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Dive into battle as one of Cecil Stedman’s elite GDA Agents with a party of up to six players in an all-new raid created in Fortnite and set in the Invincible Universe. Fight alongside Invincible, Atom Eve, Rex Splode, and Robot to stop Doc Seismic and his horde of Magmanites, giant moths, and underground creatures before the city is reduced to magma.

Welcome to the GDA. Never a dull moment.





  • Join the GDA – Become a GDA Agent, guided by Cecil, as you shoot your way to victory against Doc Seismic and his underground army.
  • Heroically Memorable Moments – Interact with Invincible and other key characters from the IP.
  • Authentic Story and Original VO – Become a part of an all-new Invincible story featuring high-quality voiceover performances crafted specifically for this experience.
  • A Modular Experience – Access three classes and a variety of weapons from Fortnite past and present. Two unique paths in the game’s second act offer up further variety and reward superfans.





Developer:     House of How

Publisher:      Skybound Games

Genre:            PVE, Squad Shooter, Action

Launch Date: March 15, 2024

Platforms:      PC (Epic), PS5/PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Players:          Multiplayer

Price:              Free

Island Code:  3557-7311-4157


Based on the Comic Book by Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker, & Ryan Ottley
Written by Michael C. Rogers
Story by Matt Hoesterey and Michael C. Rogers

Gavin Hammon as Cecil Stedman
Gavin Hammon as Doc Seismic
Alan Lee as Invincible
Gina Scarpa as Atom Eve
Michael Antonakos as Robot
Alex Mai as Rex Splode

House of How
Russ McMackin – CEO
Ian McIntyre – CTO
Jonathan Lutz -CFO/COO
Matthew Hoesterey – Game Director
Sherry Kuchera – Art Director
Dan Bell – Senior QA Manager
Oskar Pettersson – General Manager – Sweden
Kate Morris – Senior Producer
Kelly O’Donnell – Lead Artist
Kate Morris – Senior Producer
Kelly O’Donnell – Lead Artist
Mike Kim – Senior Artist
Mario Colindres – Senior Artist
Mary Ann Flaherty – Senior Artist
Long Tran – Artist
Selena Eng – Artist
Gunnar Clovis – Lead Recruiter & Operations Analyst
Tobias Lundin – Associate Developer
Oscar Svahn – Associate Designer
Niklas Marklund – Associate Artist
Edvard Silén – Associate QA Tester
Patrik Ångström – Associate Artist
Adam Andersson – Associate Designer
Justin Kuo – Associate Technical Designer
Maximillian Raschke – Junior Developer
Thomas Hamilton – Junior Artist
Alec Wolf – Junior Developer
Leo Alkberg – Junior Technical Designer
Martin Fast – Junior Designer
Cornelius Gavelin – Junior Developer
Benjamin Hallberg – Junior Technical Designer
Fredrik Thamsten – Junior Designer
Erik Lindahl – Junior Technical Artist
Lowe Karlsson – Junior Artist
Marco Bertolani – Junior Audio Designer
Veronica Waalk – Junior Artist
Kain Casta – Junior Artist
Tami Jaderlund – Junior Artist
Victor Doktare – Junior Technical Artist
Nelson Kossuga – Junior Technical Artist
Fredrik Thamsten – Design Intern
Lowe Karlsson – Art Intern
Niklas Högnabba – Engineering Intern
Daniel Turunen – Engineering Intern
Hadi Ghorab – Engineering Intern
Hisham Ghorab – Engineering Intern
Ardavan Masihabadi – Audio Intern
Emma Ekman – Art Intern
Wictor Sundstedt – Design Intern
Joel Scherf – Design Intern
Liam Sandstrom – Design Intern
Don Waters – Key Art Posing

HamsterBall Studios
Randall Ryan – Casting Director / VO Director
Gillian Brashear – Additional Voice Direction

Skybound Games

Executive Team
Robert Kirkman – Chairman
David Alpert – Chief Executive Officer
Jon Goldman – Formaggio Grande
Ian Howe – Managing Partner
Dan Murray – Managing Partner

Business Development
Carl Neisser – Senior Director, Business Development
Matt Hodgson – Director of Strategy & Consumer Insights

Michael C. Rogers – Senior Creative Director, Franchise
Tori Hanes – Creative Associate
Ryan Graber – Senior Creative Director, Design
Scott Newman – Senior Graphic Designer
Chelsea Roberts – Project Manager

Patrick Gilmore – Executive Vice President, Production
Tim Hall – Producer
Jesse Kude – QA Manager
Maaz Farrukh – QA Tester

Marketing & Operations
Dave Welch – Senior Director, Social & Community
Hannah Cosgrove – Head of Corporate Communications
Patrick Coyne – Content Marketing Manager
Athenyee Arnold – Marketing Manager
Guillermo Cummings – Director of Social Media
Joseph Forghani – Video Editor, Social Media
Brandon Potts – Community Manager
Chau Ho – Associate Social Media Manager
Liberty Yanaga – Producer
Gabriel Montoya – Editor, Digital
Joseph McCabe – Website Editor
Will Kassoy – Skybound Insiders
Sophia Goldman – Associate Loyalty and Promotions Manager, Insiders
Michelle Green – Director of CRM Marketing
James Gourlay – Senior Director Digital Channel Strategy
Wade Pottinger – VP Global Supply Chain & Operations, Games
Ashley Burns – Release Manager

Sam Lam – Senior Counsel
Jeff Reed – Legal Operations and Contracts Manager



INVINCIBLE™ © 2023 Robert Kirkman, LLC & Cory Walker. SKYBOUND and all related images are owned by Skybound, LLC. IMAGE COMICS and all related images are owned by Image Comics, Inc. All rights reserved.


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