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CLICK THE SCREENSHOTS AND PLAY THE GAMES! To play, make sure you have the latest Unity WebPlayer to run them. Download it here.
Grand Prize Winner

Remember The Fallen
Remember The Fallen
A 1st Person Emotional Journey from Joe and Brad, which is best experienced with as little information going in as possible.


Last Call Paradise
A very unique mashup of 1st Person shooter and Tower Defense, from Galactic Bits!
Zombie Command
Build a zombie horde, corpse by corpse in this very enjoyable take on a war against humanity from New Horizon Games.
Narrow Path
The Narrow Path
A top-down twisted adventure of killing humans and zombies to make backyard cyber-zombies out of their parts… to kill more! Made by Beavl from Argentina, and featuring a mutant dog and a rusty RV lab!
After Us
1st Person Survival as a lone human in a zombie-infested, blue-sky suburb, built by David Schneider.
Cubes Clash
Cube's Clash
A fight between cubes on a heavily populated dinner table that gets very quickly out of hand! Developed by Z Studio.
Don't Make Me Turn This Car Around
A war on parental sanity in the road trip from hell. Developed by the very funny, and possibly sadistic Pixels and Poutine.
Revenge Of Zombie Town
A revenge shooter, starring a tiny man with a shotgun who throws brains and drives a truck. Built in Australia, by Bar Benders!
Human Shield
Human Shield - Stop The War!
Comedic limb-flail political drama / heroism from the mighty Team Human Shield!
Unholy Robot War
A holy war between Robo-diablo and an army of Robo-Jesuses (Jesii?) from Yanki.Jp!

Honorable Mentions

War of the Words
War of the Words
Enter debates using argument philosophy bullets in this well-articulated and extremely original concept from Haephestus Studios. We chose to honor this game, due to its ingenious high concept we’d love to see fleshed out as a full game.

Need for Feed
Take part in a war on your diet, using varied combos of eating device, across a buffet of levels from team Binko and Bonko.

We honored this game, due to its sense of style and personality.
Keiron in the Dark
Keiron In The Dark
Keiron is a child who is alone in the dark, in this succinct piece from Poncy Coffee Collective.

We honored this game, due to the well-realized atmosphere and story concept you’ll need to beat this short game to see.
Tiger Vs Zombies
You are a tiger, in this no bullshit, uncompromising onslaught against the undead, lovingly developed by L.A-based team, ‘The Herd’.
We chose to honor TVZ, because it successfully captured the most perfectly spirited sense of fun.
Capitalist Invaders
A statement about capitalism through the killing of aggressive money-spewing robots in this 1st Person shooter/combat game from Pixel Comrades.

We honored this game due its well-realized personality and its production values.
Dog in a Mech
Dog In a Mech
A brave dog’s quest to win the war, through figuring out what the buttons do in an abandoned, military grade mech robot. Built by Unicorn Game Collective.

The experience was frankly hilarious, from concept due to execution, though unfortunately, none of us could figure out how to beat it.
Hellish space war chaos from Obscure Fish.
We chose to honor Vanguard, as conceptually, it captured the sense of a literal ‘all out war’ perfectly. Good luck keeping up with the chaos!
A territorial tug o’ war from Kingdom of Dunftopia.
We honored Tanxis, due to it simply being a fun game and addressing all points well.
The Bickering!
The Bickering
The worst kind of soap opera, amidst a zombie apocalypse, as realized by The Grateful Zed.

We honored this game, due to the team’s courage in taking on a complex idea about relationships and personality conflicts.

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