted by the Xpo’s very own Brian Huntington.

My Favorite 90s Comics – Come join us as we take a look back at one of the most transformative decades in comics! From the birth of Image comics to some of the biggest fictional events in comics history, our panel takes a fond look back at this insane era.

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