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The humans are gone, the sun is rarely seen, and a cold, dark rain befouls everything it touches. 

As a group of house mice struggle to survive a long and strange winter, they stubbornly cling to their old ways, looting the abandoned homes nearby for any scraps they can find.  

While food is scarce, danger is everywhere–from mousetraps and poison to feral cats roaming The Neighborhood–and the colony is becoming desperate.   

But when the rumors of a wrecked truck filled with food gives the mice newfound hope, the colony’s best scouts, including the brave Wix, embark on a perilous journey beyond the fence. For outside The Neighborhood lurks creatures much more dangerous than stray cats, and a world much larger than they know…  

Acclaimed webcomics creator Mac Smith presents his stunning series in a single volume for the first time ever. 

Are you a retailer, librarian or educator?

Mac Smith


Animal, Action-Adventure, Fantasy

Age Range:
8+ (Middle Grade)

Image / Skybound

On Sale Date:
February 21, 2023


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About The Author

Mac Smith is a self-taught comic artist living in the Pacific Northwest with his extremely furry dog. He also creates concept art for studios such as Blizzard, Warner Bros., Games Workshop, and Bethesda. SCURRY is his debut graphic novel.


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