Fans Get Sneak Peek at Dinner Party at the Engadget Experience

Our VR experience puts you in the middle of an alien abduction.

Hey gang, very happy to announce that today, at THE ENGADGET EXPERIENCE 2017, fans will be able to experience DINNER PARTY for the first time. DINNER PARTY is a virtual reality experience we’ve created with RYOT Films, Telexist, Circle of Confusion, and Thunder Studios and supported by Technicolor and the Sundance Institute. Written by Charlotte Stoudt (Homeland, Open Secret) and Laura Wexler (Fire in a Canebrake: The Last Mass Lynching in America) and directed by Angel Manuel Soto (Bashir’s Dream, La Granja), DINNER PARTY is the story of the first widely publicized report of an alien abduction in America. Using virtual reality we’re able to put viewers directly into the middle of this intense, frightening event. It’s an alien abduction story told like nothing before. DINNER PARTY stars Malcolm Barrett (Preacher, Timeless) as Barney Hill and Sarah Sokolovic as Betty Hill (Big Little Lies, Homeland)

We’ll have more info on final release and how YOU can experience DINNER PARTY soon. For now, enjoy this quick look behind the scenes.


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