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FINAL FOUR: Who Would Your Rather Survive A Zombie Apocalypse With?

We’re down to our Final Four survivors in our month-long contest to determine which character would you rather survive a zombie apocalypse with. VOTE BELOW to determine your championship matchup, which we’ll reveal on the night of Sunday, April 2nd.


Rick or Jesus?
Choose One:
Michonne or Beth?
Choose One:
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  1. Cegress March 31, 2017 at 11:21 am - Reply
  2. Aprilross March 31, 2017 at 11:56 am - Reply

    Ha! Finally, the Beth spammers have met their match (good riddance). Michonne! <3

  3. christy_roberts28 March 31, 2017 at 11:57 am - Reply

    Wow. It’s just a contest. Chill

  4. d1ckweed March 31, 2017 at 12:08 pm - Reply

    Everyone knew it was gonna be Rick vs Michonne in the end.

    Rick all the way.

  5. ortho March 31, 2017 at 1:37 pm - Reply

    Very interesting. Until Michonne told Rick to “use the wall” Rick was a bit clueless as to how to fight the walker in the pit. Jesus as I recall managed to outwit Rick and Daryl when they were out on a scavenger hunt. So Rick vs. Michonne will be almost a no brainer…unless brains are needed and Michonne might have an edge.

  6. Undead_Ramen March 31, 2017 at 8:47 pm - Reply

    How can Beth be on the list? She can’t even touch the blind kid!

  7. Cardinal March 31, 2017 at 9:59 pm - Reply

    Funny, some fans can’t figure out how this “contest” works. ?????

    • jdubswalking April 1, 2017 at 9:33 am - Reply

      Lol yeah its not a contest so much as spamming as hard as they can. And they say other people have no lives LMFAO.

      • Cardinal April 1, 2017 at 2:49 pm - Reply

        You have no idea what spamming is do you? That’s when one single person votes many time over. If spamming is allowed here for one entry (which I highly doubt), wouldn’t it be done for the rest? Think about it.

        This isn’t a contest, it’s not spamming, it’s publicity, pure and simple. Think outside the box.

        • jdubswalking April 1, 2017 at 7:29 pm - Reply

          It literally is spamming. They talked about it on tumblr. It’s not one of them but all of them spamming it. They keep tabs on when someone has surpassed Beths character and boost posts calling to SPAM the page. They have instructions for your cookies and settings for ones that only let you vote once. I would call it definition group spamming. They did the same to help choose a fan favorite figurine. Lol and No, others don’t spam because unlike TD were normal fans. TD believe that if they spam Imbd and up episodes with Beth and down vote all the others that tptb will realize how “popular” She is and finally acknowledge their spoons, lol. This is no different it’s just annoying what was supposed to be a silly fun contest got hijacked because of their sick fantasies of a teen and her grown adult caregiver having sex.

          • Cardinal April 1, 2017 at 11:33 pm

            I am laughing at what you wrote. You’re a shipper aren’t you? You should take this time to step and read what you wrote. If Beth fans are spamming, why aren’t Michonne fans doing the same thing? You said it yourself, Michonne is more popular. Let me try to explain this as basically as possible. The contest is rigged. Do you understand that better? It was predecided. And I’m not saying Beth is going to win. But it will likely be a close race.

        • jdubswalking April 3, 2017 at 8:25 am - Reply

          That Beth return last night tho. Lmfao. Yall are hilarious you think this is promo for beth. You think a contest yall spammed is a promo. Omg this is some top notch delusion. This is on par with amc changed the logo to yellow bc beth is the new face the network lol. Damn no wonder you can’t grasp the logic of what spamming is. And yeah team richonne, gleggie, & Desus (still has more of chance then bethyl and daryl is straight) lmfao

  8. d85 March 31, 2017 at 10:04 pm - Reply

    The fact that people get so angry that Beth is still here though…your misogyny is showing (and no, liking Michonne or Carol doesn’t erase your misogyny).

    • Aprilross April 1, 2017 at 3:41 am - Reply

      Is is not misogyny. Beth was just a weak character, (who “Stupid gets you killed” – Michonne) who got herself shot in the head. She wasn’t a survivor, and Kinney was not a good actress. Beth brought nothing special to the table, and was a liability.

      • C.D. April 1, 2017 at 4:26 am - Reply

        Beth was definitely not a weak character. She was actually one of the stronger and realistic characters the show has depicted. No, she wasn’t taking out walkers and people in every scene or putting on a brave face to try and trick people into thinking she was “strong.” She showed her humanity. She remained optimistic even when the world and everyone around her tried so hard to beat her down. She didn’t allow the world to change her… hell, even in her last moments, she wasn’t thinking about herself, but someone she basically just met. Some may call that stupid, but I’d call that brave. ESPECIALLY given the circumstances at the time. Emily Kinney did an amazing portrayal of a young woman who was trying so hard to hold onto her humanity in a world depraved of it.

        “I’m not Michonne. I’m not Carol. I’m not Maggie. I’ve survived and you don’t get it ’cause I’m not like you or them. But I made it and you don’t get to treat me like crap just because you’re afraid.” – Beth Greene

        That’s one of my favorites quotes from the show, because she wasn’t JUST speaking to Daryl, but to the audience as well.

        OT: Love all the characters that are left… they ALL deserve to be in the final four.

        • flowerskulls21 April 1, 2017 at 9:52 am - Reply

          Ummmmmm, no she really was weak, though.

          Quite clearly she was not Maggie, Michonne, or Carol. These are women who are strong and capable and can take care of themselves. So, you got that right, and kudos to Beth for realizing she was more of a Lori or Jessie than anything. Beth needed protection plain and simple, from everyone around her….whether it was Daryl, Hershel, Rick, Maggie, etc. Which is fine, she was a young girl, and she was thrust into the end of the world. But let’s not rewrite what happened on the show, and pretend as if she was anything more than a whiny, emotionally unstable, and irrational teenager. There is nothing misogynistic about saying as much. This show has gifted us with many great female characters who have multi layered and dimensional, who are independent, resourceful, resilient, loving, kind, etc. While Beth had a good heart and good intentions, she was a liability at the end of the da just like every other weak character. If we are going to prop up a teenage female character, why not Enid? Who is actually multilayered and can stand on her own?

          Also, let’s get over the fact that Beth is DEAD. She’s never coming back.

      • Cardinal April 1, 2017 at 6:36 pm - Reply

        That diatribe was right out of the Caryl shippers handbook. ?

    • jdubswalking April 1, 2017 at 9:35 am - Reply

      I think people are just sick of td spamming shit then acting like it “means” something. When we all really know its just another failed attempt at spamming to try and bring a dead character back.

  9. jdubswalking April 1, 2017 at 9:41 am - Reply

    Congratulations Team Delusional you guys are the best spammers. You really accomplished something here. I’m sure Gimple will now bring Beth back so a grown up can diddle a child on screen. You guys did it!

    • Cardinal April 1, 2017 at 6:40 pm - Reply

      Beth is up and it has nothing to do with your idea of spamming. Try to follow me here. It has everything to do with where this site wants her positioned. Do you understand now? You could “spam” Michonne and it wouldn’t make a difference. Got it now?

      • Aprilross April 2, 2017 at 1:38 am - Reply

        Do you ever just sit back and think about all this TD stuff….and then reread what you’ve wrote? If you’ve ever done that. How can you actually believe she’s alive when 99.9999% of the audience knows she’s dead. And ya’ll are stuck in ’14. Not a shipper, by-the-by. I come across td stuff and I want to believe you guys are long-game trolling.

        • Cardinal April 2, 2017 at 3:40 am - Reply

          If you’re not a shipper (which I don’t believe) then why does Beth even register with you? The character is dead in your opinion. 99.9999% of the audience believes Glenn is dead. If there were those who believed he was alive, would you be attacking them? The fact that you’re this outraged that someone has a different opinion (which is allowed) suggests you are more emotionally involved about something going (or not going) on in the show right now. So what is the real reason you’re so hateful towards Beth, her fans, and Kinney? Because that is desperate. Calling people out, is desperate. When you aim your hate at people, that is desperate.

          • Aprilross April 2, 2017 at 6:30 am

            Because ya’ll multivoted characters out of the poll that had more right to be there. I wanted Carl to be higher. He’s a worthy survivor. I am not hateful towards Beth; I feel her character is being misunderstood by shippers (and got a weak character arc), her fans, because they feel they were “robbed” and this poll is proof that ya’ll aren’t over it, and I called Kinney’s acting as it is.

        • Cardinal April 2, 2017 at 9:08 am - Reply

          I’m not sure why you turn your replies off, but sorry, your comments to amount to hate, because you went for the trifecta. Hate is a pretty addictive feeling and it’s harder to deal with because it gives one a false sense of feeling good about oneself. Kinney’s acting was just fine. There are a lot of fans outside of TD who like the character and the actress and wish that she had not been killed off.

          Perhaps you missed my earlier comment. This is really not a contest. Fans don’t get to multivote or spam. The characters are in those positions because that’s where the site wants them. It’s much like that favorite episode of season 5 “contest” that AMC did. No matter how hard some tried, Slabtown, I believe, came in first.

          It’s funny to see some fans comments when they get so riled up about it, because they are in such a mindset, they can’t see it.

      • jdubswalking April 3, 2017 at 8:27 am - Reply

        You know what I think I will now sit here today and spam. Let’s see how much I change the numbers alone.

    • christy_roberts28 April 1, 2017 at 10:07 pm - Reply
      • Cardinal April 1, 2017 at 11:46 pm - Reply

        Nope. The arguments against Beth are just downright stupid. And those people ought to be really embarrassed that shipping has interfered that much with their critical thinking and reasoning abilities.

        • christy_roberts28 April 2, 2017 at 5:54 am - Reply

          I agree. Shipping has no place in this discussion. But they have their agenda. And to them nothing else matters on the show except wanting their ship to get together. Anything that threatens that must be destroyed. Very immature attitude.

          That’s why some of these comments read like a 4th grader wrote them.

          These are internet bullies and they’ve been stalking me online for two years. I should not be surprised they’d stoop this low but well the proof is right here.

          • Cardinal April 2, 2017 at 9:18 am

            I agree with you. Shipping really has no place anywhere, other than where fans enjoy it and talk about it. And fans along with the actors and actresses should never be attacked because of it. I’ve seen shippers attack non shippers for making simple comments such as, “I thought something was going to happen.” And it doesn’t apply to Beth alone. Carol and Ezekiel are showing promise if something and I’ve seen a non shipper make a comment and be attacked and bullied by a shipper. When a fan attacks another fan, it’s quite the same as that fan that bit Reedus. The fan has gone too far.

  10. deadfan52 April 1, 2017 at 11:46 am - Reply

    Rather survive with Beth than Michonne?
    Team Delusional has really earned their title this time. Have fun dying in the apocalypse… LOL. ‘Tis what happens when you pick Beth.

  11. deadfan52 April 1, 2017 at 11:52 am - Reply

    Michonne: Saved Andrea’s ass, saved Rick’s ass, saved Father Gabriel’s ass, survived as a loner for months, can kill 20+ walkers in one sitting without firearms
    Beth: Developed mediocre survival skills, sang songs, acted a fool and got herself killed


    • C.D. April 2, 2017 at 4:16 am - Reply

      Beth: Gave Daryl a new outlook on his life and helped him realize his past shouldn’t define him. Saved Carol’s life more than one time in Grady. Gave Noah a little more time to live and escape his prison. Managed to manipulate and work her way through a strange group who literally kidnapped her.

      Michonne is an amazing character, but you don’t have to bring down another character to come to THAT realization.

      • deadfan52 April 2, 2017 at 2:19 pm - Reply

        Except that this is literally what this poll is. Voting up one character OVER another. It is quite literally a comparison of the two, in terms of WHO we would rather survive with. And when it comes to survival skill and ability, Michonne’s trump Beth’s, and there is no talking your way out of that. But sure, pointing out the obvious is “vile” according to the flimsy victimhood mentality you all wear like a badge of honor. Try being a fan of a PoC character or interracial ship — then you might know what real ugliness looks like.

  12. christy_roberts28 April 1, 2017 at 4:41 pm - Reply

    People who feel the need to tear down another character to build up their own are truly only revealing the nature of their own character… take a look in the mirror.

    The vile comments about Beth are uncalled for and just plain rude. Some of you should be ashamed. This doesn’t exist in a vacuum and I’m sure you wouldn’t say stuff like this to people on the street. The anonymity of the internet is not a free license to be an ass.

    And when you attempt to infantilize a character who was legally an adult and declared so by the actors and the producers you just reveal your true agenda and just made this about ‘ship wars’ Go you.

    People should just respect others opinions. That’s all.

    • Aprilross April 2, 2017 at 1:28 am - Reply

      Hey bgwp. Can’t wait for your S8 metas btw! Ep 100 ftw (7th times the charm) Huge fan.
      I know! Beth is a mega vet, huntress!!! She’s going to save TF from Negan and be the leader of the Saviours (or Oceanside). Btw, it’s actually amc have infantilized her. What you do to her character is actually butchering.

      She’s not coming back. And if this is ‘on purpose marketing’, it just means that this site knows how desperate you guys are to validate your headcanon of Beth. And will desperately haste click. The proof is in the pudding. ttfn.

      • christy_roberts28 April 2, 2017 at 5:47 am - Reply

        Desperation is posting this vitriol in the name of being a fan of the show

        You do realize that right…. It’s fictional. Your panties are in a twist over fictional characters doing fictional things. That’s just kind of sad.

        • Aprilross April 2, 2017 at 6:35 am - Reply

          btw, me guessing your tumblr name was 70% guess. Though how you talked about ‘marketing’ (means you’re obviousy td), and the first name in the description. As I said above; I wanted Carl to be higher. That’s it; that’s all I’m pissed off about. From the start as soon as I saw Rosita won the twitter round I and Beth won this easily multivotable one I knew he’d probably lost. And you’s are doing this so you can drag this poll as “evidance” over the long hiatus for “how popular she is”.

      • Cardinal April 2, 2017 at 9:25 am - Reply

        Didn’t Carol fans dream about her riding in to save Daryl from the torture Negan put him through? Don’t they envision Carol killing Negan for hurting Daryl and killing her friends? Don’t Michonne fans believe she’s going to be the one to kill Negan? By all rights, shouldn’t it be Maggie, or Sasha, or Rosita, or even Daryl, who kills Negan? Fans can dream about what they want for their character. It’s okay to do that. Making fun of it at their expense is hate.

  13. Brea890 April 2, 2017 at 6:50 am - Reply

    OMG this comments thread just keeps getting better. Keep making deposits into that karma bank account, haters. Your time will come. You all must have desperately sad lives already, to be so obsessed with Beth and TD that their names just continue to come out of your mouth, even though you claim to hate them so much.

  14. Whazzit April 2, 2017 at 11:45 am - Reply

    I like both Beth and Michonne. Their characters to me have determination, drive, and selflessness interlaced with hope that I have not seen in many other characters.
    The tough choice for me is between Rick and Jesus. One is awesome in so many ways and the other is just as equally awesome in so many other ways. Who to choose?
    Ultimately I think it will come down to Rick and Michonne. Both deserving and cannot wait to see the outcome.
    This has been a fun poll!

  15. Phantompesst April 2, 2017 at 12:22 pm - Reply

    I would like to survive the ZA with someone that is actually surviving the ZA. Michonne all day, everyday. The poll was another fun Skybound exercise, the comments are mental.

  16. christy_roberts28 April 2, 2017 at 2:05 pm - Reply

    No matter who wins it’s been a fun contest!

  17. Inana April 2, 2017 at 4:12 pm - Reply

    I’m glad it’s Michonne in comparison to Beth. Just imagine if it was Carol… WWIII – nothing less!
    BTW I’m a huge fan of Beth and Daryl (together or separately) but my heart is with Carol because she deserves peace, happyness and love and I can’t stand her suffering anymore. Also there is no one in team familly that I don’t love. Can you believe me?
    I’m just as simple…

  18. TheAtlanta6th April 3, 2017 at 4:27 am - Reply

    How did Beth even make it through the first round?!?

  19. acp April 3, 2017 at 5:28 am - Reply

    Wasn’t this supposed to end last night?

  20. TimVH April 3, 2017 at 7:19 am - Reply

    The contest ended with Michonne at 53%. Changing the numbers now is window dressing! Obviously, these people have nothing better to do!! Beth stans couldn’t take down queen Michonne. I love Rick and Michonne equally so either of them can win the championship in my view. I’m just glad Beth won’t be there!!!

    • Cardinal April 3, 2017 at 9:27 am - Reply

      It wasn’t a contest because the outcome was predetermined by the site owners.

      • TimVH April 16, 2017 at 7:50 am - Reply

        Clearly, you don’t know what you’re talking about! When Beth took the lead for about 5 minutes you posted, up thread, it didn’t matter if Michonne fans voted for her because the outcome was predetermined (as if TWD wanted Beth to win). LMAO:

        “Beth is up and it has nothing to do with your idea of spamming. Try to follow me here. It has everything to do with where this site wants her positioned. Do you understand now? You could “spam” Michonne and it wouldn’t make a difference. Got it now?”

        The only reason why Beth got to the Final Four is because no one really started paying attention to her until she had real competition. Michonne is far too popular, on the show and in the comics, for Beth to ever win against her head to head.

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