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The Walking Dead Season 7 Power Rankings: Week Sixteen

Spoiler Alert

The Walking Dead Season 7 Finale altered our Power Rankings more than any other episode so far. See our final list of the season and tell us if YOU agree with the order in the comments below:

1. Negan


Negan was caught off guard just as much as Rick this episode, but we’re not ready to move him down in our rankings just yet. Negan still managed to pull the wool over Rick’s eyes with his Scavengers deal and even escaped with the majority of his force in tact. After recognizing Rick’s new allied power, Negan took some momentum back and decided it’s finally time to go to war.

2. Rick (+1)


The battle of Alexandria (specifically its aftermath) allowed us to move Rick up a spot. Although he was completely blindsided by the Scavengers’ betrayal, almost lost Michonne, and had to watch while Carl nearly get Lucille’d, he EVENTUALLY came out on top now that Alexandria, the Hilltop, and the Kingdom are united.

3. Simon (-1)


We’re marking Simon down a peg because he didn’t do much outside of acting as a human shield for Negan during the battle. Sure, that’s what #2 men are supposed to do, but with Rick taking back the crown we had to drop him.

4.King Ezekiel


After mulling over an attack on Negan for half a season Ezekiel FINALLY gathered his army of BMX armored-soldiers and Shiva to join the battle of Alexandria. Ezekiel arrived just in time to distract Negan from killing Carl, which resulted in several Saviors & Scavengers getting shot, stabbed, and mauled – forcing the Saviors to retreat. Now that he stands alongside Rick and Maggie there’s no telling what sort of damage they can inflict on the Saviors.

5. Maggie


Now that Gregory’s M.I.A. Maggie took the reins as Hilltop leader and rode into Alexandria in a Galdalfian guierilla-style attack that helped save Rick and the others. Aside from the battle, Maggie had to also deal with the loss of Sasha, whom she eventually buried. However, we’re hopeful that Maggie’s losses this season seemed to equal her gains, with her baby on the way and new leadership role. (Side note: We loved seeing Negan’s face when he realized Maggie WAS alive and Father Gabriel had lied to him. Priceless).

6. Michonne (+1)


Even though Michonne got the shit kicked out of her this episode, she still managed to throw garbage lady off of a tower and live to tell the tale. She’s going to be immensely important in the upcoming war.

7. Carol (+3)


There wouldn’t be an epic Shiva/Kingdom calvary moment had it not been for Carol’s influence on Ezekiel. Finally finding her footing again, Carol suited up this episode and helped lead the Kingdom to Alexandria to battle the Saviors. Like Michonne, Carol will be extremely pertinent to the cause next season. The question is, can she keep Morgan in line?

8. Daryl


Make no mistake, Daryl made the right move by NOT killing Dwight in the cell. He trusted him and it (mostly) paid off – Dwight DID slow down Negan’s men in time for them to prepare for battle. However, Dwight also stood idle while Negan swung back to kill Carl, so this relationship is far from perfect. But Dwight’s playing the long game, and if that carved wooden figure he left for Daryl saying “I didn’t know” was any indication of trust, Daryl should feel relieved.

9. Dwight (+3)


Dwighty Boy’s in an interesting position right now. He’s working for both Rick and Negan, and although we’re not sure if we can 100% trust him, he still holds power in both communities, which is more than most survivors can say.

10. Carl (NEW)


CORAL! Following the attack on Oceanside, the one-eyed rollerskating Grimes boy showed up AGAIN this episode to take out seemingly dozens of Saviors and Scavengers. In fact, it was Carl that went all Fort Sumter and fired the first shot that began the battle in the first place. We hope to see more savage Carl next season.

11. Jesus


As we mentioned in last week’s power rankings, Jesus is essential to Maggie and her new reign as the (temporary?) Hilltop leader. Also, he’s essential for his parkour-style ninja moves where lots of people end up getting kicked in the face.

12. Eugene (-3)


Eugene you no-good two-timing Benedict Arnold f**k. You joined Negan and the Saviors on their surprise trip to Alexandria, assisted in Sasha’s suicide, and escaped with Negan back to The Sanctuary! Even if you’re playing the long game like Dwight we’re in no position to forgive you anytime soon. We’re much bigger fans of Grimbly Gook now.

13. Morgan (+3)


Morgan focused his insane CLEAR energy into something good: viciously staff-stabbing Saviors in the face. After Ezekiel mean mugged him and threw around phrases like “capricious malevolence” Morgan decided to take his crazy hat off and help fight the Saviors. Now that he got out his frustrations on the Saviors and sat nicely with Carol at the end, everything will be fine now…right?

14. Father Gabriel


Has anyone else noticed Father Gabriel looks the most natural at using a gun? Anyway, Gabriel was a silent badass this episode that even shot at the Saviors as they were leaving! Way to follow through, Gabe!

15. Tara (-2)


Tara, we know you’re still upset that Dwight killed your girlfriend and you’re now in a position to exact revenge, but your plan is flawed and made us drop you down a few spots. Sure, killing Dwight would solve things in the short term, but keeping him alive as a double agent is a billion times better use of your energy. We’ll give you some points back for helping Rosita after she got shot in the battle, but only because she’s been a total brat to you this season and saving her went above and beyond the call of duty.

16. Rosita (-1)


Rosita could have been SO clutch this episode if 1) the bombs she placed under the Saviors detonated, 2) she didn’t get injured in literally the first 10 seconds of battle, and 3) she resurrected Spencer just to turn his creepy ass down again. But despite accomplishing none of those things, we have to give her props for not hesitating to explode Eugene and Grimbly Gook into a billion pieces. If it worked, THAT is something that would have really propelled her up the rankings.

17. Jadis (-11)


Jadis nose-dived in our Power Rankings after her plan to hand Rick over to Negan was thwarted by Sasha, Ezekiel, Maggie, and Shiva. She lost a sizable amount of her people and was forced to retreat with the Saviors back to God knows where. Because we don’t know if she’s with Negan and if this was a one-time deal (it seems like it was) she doesn’t currently hold any power over anyone. NOTE: We would remove her from the rankings completely but her telling Michonne she was going to lay with Rick after the exchange was hilariously ballsy and we commend her for it.

18. Gregory


Why even put Gregory on this list? Why do we do anything? Well, if the comics are any indication Gregory may be gone but not forgotten. He very well may play a significant role next season. Though after Maggie’s heroics in the battle, it’s difficult to imagine him ever reclaiming power from her again.

Notable Loss: Sasha. Don’t get us wrong, Sasha did the only thing she could do in that situation – disrupt Negan’s momentum and potentially bite his face off. BUT, she’s unfortunately dead now and barring any unforeseen Abe/Sasha dream spin-off show, we can’t keep her on our list.

On the Bubble: Enid, Natania.

How do YOU feel about where we ranked our characters in our final Season 7 Power Rankings? Who do you predict will move up or down next season? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. Nogle April 5, 2017 at 5:09 pm - Reply

    Shiva didn’t make the list? As Negan said, it’s a godamn tiger!

    I loved that scream he made when she attacked the guy behind him. Sounded like a little girl

  2. las13 April 5, 2017 at 5:59 pm - Reply

    Michonne was in hand to hand combat, and won. I would not rank anyone above the survivors alliance. They won this battle, despite the odds. Negan and Simon went screaming and running for cover the exact second their bully advantage was lost. Rick should be #1, when it looked like there was no hope, he gave it right back to Negan. He didn’t back down. Not like Negan & Jadis. Those two ran for the hills, like the chicken shit bullies they are. LoL, just my opinion*

  3. emmathomp007 April 6, 2017 at 1:14 am - Reply

    leaving a comment because im broke & really need to win that comic

  4. brianbobryk95 April 6, 2017 at 3:16 am - Reply

    I thing you totally underrated Father GABRIEL.

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