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McFarlane Building Set Contest!


Just for Skybound Insiders (if you comment here, you’re already one)! If you want to win a McFarlane Toys Walking Dead Building Set Mega Pack, just put ONE comment—ANY comment—down below! All we ask is that you’re nice, keep it short, and live in the United States. We’ll pick TWO Insiders at random to win the following building sets:

     Prison Tower and Gate
     Prison Boiler Room
     The Governor’s Room
     Prison Catwalk
     Figure Pack 1
     Merle & Daryl Arena Figure Pack
     AND a bonus Prison Tower set!

Contest ends October 30th, 2016 so get your comments in!


We’ve picked our winners!

Jokn00 and mollenhauerkeith! We’ll reach out to them and HOPE they live in the US. If not, we’ll randomly pick ANOTHER name and so on! Thanks for entering!

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Comments 608

  1. ssteen says:

    Skybound and The Walking Dead !! What more do you need?? Nothing!!

    • atmoore81 says:

      Skybound is awesome and please let me win this set!

      • patriotbrothersmc says:

        Anything to do with TWD including these fine MCFARLANE building sets is a great prize in it’s self,,being a HUGE FAN since minute one,day one,season one episode one and tonight was a “mind crushing” experience, I wish I were in the TWD family { The Show }

        • Daniel Carnock says:

          wow Glen had no dumpster to hide under and Abe was tough guy till bitter end. GO TWD !!!

    • dashokiboo says:

      Skybound is awesome! let me win this set! PLZ)))

    • Sarge1976 says:

      Aw man, I could have an Awesome weekend with my kids building theses sets if I won!

    • gnmach55885 says:

      Keep up the good work

    • senorlpz says:

      Gods I’ve been itching to get the rest of these sets! I hope the powers that be… choose me

    • datguyj76 says:

      Would love to start collecting these, maybe I will get lucky ?

    • Maleago72 says:

      A BEAUTIFUL woman loves your show I would love to make her year with your gift PLEASE!!!

    • Roland Krefft says:

      Double Thumbs up from germany.
      Building Sets are rockin!

    • Kimber Bogema says:

      Apparently there IS something else that I need!
      Great to be patriotic etc but excluding everyone

      • Kimber Bogema says:

        …that isn’t from the USA hardly seems fair!
        The show has a global following.

    • goreality4 says:

      Wow! The Governor and Penny one is intense! Love the prison set.

    • Mls-arkangl says:


    • knightsofnee says:

      Amazing set. Can’t wait!

    • smm211972 says:

      I would love this!!!!!

    • jenniferritter1 says:

      I want 1 bad. I never win anything.

    • Phillip Blake Lives says:

      I need this!!!

    • nicoooolexox says:

      I want this!

    • LadyGrimes says:

      Epic giveaway!!!!!

    • mrmartin291981 says:

      Love it

    • osborneterrence98 says:

      The Walking Dead and Skybound!! Need I say more?

    • godwardbaby says:

      Omg Binging on the show and enjoying it! Nothing more is needed!

    • kideoshaw says:

      I have always admired what they did with these building blocks. This would be a great place to jump on board 🙂

    • rathalos69 says:

      Usually just come here for the expansions to Cards Against Humanity, but a new edition to my man cave would be great! Tomorrow The Walking Dead returns, can’t wait!

    • tomclark90 says:

      I love the walking dead , I’d kill a zombie with my eyes closed for this building set lol!

    • titimontes31 says:

      Would love to build these while waiting for Skybound Black Friday exclusives

    • jenfee98 says:

      Skybound is amazing! And I would love to win!!

    • Shaun says:

      Walk this way for dead good prizes. Hope I survive long enough and get these surprises.

    • The Walking Dead says:


    • Bwrubac says:

      Entirely too much fun!!!!!!

    • klr5kezn says:

      Awesome giveaway

    • Shendrix719 says:


    • handicapped228 says:

      let me win this pls

    • john.lacount says:

      Yup, super BA, I’d love to have this!

    • bushido111 says:

      Can’t hurt to try.

    • damien_c253 says:

      Best of luck to everyone! Thank you skybound and TWD for this awesome opportunity!

    • jmpence25 says:

      Robert Kirkland. I’m not worthy.

    • Winter frosty says:

      Agree with everyone. Thankyou Sky bound and the walking dead!

    • pb_cod says:

      If I win one of these awesome sets, I’ll write in Daryl for president on November 4th!!!

    • chevelleman says:

      would be great to have this winter if I’m snowed in

    • biesemeierb303 says:

      Woooooo! Can’t wait to win ne one of these!

    • timmy_mac_nicoll says:

      Awesome can’t wait for season to start

    • fastfoodninjalarry says:

      Good luck everyone

    • elimn7 says:


    • ssgorik says:

      Eenie Meenie Miney Moe

    • hh88 says:

      These sets will look great in my black room

    • talgiene says:

      Skybound and McFarland = Genius!

    • pmgambit says:

      I Got my first set at Comic-Con and fell in love with these. I would like to add more to my set.

    • waigle says:

      The Walking Dead draws families together!

  2. jjmroczkowski says:

    Awesome set! Let me win!!!!

  3. kiljor2 says:

    Love TWD and Skybound just finds ways to make it better and better!!

  4. gunny_2 says:

    i live in the uk booooo 🙁

  5. clarson says:

    Love the wall of heads

  6. says:

    I need these sets!! Thank you for the contest!

  7. j.lauritzen says:

    Living in Denmark 🙁 Booo
    Nice prize and good luck to all competitors

  8. darkangl21 says:

    I would love to start my collection with these! You are all awesome!!

  9. jacob.champlin says:

    I do love my TWD toys!

  10. steven.mosley21 says:

    This set is so awesome. Takes me back to my childhood. Would love to start building TWD world in my basement.

  11. jokn00 says:


  12. drawingstickmen says:

    THIS COMMENT is the winning comment…

  13. rayveronxtc says:

    Been a fan since the comics released having one of these bad boys would make me the happiest man around

  14. naomieamartin says:

    Love The Walking Dead! Such an awesome set to give away!

  15. mike.comstock says:

    Love TWD, love building sets, what better contest than this. Hook me up!

  16. bbbneys31 says:

    I would give this to my boyfriend, he loves TWD.

  17. markus.hergt says:

    the wall of heads looks awesome

  18. alisa.ament says:

    I love TWD and can’t wait for it to return on Sunday!

  19. jballadares87 says:

    I would love this place if next to my funko pop of the walking dead

  20. rickcross says:

    Best. Toys. EVAR!!!

  21. anch312 says:

    It will look great in my room.

  22. RoxyBuster says:

    Wow, don’t have these! I need them!!!!!

  23. sociopathium says:


  24. Charlie3 says:

    These sets look great, would love to win one!

  25. bwwilson215 says:

    Skybound keeps getting better and better!

  26. JJAncheta says:

    I’ll be at The Walking Dead premier at Hollywood Forever Cemetery! Boom I win….Dropped the mic!

  27. aosmdavid says:

    Commenting for the contest.

  28. ben_weiler says:

    would love this keep it up skybound

  29. dennis_steffen says:

    Knock knock knock… Is this the gate to heaven?
    Cause I’m sure I died and came straight here, or it’s just the most awesome dream ever! I don’t only want this, I need it, I crave it!

  30. heather24242 says:

    Awesome!! I love them all!

  31. Truh22 says:

    Thank you!

  32. aniger617 says:

    I just lllllllllllllllooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeee The Walking Dead and need stuff….would so love to win this…Thanks for The Walking Dead…Awsome!

  33. skaterfromhell2004 says:

    Forget Halloween I found out that these are the best stocking stuffers for Christmas and everyone in my family love them.

  34. jodijonesintl says:

    Sunday night!!!

  35. customskincreations says:

    I need to win this

  36. vcostaa says:

    yeah… lets try ;D

    • vcostaa says:

      crap… just noticed that “All we ask is that you’re nice, keep it short, and live in the United States. We’ll pick TWO Insiders at random to win the following building sets:” and i’m from brazil 🙁 … I KNOW YOU CAN SEND THIS TO ME. please!!

  37. Tindomul says:

    Nice, thanks for the chance of winning

  38. Mlkent766 says:

    Let me win, please!! Look what I found in Griffin, GA…

  39. johnmpartner says:

    So looking forward to Sunday. TWD is like one of the greatest things I got going in life right now. Thank you.

  40. dunker925 says:

    Skybound is the king of exclusives…..all hail the king.

  41. Caesar says:

    Hope McFarlane makes more of these sets!

  42. We_Are_TWD says:

    Love the McFarlane sets!! I own Dales Rv the opening scene w Rick, Governor head tank (Its bad-ass) and Daryl on his bike. I’d love to win to add these to the Walking Dead McFarlane Mantle… Cannot wait to see what the next line of sets looks like… After this Skull bashing Sunday things in the TWD world will never be the same…..

  43. jeremy2978 says:

    Please pick me
    My favorite tv show and comic of all time
    And i dont own any of the building sets
    Thanks and good luck everyone 🙂
    Ps id love to see a negan building set in the future

  44. chris.mize says:

    Oh yeah!!! I want, i want!

  45. DenisDLH says:

    IM SO EXCITIED! This is gonna be a very hot contest! 😀

  46. Kpayne4775 says:

    Awesome set! I would love to win them!

  47. says:


  48. se.harris4 says:

    I like winning stuff and this looks neat

  49. batman6373 says:

    I love TWD, Skybound and building sets …. Would love to add these to my huge building collection ….. Then I can terrorize my Lego people….. LoL

  50. says:

    TWD!! I want one of these.

  51. adrennen2001 says:

    Pick me, pick me?

  52. batmanbaths says:

    The true thing that needs to be said here is,” How many walkers have you killed? How many people have you killed? Why?

  53. BigGrim says:

    Wow. Just so happens to be my birthday today. Be a nice present to receive one of these. Never too old for TWD items!

  54. RoadMeat says:

    This would be so cool to add to my collection.

  55. deejay.cuervo says:

    Wow this would be a awsome set in my bedroom ! Along with everything else walking dead item that i have already !!!!

  56. luvmesomewalkingdead says:


  57. kiltik says:

    Wow, very nice, I love TWD, thanks for the contest.

  58. bgreenan says:

    Love the Walking Dead, make my year please pick me , the Geriatric Geek…

  59. mrburn11 says:

    Cant wait for Sunday and would love to get my hands on some McFarlane play sets . You are all awesome.

  60. jaglajason says:

    I must win this can’t wait till Sunday Walking Dead

  61. leewd40 says:

    Skybound, McFarlane and Walking Dead OH MY !!!!!

  62. erthangll8 says:

    Three more days!!

  63. lckj1379 says:

    My wife’s birthday is on Oct. 22, and this would be a great gift from me via you to her. Thanks Skybound you guys are awesome.

  64. Brian4172 says:

    Skyward bound and McFarlane make the perfect ppair!!! Would love to win this set of walking dead !!! McFarlane makes the best and most realistic figures ever !!!

  65. melvee917 says:

    Robert Kirkman, making the apocylpse great again!

  66. jayoungjedi says:

    I would love to add this to my TWD collection.

  67. Chris Charlton says:

    We are the Walking Dead!
    If I win, I’ll move to America!!!

  68. woody_smith says:

    Can’t wait for Sunday and this Set would complete the excitement

  69. vicaleph says:

    If I win I feel like a child without appearing.<3

  70. allansears says:

    My favorite kind of stuff is free stuff.

  71. ctskms66 says:

    A virtual pee pants set.

  72. walt.dueck says:

    Awesome comic series, awesome show. Kirkman, Adlard and Moore are, in a word, BRILLIANT! The game, TWD:road to survival, is. . .cool.

  73. GMan1967 says:

    My son will love this

  74. Anissa says:

    Being a Skybound insider has its privileges!

  75. zhiller says:

    Got my Negan Halloween costume all set… Lucille looks pretty.

  76. jaysurette93 says:

    More McFarlane to add to my desk??? Yes PLEASE!! Never disappointed with the quality of McFarlane toys.

  77. mchughd7 says:

    May the Dead be with you.

  78. ashustin86 says:

    Today is my birthday. Would be great to win. 🙂

  79. dianekiss7 says:

    I love TWD and am a collector. Please let me win this set. McFarlane makes the best toys.

  80. alefizz says:

    Love The Walking Dead! Love Skybound!!

  81. remingtonsteel69 says:

    Wow, awesome giveaway! Sure hope you win!

  82. saramil458 says:

    I’m a grown adult but I’d totally play with this.

  83. toran6168 says:

    looks like a great set to win

  84. jessicaweiner1 says:

    I give deadhead a whole new meaning!

  85. tenimeart says:

    I never found these anywhere – need!!

  86. anticlockclock says:

    I would always buy the mystery packs at Target but they discontinued carrying them. I’d love to win a set so I can decorate my cubicle with more Walking Dead stuff!!!

  87. jollyjenniffer24 says:

    Good luck to all of you. i am not gonna win but i do hope 1 of you awesome ppl out there do. Thanks for such a wicked cool giveaway <3

  88. justlikesmith says:

    Another great product by the best company in the business

  89. snblanket says:

    Free stuff! Can’t go wrong!

  90. mrsinyster says:

    give me that.

  91. tmrindler says:

    I’m a huge walking dead fan and it would be awesome if I won

  92. jmakowski630 says:


  93. Karen Shih says:

    Love these sets! Set designer Grace Walker is a genius. Would love to have one of these in my collection! Season 7…sooon!!

  94. Nadeau says:

    MCFARLANE toys are the best!

  95. ksherwood85 says:

    This would definitely help me get over the deaths in the first episode of Season 7. :'(

  96. ceas04 says:

    Good luck to all who enter! We are all WD/Skybound/McFarlane fans and collectors. I hope to win this awesome lot!

  97. ceas04 says:

    Good luck to all who enter! I hope to win this awesome lot!

  98. MisterDuncan says:

    Hello people from Earth

  99. murdermusick187 says:

    This is an awesome chance.. couldn’t find these around here! Hope I win! Thanks!!

  100. outlawking20 says:

    I’m a superfan, this would be the best thing to ever happen to me. I’m handicapped, so I sit around playing with toys, this would be dream come true.
    Walking dead 4 life!!!

  101. Cherod72 says:

    I would love to win these sets. My boy and I would have a blast building them. He loves his Foam dart Crossbow I bought from you guys. Give me some buildings!!

  102. iespinosa says:

    If I build it…they will come.

  103. trewmail says:

    …i need these in my life!

  104. valene_lavallee says:

    You guys rock!!

  105. grimdel says:

    Walking Dead Premier in TWO. MORE. DAYS!

  106. MAC777 says:

    McFarlaines Toys are the Best and most realistic. Great choice for TWD line.

  107. cwselma says:

    I need this in my life! I have a huge collection a.ready also tattoos of the walking dead. Xoxoxo walking dead.

  108. joenickdavidedward says:

    I would love to win this! I love The Walking Dead and I love McFarlane toys! I love to build sets and would love to add these to my collection! 🙂 Hope I will but congrats to whoever wins! —Kara

  109. thematt3r says:

    Am I doing this right?

  110. fnarde says:

    this is a great set better than the Games of Throne the figures are so lie like and the towers are so detailed great work b Todd Mcrlane

  111. fireh3art911 says:

    Very big Walking Dead fan, always watch the newest episodes the day of, so much walking dead merch too! Didn’t win premier tickets but hopefully I can win this! Thank you!!- Victoria

  112. sychogrl26 says:

    OMG this is an amazing chance good luck to all thanks for letting me try

  113. Vicki Bogia says:

    I would love to win one of these TWD packs, I absolutely love this show, thanks for the chance.

  114. hopehavoc says:

    I NEED to win this Walking Dead Set Mega-Pack! The weight of my desires will cause me to collapse upon myself and become a black hole if I don’t!

  115. domaine_au says:

    ONE Comment. ONLY one. 😉

  116. t800m101 says:

    Awsome show ! Awsome actors ! Awsome sets !

  117. danieljlogan says:

    All the sets are awesome. The governors showcase is rad!

  118. rvenden_00 says:

    Just made Daryl’s Bike, would love to have some more to make.

  119. debwa187 says:

    This is so awesome! I would love to win and get to play with all the sets!

  120. noel_flores-watson says:

    Nice models. Would love one to replace my toaster.

  121. medic4205 says:

    Sending love to the Walking Dead from Indiana. Love the show, comics, and action figures.

  122. bubbayesmar says:

    UUUUUHHHHHHNNNNNNGGGGGG neeeeed these noooooooowwwwwww….. UUUUUUNNNNGHGHH

  123. beemnup says:

    I’m a huge fan of the walking dead and mc Farlane toys so this is the best of both worlds. And thanks to sky bound for making this all possible. Cheers Scott

  124. ecv_meyer3 says:

    This is so awesome! I would love to add these to my collection! So many likes and this stuff is awesome!

  125. livingsteno says:

    The Walking Dead, German Shepherd Dogs, Professional Wrestling, The Dallas Cowboys, Sandwiches, and my brother’s Orange Tabby Cat named Nichee. Those are my favorite things!!!

  126. biscochic says:

    I will (un)die if I don’t win these sets!

  127. BlueSR5 says:

    I must win!

  128. videogamedrome says:

    I’d love one although I’m in Canada, can I still win?

  129. Arkin says:

    Would love one of these to add to my collection! Thanks for doing this!

  130. torneaandrei says:


  131. abear8me says:

    My kids think Im crazy…<3 twd

  132. Ricktatorship says:

    There is no way that I could pass up on this! It would be awesome to add these to my collection.

  133. majikalone says:

    This is truly an amazing prize! WOW, I’d LOVE to win, I live for TWD!!! #TWDFamily❤️ #TWD

  134. dGaFF87 says:

    Thank you Skybound and McFarlane Toys for putting this together and other past giveaways like these, really shows you wanna give something back to us fans! Would be nice to win these and add them to my ever growing collection :).

  135. kdcppc says:

    Ah this is nice of them. Good luck to everyone entering x3

  136. agusfri says:

    ohh. this is great!!!!

  137. Arkin says:

    Who’s ready for the premiere!

  138. gmanbmx says:

    Walking dead is the best show on the planet earth!!!!

  139. elianfrumkkin says:

    the set’s look very cool !
    I want it so much !!!!
    the walking dead is the best show.

  140. WildKhaine says:

    Thanks, looks neat

  141. Happy1955 says:

    My daughter and son are diehard fans. So I shop for everything Walking I became a fan and watched all of the Walking Dead…Lover it…

  142. ghpyro says:

    Cannot wait for the season premier. Would love to have a McFarlane set to display. McFarlane Toys make quality figures that I have collected in the past.

  143. tate_deloach says:

    Just when I thought The Gov. was the Biggest Baddie, then along comes Negan! Cant wait for what Skybound and McFarelane Toys have coming in 2017.

  144. raevess75 says:

    I would love to win this my husband and I are true fans.

  145. MrMike says:

    I Hope Glenn gets his head cracked good lol

  146. trippin_x69 says:

    Awesome giveaway, thank you.

  147. aotarolar says:

    great sets…!
    love to have one…!

  148. steenhoekd1 says:

    Would love to set these up in my office!

  149. mclodo says:

    walking dead is the best
    i wish i would win the buildings set
    thanks a lot for your work

  150. bnchile says:

    I want to win a McFarlane Toys Walking Dead Building Set Mega Pack, its too dang cool.

  151. rbuzz31 says:


  152. Imjakeimsteak says:


  153. slimslamd2003 says:

    Glenn will die in the tv show.

  154. simply_me2005 says:

    This is really cool! I’d love to surprise my husband with this!

  155. nuttitom160 says:

    I love walking dead. I want very very very very very much this pack!!!

  156. oldecorpuscle says:

    like the monster models I had as a kid, awesome

  157. malahide66 says:

    please god let me win this.

  158. jtb2 says:

    yes, please! give me free things.

  159. fronz says:

    I want. Yes I do. Where do I send my shipping address? Thanks!!

  160. damofthedead says:

    Super excited for the new skybound walking dead game and also excited to hopefully win this contest!!
    Thank you skybound and McFarland toys

  161. tigertrumpet says:

    Fingers crossed on this contest! My 3 sons and I would have a blast!
    2 more days… 🙂

  162. RickGrimesBitch says:

    I would kill………(a walker OR a human) to build these

  163. johnpermaul says:

    Short and sweet!

  164. RocknessMonster says:

    Why not me? One time!

  165. BASTET. says:

    Loyal Long-Time Fan reward recipient right here. Nice & US address already on file. Easy.

  166. stormwaltzing says:

    I love the Walking Dead and you guys!

  167. Kfog51 says:

    I can’t get enough of these builder sets, I just love them so much and they’re really well done! Kudos to McFarlane Toys!

  168. dbhall55 says:

    Pick me! Pick me!

  169. gerbercage says:

    Nice sets. I want it.

  170. morph1138 says:

    This would be so epic to win!!!

  171. edmisson says:

    it would be so cool to win this

  172. jakitchen says:

    I would love to get this mega-set. They are so cool and reminders of great episodes!

  173. madball302 says:

    Skybound always does a great job!!

  174. Egamer says:

    Whoa! Those sets look so cool, but theres a lot of competition so gl everyone!

  175. obmug says:

    I always thought about picking these up so this would be a great starter set for myself…
    Thanks Skybound…

  176. wondel57 says:

    Ooooo Christmas coming early for me….. No no pick me!

  177. says:

    So want to win these. The detail looks amazing!

  178. ornithopter says:

    Yes, I want it.

  179. rbrydee says:

    This would be awesome to win! 🙂

  180. moonblade says:

    OK I will try my luck, but.. I doubt my luck:) Just wanted to say – EPIC rewards guys! McFarlane TWD toys are amazing wanted to congratulate you for this one! Keep it up! Love ya!

  181. waladd says:

    McFarlane Toys and The Walking Dead are a pair to beat a full house.

  182. kacireid805 says:

    I would absolutely love to win this for my husband!!

  183. garrettshuffler says:

    Awesome job

  184. srichardson2k5 says:

    Only two more days

  185. abhinitagrawal says:

    I just LOVE TWD.. i am Zombie fan. waiting for TWD7. good work Scopley, the Rocks!!

  186. zombiejules says:

    Yes please.

  187. Glenn24Rhee says:

    The Walking Dead is honestly my favorite fictional universe. To me, the Marvel Universe nor any other universe can compare to how special The Walking Dead is. My favorite episode by far is the season 6 premier. Possibly the best scene I’ve seen in a television show is when Rick and the Alexandrians retake their home. Plus, that extra Glenn death fake out in front of Maggie was beautiful (only because he didn’t die). If Glenn dies, and he most likely will on Sunday… I guarantee I am going to cry. Why do you have to do this to me?

  188. tangomonsters says:

    So much want!

  189. Amberngooden says:

    I would so love this :3

  190. fros_t2 says:

    This is awesome!

  191. steeldr8on says:

    We have walked with you since the beginning. We have lost a few friends, but don’t ever count us down and out. We will prevail !! We are united as family and will survive.! Look out world The Walking Dead is back !! Get ready to laugh,cry and fear for our family as the encounter a new enemy. Long Live the TWD .

  192. angelusvxv says:

    Wow. I’ve already got a table set up to display it with some of the other TWD stuff I have. I didn’t start on the graphic novels. Heard about the show first and instantly hooked. Now its all about TWD. Even been doing Shane(because I don’t have the hat and police shirt) cosplay. Shirt, badge, pants; at the comicons here. This would be awesome.

  193. mwarnock729 says:

    Really nice sweepstakes. Prizes are epic!!!

  194. pattonroberta says:

    What a fantastic prize!

  195. yankeesfan613 says:

    These sets look awesome. Hope I win.

  196. pstickypeanut says:

    Best prize to ever have a chance to win

  197. Bills642 says:

    Cool building sets! Really want these 😀

  198. reddherring says:

    this would be the best Christmas/Thanksgiving/Halloween present ever

  199. hercules215 says:

    I hope I win I would give it to my nephew just to see him smile

  200. hercules215 says:

    I also want to say thank you for a chance to win any of this stuff it is very kind

  201. unluckyone11975 says:

    I need this in my life! Thanks for the contest!

  202. Deathgasm says:

    Gimme gimme gimme…. please

  203. rschultzwichita says:

    I am sooooo ready for Sunday nite!!!

  204. crican915 says:

    This would fit my collection perfectly! Would be dope to actually win something for once!!!! So scared for the crew for the S7 premiere …..let’s pray that glenn somehow escapes another death..haha

  205. v_raustad says:

    Skybound is awesomely fantastic!!i can’t wait til the season premiere on Sunday of TWD!!

  206. blsanchez1962 says:

    Cool beans!

  207. skinsmets24 says:

    Great giveaway! I would love to win.
    Congrats to the winner in advance.

  208. itissavage says:

    Kirkman + Adlard + McFarlane = MUST HAVE! Consider me por favor!

  209. bhilgard says:

    These sets are amazing!!!!

  210. Dab282 says:

    I can’t believe it’s almost here, Sunday night can’t get here fast enough

  211. jonathanporier says:

    I’d love to expand my collection

  212. jonathanporier says:

    Is a vampire bat

  213. fortunes.ember.captain says:

    gotta try!

  214. razortwo69 says:

    These sets are awesome with great detail. Lego has nothing close to this. I would love to win this. it would finish my collection with the ones i cant find in my area. Maggie or Abraham will die on sunday just watch and see. Rip to who ever dies. the show will not be the same but will go on.

  215. jonathanporier says:

    I’ve never won a contest and if I won this one I’d be pretty grateful bros

  216. rgivens_10 says:

    I need this in my life.

  217. tyronealford77 says:

    I would love to replace the Governer’s room my kids broke

  218. Zombylicious says:

    The sets look amazing! Cannot wait for Sunday!!!!

  219. Robert Walker says:

    This would be a lot of fun to put together with the family.

  220. chunkthis2006 says:

    Thsee sets are cool

  221. ptrac2000 says:

    A wall of severed walker heads, what else could a guy want?

  222. greg281524 says:

    TWD is love; TWD is life! Keep up the awesomeness!

  223. kathrynantonacci says:

    These sets are truly awesome! Awesome of you to give us a chance to win them ☆☆☆

  224. oddlittleduckphoto says:

    I love these sets!

  225. fenwaymama81 says:

    Eenie, meeny, miney, moe. Catch a contest by the toe. If I holler let me if I win this contest so!! Please pick me ✌

  226. TheWalkingDeadisLife says:

    Skybound!? Mcfarlanetoys!?! Walking Dead!!!?? What else do you need in life to survive!?! Nothing! I would also love to win these considering I’ve never won anything in my life.

  227. loftlizard26 says:


  228. dolphin19_80 says:

    It would be amazing to win this pack… it could help me forget everything around me for awhile, just like watching all seasons over and over again

  229. Lindsey.hufford says:

    Please pick me! My husband and I are HUGE Walking Dead fans as we have viewing parties including grilling out and beers with friends every Sunday night to watch it. He is also a big time collector so this would be an amazing wedding anniversary gift I could surprise him with since these are pretty expensive to buy individually. Thanks and grateful for the opportunity to win! Can’t wait for Sunday as it’s been on our calendar for awhile now and the day is finally almost here!

  230. raider4717 says:

    Walking dead rocks!

  231. ichigo42 says:

    I can finally set up a mini death maze for all my figurines!

  232. beezling says:

    I need this to complete my set!!! So far I have …. um … one burned walker.

  233. madmattwolf says:

    Oh come on! Why is it always only for US residents?! You guys do realize that there is more to the world than just the US, right? And a whole lot of us support the f#$k out of the show, the comic, and every aspect of TWD realm.

  234. gabrielle_sida says:

    Awesome contest! Thanks for the chance to win.

  235. n.walls.2015 says:

    OMG I soooo want one

  236. spawnsfate says:

    Awesome add to my Walking Dead collection

  237. sbarteck says:

    Awesome! Love this show!

  238. speranza.js says:

    Two days till the premier!! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  239. Jami keeble says:


  240. jennysue279 says:

    These sets are soo Rad!! I would love to surprise my son with one! Good luck everyone!!

  241. jtinder says:

    Keep up the awesome job Skybound and MacFarlane. Would be a nice set to win!

  242. joleneburke says:

    I collect it all and read it all. I play the games as well. Would love to have one! I won tickets to the Talking Dead premiere and can’t afford the trip. Booo! Please pick me. 🙂

  243. rickinodessa says:

    Skybound never disappoints when it comes to The Walking Dead merchandise…..check every day to see what is new and what is HOT!!!!!!

    • rickinodessa says:

      Building Dale’s RV……one of many sets……family fun.

    • rickinodessa says:

      Couple of quality hours with my daughter and an awesome items for my Walking Dead Collection finished…..

  244. stoned.gamer.69 says:

    i started watching twd as soon as it came out and i been watching fear the walking dead since the start i,m a big walking dead fan my brother died july the 8th me and him and my wife would watch and binge watch the walking dead on netflix and hulu i would love to win this set for me and my girls to role play and live like twd thanks guys for the best show ever Steven

  245. chad_a_wells says:

    Can’t wait to build them all!

  246. says:

    Hell year! I wanna be the winner!

  247. dds.holmes says:

    I wanna win…

  248. Doogied035 says:

    “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe” Who’s going to win the construction sets?

  249. QuinnCapeSurvives says:

    If Daryl dies we celebrate

    • BASTET. says:

      Hells yeah!

      • the general of lust says:

        400 + comments ! ! i guess all you need to do is give some free stuff away, anyone that replies get a free sense of awesomeness

  250. dlcouffon says:

    Best idea McFarlane ever came up with & love each new set!

  251. devanttrio says:

    The Walking Dead rules!

  252. Klee9764 says:

    These are great and my son would love them!

  253. jmcnair52 says:

    This is epic, would love to have it

  254. allyle18 says:

    RIP Lucille. I never thought I would cry over the loss of a baseball bat, but when I read that issue, I cried! Thanks Kirkman, I cry over everything, but crying over a bat is a new one for me!

  255. bobbywaynechamberlain says:

    The possibilities with the different sets are endless. These are so detailed and great.

  256. fed0rocalypse says:

    I need these in my life!

  257. Mcraider23 says:

    SkyWalkingDead Head 4 Life- U (got the hook up on the gear) I ( got 2 kids )- (off of work recovering from back surgery) Christmas is coming help a SkyWalkingDead Head out so I can give the gift of giving to my 2 mini skywalkingdead heads. Been on board since day one of the show and got the comics and have pictures of Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker aka the Dixon Brothers with my kids from the Portland Oregon comic con. I have not worked in over a year from the fusion so got plenty of free time to watch the show but I am struggling with spending cash so this would amazing to win to give to my kids. Keep up the great work Thanks p.s. Giant fan this would be amazing☣

  258. shot_down_in_flames says:

    :3 Oh Boy! What a special treat! Good luck for everyone!

  259. ozzy420_98 says:

    This is awesome. I’m not expecting to win anything, just wanted to say this is some cool stuff. 🙂

  260. cbarone says:

    I’m your huckleberry!

  261. armand1700 says:

    I think Negan will kill Maggie. She’s pregnant and it’ll be the craziest death in the Walking Dead show. People will be so so angry and hate on the show and news articles will be written. Hey at least it wasn’t Glenn again. Lol.

  262. dxo666 says:

    Great sets for any collector, keep em coming!

  263. armand1700 says:

    Maggie is closest to Rick and the lowest person sitting just slightly lower than Daryl. She’s a goner.

  264. Gnasher13 says:

    Would love to win this awesome set!

  265. the1darkwulf says:

    That would be awesome!

  266. xano50 says:

    I love the Mcfarlane building sets, and i love Walking Dead. Need I say More?

  267. oldocseuss86 says:

    Absolutely love Image comics and McFarlane!!! Badass! Congrats to whoever wins this for sure! Although I hope it’s me

  268. Jawfish says:

    I’m 49 and have TWD toys on my work desk. 🙂

  269. jacqueline.m.swan says:

    I need this!!!!

  270. zackk112 says:

    Come on mega set! Thanks for the opportunity

  271. elect777ion says:

    I am a 56 year old mom of 8 kids and I’m the Walking Dead game player of the family, Love ya’ll for such a great time killer!!

  272. lordericvondrake6662 says:

    McFarlane Toys are hands down the best around

  273. Lindsay Aue-Rivera says:

    I’m A walking dead fan and I would really love to win this set PLEASE SO I CAN Build this with my sons… They’ll love it

  274. tmony81 says:

    Must have the Governor’s office, too awesome!!!

  275. hoving_adams3307 says:

    I love the Walking dead and I love these sets! Pick me

  276. xdace24 says:

    This would be my 2nd favorite thing from the walking dead the 1st being my tattoo… it would run close to me being a faction leader in the game.

  277. uhduh2105 says:

    I WANT!!! PLEASE!!!

  278. Battista718 says:

    So upset when I didn’t see a McFarlane booth at New York comic con… this would kinda make up for it even tho I had so much fun last year at that booth..

  279. cota472 says:

    I love the detail in all of the McFarlane toys, I can’t wait to see what happens on Sundays episode

  280. Sjamfoeter says:

    I wouldn’t mind winning this contest… So please pick me.

  281. Amberlopez27 says:

    skybound… says it all right there!!!!

  282. chriscampbellllan says:

    When season 1 came out my son was born. I was banned from watching it while he was there. So recently the on demand service I subscribe to has put 1-6 seasons out to watch and guess who binged watched them in a few weeks while my son was in school? Yep you guessed it. Now hand over your prized, water, food, medicine, weapons and ammo then I might let you live.

  283. mrscrappydoo says:

    I believe J.D.Morgan will live up to my idea of a bad a$$ Negan.

  284. Martin L says:

    I would love to win this; but if I don’t, I’m going to come back after I die and eat you. 😀

  285. nreality says:

    Nice set 🙂

  286. CosmicKitten says:

    So cool!! I’d love to win this for my mom–she’s a huge fan of TWD and she’d just love it. xD

  287. dj_delusional says:

    This is perfection

  288. isaiahwind says:

    Oh man, I need more action figures! I hope I win! Gonna keep my finger crossed!

  289. chris_arnold_1978 says:

    I like cookies!!!! lol

  290. conan87 says:

    Must win……musttttt wiiiinnnnnnn 😉

  291. dyrtybyrdz says:

    Yes! I own a few of these and need more to build my city! Love the show! Love the comics!

  292. Diane McRae- Hardin says:

    Moving to my own place and really want to set these up and play with them

  293. danielle.franck11 says:

    I would literally pass out if I won… please pick me!!!

  294. billybob100894 says:

    fingers crossed

  295. armedninja123 says:

    The prison tower set looks awesome!

  296. SaferD says:

    Wait a minute…not mother?!

  297. tj2407 says:

    Love the walling dead can’t wait to see next season would love to win please

  298. ultrasnake5 says:

    Oh man loving the minis there!

  299. jjmendez2005 says:

    Skybound is the best amazing! And I would love to win!!! arghhhh

  300. johnisepicatbo2 says:

    Keep up the good work Skybound.

  301. hikarub13 says:

    Nice figures. I would like to join this event and waiting for new season.

  302. Ludo-Z says:

    Alright, let’s try this ! ^^
    Will I be lucky ?

  303. lorenzhoee says:

    Bears Beets Battlestar Galactica

  304. killer94132 says:

    Skybound is awesome and please let me win this set!

  305. speedmcs3 says:

    Walking Dead is the Number One rated show on television!! Thank You Todd McFarland, and McFarland Toys for bringing this Awesome show to life!!!

  306. FRED40FL says:


  307. Shaun says:

    Walk this way for dead good prizes
    I hope I survive long enough to win these surprises.

  308. heretic.climbing says:

    Looks pretty sweet!

  309. Burntoast says:

    Negan and saviors set should be next!!! I love seeing all these displayed at comiccon

  310. governator says:

    Je suis un grand fan français de walking dead j’ai lu tout les comics,les roman,vue tout les épisode,fait tout les jeux, je serais super content de gagner ceux Concours merci skybound pour tout ceux bonheur

  311. searry says:

    You smell the gunpowder and you see the blood. You know what that means? It means you’re alive. It means you won. You take the heads so that you don’t ever forget.

  312. Mmwfy says:

    I’d fight my way through a horde of walkers for this!!!

  313. leatherberrytomarine says:

    Omg! I would so love to win this. I was always jealous of the people that got free Walking Dead merch on Talking Dead cuz I could never afford it. Good luck everyone but I really hope that I’m lucky for once.

  314. Rebelphoenix1234 says:

    Pleaseeeee, I love the walking dead and these would be awesome!!

  315. thatdudewhospunk says:

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I want this set more than you.

  316. dragonstriker1965 says:

    This awesome collection needs to be in my home!

  317. darbyroo7 says:

    These sets are amazing! I would love to win these!

  318. thomas4eva says:

    McFarlane /skybound keep the figures coming

  319. Rivera361 says:


  320. metalreaper101 says:

    I would love to win any of this! It’s so awesome!!’

  321. danrawlinson says:

    I am a huge fan of the walking dead, I love skybound and I have a massive collection of models and have a display cabinet I need to fill and these would be perfect, it would be a great set for my friends to come and admire so please pick me

  322. Rogerprim says:

    Perfect holiday gifts and stocking stuffers. Although I’d have to keep one or two for myself!!

  323. syntheticnature4 says:

    This would be amazing to win! I love everything about this franchise and I need to collect everything released, please consider me!

  324. kornybrad says:

    So much want on one page!

  325. coreyoreilly says:

    This plus the season premiere? I might have to move Christmas up on the calendar a few months.

  326. mlowicki says:

    Oh my gosh…I think I just peed with excitement…I would love this.. it’s amazing, loving The Walking Dead…new season starts on Monday too

  327. word2dakittycat says:

    Especially love the governor’s set….but they are ALL so well done!

  328. awesome_loser says:

    These look amazing!! Todd Mcfarlane is the man and The Walking Dead is the best show on!

  329. victorvalente2001 says:

    The building Sets are great i love that it can make you feel like your back at those episodes!

  330. jamesleeclover says:

    I have no words to describe how awesome these are

  331. Venezzo says:

    I would like to test it out, i imagime myself playin 823283828 hours 🙂

  332. madine56 says:

    Why not Zoidberg!!!

  333. runawayoctober says:

    Would love to win!

  334. theeisbaer says:

    would really love to win 😀

  335. TheBrandDan says:

    Negan’s Garage and Ping Pong table would be a nice set.

  336. tina_kohr says:

    cant wait till its back!!! Good luck everyone

  337. kanewirts says:

    This would be a great package for anyone to win. Good luck to everyone.

  338. j.p.doherty says:

    I wonder how close the scale is to the Walking Dead miniatures game. These could make cool accent pieces if it’s close enough.

  339. dimni_sergio says:

    im never lucky in this kind of stuff,but i hope this changes! 😀

  340. gabrielstuchi2012 says:

    If you guys ship to Brazil, I’m in!

  341. mmbaby99 says:

    Wow! This contest is amazing! The walking dead building set? What else do you need in life? Oh, I know hanging out with the cast and slaying zombies in real life

  342. randallthomas87 says:

    Love everything that is walking dead. This would go great with my little figures and my walking dead collection.

  343. Lia Mastri says:

    I would LOVE to add these to my Walking Dead Collection!

  344. heavensspace says:

    I cant wait fir the next season to start, its gonna be intense. Good luck everyone!!

  345. justinjackson170 says:

    This set is awesome and I would love to own it and proudly display it.

  346. JorDayne says:

    Very cool playsets and toys, I love the choices of locations and characters. My wife would be so pumped if we win this (she’s as big of a fan as I am). Fingers crossed

  347. MindyAnnF says:

    This is such an amazing giveaway! I would be thrilled if I won!

  348. says:

    I would like this please.

  349. gizmo89 says:

    My niece would love this. Why do you not acknowledge UK fans of the walking dead. It is awesome.

  350. jerdavids says:

    Shit Yeah!!

  351. debba1976 says:

    Look at the flowers, stayed up and watched the marathon last night and back up this morning to continue.

  352. wolfgangsmergnof says:

    Walker killing time!

  353. Enc_Hulk says:

    Before a Zombie appocalypse, Couldn’t I win this McFarlane Set? Don’t ya think? LoL

  354. littlelogan1 says:

    Eenie Meenie Miney Meeeeeee!!!!!!!!

  355. cat007 says:

    love the walking dead! me please! 🙂

  356. dg7258 says:

    Todd McFarlane and The Walking Dead sounds like the perfect match to me. Here’s to hoping I win.

  357. michael_b1984 says:


  358. karowskir says:


  359. lobos1632 says:

    McFarlane toys amazing as always

  360. blind2d says:

    Skybound is awesome and please let me win this set!

  361. Golden says:


  362. JudyH says:

    I would love to add this to my collection! Fingers crossed! 🙂

  363. deputyrickgrimes says:

    This would be a really sweet addition to my collection. I’ve got most of the regular sized action figures and I would love to have this. Here’s to hoping.

  364. Tmk5683 says:

    I can’t wait till the new season I love the walking dead!!!!!!

  365. robertjirg says:

    Skybound has some of the best customer service I have seen. Every time I order I get my stuff within a few days.

  366. gray says:


  367. bnbmcreynolds06 says:

    I would love to see these sets gracing our shelves. Have our own little apocalypse!

  368. grimace15 says:

    These sets look really cool! Can’t wait to build a few even if I don’t win.

  369. BingoBangoBongoh says:

    Kirkman, you sly fox, you! You’re lucky I love The Walking Dead! lol

  370. ohacity78 says:

    Tomorrow we find out who got Lucilled!!

  371. Mark Edmonds says:

    I could really use these please . When do the new sets come out ?

  372. 3373March says:

    Awesome … Another version of The Walking Dead in which I can lose myself, well, my mini-self at least!

  373. sassy.sagittarius says:

    I want to win this!

  374. WoodEroc says:

    Eeny Meeny Miney Mo..It’d be cool to win these construction sets, yo…

  375. Nightwing503 says:

    Walking Dead returns on my birthday! Best birthday gift ever!!

  376. douglandy says:


  377. melc6808 says:

    Fantastic… we are counting the hours now1

  378. bumkobeash says:

    Love the show and the app.. Addictive!!!

  379. twitchishklown666 says:

    I think I would have so much more of an easier time getting my girlfriend into the show, we these bad boys. She loves action figures and collectibles as a whole, so if I was able to thrust these build sets into her world then no doubt she would finally come over to The Deadside.

  380. danrobertsr says:

    Those are awesome looking!!

  381. loftnzo says:

    Season 7 tomorrow! Yeeee

  382. googlymoogly says:

    Awesome looking sets!

  383. hitman_graphics says:

    I’ve been collecting McFarlane stuff for 20 years. How can you go wrong with TWD and McFarlane. Winning combination!!

  384. muzikfreak18 says:

    This set would be great to add to my collection!

  385. GregMarch3 says:

    This would be the perfect start to getting TWD figures and sets since I don’t have any and can’t quite afford them. I hope I get chosen!!!

  386. jonathanporier says:

    These sets are getting hard to find in my town, I’d love to be blessed with winning this contest

  387. jonathanporier says:

    Steven would love for me to win this contest

  388. christowpher2003 says:

    This is truly the best show ever, the only show I would do almost anything to be on!
    Thank you
    Chris Los
    Eat Lyme, CT

  389. CubaFreeLibra says:


  390. Melissalev420 says:

    Love the building sets. Want to win one.

  391. sklepac1963 says:

    WOW, This is so awesome. This would be so amazing to win . I would really be favorite around my house if this showed up. Good luck all. But hope I win. PLEASE

  392. rtrodriguez09 says:

    Good luck to everyone in the contest. Hope Skybound picks this fan for that awesome lot. TWD rules!!

  393. lamonn_nuttle says:

    It would look great in my game room

  394. tichafrancis22 says:

    Walking dead for life and zombie life. Lol

  395. gonzosdead says:


  396. mickfoley247316 says:

    I can’t wait for Sunday!

  397. shortstackpixiedust1979 says:

    Hands down, the best show on television! Can’t wait for Sunday’s season premier!

  398. CuckooTuna says:

    Daryl & Merle!! Together again!
    I’ll drink to that!!! Keep up the good work folks.

  399. walker75 says:

    Like the lady in Napolean Dynamite said when she saw was being sold the tupperware “I want that!”

  400. krizzd says:

    Great thanks for the contest

  401. jaedog420 says:

    These sets look awesome, I hope I win!!
    I know this is a TWD site, but when will McFarlane make Saga sets like these?
    C’mon Skybound … make it happen!

  402. bjwhite211 says:

    These sets look great, I’d love to win them

  403. mtgdarkrhox says:

    I have never try to win something before because I don’t believe in it but these works are so awesome! So I give a try and I hope because hope never dies! 🙂 Really great work!

  404. Mollinators says:

    I am a very big fan of TheWalking Dead. I love McFarlane collectables especially the Red Top Box. I have a larger collection of artwork, McFarlane RedTop,funkos, posters,lucille key chains . I would really love these sets. Im trying to build a Walking Dead land like Train collectors do with trains. They build landscapes and that is what I am drawing a plan for and this would be perfect to get it going. These building sets are to the Best thing since LEGO’S . McFarlane building sets are the LEGO’S of this generation. I would be so great full if I won. Thank you very much for reading this if you are able to and thank you for letting us all be able to enter this contest. Would be nice if King Ezekiel and a Negan compound comes in the future. My layout is going to be on a 4’x8′ plywood base using all the Building sets along with model train tracks,small trees,roads cars, Another good building set would be Alexandria Building’s. Thank you once again
    I just got the NEGAN and Glenn bloody figure collector set its amazing.

  405. pizarrosharon says:

    I would love to win these. Please pick me. I loveThe Walking Dead!

  406. dyeh76 says:

    I’d love to own one or all of those gorgeous walking dead sets 🙂 My son and I would be more than grateful for it 🙂

  407. Gbgntx says:

    Dear Santa,
    Keep the stupid pony! I WANT THIS!!!!!

  408. greid4 says:

    My son got me hooked last summer by asking me to watch just one episodes, which I did, then I watched all 5 seasons in less than 2 weeks, ever since then I have been a Walking Dead Fan!!! I love every part of the show and the paraphernalia. My son and I have started a collection of the TWD action figures, I would be totally awesome to add to our collection a mega building set. We live in Canada and we are going to the Walker Stalker con on Oct 28th-30th in Atlanta Georgia!!! We can’t wait we will be a part of the Zombie interaction play.
    Please pick me and my son!!! 🙂

  409. laneys_daddy says:

    Play Eeny Meeny Miney Moe for em! Just pick me!!

  410. marc_wuthrich says:

    Waouhh ! i want a set mega pack !!!

  411. choozy1 says:


  412. nathanbraziljr says:


  413. residentbuffy01 says:

    Be awesome to win this!! 🙂

  414. Gina1967 says:

    I would love to win one. Any one I’m not picky ! Thanks for the giveaway.

  415. chevelleman says:

    please let it be me!!!!

  416. ggunzz16 says:

    This is the most awesome action figure set ever! My wife will love this! I need to win!

  417. the_babbling_holbrook says:

    season seven premiere tomorrow!!!!!!

  418. says:

    How cool would this be to add to our collection!!??!!

  419. Jeffrey068 says:

    Love it! Would love to win but I’m cursed with Irish Luck, Disabled Vet , ETC but can’t wait 2 see who Luceille was used on !!!

  420. says:

    I’ll support anything Todd’s a part of, he’s never been anything less than fantastic with me, personally!

  421. lapocooldude says:

    ayy dats purty gud

  422. chaos1ao says:

    Would sooo love this. I have several McFarlane collectables already. Plus they would be great for table top gaming 😉

  423. jdawgdyer says:

    Hope I win!

  424. twin_star18 says:

    Diehard fan of walking dead!!

  425. gds412 says:

    I never win but here goes nothing! Thanks for the chance.

  426. gds412 says:

    I never win but here goes nothing! Thanks for the chance

  427. jencieslewski says:

    Eenie Meenie Miney Moe…. pick me please, don’t say no!

  428. mrdetail says:

    Bring on the Dead!!!

  429. alicia.mcginnis says:

    Would love to win these!

  430. wjackson6270 says:


  431. eggek5361 says:

    These look amazing! I can’t wait for TWD to come back tomorrow night!

  432. rosieg002 says:

    OMG it’d be a HUGE honor to win these sets! I’ve been a huge Walking Dead fan since the beginning! I really hope I have a chance to win this.

  433. brandywine020280 says:

    I love the sets and the walking dead is my favorite show.

  434. sleiter says:

    The game completes my obsession with the comics and the show!!! Love it!!!!

  435. ed_ted says:

    I love McFarlane action figures! I hope I win!

  436. Tsmith229 says:

    “The day will come when you won’t be”

  437. lnmina says:


  438. quiroga_9_fer says:

    “This is SkyBound, and she is AWESOME”. I Wont to win.

  439. demondragon56 says:

    The Walking Dead is fantastic : )

  440. alphatau37 says:


  441. russelld89 says:

    It looks amazing

  442. Ricstan says:

    The show is a total mind blower both figurative and legitamative awesome special effects combined with a story line that lives you hungry for more maybe a arm or a leg please! LOL

  443. Danashdan says:

    Enie Minie Miney Mo! If you pick me I’ll loose my mind!!

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