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40 highly detailed miniatures. Some over 100mm!

100+ Custom Dice

Innovative mix of dice-based combat and card-based initiative creates a unique strategic experience

Unlock secret new content for your fights by defeating creatures in the co-op campaign

Completely Kickstarter Exclusive

Fast-paced arena combat for 1 – 8 Players

Fight in fierce competitive PVP matches

Or fight terrifying creatures in a story-driven co-op campaign.

Master 8 asymmetric characters, each with unique powers and strategies.

The once-great Empire of Stormwrath has fallen to a coup. Now the priest-queen Vanira draws on the immense power of Bloodstone to destroy anyone that would challenge her authority.

At the heart of the city, the fighting pits have been made into a monument to her strength. The most powerful champions from across the continent have been captured and made to fight as a warning to any would be rebels.

Every time the champions die, Vanira uses the necromantic powers in the Bloodstone to bring them back to life, and with every resurrection their grip on reality strains.

But a rebellion is brewing, and the champions in the arena must put aside their grudges and begin planning their escape if they ever hope to win their freedom and free the Kingdom from Vanira’s iron grasp.

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