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Invincible S2 Date Tease Descriptive Text

Descriptive Text:


Mark, dressed in his yellow, blue, and black superhero costume sits with Allen, a muscle-bound orange one-eyed alien in a booth at Burger Mart, a typical fast food burger joint. Other people in the restaurant go about their meals completely uninterested in the presence of the two in the restaurant. Upbeat elevator music plays in the background.
Mark mindlessly scrolls on his phone as Allen finishes his soda and unwraps his hamburger.

Allen, clearly impressed with the burger says, “Mmmm. Pretty good. Look at that. Not bad, Mark! You’re not just Invincible, you’re also like Earth’s best food cooking man. That’s pretty impressive.” He gives Mark a friendly pat on the shoulder as Mark, replies “What? Oh no. I-I just worked here. I don’t actually make the food.”

Allen examines his burger and holds up a pickle, looking at it with disgust.

He says “Uhmm. Next time, also, constructive criticism…Do not put these green things in here. These are gross” as he flings the pickle away and grabs a napkin to wipe his face.

Mark replies, “Yeah, um. Hey. So… Did you ever find Urath?”

Allen’s eye widens as he replies nervously “Pfft. Yeah, of course I found it. Uh. Ver-very quickly. Very easily.”

He grows in confidence as he continues, “Yellow skies. Purple grass. And get this, they have burgers there too. Just like these. Who would’ve guessed, huh?”
The camera pans back to Mark as he says “You never found it, right?”

The background music stops abruptly as Allen puts his hands in his fists and says “No, nope, not even close.” He looks sincerely worried and drums his fingers on the table as he says “I hope they’re ok, I think about them quite a bit honestly” before returning to his normally upbeat self as the background music starts again and Allen says “But uh, how about you? What have you been up to? It’s been a while. I think everyone agrees it’s been, like, a little ridiculous how long it’s been.”

Mark interjects “Hey, I’ve been busy!”

Allen replies “Doing what?”

The music shifts to extremely fast, speed metal as we cut to a screen featuring Mark’s computer desktop, there is a word document open with a page of a script. We see files on his desktop along with a desktop wallpaper featuring and adorable kitten. A cute anime stylized version of Mark is in a bubble on the right-hand corner of the screen. He is writing furiously on a laptop, dripping sweat, with headache lines drawn on his head. He says “Writing.”
The screen quickly shifts to a character design sheet featuring Atom Eve drawn from various angles in her pink superhero costume. The anime style versions of Mark and Eve are in the bubble on the right-hand corner of the screen. This time Mark works on a sewing machine, making a costume for Atom Eve, who stands with her arms outstretched as if preparing to be measured for an outfit. Mark says “Designing…”

We cut to an image of a storyboard of the very clip we are currently watching of Mark and Allen in the diner. The anime version of Mark in the corner is busy sketching at a laptop and drawing tablet covered in sticky notes. Mark says “Storyboarding…”

We cut to Steven Yeun at the mic in a in the recording booth smiling and wearing headphones. The anime Invincible at the corner of the screen is also in a recording booth, wildly waving his arms and speaking inaudible sounds into the mic as if giving an over-the-top acting performance. He says “Voice acting…”

We cut back to Mark in the fast food restaurant, he is counting on his fingers as he details all the tasks he has been working on. However, he is now a black and white outline sketch and as he details each step in the animation process, he transitions step by step from a simple sketch to a fully animated figure as the anime version of Invincible furiously draws at an easel. He says “Key posing, in betweening, cleaning up, color slapping, comping the whole thing and all that for you know, roughly thousands of shots. So it’s kind of a lot.”

The music shifts back to elevator music as we cut back to Allen stopped mid-bite into his hamburger, looking shocked by the amount of work Mark has been doing.
His attitude shifts to unimpressed as he says, “Sure, yeah. Although like 90% of that, if I’m being honest, sounds completely made up. But the real question is…When are you going back out there? The world needs more Invincible.”

Cut back to Mark, frustrated and scrolling on his cell phone.
He says “Sigh. It’s coming, ok?”

Allen yanks the cell phone out of Mark’s hand, leaning in close as Mark shouts “Hey!” The two are face too face in an intense stare-off.

Allen says, “Yeah, I know, but like a specific date would be nice.”

Mark holds up his hands palms out in capitulation as the two lean back and the camera zooms out to a full view of the pair in their booth.
He says, “Ugh, ok, fine! The world will get more Invincible in, uh… late 2023.”

Allen slaps the table and grabs his soda.

He says, “Alright! Ok, I’ll take it! Late 2023. Perfect. Sure.”
He sips his soda as we cut to the INVINCIBLE title card. Catchy elevator music plays as text appears that reads “Season 2 Late 2023.”
Allen says in VoiceOver, “So 2023, is that like one of your years? You know our planets, they all have different systems of keeping track of time.”

Text appears on that reads, “more or less”

Allen continues in VoiceOver as the screen fades to black and the “Only on PrimeVideo” logo appears, “But the way you said that number makes it sound soon. Is it soon? I really want it to be soon.”

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