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Telltale's The Walking Dead

UPDATED: Telltale Season 2 Episode 5 Discussion

Once you’ve played the episode, come and discuss the Season 2 finale! But if you haven’t played it…

TURN BACK. If you haven’t played Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 2 Episodes 1-4, there are major SPOILERS AHEAD:

Okay, now you’re good to go ahead and spoil everything in the comments below. If you haven’t had a chance to play the episode yet because it isn’t out on your platform, come back and comment once you’ve been able to experience it! (That’s Wed for Xbox 360 users, and Thurs for iOS).

What did you think of the finale episode?
How did it compare to the Season 1 finale episode?
What was the hardest choice in this episode?
What are your predictions for Season 3?!?

Discuss below!

UPDATE: We’re giving away a copy of the 10th Anniversary edition of The Walking Dead #1 SIGNED by Robert Kirkman! Just leave your comment below and our favorite observation about the Season 2 finale will win the book!

UPDATE 2: And the winner is… Martin Hare Michno, whose poem about the finale was a creative and touching summary of the final episode of Season 2. Plus, it rhymed, and I’m a sucker for rhymes.

    • HUSSLEXANDXFLOW March 9, 2016 at 7:04 pm - Reply


  1. Nina T August 26, 2014 at 10:07 am - Reply

    So fucking mad at Telltale Games for the decisions that had to be made today.

  2. Nina August 26, 2014 at 10:14 am - Reply

    The finale for Season 1 was much more sad. I didn’t really bond with Kenny and Jane as much as I did with Lee. The hardest fucking choice was to choose between Jane and Kenny. In the end, I chose Jane and then left her because AJ was alive the entire time and she made me kill Kenny. I kept replaying that part, to see what would turn out better. After actually leaving with Jane, I see that it might be good. New survivors come to Howe’s, and it seems like we can trust them. But, there isn’t much food. Also, when you leave with Kenny, you get to Wellington, which turns down new members. They give you supplies and Kenny wants you to leave him and stay in Wellington. I chose to stay with Kenny. And you walk off with more supplies than with Jane, because you receive two bags of supplies thanks to guilt. If you walk away from both Kenny and Jane, then you close to a field of walkers and you cover yourself in walker guts to walk through. I still have a decision to make. But, my gut’s telling me to choose Kenny. I will stick with him through and through. To season 3 we go.

  3. re1na August 26, 2014 at 10:27 am - Reply

    telltale i made a strong bond with kenny!!! I won’t fucking leave him even if a have to give up on my life!SO DON’T MAKE ME FUCKING LEAVE HIM CUZ I WON’T!!! I LOVE KENNY <3 <3 <3!!!WAITING FOR HIM IN SEAZON 3!AND I HOPE HE STAYS UNTIL THE END OF THE GAME!!!!!GOT IT!!!

  4. Noah August 26, 2014 at 12:13 pm - Reply

    I got really pissed at Jane when I found out she hid the baby right after I chose to shoot Kenny. But I forgave her just so I have a better chance to survive. The new members at howe’s is nice. I feel like we could grow a community and stuff. I am very interested to see what happens in season 3.

  5. Inti Koreneef August 26, 2014 at 12:54 pm - Reply

    I scared the shit when clementine woke up next to lee !!

  6. Andrea August 26, 2014 at 1:13 pm - Reply

    i agree that the finale for season 1 was much more upsetting. and a lot of people feel that the writers were pandering the audience with season 2. when jane and kenny were fighting i panicked and decided to shoot kenny. after i found out that aj was safe i realized what janes plan was. i realized that keeping kenny alive would have been cruel. he was getting worse and worse everyday. the only reason he trusted clementine was because he associated her with duck and katjaa, but eventually he would have turned on her too. but i feel very very excited for season 3. im really excited to see the type of relationship that will form with jane and clementine as she gets older and more mature. and i have a feeling that we will see more framiliar faces even from season 1.

  7. Tim Thomas August 26, 2014 at 2:08 pm - Reply

    is episode 5 already out for season 2 on ps3?

  8. Terrence T. Watson August 26, 2014 at 2:58 pm - Reply

    Honestly I went Kenny all the way. Granted I realize no one way is truly the right way. But after thinking about it and the end result is determinant on your actions. But for me? The established goal was to get to wellington as mentioned by Christa in episode one. Clearly that goal has passed onto you and Kenny and AJ.

    As for the final decision on who I felt was right. Here are two things to consider.

    Kenny: Though he maybe dangerous he truly wanted to be a father to AJ and Clem. Granted he might have done some extreme things like beat up Arvo. ( If you asked me Arvo had it coming especially with the way he constantly slighted you in these two episodes. )

    Jane: on the other hand lied about the baby being dead. That’s unforgivable in my eyes while she was trying to prove her point. She clearly put a innocent child in danger where walkers could have easily got to him. Yeah okay R.I.P Jane. I don’t hate the character but I hate what she became this episode.

    Also for those who wanna argue this point?

    Jane: thought Kenny was a liability and did everything she could to try to get him out of the picture. Kenny was at least willing to take Jane with him to wellington he even asked if she was okay when she was in an accident.. Also she was all like everyone talks behind your back and even had the nerve to mention Mike Bonnie and Sarita two of the three recently betrayed you? Yeah okay…..

    You decide to ditch me in episode 4 and decide all the sudden its okay to run the okey doke on me in episode 5? Not a chance in hell.

    Sorry Jane but letting Kenny kill you was the right choice.

    • Daniel Zaiser August 29, 2014 at 2:13 pm - Reply

      You are bringing up good points, but Kenny really changed, I didnt wanna believe it either until the very end, and Jane making a point, ok even if it wasnt ok to say it right away that the baby is ok, she tried to, but kenny wasnt even gonna let her talk…

      Kenny deserved to die, because he did not change, even though he promised…

      • MHfanboy55 August 29, 2014 at 4:30 pm - Reply

        I think Kenny hitting you or Jane hitting you depends on who you sided with most. For me, Jane pushed Clem out of the way

      • Pablo August 29, 2014 at 9:15 pm - Reply

        Yes, but Kenny in a moment (before Luke dead) He said to Clem, “You know me Clem, I am like that” or something like…Kenny always was like that…And when Jane said to him thing bands about his family, that dont helped so much :/

      • Putch August 30, 2014 at 8:24 am - Reply

        The way I played season 2, i sort of became Kenny’s child, went against him sometimes but. I loved and do still love that guy. He does so much for you. Yeah he might be an ass sometimes, but hi will never let you down. unless you hide away a kid kenny has takken parenthood over. I mean. damn Jane, damn. You hid his kid from him, not expecting him to go nuts?!

      • jkp August 30, 2014 at 8:43 am - Reply

        Kenny didn’t change at all. At his core he was the same: loyal to his family (of which Clem truly was by the end,) with a good intuition about people, and an innate stubbornness when he believes he’s right. His flaw was that he was emotional, and was not good at group leadership, but he was right about far more than he was wrong – going all the way back to season one.

        He certainly was right in his opinions about almost everyone in season 2.

        What’s strange to me are the many people in this came who decided to shoot Kenny and side with the flaky anti-social loner who left her own sister to die, who provoked an unnecessary fight with Arvo’s gang, and who left a week-old baby in an abandoned car in a zone filled with walkers so that she could murder Kenny, which was her objective at that point.

        Face it, Jane fans: Telltale metagamed you!

        • Jim Jones September 2, 2014 at 11:25 pm - Reply

          And real life p0wned you. Kenny’s got the classic signs of an abuser. Violent, unpredictable at one moment, manipulative and “charming” the next. Battered-wife syndrome – you’ve got it.

          • jkp September 3, 2014 at 8:32 am

            Sure, the abuser who supplicated himself to the woman at the gate, begging her to take the children he cared about.

            Anyway, I’m sure Clem will think about that as she sleeps warm by the fire at Wellington.

            Hope that burned out shell of a hardware store with the woman who thinks nothing of murdering people is working out for you!

      • jack August 30, 2014 at 9:51 am - Reply

        have you seen the kenny ending i love kenny for that even if i chose the happy route and didn’t do what he asked of me

    • Jacob August 29, 2014 at 4:08 pm - Reply

      I have to say I shot Kenny out of mercy. He had miserable for so long. But when I discovered jane had hidden the baby to prove a point I realize aj and Clem weren’t safe with her either. Clem is strong enough to be on her own and so she left with baby

    • Shelby August 30, 2014 at 4:19 pm - Reply

      Okay I’m gonna respect your look and all, but I wanna explain why I went the complete opposite way. Throughout the entire Season 2, Jane has been explaining her reasoning behind her ways and it all clicks together in the end. She couldn’t trust people so it made her very paranoid and untrusting of others. Clem broke that. She reminded Jane of her sister and she wanted a restart. Kenny was putting Clem in danger. He was reckless, weak, and was only thinking about his own selfish needs (but as was Jane), but she would do anything to get back what she lost. AJ was in no harm. He was in a car with a secured door so no walker could’ve just snuck up on him. Kenny on the other hand didn’t even think to attack Jane. No questioning no reasoning just brutality. Jane is the better choice because of her upbringing. Kenny had to rely on everyone else’s stability to keep him moving (just like how he constantly dragged Lee down in Season 1). Jane can fend for herself and teach Clem, Kenny would only soften her.

    • Jim Jones September 2, 2014 at 11:23 pm - Reply

      Kenny is the classic abuser. If you stuck with him, you’ve got the beginnings of battered-wife syndrome, and you’re just another victim who knows better but refuses to act on it.

  9. chuck August 26, 2014 at 3:34 pm - Reply

    welp kenny is gone….kind of wish the option was there to kill jane for that one. tricked me into killing the last person from the original group. also thought clem had died when she woke up next to lee. had the family check on me after yelling “you better not kill her off you bastards!” lol….i might be a bit attached…full replay of both seasons is in order…

  10. Viktor Hubert August 26, 2014 at 4:01 pm - Reply

    I think I made the right choices, although they were hard.
    I choose to go with Kenny, but only as far as Wellington.

    I couldn’t really trust Jane. She was a loner for too long, and even if she was honestly trying to help me, I just couldn’t accept the way she kept offering solutions that involved abandoning people.

    Basically she saw the worst possible outcome in everything, and I think in a way with that she helped those outcomes become reality.

    Her ways could work, but that’s not a path I wanted to walk on.

    Even though Kenny killed Jane for no good reason, Jane was basically the one taunting him. She wanted that showdown, she wanted Kenny to crack. She even kept saying that Kenny will blow up, like she wanted it to happen.

    I choose to stay in Wellington because I felt a bit like at the end of season 1.

    It’s like I’m not even playing with Clementine, I’m playing with Kenny – or Lee -, who wants Clem to find a safe place, where she can be kid again for a little while.
    I felt like I WAS Kenny when he tried to convince Clementine to stay.

    I think even if Kenny dies like this, he’ll die in piece in a way, knowing that there’s at least one thing he did good: he helped AJ and Clem to reach a safe destination.

    That ending was so intense for me I seriously cried for like 5 minutes straight, as I watched these events unfold.

  11. Will Wakefield August 26, 2014 at 4:17 pm - Reply

    I’ve never felt such a strong connection with a character on a game clem reminds me of my daughter she looks like her very much we are both darker skinned not black more olive I have a goatee and short black hair it’s like lee and clementine in real life I have a love for clem this is an amazing story season 3 although may not be possible I hope lee somehow returns for clem and Kenny if you chose to not end Kenny most people with a heart would keep Kenny it’s a love for such a crucial family member. Until season 3 🙂

  12. Van Dam August 26, 2014 at 6:58 pm - Reply

    I think you should have had the choice to shoot jane, not only kenny! I chose kenny because he’s the last person from the old group. And i still think that they made the wrong choice to let lee die in the first season! Can not wait for season 3!!!

  13. Martin Ruiz August 27, 2014 at 12:37 am - Reply

    Loved the ending! I think it was good or just as good as season 1’s ending. This last episode had me yelling at my tv screen especially crossing that stupid frozen, pond//lake thingy. I couldn’t give up on Kenny! I feel for him man! I let him kill jane and I couldn’t leave Wellington without him. Although I admit I went ahead and made two save files to have two different endings but this time after Kenny kills Jane I had the choice to shot Kenny which I did and once again clem ended up alone as she did at the end of season 1 this time with baby AJ wrapped in a blanket. instead of going to wellington it ends with clem and Aj attempting to walk through a massize zombie hoard. All in all It was fucking awesome and so dramatic with some great writing ill be waiting on season 3 homies!

  14. Damin Heath Williams August 27, 2014 at 2:00 am - Reply

    aha when Clem woke up next to Lee I buzzed out like “Fuck, what if the end of Season 1 and Season 2 was just all about her having a nightmare” but as I went through it I realized it was just her subconsciously seeking Lee’s guidance one more time. I’m pro Kenny, I always loved him, but I couldn’t see him kill Jane especially seeing as we didn’t truly know if she had killed the baby or if some kind of accident happened, so I shot Kenny…but I didn’t think he was gonna die, I thought the shot was just gonna get his hands or something so that the knife got knocked from his grip. They’re gonna have a lot of work to do for Season 3, aren’t they? They’ll need to cram like three games in one aha

  15. JW Coombs August 27, 2014 at 4:16 am - Reply

    With all these different determinate endings, I’m worried for Season 3. Will they actually develop four completely different story lines to go along with the decisions each player made at the end of Season 2? Or will they just review the player percentage statistics, and model the Season 3 story after the most popular choices among the players? If they choose the latter, I’m worried for Kenny, because I know many people chose to shoot him(which is jacked up if you ask me). Ah, I don’t know what to think anymore! But, I’m really worried for Kenny. #TEAMKENNY #SAVEKENNY

    • Cassi August 28, 2014 at 10:01 am - Reply

      I didn’t shoot Kenny. I literally moved my mouse back and forth about 12 times stomping my feet and croaking in pain trying to decide what to do. Ultimately I couldn’t shoot him. I went back and did just to see what happened / other endings. But I’m sticking with Kenny because that was my first choice. Jane knew he’d snap if AJ died but I still believe he would NOT have had the same reaction towards Clementine if it was just Kenny and Clem. He didn’t trust Jane and had good reason not to. She was wrong to intentionally make him snap. At the end when Kenny insisted that Clem and AJ stay at Wellington and leave him I knew I made the right choice with Kenny. He was trying to atone for all he felt he had done wrong and losing his first family by keeping his new family Clementine and AJ safe. Right or wrong that was at the expense of everyone else, even himself. I stayed at Wellington because he was so passionate and emotional about it.

    • Tonya Khramova August 28, 2014 at 10:00 pm - Reply

      Actually, I’m worried too. I really hope we will start out each at our endings. I doubt Telltale will make 5 different games (there are five endings, aren’t there?), maybe they will just get all the storylines together somehow (although I don’t see how it’s going to happen, since half of players have Kenny alive and Jane dead, and other half has it all the other way). Maybe it will be a completely different story?… Or maybe it’s about AJ, but much later than where season two ended?… I don’t know. And I don’t really want to go guessing now. But I’m 80% sure they won’t do season 3 for one most popular ending. I get a feeling that every ending has 20% in stats, so there is no ‘favorite’. And yeah, I, on the contrary, have seen a lot people not shooting Kenny, So, yeah, if there won’t be Kenny, I don’t think it’s because of players’ choice %)

    • Martin Hare Michno August 31, 2014 at 3:25 am - Reply

      Actually I think it’s pretty easy to connect all the endings together.
      Let me explain; there are 5 endings:
      1 Go with Jane to Carver’s camp with new members.
      2 Go with Jane to Carver’s camp without new members.
      3 Go with Kenny to Wellington and stay in Wellington.
      4 Go with Kenny to Wellington and don’t stay at Wellington.
      5 Go alone with AJ, last scene on a field.

      So we only know where Clem is in the endings 1, 2 and 3.
      In the other endings (4 and 5) we don’t know where Clementine is heading.
      Maybe Kenny and Clementine go back to Carver’s, but Kenny dies on the way. Meaning Clem is left at Carver’s.
      So I’d guess that in endings 1 and 2 Jane either leaves or dies or something. Leaving Clem alone at Carver’s.
      And in ending 4, maybe she gets kicked out of Wellington, or finds someone there. Something that will make her go back to Carver’s.
      Of course in ending 5, Clem just walks by herself towards Carver’s, maybe not intentionally, but bumps into it.

      Or another way of connecting them is:
      In endinds 1 and 2, it turns out Carver’s camp isn’t safe anymore and they have to go to Wellington. Maybe the family you let in are dangerous or a zombie attack, I don’t know. So from there, maybe Jane leaves or dies in the attack. Or maybe when they get to Wellington they’ll only let Clem inside with AJ. As for ending 5, Clem just walks towards Wellington. I’m not sure how because it was snowy in Wellington and Clem’s at a nice summer field. But maybe she changes direction or something.

      Last I can think of is that in ending 1 and 2 Clem has to leave Carver’s camp because of something, then ends up in the field.
      In ending 3 Kenny dies on the way, Clem ends up in a field. And in ending 4 Clem has to leave Wellington for whatever reason and she ends up in the field.

      I hope I made sense, but that’s a pretty reasonable to way to connect all the stories without having to make a load of different “Episode 1″s for each ending.

  16. Pythonix August 27, 2014 at 6:36 am - Reply

    This episode was great. IGN was thinking about a dream sequence with lee, and they took it into consideration and made it happen. Awesome! The choices for me atleast felt way harder, like the decision (SPOILER) to kill Kenny or let him kill Jane. I myself let him kill Jane because Kenny has been through alot with Clemintine not only through the second season, but trust me I have alot more reasons too. Jane was a great character, but for me something changed in her for me. I get she was trying to express her point but she already knew how mad Kenny was so she kind of had it coming. The last decision for me was the most difficult, Alot of people said “damn right I’ll stay at Wellington”, I opposed from doing that. It’s like I actually have a friendship with a game character with Kenny that one redneck ahha. He really showed that he’d care for Clemintine and Alvin Jr. Can’t wait for the next episodes, they seem to get better every time. (P.S, I just had to express my thoughts on this episodes, please no judging my grammar or how shitty I write reviews because this isn’t a review, just my thoughts.)

  17. Gregarious Raptopoulos August 27, 2014 at 8:59 am - Reply

    This was the episode that officially solidified, in my opinion, that the game has surpassed the comic in terms of quality. The comic has been on a downward trajectory ever since Negan was introduced and even more so with AOW, especially with the anti-climactic ending. This game has the feel of the comic before Alexandria Safe Zone. I find it odd that I now care more about Kenny and Clementine than Rick, Andrea, and Michonne. Carl is the only character left in the comic I have any emotional attachment to anymore. I’d actually be happy if most of the main characters got killed off and the book focused on Carl.

  18. Owen De Val August 27, 2014 at 9:02 am - Reply

    I finished this a few hours back and I’ve been distraught ever since. Throughout the episode I was on edge because the all the characters present, with the exception of Luke and Arvo (Side note: I found Arvo’s presence to be extremely annoying and at times I just wanted him dead) I wanted them to survive… however after my decision to cover Luke and even attempt to break the ice to get to him, I felt that Bonnie and Mark started to show how they really felt. When they attempted to make off with the truck and the supplies, I knew that they could not be trusted, so I called for help then Arvo shot me… The Dream sequence with Lee was really puzzling for me… was that whole season really just a bad dream…? I was kind of hoping it was but… Then it was just Clem, Kenny, Jane and AJ… When they started to argue, I knew I’d have to choose between them. That whole part of the episode was hard for me. Kenny was my friend, we’d been through so much… Jane was my partner, as long as we were together, we’d survive.
    The fight was devastating, attempts to break it up were futile but I tried to anyway.
    In the end… When I held that gun between my cold dying hands… I couldn’t choose. I was I supposed to? So I stopped playing for five minuets. Cried. then came back to it. I shot Kenny. I immediately started to cry but when he attempts to comfort you and tell you that you’d make the right decision… I felt a little better about it. Then I left with Jane, how could I leave her, not after shooting Kenny. That and I liked her anyway so I would never had left her. Returning to Howe’s was like walking into hell with all the fire put out. Seeing Craver again… I’m still Glad I saw that. Would have preferred to have done it myself but… Then I turned down the family, because “I don’t trust anyone.”
    An hour or so later I used up all the other save files seeing all the outcomes.
    I didn’t shoot Kenny which was still emotional for me because I just love Kenny and he was such a mess, and we reached Wellington. The decision to either stay with Kenny or enter Wellington literally made me cry again and Unable to choose I cried and picked to stay and I cried some more, I replayed that again and stayed with Kenny.
    Finally I let Kenny kill Jane and then I shot him, leaving just me and AJ…
    This episode was the greatest and toughest to date. Every decision carried with it a whole airport of emotional baggage.
    The fact that this episode has five endings make me think that Season Three will follow a new group of survivors in a new setting, doing this will piss me off so much but I can see why they’d go down that route with the series. I mean, do you really expect Telltale to make five different stories? I mean they easily could but it will take them well over two years to. I love Clementine, Kenny and Jane but… I don’t suppose we will see them ever again which brings me to tears but perhaps it’s time to *Sob* Let them go… Goodbye Clementine. I’ll miss you.

  19. Charley Pope August 27, 2014 at 9:16 am - Reply

    That was a good episode. I am looking forward to seeing what season 3 has in store. I really wanna hear news for it soon. I really also hope we play as Clem still. Though I do not know how that could happen.

  20. Ollie Whittall August 27, 2014 at 11:20 am - Reply

    Goddamn I’m so broken right now, I need me some of that rum.

  21. P0dz3mn1 August 27, 2014 at 2:29 pm - Reply

    I was one of the 23% that in the end killed Kenny and left Jane. As far
    as story goes I liked Kenny. Not so much in S01, but in S02 he kinda grew on
    me. Deep down he was a good person, but in the end was obviously
    breaking down from everything that happened and was becoming a
    liability. I’ve agreed with Jane most of the time, and could see her
    viewpoint on things, but that thing in the end what she did was
    disgusting. Just to prove a point she manufactured a situation where it
    was obvious that Kenny was gonna flip his shit. If AJ died in that
    blizzard I would forgive her and go on with her, but after I heard the
    baby cry I was ready to shoot her and felt even more bad that I shot
    Kenny. So yeah, that was… depressing.

  22. TimmAY August 27, 2014 at 5:57 pm - Reply

    I had to choose Jane, due to Kenny being completely unstable and I felt he was going to snap at any moment. But the way in which Jane made him snap was unforgiveable in the first place. But because its only Clem and the baby I allowed her to come with me just because there is a more of a chance to survive. we’ll see how season 3 carries but if she lies to me again she’ll be gone.

    • Richard Warner August 28, 2014 at 6:27 pm - Reply

      The worst part about killing Kenny was the fact that I realized, even if Clementine didn’t, was that Jane hadn’t and never would have killed AJ. But seeing Kenny’s downfall throughout this season made shooting him feel less like betraying a close friend and more like putting down a rabid dog. Jane may have her issues, but she did not want the fight to go as far as it did, nor is she the ice queen that she pretends to be. She is merely a strong, but lonely person that has suffered through so much that she can barely bring herself to get attached to people without suffering the paranoid fear that she will lose them. Just like Clementine probably feels about Omid, Pete, Sarah, Luke and Lee. All both girls want is a stable group.

      Barring that, if Telltale actually manages to make a story that can be followed on from any of the 5 endings, then they’ll prove beyond a doubt that they are a gaming company to be reckoned with.

      • Creshosk September 15, 2014 at 7:39 am - Reply

        “but she did not want the fight to go as far as it did,”

        Why did she want the fight at all? She did lie about AJ dieing and left him in a place walkers might have gotten to him. She basically put his life at risk… why? To prove that a man who had suffered through so much loss couldn’t take more loss?

        Personally I’m okay with her dieing. As she put a babies life at risk for her ego, and lost it should have been her life on the line. If she’d cared about the kid, truley cared. She wouldn’t have played that little game.

        Strong? You mean pouty little child who gives up when things don’t go her way, right?

  23. Glenn24Rhee August 27, 2014 at 7:16 pm - Reply

    Who else feels like crying? I can’t believe everyone died. Everyone I cared about that is. Jane was interesting and a little too much of a loner, but I still loved her character. Luke was awesome (saddest death of the season). I kind of felt like this season was rushed. The characters didn’t get the best storyline. They all died way to fast. Kirkman needs to think about making the seasons longer to give characters a chance to grow. Season 1’s characters felt like they had a longer story line; even Shawn and he died in like the 1st episode. Still loved it so much!

  24. John Gilmore August 27, 2014 at 8:18 pm - Reply

    I went with Jane all the way. Probably mainly because I felt she is who I would more than likely be in a zombie apocalypse, and I liked her style of survival. I knew what she was up to the whole time when she said the baby “was dead” I thought as soon as she said it that she probably just hid it to show what Kenny would do. And even though she antaigonzed him…it just should what would have happened in the future if someone were to cross him. Kenny was my heart in soul in season 1 and when I found out he was alive in season 2 I nearly cried with joy. But he was just a good man that had way to many bad cards delt to him. I felt if I went with him he would end up snapping and killing eveyone. So I love Jane

  25. Lauren August 27, 2014 at 9:28 pm - Reply

    I agree that the ending of this season wasn’t nearly as good as the ending of season one. However, I was really satisfied with the ending I chose.

    Kenny was the only option for me. He was there in season one and in this season, he really grew on me. He always cared for clementine, even if she made him angry, or if he was angry at everyone else in the group he never was too cruel to clementine. And from the moment AJ was born, kenny loved him & had his best interests at heart.
    Jane was a great character & I loved her too. When she left the group the first time, I was pretty pissed about it. I forgave her, but I got tired of her not trusting anyone around her, I get that she had been through a lot but it just got old to me. After clementine was shot and stuck in the car with the walker, jane just leaves with the baby for clem to fight the walker off alone? No no no. That was it for me. She never really cared much about AJ either, not as much as kenny did. And although clementine is tough, I don’t feel like she could survive out on her own with a baby.
    So I let kenny kill jane & I decided to not go into Wellington. I was crying like crazy when I made that decision & when the flash back to lee happened. Kenny obviously cared about clementine and the baby so much he would allow them to go off to safety without him. That selflessness made me realize he was the only one I could trust clementine to be with, even if it meant she didn’t go into Wellington.

  26. Jason Thomas August 28, 2014 at 2:54 am - Reply

    Well that was messed up . That was a really good episode it had some extremely difficult choices.

    • Cassi August 28, 2014 at 9:27 am - Reply

      Man of few words. I cried like a damn baby at the end. WTF?! How can they make me choose to let Kenny kill Jane or kill Kenny myself?! So messed up. Then you make me choose to protect AJ and keep him safe or probably never see Kenny again. That speech he made! AGONY! Also I hate Bonnie again. Bitch. I assume Kenny killed her.

  27. Pooria Hosseini August 28, 2014 at 11:27 am - Reply

    I think telltale should make a major change in his career for season 3,it’s disappointed when all choices you made direct you to one way,i mean when you choose to save kenny or jane,they haven’t to be dead in the next episodes,like duck,carley,alvin and etc.maybe they should create two or three story line for that.

  28. Andrew Newman August 28, 2014 at 3:54 pm - Reply

    Personally I hate this episode. Made me cry with almost every decision. I cant kill Kenny even if hes gone mad. And I didnt want Jane to die. She is smart and very good at surviving. I dont want both to have to die and go on my own. Even though that seems to be a smart move, after all everyone in this game seems to be completely insane. Arvo shot Clem, people betraying one another. If you want to go the smartest route you would kill Kenny, and make the family leave. Yes the family may be of some use. But who knows the guy had a gun. Killing both Kenny and Jane is more of the badass stupid ending. Now if you go and let Kenny kill Jane, then you get the most depressing ending or the makes you feel good ending. If you go into Wellington, and leave Kenny you feel like shit. You know Kenny wont make it. Even with his supplies at hand. And your stuck between having a “Woodbury” like sequence happening. And I dont think thats good for Clem or the baby. Now, if you go with Kenny and get the second bag, you feel good your not letting Kenny go and You MAY have the chance to come back to Wellington. Even if your stuck out of it. All in all if you want to cry your eyes out go with the hat ending. If you want to have a chance at survival in Wellington go with Kenny. If you wanna play it safe go with Jane. And if you want to go back to your roots Inv the family in. Although… Your just setting yourself up for another season 1. I am very impressed with this game. It toys at your emotions and gets me irritated deeply. All in all I loved this episode more than any other before. The Walking Dead will always be my favorite series of all time.

  29. Christina Timberlake August 28, 2014 at 3:56 pm - Reply

    At least Luke can finally meet Lee now….

  30. TheAntmanCometh August 28, 2014 at 3:58 pm - Reply
  31. The One With No Life August 28, 2014 at 3:59 pm - Reply

    teh game wus gud…..NOW WHERE THE FUCK IS MY PRIZE (jk love you guys)

  32. Walker_swag_alex August 28, 2014 at 4:00 pm - Reply

    I love Kenny so much. He’s honestly my favorite character. I don’t know why anyone would want to choose the option to shoot him. Or to leave him and go into Wellington. You ask me, who is #myclementine ? My Clementine is with Kenny until the end.

  33. Adam Nixon August 28, 2014 at 4:00 pm - Reply

    Kenny reminds me off rick sometimes and Rick is awesome so it was an easy choice for me

  34. Emily August 28, 2014 at 4:01 pm - Reply

    “No regrets” slips out between gasping sobs. She clears her teary eyes and watches as the doors close and Kenny disappears into the distance. A whisper of gratitude, sadness and love hangs in the air as she reflects on this beautiful journey. Thank you Telltale, thank you

  35. Davey Boy August 28, 2014 at 4:04 pm - Reply

    Knew what was coming and yet still shocked me and made a grown mans eyes leak, can’t believe how attached I have got to the characters. Boom lee is back!!! No he’s not!!! Boom who do u kill and who do you trust?
    Well played tell tell, well played

  36. Beau Tiplady August 28, 2014 at 4:04 pm - Reply

    Well, I’ve always been a big supporter of Kenny. I always sided with him. This episode did something amazing. It turned me against him and then turned me right back to his side with more love for his character than ever. Great episode, great dialog and great character development! 10/10

  37. JaimeStuller August 28, 2014 at 4:04 pm - Reply

    I thought it was brilliant! I had so much fun and was so engaged in the story even though it hurt.

    Season 1 was just different. I don’t feel it was better or worse. All I knew in season 1 was I had to protect Clem. Season 2 I wasn’t sure who was good for Clem anymore.

    Hardest choice was if to kill Kenny. I played through it twice and in the end I feel like killing him gave me the ending my Clementine needed. Hardest decision overall was deciding who’s table to sit at. It was like high school all over again and was torturous.

    In season 3 I hope it shows Clem as a little older hopefully still watching out for the baby and possibly meeting up with Christa. I kept waiting to see her again and we didn’t but I don’t think she’s gone.

    Thank you so much for this game!

  38. Nate Forsha August 28, 2014 at 4:04 pm - Reply

    When Kenny walked away at Wilingham after leaving Clementine and AJ there all I could think about was Michael Bolton’s “How am I supposed to live without you.”

  39. TheAntmanCometh August 28, 2014 at 4:05 pm - Reply

    Going into season one’s series final my only goal was to keep Kenny safe, was I going to rescue Clementine? Sure, nothing was going to stop me, but no matter the choices presented me I was going to do whatever it took to keep Kenny safe (as Lee he was my friend) and now in the season 2 final I was presented with the decision to decide Kenny’s fate and I honestly didn’t know if doing so was the right thing. In the end my old (perhaps misplaced) loyalty won out and now its just Clem, Kenny, AJ and the open road.

  40. RonRon August 28, 2014 at 4:06 pm - Reply

    As much history as Clem and Kenny had, I ultimately chose Jane. She taught me more this season on how to survive and hell even saved me more times than Kenny ever had. With Kenny I always had to pull him together and even though Jane was a flake the dynamic worked better. She taught me how to survive and I taught her how to trust people again.

  41. ThreesixteyonoscopElulz Weedzi August 28, 2014 at 4:06 pm - Reply

    Man, this was a heart breaker. Feeling so betrayed by the rest of the group. Not only were they going to leave Kenny to die, but me and a baby. So then Kenny and Jane get in a fight, thinking AJ was dead. I couldn’t do anything but watch them try to kill each other. After I saw Kenny kill Jane I couldn’t handle it. He was to dangerous. He was a ticking time bomb, like they said. I had such faith in him too. We all saw how loyal and kind he could be, but in the end his rage consumed him. SO I shot him. I raised the gun to him, and he told me to do it. So I did. I discovered AJ was alive, which meant Jane wanted this fight all along. They were both wrong. So now it is just me and AJ, trying to survive.

    My after thoughts? I wish it could have gone another way, but I couldn’t live with Kenny acting like Carver. Nor could I be with anyone from that group so willing to give up on someone. Maybe it is for the best for Clem to be alone. Away from drama and unnecessary violence. Only time will tell, but I have faith in Clementine to survive.

    This ending really got me. It really questioned my morals. If you ever have a friend that says the Zombie Apocalypse would be awesome, have them play this game. It will shut them up. And let’s not even mention the dream with lee in it. I was crying like a baby because of this game. Recommending all my friends to get it. One of the best games I have played in a long time.

    • JaimeStuller August 28, 2014 at 4:10 pm - Reply

      This game has made me realize I will be in a ball crying during the zombie apocalypse!

    • Tonya Khramova August 28, 2014 at 10:27 pm - Reply

      I know that feel, bro. I actually couldn’t believe Bonnie and Mike would leave like that. I mean, it’s okay if they don’t want to be around Kenny, but taking everything, the truck, the supplies, and leaving the baby… That’s low. I hope they got a real long walk since they didn’t get the truck.
      I feel really bad for shooting Kenny. But again, I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay with Kenny knowing he killed someone because he overreacted. Neither I were able to forgive Jane for such a provocation.
      It’s been a few days already, but I still either think about whether I did the right thing, or cry about what happened. X(
      And yeah, sorry if it was hard to read, “no speaka de English” 😐

      • Creshosk September 15, 2014 at 7:25 am - Reply

        Technically he didn’t overreact. Even if he didn’t know it Jane was gambling with the Kid’s life. She lied about him dieing and left him alone in a place that has walkers around.

        She was putting a child’s life at risk for the sake of her own ego. She was provoking the fight. So in the end no. And Kenny was right about Avro. You give him the medicine, you’re nice to him as possible, ask to go with? He still shoots you. And since Avro was the point of contention, Kenny wasn’t in the wrong.

  42. AFunnyMobile August 28, 2014 at 4:09 pm - Reply

    I guess you could say Luke did the ice bucket challenge and nominated Clem and Bonnie.

  43. Ryan Cepolski August 28, 2014 at 4:12 pm - Reply

    Through the whole game i had fallen in love with Kenny’s character. i saw everything that was being portrayed in him. He was nothing but a family man, and every time he lost someone he snapped a little more and it drove him to want to survive and protect his remaining loved ones even more. i could see the game slowly making you decide if he was losing it too much, or if you would still trust him, Kenny would never harm a child especially Clem. As crazy as he got, i understood his pain through the whole thing and i knew he would kill to protect Clem and especially AJ when he got in the picture. That’s why i personally trusted him. Although he was irrational and didn’t think enough at times, i knew he only meant for the best and no one understood that but you. Jane was an oddball. I didn’t expect to like her as much as i did, nor did i expect her to be at the end, i expected you to choose between Kenny and Luke or something but they did a good job. i love how innocent Clem is portrayed by not understanding some things, even the baby part i had gotten but at the same time shes grown up and acts nearly like a young adult in her decisions. The end was extremely hard for me to choose out of all the episodes, because Jane was a valuable ally to travel with and as a friend, while Kenny was a father who would never stop until his family is safe. slowly watching him lose hope and gain it back with Clem and AJ made him an even better character. i adored how you guys made Kenny out to be a bit calmer in the final episode and apologize for everything hes done making the choice harder for players less favorable on him due to his aggressiveness. He ended up being my choice and once i got to Wellington and had to make that final choice i lost it. i was so torn with both decisions. i Couldn’t leave Kenny. We had gone through too much and i didn’t want him to lose everything one last time. Season 1’s finale was great, but this one put a different perspective; it wasn’t as violent and action packed, but showed a more calm and friendly perspective on the group so you could remember their happiness, and to twist your calm emotions into a tornado of chaos in a quick moment. This season had me mumbling and ranting to my friends about it for days and they hated when a new episode was coming out because id start going on again especially after this one. I have no idea whats to be expected in season 3. With all the endings you could chose, I couldn’t imagine a story about Clem continuing on other than the intro of episode 1, But you are Tell Tale. You guys have made my favorite stories since i was a child and even now with the more mature style stories you have just blown audiences away. There’s not a episodic project you guys will create i wont buy now.

  44. KC2033 August 28, 2014 at 4:13 pm - Reply

    I thought that the finale episode was a great way to finish the season. It was both heartwarming, tense and I was unsure of what option to take when I was up against the clock.

    The Season 1 and 2 finale were completely different beasts, but I teared up on both… more so on Season 1. It was tough to know that Lee would not be around to take care of Clem and the uncertainty of who would be there for her. On the other hand, I had a really tough time having to choose between Kenny and Jane who I built strong bonds with. Having to put down Kenny was extremely tough, it was clear that he was out of control since he lashed out every time someone didn’t agree with him and even at Clementine. I built a strong bond with Jane and she complements Clementine very well, not to mention that Clementine was rubbing off on her at the same time as she starts to warm up to having people to care about and protect, so I was willing to forgive her.

    I am hoping that we can continue Clementine story a few years later as leader of her own group with Jane/Kenny/Alone or in Wellington. It was explored a bit in Season 1, but I enjoyed being in the leadership position and having to make tough calls for the better of the group and seeing if we end up becoming Carver/The Governor or not. I wouldn’t be against playing as a different character either and joining up with Clem, but I am strongly for continuing her story since I am very invested in her already.

  45. Nedry August 28, 2014 at 4:15 pm - Reply

    In this episode there was no right or wrong choices. And no matter which one you did, no matter who you saved and you lost. We wrote the story of Clementine, we all thanks to Telltale and just for that I am grateful their. Thank you for the good times and bad, thank you for making me smile and for making me cry. Telltale thank you.

  46. Gorthaur the Cruel August 28, 2014 at 4:17 pm - Reply

    I went with Jane. I never liked Kenny in Season 1, and while I grew fond of him in Season 2, I could tell that Jane had the right idea about him. He was losing it, and anything could send him over the edge. The believed loss of the baby made him completely uncaring for Clementine and violent to both her and Jane. When it came down to it, I knew Kenny’s emotions would get the best of him if I went with him; he wouldn’t have the same concern for Clementine’s life that Jane evidently has. I really liked the sisterly camaraderie between Jane and Clementine, and Jane has been by far one of my favorite characters of the Season. I could forgive her for lying; I knew from Episode 2 that Kenny would end up losing it, and it’s better to finish him now than later.

    I don’t think the Finale was quite as good as Season 1’s, but it’s unfair to compare the two. They’re two entirely different Seasons, and should be judged independently, in their own right. I thought the Finale was done very well, and anything more than what happened would’ve felt too melodramatic. It was brutal, it was remorseful, it was tense, and it was tasteful. It lived up to my expectations for sure, and I honestly can say my faith in Telltale is renewed after what I considered to be a relatively uneven Season. Nevertheless, I enjoyed every Episode and am eagerly anticipating Season 3.
    The hardest choice in this Episode for me was whether to trust the family in the end. Even now I’m still not sure if I made the right choice letting them in. I may even replay the ending before Season 3 rolls in. Yeah, it’s a kind gesture to help them out, but as any fans of the graphic novels, TV show, and/or game will know, trusting people always has a catch, and that catch typically doesn’t work out in the end. It was definitely difficult to let them in or kick them out, and I hope Season 3 has some connection to Season 2, especially regarding the ending.

    My predictions? Can’t say for sure right now. I think that Season 3 will be focused on different characters, and if not, it’ll be centered on Clementine and Jane/Kenny/Clementine by herself. I think and hope Telltale will take the development time to give Season 3 fully different storylines depending on who she went with, and I hope, hope, hope that Jane (or Kenny, in the case of those who chose him) doesn’t get killed off early on. I’m attached to her, I’m attached to Clementine, and in this unforgiving world of flesh-eating horrors and heartless human monsters, I hope that, just like with Lee, Clementine will have at least one safeguard to lean on, at least for the time being.

  47. Nicole Nace August 28, 2014 at 4:18 pm - Reply

    In my opinion everyone thought Kenny was unstable. I(as clementine) felt she grew enough to come to know him. She understood everything he went through and his way in dealing with mourning and the loss of everything. I don’t feel like he over-reacted in the slightest. He was overly protective and stern for a reason and that was to survive! So I played Clementine as the only person who was there for Kenny and trusted in his decisions and helped him cope with the loss. In my eyes as i played Clementine i felt as though she loved him (i really wanted the option to tell him!). Like he was an uncle to her or another relative. I felt he needed to hear it and know someone truly caredd about him and it wasn’t always just him against the world and he didn’t have to be in a dark place anymore! I wanted to pull him out and show him that their was a bright side to the horrible events happening around him! I chose not to shoot kenny and i chose to go with kenny at the end! I didn’t care what the rest of the group thought because atleast Kenny respected Clementine enough to treat her like a person and a leader and not like a burden kid like the rest of the group did. The only one other then Kenny that did that was Lee! And i think Clementine knew that. She knew that Kenny respected her that’s why he came to her for advice or choices to make. He valued her opinion and like i said she loved him for that! That’s how i felt playing this season! LOVE YOU KENNY! (clementine) lol

  48. Ahmed August 28, 2014 at 4:19 pm - Reply

    Well I have to say, The end was pretty fucking bad =/
    kenny was an idiot from the begging.. jane was suspicious anyway. I think this End was expected!

    what made Season 1 success was the good unexpected end.. but anyway It’s one of the best game I have played would rate 10/10.. waiting for season 3 from now 🙂

  49. César Klica August 28, 2014 at 4:22 pm - Reply

    i killed everybody, now its me and AJ ahaha

  50. D DeMartini August 28, 2014 at 4:23 pm - Reply

    The ending left me tired and hollow– and I think that’s a powerful thing. The decisions were gut wrenching and clearly were the result a no-win situation and in the end I couldn’t let Kenny kill Jane while I still had the power to do something about it. If I had let him kill her I know I couldn’t have gone with him and I would barely be able to live with myself. I only forgave her for survival; as much as I would have preferred to have rid myself of everyone, I would need help surviving with a baby even more.

    I let the strangers in because what’s the point of continuing on if you can’t trust another person ever again? I didn’t even care if it was a bad decision because I was so tired of being on edge. If I was going to die, it might as well be attempting to help another person in a world gone sideways. That would be one small comfort on the hellish journey.

    More than anything the ending made me reflect on myself as a person. The ending I would have chosen for Clem is the loner ending. I know that in my heart. But the decisions it took to get there? I couldn’t stomach making them because logic dictated otherwise. So here I am left with my own thoughts, bitter with myself for not knowing if my head or heart was right. At this point I can’t even tell which thought belongs in which camp. I don’t think I ever will.

    • ThreesixteyonoscopElulz Weedzi August 28, 2014 at 4:27 pm - Reply

      Making you question yourself. A mark of a truly good game.

    • Tony Francis Tirona Degan August 30, 2014 at 8:51 pm - Reply

      i did everything as you did except let them in. i still see the need for trust, doesn’t mean i can’t be choosy for who i trust. plus, guy had a gun that he didn’t reveal to them right away. idk about you but if i wanted to be trusted by strangers, first thing you do is tell them you have a weapon and then drop the weapon. clem is going to be a badass survivor, i can’t wait. and her and jane are going to be a kickass team, they won’t need each other technically but will be better for it.

  51. Otoya August 28, 2014 at 4:24 pm - Reply

    Episode 5, so many tough decision to make….. However, Kenny is still a better person to follow if you ask me. Arvo deserve it, blame himself for being an ass.
    Well, Clem wake up seeing LEE again make me thought that all that just happen was a dream. LOL!!!! Luckily not!! But well, is great to see LEE again as he is another best chara in the game. He risk his life for Clem.
    Cant wait for Season 3 now. Telltale!!! Keep up the good work!!! and Million Thanks to all staff and cast that is involve in making this 2 season of Walking Dead. You all ROX!!!

  52. Charlie Metro August 28, 2014 at 4:27 pm - Reply

    I think that some endings in season 2 were more emotional than the first season. But the first 4 episodes of the 1st season was better than seasons 2 first 4 episodes but in my opinion the second seasons finale was better than the first.

    The hardest choice in the episode was leaving Kenny for wellington just because the emotional speech Kenny gives. It almost made me cry.

    Sadly I think Kenny/Jane will die anyway in season 3 but I think that Clem will find Christa when she’s on her own (choice or whe kenny /Jane dies/leaves). And I also think that wellington will fall because there will be enemies. Similar to began and his army.

  53. ERIS August 28, 2014 at 4:31 pm - Reply

    When I played season one the ending made me feel so alone. I felt I made a personal bond with Lee through Clem. However the possible sighting at the very end of Christa and Omid gave me hope that I didn’t have to be alone. Which is the one thing I fear most if this type of thing ever happened. I feel being alone will only cause extreme damage to your mind over the years. That’s why In season two I stuck with Kenny after finding him again.

    Yes Kenny seemed unstable to those around him but playing as Clem I knew what the man had gone though. Even after all of that loss he was strong enough to carry on. I hated Jane for what she did. Inflicting more pain on a man who was already broken. The moment she said “stay out of it, no matter what” I knew she was up to no good. I knew know matter what I would stick with Kenny and follow him to wellington.

    I went to wellington with the hope of seeing the last fragment left of my makeshift family. Because If I was to die in this wretched world I didn’t want to die alone. I would want to have AJ, Kenny, and Christa there along side me until the bitter end.

  54. Kab August 28, 2014 at 4:34 pm - Reply

    The decisions I am forced to make are harder than all of my real life decisions. Once again, Telltale has taken my heart, opened it up, made me love characters, only to rip it open, put it v through the shredder and tear it to pieces. Luke’s death, man, that was so hard. Immediately I was rethinking my decision. Could I have saved him by choosing differently? And the fight between Kenny and Jane… Damn. I liked Jane but I had to stick with Kenny. I got Jane’s point, but her idea was terrible, and she kind of brought it upon herself. Maybe an even harder decision was at the end, when Kenny was begging Wellington to take Clem and AJ. I was torn, but ultimately I couldn’t leave Kenny after everything we’d been through. I went with my heart as opposed to my brain. I will have to anxiously wait for the next season to discover the repercussions of that decision as well as the others I had made.

    The highlight of the episode for me was the sequence with Lee. I was totally surprised and immediately had buckets pourung down my face just seeing him and hearing his voice again. This game does that to you. The characters become so real to you, and you sympathize and empathize with them; something no other game has ever been able to do to me.

    Another highlight was AJ. He was so cute, and seeing Kenny with him, stepping into a fatherly role gave me so much hope for him. And the heart to heart he had with Clem about Duck and Katja, and apologizing to Clem…

    I am still riding the feels train that this episode put me on.

    As for how it compares to the first season finale, it’s hard to say. It’s like comparing apples and oranges for me. I will say that season one had more closure than this one did.

    And where is Christa?

    Telltale + Walking Dead = perfection.

  55. David Lira August 28, 2014 at 4:37 pm - Reply

    I stick by my friends no matter what. Even I realized what was happening to Kenny. For a while I had Of Mice and Men in mind. (Lenny/Kenny) This makes sense now. Maybe he was becoming too much trouble for his own good, maybe he just needed someone to be there for him after losing everyone. So that’s what I did. I would never agree to abandon someone like the rest of the group did, or even killing him because he was in a bad place. So I stuck it out and made sure he was okay. However, I regret my last decision. I shouldn’t have to live without a friend like Kenny. I could never sleep at night (even in Wellington) knowing he’s out there alone.

  56. Izaac August 28, 2014 at 4:39 pm - Reply

    Since episode 1 in season 2 i have always played Clementine as a strong independent character, I kept this up even when i found Kenny (really happy to see him) and always stuck by his side. However I could see that he was starting to lose it, even though he had Clementines safety and future always on his mind, I still could not get past him slowly losing it and in the end I had to shoot him. His dying words really stuck with me and I felt relieved that he was going because of what he has been through (losing Katjaa, Sarita, Duck and the rest of the groups) and was happy he found peace.

    This episode was fantastic. however I still believe that S1 E5 had more emotion and feel behind it, the relationship between Lee and Clementine was much stronger and as the player I felt much more feeling for Lee’s final moments. There was one thing both finales had in common… They both made me cry. Game’s, TV show’s, movies rarely make me cry but both finales did, the growth of Clementine throughout both seasons made me really connect to the characters.

    The hardest decisions in this episode had to be choosing Kenny or Jane. In the end I chose Jane as I knew that even though she made Kenny fight her and hid AJ i thought back to advice Clementine had been given to always find a group and i thought that it would be better to stay with Jane for AJ’s best chance at survival.

    My predictions for season three is that Clem and Jane will have set up a outpost at Carvers place with the help of the new family. They are living there happily and have let more people come in, however there will be people who want it and it will be Clementine who has to make the decisions on what to do and how to go about the problems that come up such as rationing, clothing, walkers etc. for this to work it may have to take place in a few years time.

    Overall I found episode 5 to be amazing and as always emotional. Some of my favorite parts were the river as Luke’s death was fantastic to experience and also the last line of the boy saying cool hat (of you go with Jane) as it brought back memories of season 1. As always I think some of the choices I picked may not have been the best but will never go back and change them, also if i want to find out the other 2 endings I will go back and play all of season 2 again just to experience it.

    • Karim September 3, 2014 at 6:18 am - Reply

      I did the same choice as you and i think the end with Jane is the best end even if it was less emotional as the kenny end “who i didn’t play just watching it in youtube” because it was a right choice let kenny kill Jane make me a complice with this crime and i didn’t see kenny going far he was obsessed with the baby and put all the group in danger just for saving the baby but Jane is a survival and like me she chose rationally, i am glad to have her ( sorry for my english)

  57. Hugo August 28, 2014 at 4:40 pm - Reply

    It was the BEST. You know, I couldn’t see anything that would happen, so it was a lot of unpredictable ,heavy stuff. When the episode started I wasn’t expecting for Clem’s group to be winning, totally unlike it, actually. As we kill all of the Russian gang and Arvo was at our hands I really started to thinking a bright light to that group, a moment of peace. Totally wrong. As our trip goes on we witness even harder situations then with a bandit’s group: A group falling apart. Kenny and Mike couldn’t see each other without a fight anymore, so the group was at its edge. From that it came a lot of hard decisions, but, as always, I stayed by Kenny’s side. He isn’t perfect, far from it, but I consider one of the best characters of ALL TIME, even out of the game itself. He is a father to my Clementine, so was Lee, well, more like an uncle tough. And finally, we would find out about what Christa said, Clem’s only hope for AJ: Wellington, and it happend to be nothing but true. Unfortunately, our folks weren’t there to celebrate. Even Clem ,that had the hard decision to choose either safety for her and AJ or leave Kenny, someone that Clem (so did I) built such strong relationship. Of course I wouldn’t turn on Kenny, not after all we’ve been through, not after letting him kill Jane. It ended that #MyClementine was so stubborn as he was.

    If someone asked me about which season do I prefer it would die before I even answered. It’s like deciding between hamburguer and pizza, it’s impossible. In my opinion, both seasons have two differents atmosphere. Season 2 was much more darker for us, especially with Clementine starring it. About finales, both of it was some hard SHIT to pass through, so I conclude Telltale are GENIUS.

    As for the hardest choice, OF COURSE, and you know it, is about what will decide Clem’s future in this doomed world. In the end I couldn’t even dare to kill Kenny, not after 2 whole seasons with him. I guess I just couldn’t, Jane is not even CLOSE to what Kenny mean to me, personally.

    I was SO excited when Telltale, together with Robert Kirkman anounced season 3. Now that episode 5 came, I’m TWICE as excited as I was. If I were to estimate, I’d think about some problem either in Wellington and Howe’s that lead to a same location.

    Well, basically that was it. I can’t express my full emotions and opinions in a text, but I feel happy that I could share with other people

  58. YARK! August 28, 2014 at 4:40 pm - Reply


  59. Madeline Mecca August 28, 2014 at 4:41 pm - Reply

    The season finale was AMAZING!! It was so intense and well written. There were so many difficult choices. It was just as amazing as the season 1 finale. But I never bonded with Kenny and Jane the way I did with Lee. I chose to save Jane because I saw the way Kenny snapped and I knew I couldn’t trust him anymore. I will miss him though. 🙁 The hardest choice was to choose between Kenny and Jane. My prediction for Season 3 is that Clem will become completely emotionless and ruthless. She will do whatever it takes to survive even if it involves killing someone.

  60. Ishmael Murray August 28, 2014 at 4:51 pm - Reply

    This is how everyone should’ve ended the game and I hope this is how season 3 begins. I don’t want to go with the Jane arc. I want to see if Kenny can survive with clem and stay together, not everyone has to die all the time. With Kenny I saw that he can come back and will do what it takes to keep AJ and clem alive. Clem looked happy and more sure of herself with Kenny, with Jane she looked cold, hardened, on the edge, not trusting,unsure of herself but most of all unhappy. Idk about everyone else but I love Kenny and I’d much rather him be with clem than Jane. Jane abandoned her sister. What makes us so sure she won’t leave clem, I mean she already did it once… I think they wasted an amazing character in look and if Kenny isn’t in next season then they did it twice. #SaveKenny #SaveKenneth

  61. Caryn August 28, 2014 at 4:52 pm - Reply

    I thought the finale was amazing. It made me very emotional, especially the flashback with Lee. Every decision I made, I made with Lee in mind because I felt that Clem would make so many decisions while thinking “What would Lee do?”

    Because of that, the hardest decision of the episode was during the Kenny/Jane fight. I began the episode thinking that no matter what, I would try to make things okay between Kenny and Luke so that we could all survive together, but the Luke part obviously couldn’t happen. So then I just wanted to go Kenny because he was the closest person I/Clem had to Lee.

    But then, during the fight, Kenny lost it. If he just made Jane leave (like I had Lee do to Lily) or just have a minor freakout, I could have still gone with Kenny. But he wanted Jane’s blood on his hands, and I couldn’t deal with it. Kenny wasn’t the same Kenny he was in season 1. Then, he held grudges, but he still did what he could to help others, like saving Ben in my playthrough. He was always able to bounce back from his pain, but by the end of season 2, he had been through too much.

    I didn’t want either of them to die. I wanted to shoot into the air to get them to stop, but that wasn’t an option. So, with tears in my eyes, I shot Kenny. I just didn’t know if he would be safe to be around anymore, and I didn’t want Clem around if he snapped again.

    I also refused to go with Jane. Like the Lily situation, she couldn’t be trusted. I couldn’t let Clem or AJ be in danger. So, I just left with AJ. This was an incredibly hard decision, but again, I did what I thought my Lee would do. I don’t think he’d want Clem to go with either of them, not with how they were acting. It was just too dangerous.

    Both finale’s were very emotional for me. With the first season, it was just so hard to say goodbye to such an amazing character like Lee. And then with this season, and especially the finale, Clem lost everyone that she cared about. Luke drowned, Bonnie and Mike were just going to abandon her, Jane manipulated her, and Kenny was too far gone to help.It just hurt seeing how much could happen to Clem for two seasons.

    I’m hoping the next season will involve Christa, or at least show what happened to her. I just need closure with her. At least one person Clem loves should survive.

    • Ishmael Murray August 28, 2014 at 5:00 pm - Reply

      Kenny was only like that with the group and as we found out there were a lot of red flags with them. With clem he isn’t “dangerous” like mike and everyone says. He did make some questionable choices, mistakes just like everyone else. I don’t think realistically clem can survive on her own with AJ. Of course if they go that route with season 3 it’s possible because they’ll write it that way but in real life? No way. Check out my comment which is below this one and read what’s on the last 3 pictures I put and tell what you think.

      • Caryn August 28, 2014 at 5:16 pm - Reply

        I see what you’re saying in your comment, but I really just don’t know what Kenny would be like in a few weeks, or months. He also says, if you shoot him, that Clem did the right thing. I don’t think he would say that just to make her feel better. I think he was too close to giving up.

  62. Austin pierce August 28, 2014 at 4:59 pm - Reply

    I will never abandon my friend no matter the cost

  63. Mark August 28, 2014 at 5:02 pm - Reply

    86.5% of people killed Kenny but the fact is Jane was the crazy one setting up that scenario of pushing a broken man over the limit just to prove a point to a little girl and leaving the AJ on his own in danger. As much as I liked Jane, she was the real crazy one. So glad I decided not to shoot Kenny just to see his selflessness at Wellington. Needless to say, the 3 of was walked off into the sunset #ClemKen&AJ

  64. Rickydzm15 August 28, 2014 at 5:02 pm - Reply

    To me this was the saddest episode ever yet, you can see what the cold and walkers can do to people like Kenny.Jane plan was to get Kenny killed by Clementine, you had to admitt EVEN RICK GRIMES WILL DO THE SAME TO JANE IF SHE KILLED JUDITH.

    This episode was sad, Luke, Kenny, and Bonnie dead was determinant knowing that Kenny (If he appear in S.3) he is going to be dead. I only hopping what is going to happen AJ and Clem at Wellington. FOR LAST IF I WERE KENNY I WOULD REST NEAR THE SAFE ZONE.

  65. Meghan Tobin August 28, 2014 at 5:51 pm - Reply

    I’ll start by saying that this episode was a masterpiece. Telltale, never once have you failed to impress me. You ripped my heart out and stomped on it yet again and I love that. Not often do you find a game with a story so incredible and characters so likeable. I am thoroughly impressed. Just when I think there isn’t any way you can create a choice harder for me to make, you do. Having to choose between killing Kenny or letting Jane die was extremely difficult, but I stand by my decision, which was to shoot Kenny. I can entirely understand why people would support him, and believe me, choosing to kill him broke my heart, but it just seemed the right thing to do. Yeah, the way Jane proved her point wasn’t right either, but many of the things Kenny did were also unjustifiable. He even agreed on that during the conversation you have with him as he is dying and tells you that you made the right choice. He was unstable and didn’t think rationally. He acted out of anger. And that made him a danger to anybody he held in his company. I loved Kenny, but because of what he had lost, he was just broken to a point where it was time for him to go. I also think that, in the end, death was what he wanted. It brought him peace. Jane is tough and has her mind in the right place and her focus on survival. Her and Clem make a good team. Though I got the ending where Clem and Jane find the other group back at Carver’s, I watched all of the other endings and they were equally tear-jerking. I think it will be extremely interesting to see what all of the endings lead to in the next season. I assume that there will be many different branches, as most of the endings were vastly different. Maybe the story will start out differently depending on which ending you got, but eventually lead into the same storyline. I definitely think we’ll see Christa, Bonnie, and Mike again. Maybe even the characters from 400 days. I look forward to whatever Telltale puts out in the future, because not once have they ever disappointed me or failed to impress me, which makes them different from most other game companies and is one of the many reasons why they will always be one of my favorites.

  66. Nick Lemr August 28, 2014 at 5:53 pm - Reply

    (I picked Jane) I’m really thankful I got the option to accept the family at the end of my Season 2. I sided with Jane in the heat of the moment, because Kenny was dangerous and Jane had been smart. Antisocial, but smart. I wanted to call her out on hiding the baby though, but still accept her, as she was all I had left so I felt like I had damned my Clementine at the end of the scene because I chose to forgive Jane, she was all Clementine and AJ had left.

    Overall, I want my Clementine to survive so I’ve leaned towards Jane over Kenny for awhile, and at least I didn’t have to just chose one over the other. I just had to put down a rabid Kenny… Tragic, but not a malicious thing to do. Jane knows how to survive, and I imagine Clementine will help remind her how to live too. They’ll make a good team.

  67. Matthew Laws August 28, 2014 at 6:00 pm - Reply

    I think that one of the most underrated parts of this episode was Luke’s death. As he was the closest thing to a Lea I had, I clung to him like a duck to water. When the ice broke i couldn’t press the “Save Luke’s ass” button fast enough. Seeing him being dragged down to the depths of a lake and vanish into darkness was the most horrific part for me.

    I always knew that something was going to happen to Kenny in the last episode. I knew it since episode 2 when he showed up. I thought however that it would be a choice to save Luke or Kenny, not Kenny or Jane. But by far my favourite part was when Clem woke up in the RV with Lea and the talked. I was so shocked by this that I genuinely thought that season had all been a dream, and i would have been okay with that if it meant lea came back.

    Season 3. I think that the first episode will be different for everyone (depending on the final choice made in episode 5). But I think at the end of the first episode Clem will meet someone who has news about Christa. Then she’ll go looking for Christa with either Kenny or Jane. I also want to get some answers to the question “What happened to Christa’s baby?”. I haven’t forgotten about the time skip in episode one and I need some damn answers.

    Finally what happened to Mike, Bonnie and Arvo? I assume arvo is dead but i never found out what happened to Bonnie and Mike (new Lea).

  68. Deep Thought August 28, 2014 at 6:06 pm - Reply

    The Walking Dead – Episode 5
    “Kenny And His Bullshit”

  69. Thejennysparkle August 28, 2014 at 6:09 pm - Reply

    Ok so if you choose to let Jane die, you can kill Kenny anyways. Plus by the end of the episode one of them, or none of them could still be alive. So how is season 3 supposed to play out by you choosing who lives(or dies) in the last episode of season 2? If the player chooses to keep Jane in the final episode, and Telltale games kills her off, your choices won’t correspond with the next season and you basically killed one of them for nothing. I mean, I’m foreshadowing a season 3 because in my personal ending, Jane and I go to Carvers old place and meet other people there at the very end. So in my personal season 3 beginning, Jane and I would have to be at Carvers place with the survivors I picked up when they came by.

    Ok I looked this ending up. How can you POSSIBLY make a season 3 when there are 9 different endings in this finale? Unless they continue season 3 with the corresponding choices of the end of season 2, you just can’t make a real beginning for season 3. I certainly think that Telltale should 100% make a season 3 because of how popular this game is, and how so many people want more and to be able to find out what happens to Clementine. Personally, I am emotionally attached to Clem and these characters, like they’re real people. If they can’t make the game to your choices at the end of season 2 then I just don’t see how you can carry on with the season 3 when it doesn’t match your choices in the end of season 2.

    Besides the confusion I have, I thought this finale was amazing. Every second had me on the edge of my seat, it was an emotional roller coaster, especially when we all thought Clem was a goner and when she saw Lee again. Not only that part, but knowing how broken Kenny is by the ending. This episode was full of hard decisions, but the ending of it, specifically the last 20 minutes, with Clementine being shot and who she should side with. The hardest part was how you would have to end the game. It’s heart breaking to think that you would have to kill Kenny.

    1)He was in the original group and has been there since the very first episode. You would never think that after all you and Kenny have been through, this day would finally come. In most parts of the second season, Kenny is broken, especially after Sarita had to die.

    2) It’s an even harder choice to think about when you know that Jane would come back for Clem (which she admits that’s 90% of the reason she came back to the group in the first place) and she is a very strong person. She knows what surviving is and how hard the world can be. She knows how to make the right choices, but is unpredictable at the moment. I just can’t seem to choose between the two people that I have grown to love.
    This ending left me wanting more and that’s what Telltale game does the best.

    I just don’t think I can compare this to season 1 because of how many different choices there were, how many new people, and that you actually had the final decision about your future. I love the original group, but there’s always going to to more. Noting could compare to Clem and Lees bond and that’s what I love about season 1. But in season 2 YOU get to choose the ending, which you couldn’t in season 1, which was Lees fate of an inevitable death.

    This is somewhat a review of what I thought of this finale, but I would also like to know what other people chose and what they think Telltale would do in the future. Also,how do you justify your final decisions?

  70. Jessi August 28, 2014 at 6:17 pm - Reply

    The first time I played through I went with Jane. Carver was probably a good person at one time and Kenny’s actions started resembling Carver’s. Clem wasn’t his “light” the baby was. Anyone that put that baby in danger or apparent danger was a threat which meant Kenny could possibly hurt Clem to protect Alvin Jr. The worst I could see Jane doing would be leaving Clem. It was difficult choosing. I wanted Kenny and Jane to get along. I wanted Luke to make it through. It just seems like Clem is destined to be surrounded by death and unpleasant people. I just wonder what type of woman she’ll grow up to be. I’m hoping she’ll be in season 3 even if it’s to show what type of person she becomes: “Carver” Clem or “Saint” Clem?

  71. Martin Hare Michno August 28, 2014 at 6:35 pm - Reply

    Oh Clementine, oh my sweet Clementine.
    You’re running out of time,
    My sweet and darling Clementine.

    Your choice caused a sandstorm of gunfire,
    Luke’s leg shot,
    Russian should’ve aimed higher.

    One remains but he begs to shoot him not,
    Mourn Rebecca and cuddle her baby,
    Sorry Kenny but Arvo’s the best chance we’ve got.

    A long walk and the push came to shove,
    You really are scaring me Kenny,
    Have you forgotten to love?

    But at last a rest was in desire,
    “Happy Birthday Luke!”
    They said huddled up round the fire.

    I think about Arvo and what we have become,
    How we’ve all lost somebody,
    But I guess losing a sister means more to some.

    The night is gone and here comes morning,
    And I wonder, because it’s thin ice,
    What could stop Luke from falling?

    Oh! What to do!
    He’s always saying he’s fine, that he’s okay,
    He didn’t want to drag anyone down,
    He begs us to stay away!

    Help you or cover,

    I must choose one or the other,
    But either way you seem to go,
    Good-bye Luke, farewell hero.

    In a sudden I’m dragged out the waters,
    Cold and frozen,
    Jane is no longer worrying about the Walkers.

    “She’s going to fucking freeze to death!” I hear,
    And not only from the cold,
    But I shiver from fear.

    I wake up warm beside Jane,
    Mike telling Arvo not to be afraid,
    Telling him Kenny is just insane.

    And there he is outside,
    Trying to fix that stupid truck,
    Asking for help on that four wheel drive.

    Jane warns Clementine,
    Better get rid of him,
    Before he becomes the end of our time.

    But the old man got it running,
    The truck’s engine roars,
    Good one old man, stunning!

    “Let’s go to Wellington”, He was determined.
    “No! To Texas or down south!”, They said.
    “Let’s go to sleep” I replied.

    But I was awaken at hours after midnight,
    Whispering and planning,
    Mike, Bonnie and Arvo leaving before sunlight.

    “Put the gun down, Clem, we don’t want any trouble”,
    But after what Arvo did,
    Clem’s heart goes to rubble.

    Shoots her right in the shoulder,
    Bullet goes through,
    She lays on the floor, getting colder.

    Oh Clementine, oh my sweet Clementine.
    You’ve been through so much, but yet you have sweet dreams.

    You are on Lee’s lap, it was just a nightmare.
    Oh but what a sweet dream,
    I wish you could just stay there.

    Alas, you awake in the snow,
    Jane and Kenny on the driving wheel,
    Arguing about where to go.

    And now you know,
    You finally understand,
    You have to decide with you will go.

    Oh! What to do!
    The decisions are too tough for you!

    Your old friend,
    You love him a lot,
    But he’s coming to an end,
    He’s losing the plot.

    She’s so smart,
    Good story-teller,
    But she’s gone too far,
    And it’s about time to tell her.

    Oh! What to do!

    I just want to hug Kenny,
    And go to Wellington,
    But his arms seemed a better place than any.

    Oh but Jane knows what to do,
    You just took it too far this time,
    But still, I guess I’d rather be with you.

    Or shall I venture alone?
    Me and AJ – Junior,
    On a field, on our own.

    Oh Clementine, my sweet Clementine.
    You’re running out of time,
    My sweet and darling Clementine.

  72. Kellers80 August 28, 2014 at 6:40 pm - Reply

    The most awakening part of season 2, was it episode 5. When Jane returns I knew straight away that she was going to make me choose some heart breaking choices. I knew instantly that where I was headed, wasn’t going to include Kenny. Even in his most optimistic moments my heart knew it wasn’t going to happen. Never in a million years did I believe or see coming that I, my Clementine would be the one to end Kenny’s life. But what was more heart breaking, was him telling me that I made the right choice. When it comes to watching Luke die before my eyes, my heart broke for a very different reason. In the back of my mind and despite the age difference I could see Luke and Clem ending up together. Which is probably why I chose the option “I would come back for you.” When he was discussing Jane abandoning him. When talking to Luke and sitting with the group I was naive and I guess scared to see that this was the calm before the storm. I still believe that if Luke had survived he would have had some sort of relationship with Clem. After all, he did die for her. But what got me losing even more tears, would have to be the dream sequence with Lee, that I had longed for. It brought back all of the pain I felt when losing Lee. The RV was perfect timing. Clem still had most of her innocence and most importantly Lee was still alive. I tell you Telltale, you really broke my heart all over again. I never imagined that the Season 2 finale would hurt more than Season 1. But you did it. But it was all worth it, not just to see Lee again, but to speak with him and appreciate him in a way I never could in Season 1. Thank you, Telltale. Thank you.

  73. Darrin Gordon August 28, 2014 at 6:44 pm - Reply

    I killed Kenny and left Jane. It was the only right thing to do. The best part about the entire Walking Dead universe is how it underscores just how much society influences personal identity and even moral compass, to an extent. Trying to strike a balance by siding with certain people and their choices has weighed heavily on me for every season of this game, and it has been amazing. I grew attached to so many of these characters–it’s really a testament to the writing. But I finally said screw it. I was done trying to choose one side or the other in the name of personal safety and connection, so I ditched them both. Escaping the moral crutches and security of a group for a while will make me feel better about the decisions I make, but therein lies the beauty and challenge of the game. Ugh, the more you think about it, the better the game becomes! It’s just fantastic, and this was an awesome way to end the season.

    • Timothy Camilleri August 29, 2014 at 4:24 am - Reply

      Same. Read my post for full details on why I chose this.

      • Darrin Gordon August 30, 2014 at 2:44 pm - Reply

        Excellent post above. I guess I chose to kill Kenny and leave Jane because the world was taking parts of them, piece by piece. If Kenny kills Jane, he continues down a path where it becomes easier for him to just kill things in order to solve a problem. The world was taking his compassion for humanity little by little. I felt so bad killing him, but it felt like the right thing to do. He was unrecognizable at that point.

        After Jane pulls that lying about the baby BS to trick Kenny further down the path of “darkness,” I realized what she had become–someone who plays the game of survival all too well. She was making choices to cut dead weight and others who challenged the decisions she felt was right (Kenny). If Clem was not such a strong and savvy character, Jane would’ve bailed on her long ago. I always just got the feeling that she viewed people as tools of survival instead of individuals or companions, even. For a time, I thought she would begin to gain some compassion based on her interactions with Clem. But after pulling the ol’ hidden baby trick, I knew the survival of the fittest mentality had changed her beyond redemption. I couldn’t just let her get away with that.

        I was tired of letting those two influence Clem, so I feel I made the right choice. Clem feels so full of hope and potential, as if she can define a perfect balance between survival and compassion that the zombie apocalypse so desperately needs. It does make me sad to see Kenny go, though.

        • Timothy Camilleri August 31, 2014 at 10:45 am - Reply

          So true. It’s been a long road for Kenny, I’m so glad they brought him back even though he and Lee in my playthrough argued a lot (mostly to keep Kenny honest).

          After rewatching a Let’s Play of episode 4, I see so much littered in there that come back in part 5. When Jane takes Clem to find Luke and Sarah, the talk she gives you in the woods has so much more connection to later events.
          Jane – “That group is cracking, i’ve seen it before. A lot of times it’s better to be on your own…. you don’t want to be here when they start turning on each other…. For what it’s worth I like most of the people in your crew, but groups fall apart. People get killed.” It’s as though Jane is talking about episode 5, and in our case has turned us into the independent one whereas she’s begging for Clem not to go (obviously projecting her sister on to Clem). And her social experiment to prove a point is like a line she says about her sister and how she used to prank her, “What could I do? She thought I was her best friend. That couldn’t go unpunished.”

          And then rehearing Kenny’s talk in the tent in episode 4 about how being nearly beaten to death felt peaceful… until he woke up, so heartbreaking. And it brought me back to the decision to kill him where he says his goodbyes and sounds so… relieved. As you said he was beyond the point of returning… but for me Jane pushed him. If she hadn’t maybe things would have been different. Another interesting thing in the tent scene if you say you need him he says “I’ve seen you take care of yourself more than three adults put together.”

  74. Tyler Magtoto August 28, 2014 at 7:08 pm - Reply

    I kinda wish that the final showdown was between Luke and Kenny. The whole season, you see those two argue constantly, building up to some fight where they have to settle their differences, but never happens. If Jane were the one to drown, then the player would feel regret for forcing a lone wolf to join a group, only to get her killed. Plus, if it were Luke vs. Kenny, I’d have a much harder time deciding who I’d let die. I only had time to relate with Jane for just an episode. I only shot Kenny because I saw how uncontrollable he was, so I felt it was the right thing to do. Anyway, here are my thoughts.

    The emotional level this episode brings you is just as equal as the finale in season 1. Though there was not a badass scene like Lee’s chopping down dozens of walkers in his search for Clem. The shock value in this finale was slightly better in my opinion, like how Mike and Bonnie team up with Arvo to leave us for dead. I went back to save Luke on the lake even though he begged and begged me not to. My thought process was that if it were me that went over and not Bonnie, I’d be the one to save him. Unfortunately, I’m the reason he’s dead, so that really killed me. The idea of me being the reason for his death lingered with me the rest of the game. His voice saying, “Please, No.. No, it’s too much weight.” repeated in my head. Even though he was a fictional character, I felt pretty crappy about it.

    The hardest choice, definitely, was whether I should shoot Kenny or not. There were two sides to this answer.
    1. Don’t shoot him because Kenny because we’ve got history
    2. Shoot my oldest friend because he was too dangerous to be with.

    Because there are so many variables to this decision, leme talk about my initial ending, my favorite ending, and the ending I felt is cannon.

    1. I shot Kenny, he gets his revelation, and even though Jane made me kill Kenny, I stayed with her. I knew there wasn’t much food left at Howe’s, but I still let those survivors in because I believe it’s better to work as a team to survive than be low on numbers. Though, the way it ended was kinda lame. Was it setting up for a potential love interest? Do I get a heart warming monologue from Clementine about what she’s learned throughout this season? No. It just goes black. My philosophy is, that I play the game the whole way through once, making decisions with what I, me, would do in real-life before seeing other endings. So unfortunately, this being my least favorite ending, I’m going to have to use it for Season 3…

    2. My favorite ending is when I leave with Kenny. I felt very guilty for just letting Jane die, even though I knew she was trying to show me how dangerous Kenny was. He’s much more reliable than Jane, even though he’s broken. She’s always seeing the worst side of things, and won’t hesitate in leaving anyone, which is why I understand why Clementine might be furious and just let Jane die. For all she knew, Jane left AJ behind to be eaten so that she escape the walkers. After the struggle, I chose to tell Kenny the truth about his nature, so that he can understand, and maybe make the effort to redeem himself for what he’s done throughout this season. So when you get to Wellington, it was heartbreaking when Kenny begs Wellington to keep the children, and leaves his hat behind for AJ to wear. It shows that he still has a heart, and that maybe he’s close to finding himself again. His broken self is his problem after all, so I felt he needed to be alone so he can fix himself without the help of Clementine. I stayed to “Live a better life”, and tell AJ all the people who died to keep him alive. ALTHOUGH, the ending where you STAY with Kenny is EQUALLY heartbreaking. It shows how matured Clementine has become, and that she can never leave a dear friend behind; that she’s fought too hard to save Kenny only to abandon him now.

    3. What I think is cannon is the ending where you shoot Kenny. His talk about failing to do his job as a surrogate dad and old friend was tear jerking as well. You can hear the regret in the way he talked, so I comforted him by saying that he’d meet his family again. After he passes on, you hear AJ’s voice in the distance. Although Jane tries to justify her actions by telling her plan of showing Kenny’s real side, it only made Clementine more FURIOUS. Not only did Clem think Jane left AJ for dead, she forced her to kill her oldest friend. She loses all trust in Jane, and leaves with AJ. Jane stays, yelling “I can’t do this alone. Not anymore”. That was hard to hear, but Clem couldn’t trust her anymore. So now she’s back to the open plains, paralleling the ending of Season 1, with Aj in one hand and Lee’s axe in the other, she uses the camouflage technique that both Lee and Jane taught her, and walks straight on ahead.

    My predictions for Season 3 is that we’re gonna take a break from Clementine and focus on what happened with Christa. Throughout this season, you absolutely have NO idea what happened to her after the first 10min of this season! She wasn’t with the dead bodies in episode one, she wasn’t at Howe’s in episode 3, and you know she’s not in Wellington because they confirm that there’s no one in there with that name. Let me explain why I think it’d be easier for the next season to be Christa, and not Clementine. I can tell it’s difficult for Telltale to keep decisions made in other seasons to fit in the story with the next season. Example, we see that Omid dies in the prologue of this season. Because he’s a killable character in season one, I think it’d put too much stress on Telltale to make two scripts of an episode, ie. one with a killable character in it, and one without. (Though I can debunk this with Doug and Carly) With this in mind, It’d be very difficult to start season 3 from three different places I think, and if it did, I feel like they’d make Clementine end up in the same places by episode 2, which I think would be a huge cop out. What could happen is that the third season can start off sometime after season one. We can see what happened with Christa and Omid’s baby, because that wasn’t fully explained. At the end of season three, MAYBE, we’ll run into clementine and AJ and maybe Kenny/Jane, a year or two after season two.

    Those are my thoughts, thanks for reading!

  75. Lindsay August 28, 2014 at 7:16 pm - Reply

    This season finale has broken me in more ways than i initially thought it would. In my final choice, I went with Kenny after making it to Wellington. It shocked me that only 13% of people made the same choice as myself. Kenny was the one person I sided with on everything back in Season 1 – he made the most sense, aside from Lee, and he always did what was right even if it was hard. To leave him or kill him would feel like I lost a great friend and that I would have let him down. Most people would say that Kenny wanted to die or that he was emotionally unstable. The way I see it is that Kenny has so much more to live for now that AJ is there and that Clementine is with him. Lee helped Kenny come to terms with the deaths of his son and wife, and with the death of the zombie boy in Savanah, and I feel like all he needs is more reassurance and someone to help him get back control of his life. I trust him and I would never leave a friend.

    As far as everything else, I just knew Luke was going to die and because of that I was on edge the whole time playing the episode. He was my absolute favorite character in this series and he died in such a stupid way. I’m not sure if he died with dignity or honor, but I chose to help him instead of cover him. In my eyes, I wanted to show him that I was willing to risk my life to help keep him alive. In his last moments before he was pulled under by the walker, Clementine was the last thing he saw and I hope he knew that my version of Clem would go to the ends of the Earth to protect him. I really wish that we had more time to speak with Luke and get to really know him. We only knew so much about him but I still felt like there was this gap between Clem and Luke that I hoped would have been mended with a much stronger bond. Also, it really took me by surprise just how quick Bonnie is to change her attitude towards Clem if you choose to cover Luke. I never liked Bonnie anyway, but man that was just brutally mean of her. How can you sleep at night after you put Luke’s death on a twelve year old girl’s shoulders? Not cool, Bonnie.

    In the end, I am sticking with my choices. Jane was not the person I thought she would have been. I was expecting her to turn out to be a strong female character, instead she only cared about herself and she knowingly provoked Kenny in the end just to prove some sort of point. Thanks for showing me extra tips on how to defend myself, Jane, but you are cray cray.

    I don’t have much to say about Arvo aside from the fact that he was a dangerous piece of shit and Kenny was right about 99.9% of everything, yet again.

    I’ve said my piece. I’ll leave it on this quote that I loved: “All war is man’s failure as a thinking animal”

    • Amelia Bromfield August 29, 2014 at 5:06 pm - Reply

      I made exactly the same choices as you. No way could I kill kenny and I didn’t want to cover luke as bonnie already had a gun. But I agree with everything you have said. I knew Arvo would hurt someone and of course it had to be Clem.

    • Tony Francis Tirona Degan August 30, 2014 at 8:47 pm - Reply

      i stuck with jane. she’s the only rational one there. she completely leaves out emotion in her decisions; it’s all about what’s best for survival or the group. she saw kenny was unstable and wanted clem to realize it. and he was. she’s trying to make clem self sufficient, not shield her. and kenny always had to be looked after, he was always snapping at people, even at clem. jane was level-headed. hell, what would kenny do if aj does die? spiral out of control again. this is a different world, survival takes precedent over emotion, emotions get people killed. soon clem won’t need jane, but instead they could make a good team that know what hard decisions to make without relying on the safety of others. jane knows how to survive, with a group or without. kenny always needed a group. he needed sarita or he probably would’ve killed himself. that’s not the kind of group member i want in my group, especially someone who constantly tries being the leader. my Clem is going to be a badass survivor, with or without jane (so far with her lol).

      • Lindsay August 31, 2014 at 12:43 am - Reply

        She essentially manipulated Clementine in order to prove her opinion about Kenny. She was lonely and she even tells Clementine that if you chose to spare her, and she only saw Clementine as a replacement for her sister. That’s not looking out for her best interests and that’s not what I would call reliable. At any time she could leave, and she even said that there were plenty of times that she wanted to leave and ditch everyone. Not only did she not care about AJ but she doesn’t even know how to take care of him. She will definitely rely on Clementine to raise AJ if you go with her to Howe’s. No way will she take responsibility of him. The way I see it is that she only spoke up back in Episode 3 so that she could escape, but her plans changed when she saw how she could mold Clementine into this person that wouldn’t abandon her. So, in order for Clementine to stay with her she had to knowingly put AJ in danger and provoke Kenny in a fight to the death. At any time she could have spoken up and said that AJ was alive, but she wouldn’t be satisfied unless Kenny was dead. That way, Clementine would have no other choice but to stay with her. You say that Clementine will grow up and she won’t need Jane anymore, but Jane would never let Clementine go. She has emotions and she masks them. Sooner or later, her deeply rooted feelings about how she left her sister will rise and it will be the beginning of the end for Jane.

        • Quasi September 7, 2014 at 11:12 am - Reply

          Over and over again Jane tells you that risking yourself mindlessly is going to get you killed, and over and over again, you do it anyway. And its normally not to a positive effect. Luke dies and you almost follow him. That kid with the glasses nearly gets you killed how many times? So now she’s watching you make the same mistake AGAIN with Kenny. I said in chapter 2 or 3 that I would follow Kenny into hell….but I looked around while he was on top of Jane and realized I was there. This is hell. How much deeper was he going to take me? And I shot him. And I cried. And I forgave Jane, and if I could have I would have thanked her.

          • Creshosk September 15, 2014 at 7:19 am

            And yet she still gambled with a kid’s life just to prove her point. Her ego was more important to her than another’s life. She thinks Kenny will become another carver? Thing is Kenny was right about Avro. He still shoots you even if you drop the gun and ask to go with. EVEN if you didn’t take the medicine. He didn’t call off the ambush even if you give the medicine to him. You try to be nice to him, you stick up for him? And he still shoots you. Kenny was absolutely right about him. and Avro was the point of contention. How is Kenny on the decline if he was in the right the entire time? They should have just killed Avro back during the gun fight. Which might not have even needed to happen at all if not for Jane ambushing him on the observation deck when you’re getting him talked down. He didn’t want to shoot you, until Jane got involved. Jane took the stupid risk because she doesn’t trust others. The two groups could have united… if not for Jane. She didn’t even need to supply the idea for getting through the walkers. “That’s how Lee and I did it.” So outside of saving Kenny from a situation she herself caused, (and then makes up for it later by getting Kenny killed.) What did she actually provide? The knee trick, fine… but other than getting others killed for the sake of her ego?

            Yeah, she’s on the incline right up to being like Carver where her ego, is more important than other’s lives. Because again, she left AJ in an area where a walker could have gotten him… all for the sake of proving a point.

            So her incline is more like a weighted pendulum. Where YOU are the counterweight. You have to go down for her to go up.

        • Tony Francis Tirona Degan September 15, 2014 at 10:30 pm - Reply

          they weren’t her opinions, kenny was actually nutso. and idk about you, but i have a different view about the baby. if we were truly in a zombie apocalypse, having a baby would not only be a burden, but practical suicide for anyone involved. just as a gamespot interviewer stated with the developers of the game, they wished they had the reason to leave the baby. sadly, i would choose the same. and yes, reliability is somewhat of a factor. but so is teaching. if jane can teach clementine enough, she wouldn’t need jane to be “reliable” or always there. i don’t want clementine to have to rely on anyone, just in case the shit hits the fan.

          also, jane already said she didn’t expect kenny to try and kill her. they were already engaging in combat, it’s kind of hard to think, let alone talk someone out of it, so i understand how she didn’t quickly reveal that AJ was still alive.

          i do agree with your last point though, that jane will start showing more of who she actually is and i’m kinda worried that it won’t be pretty. but i’m positive by that time, like i said, clementine will be self-sufficient enough to kick jane to the curb anyway. but for now, they’re going to be a kick ass team. i’m just tired of kenny treating everyone like shit, and especially when he snapped at clem i was like “nope, you’re done”. he was so needy and always complaining and clem always had to keep him calm. not the kind of person i want in my group. those kind of people i would tell to have luck on their own, as i would tell them to leave.

          kenny is not lee. i accepted lee trying to shield clem from the world as it was because he looked at her as a daughter type thing. but now i want clem to actually learn, not be treated as a child.

          • sparxus September 20, 2014 at 4:38 am

            if you save jane, but then leave her once you realize what a minge she is, she’ll howl about how she can’t do it alone. she is just as needy as kenny, she just hid it better. jane was not a good person, survivalist or not and, the only thing she can actually teach clem is how to be a dick.

        • elias shammas September 19, 2014 at 1:31 pm - Reply

          i never thought of that
          That was truly brilliant
          now on another note
          As Arvo said
          fuck you
          you made me regret my decision and now i feel like shit

  76. Nick August 28, 2014 at 7:31 pm - Reply

    I’m glad I left Jane behind. I felt regret once I found out what Jane had done, and at that point I knew. I knew she didn’t do it to she me “How dangerous he was” She did it so she had an excuse to murder him. She was very manipulative and I’m glad I left her behind after making me do what I thought was right by shooting Kenny. “I didn’t think he’d go that far” Yeah, because blaming someone for their family’s death and then convincing them they murdered the one thing that person cared about most, isn’t enough for them to be mad about, and if they do become mad, they’re clearly a homicidal maniac that must be killed ASAP.

    Shooting Kenny had a much bigger impact for me than most people, because back in Season 1, I knew from episode 1 than Kenny and I would be best friends for life. He was cool. He was ME. I did everything I could to make him happy, to side with him, to defend him, I’d do anything for him, which is why I was absolutely heart broken when he “died” in episode 5. But when he came back, I was determined to be a better friend than Lee was. So I did everything I could. I sided with him, even when he started losing it, even when what he said made no sense, when it was unreasonable, I literally couldn’t bring myself to do it, as I felt a human connection with him. It was like I was actually there with him, I don’t WANT to agree with him, but I can’t bring myself to not do it. But when I was given the choice, my vision started blurring as tears rolled down my cheeks, and I chose to shoot Kenny. Because I felt that it was what needed to be done. I didn’t understand why he was doing it, I didn’t know what Jane had done. It was as if my feelings about Kenny this season were all let out in an instant in a single gunshot. I couldn’t control myself, I broke out into an audible sob, so when I found out Jane just wanted to kill Kenny for no reason, I couldn’t handle it. So without hesitation, I left Jane behind, hopefully never to be seen again. I felt as if I was really there, and I had just killed my friend for no reason.

    That wasn’t just the hardest choice this episode, but the hardest choice in the entire game, and I can’t imagine a more difficult choice.

    All tears aside, the way it led up to it was incredible. The subtlety of it coming was definitely there. And being in the 1% who make choices and think about upcoming events in the game based on LOGIC and REASON, I knew Kenny would begin to lose it. And just as I expected, Jane was portrayed as the victim in the end, which was done beautifully. Hopefully I’ve made another correct prediction that telltale will show the REAL Jane in coming episodes of season 3, which I can’t possibly fathom how it would work. Either that, or I’m wrong and Jane is just a complete idiot and what she was saying was true and we’ll never speak of it again. That’s telltale’s “choice”! huehuehue!

    My twitter: @a_7_year_old

    • Timothy Camilleri August 29, 2014 at 4:21 am - Reply

      I think she did do it to show how dangerous he was. The thing is I left her because she pushed him over the edge to prove her point. I couldn’t trust the child growing up with someone who would manipulate friends to make a point.

  77. Anthony Piska August 28, 2014 at 8:28 pm - Reply

    Great, now Kenny is dead (even though he had a good heart and I loved him dearly, he basically went on an angry, homicidal rampage, and that sort of behavior does not mix well with an apocalyptic scenario) and I’m stuck with Jane and a baby (forgiving Jane solely because raising a baby alone in a world crawling with the undead doesn’t seem like a good idea), but, at least a new family has joined us (the boy likes my hat; that’s a good sign). Even though constantly attempting to trump all the unfortunate circumstances with kindness doesn’t always seem to work, I will never stop trying. Here’s to a better brighter future for Clementine (though not likely to happen, I can still hope). Amazing finale. Thanks, Telltale. *sobs quietly in corner*

  78. Paige Gainey August 28, 2014 at 8:39 pm - Reply

    Alright well I finished the last episode of the walking dead game season two and the title speaks for itself…there really is no going back. I’ve seen some shit man, and some things. Kenny’s dead and I really doubt that I’ll ever be the same after shooting him. And they just had to have a flashback with Lee didn’t they. Thanks telltale games for making me cry like a baby back bitch. So what’s my review for the last installment of season two? Well it was far too short although the entire episode had me on the edge of my seat. The character movements in this episode were very different and it was unnerving as well as the way that they interacted with each other. There was an ominous undertone the entire time. Tensions were high. The fight to the death had my jaw on the floor as well as finding out Jane’s treachery. This honestly was the best episode I’ve played thus far and I feel like a complete and utter shitty person. Puffy eyed and snot nosed, I salute to the writers for creating the drama and the graphic artists for bringing it to life.#telltalegames #thewalkingdead #noturningback #FML

    P.S. – I am eagerly awaiting the third season. Don’t fuck with me I know you guys are already working on it, if not that then a minisode. But seriously you need to be working on season three. It’s a necessity. #youcompleteme#saythatyoullneverleaveme #allthetears

  79. Ella Sabourin August 28, 2014 at 8:45 pm - Reply

    I love the walking dead game by telltale. This season was fantastically written, especially this last episode. It gave time to form connections to the characters more, like Jane, Kenny, and Luke. It also gave more time to pick your battles and choose sides, which is very challenging at times. This season was far more open. It was scarier in that way because there was no real path to follow like in season 1. You could head north, south, to Mexico, to Texas, there was just such an autonomy and freedom that made every choice seem to count that much more. My Clem loved Kenny like an old racist uncle. He was a jokester when it called for it- and sometimes when it didn’t- but when it came down to it, he did what he had to. This episode he lost it…a lot. I held on to thinking he’d come back, but he didn’t. I knew he had done this before, after losing Katjaa, and sticking with the loyalty that Lee had for me, I stuck with my gut and stayed with Kenny. I knew no matter what, Clem would be under his protection. They had a bond that was incomparable to bonds with the other living characters at the time. I lost it a little when I couldn’t help and save Luke, but I was glad I followed what he told me and covered him from walkers. Bonnie, Mike, and Arvo are all unimportant to me. I wouldn’t have minded if any of them were killed in the shootout at the start of the episode. Maybe a little, since Mike was warming up to me after that raccoon comment. I ended the season loyal to Kenny as Lee was to me. If you’re gonna live in a dangerous and miserable world, you might as well live every moment with someone who can make you happy. At least that was what I thought of season 2.

  80. Tonya Khramova August 28, 2014 at 9:17 pm - Reply

    I just realized something.
    Oh My God! I Killed Kenny! X__x
    I feel really bad for it, though. Like, awful bad. Kenny was a nice guy. Yes, I didn’t like him before, and he had a hard time with nearly everyone in the finale, but he cared for Clem and AJ a lot. To be honest, I didn’t like him before: there were a lot of times when he was acting irrationally and much more harsh than it had to be. But, after Lee maybe, Kenny cared the most about my Clementine. It’s just amazing, isn’t it? I mean, how can one person care about someone else? Maybe, this is why I like Telltale Games’s The Walking Dead so much.

    But I did kill Kenny. And the funny part is, I feel like it was the right choice. I couldn’t let Kenny kill someone because he ‘wasn’t thinking straight’. I know, sometimes you have to hurt someone else for those you care about (Fade Out chapter is the best *-*), but this is different. Kenny didn’t have to kill anybody. Especially my friend Jane.
    Well, she was my friend at that point. I did not forgive her. It would be wrong. She, on the controrary, never cared about AJ, did she? Unlike Kenny, I liked Jane, but when she proposed to leave Kenny and AJ back in the car, I swear, if there was an option to say “Why don’t you leave by yourself?”, I would’ve said that. I mean, Kenny is not that dangerous to Clem, I want to take care of the baby with him, and Jane is okay with survivng by herself. What’s the problem? Why did Jane wanted to have Clem around so bad? Why did it have to get so wrong?…

    Thank you Telltale. This was one of the most enjoyable, unenjoyable, heartbreaking, heartwarming and strong experience I’ve had in a long time.

    Me bastard X(

  81. moongamma64 August 28, 2014 at 10:01 pm - Reply

    Did anyone else scream the entire black screen after Clem got shot cuz I finished it two days ago an my throght still hurts.

  82. HSPLazerz August 28, 2014 at 10:09 pm - Reply
  83. Robert Kilpatrick August 28, 2014 at 10:10 pm - Reply

    1. this season finale was mind blowing
    2. I think both seasons are ALMOST at par with each other, however, I think season 1 finale had that little bit more ‘Making People Cry’ in it
    3. The hardest choice for me in this episode was the decision to either go into Wellington with AJ or Stay with Kenny in the wilderness (I Chose Kenny)
    4. For season 3, I am predicting that Clementine (and the person she saved, IF she saved) will find a new group of people that they can trust.

  84. Shahar Asher August 28, 2014 at 10:53 pm - Reply

    I believe I made the right choice, I let Kenny kill Jane and I’m glad because at the end od the day she wanted the fight and she set it up. She had the upper hand twice and could have stopped the fight and make her point but chose to try and kill him so she is more guilty than Kenny in my book.
    Plus Kenny actually loves you and will defend you to his death from love but jane will defend and save you just because she doesn’t want to end up alone
    In Wellington would Jane have sacrificed herself for you to be sfae? I don’t think so, I think she would even try to talk you out of going to Wellington if they offered it only to you.
    And I can see why Kenny thought she killed AJ and I thought so too, she talked so much about the baby being a liability in episode 4 that I thought she left him when she had a chance to say it was an accident.

  85. Tutta Snork August 29, 2014 at 12:17 am - Reply

    How The Walking Dead Season Two by Telltale Games Should Have Ended (#HISHE)

    Back on the lake.

    Arvo: Можно идти, лёд прочный, uh, I mean, Walk, Ice.
    Kenny: No shit ice, that’s the problem!
    Bonnie: Maybe it is save…
    Clem: Are you nuts? What are you talking about, it first snowed like two days ago, it can’t possibly be safe. Especially for Luke, he has a hard time just walking with his leg. If we are going to make it, we should crawl, or something, so we get the least pressure possible.
    Jane: Sounds reasonable. We should also spread out, you know, to be save.
    (?) They will remember that.
    Clem: Okay… Luke, do you have that cool big knife of yours?
    Luke: Yeah… Why?
    Clem: Nah, just hold on to it, you know, just in case, it’s looks like the easiest way to break the ice if it comes to that.
    (?) Luke will remember that.
    Clem: And Bonnie, do you still have some of that rope we use to tie Arvo up left? I mean, you have a bottle of rum, baby formula and at least some rope, it wouldn’t make sence if you didn’t have few meters of it.
    Bonnie: Sure, do you need it?
    Clem: Just tie yourself with Luke, so, if he falls, you could get him out easily. I mean, Luke is wounded, we should take at least some precautions, right?
    Bonnie: Right… Right, I mean, that’s pretty dumb not to consider Luke’s condition at all, isn’t it?
    (?) Bonnie will remember that.

    (The groups gets over the lake safely.)


    In the car, Kenny left Clem, AJ, and Jane.

    Jane: You know, we could leave right now… This is our chance, Clem!
    Clem: Wh-what? What about AJ, are gonna leave the baby just like that in the open?
    Jane: Listen, I know you are close to him, but so is Kenny…
    Clem: Well then, I’m staying here with AJ *and* Kenny. I promised Alvin I will take care of him, and so I will. I understand if you want to leave though, you and Kenny are obviously not getting along, and, well, you are the solitary kind of person anyways… So yeah, if you want to leave, I get it, really, I’m not holding you back.
    Jane: But, Clem!… Kenny is dangerous!
    Clem: Now that I’m thinking of it, Kenny is not losing it when it’s only me around, you know. He’s obviously not dangerous to me. And even if he will get there someday, I’m Clem, I can take care of myself if shit hits the fan.
    Jane: But… I came back for you…
    Clem: Uh-uh, don’t do the sad eyes, I’m the little girl here. Seriously, you’re cool, but I’m not leaving AJ for you, not happening.
    Jane: You don’t understa…
    Clem: LALALALA.
    Jane: You don’t…
    Clem: LALALA.
    Jane: You…
    Clem: LALA.
    Jane: So, is that it?… You don’t want to know what it feels like to have your own life?…
    Clem: I’ve got one allready, Jane. *smiles* You go and do the same.
    (?) Jane will remember that.

    Jane: It was good while it lasted.
    Clem: [Hug Jane]

    (Jane walks away. Kenny, Clem and AJ live happily ever after and get bit by walkers on the same day).

    I loved the episode, don’t get me wrong. This game was the most wonderful experience I’ve had in a long while now, and although the finale broke me a bit, I questioned my moral several times and learned a lot of lessons… Thank you, Telltale Games.

  86. Timothy Camilleri August 29, 2014 at 1:08 am - Reply

    Season 2 finished. Both proud and worried for Clementine as now she is on her own with the baby as are 22.7% of other players. Her lessons throughout both seasons have molded her into a fine warrior with a strong conscience. Can’t wait for season 3 (there better be one) to see her being a lone wolf and cub style peaceful warrior and a mentor like Lee was to her.

    This is my credits reaction face Sad ending but the one that felt dependant on my choices, as well as dependant on the choices of characters around me and my reactions to them. I’ve been trying so hard to bring Kenny back, to be diplomatic as I could and make everyone get along. I told Luke not to be an idiot and in true idiot fashion he got his leg shot. I then shot at zombies from afar to not put more weight on the ice while Bonnie (who from day one I haven’t gotten along with) gave me shit after his death and me nearly freezing after breaking the ice with my gun butt. I felt bad for Arno and liked Mike, so when they were stealing the truck I asked to go with them along with a measly 5.9% of other players. I couldn’t shoot Mike, what was his crime? He was the best of us that were left, his only fault wanting to get away from the increasing volatile confrontations of Kenny and Jane. He took my gun and then Arno shot me.

    Jane…. Jane Jane Jane… she came back, and I was happy. She felt like a strong big sister Clementine never had. She had strong survival instincts and I felt she was overcoming her fear of cost vs reward pure pragmatic thinking… but I was wrong. She warned me about Kenny’s deterioration as though I couldn’t see it and then finally fools him into thinking the baby was dead to push him to a point where he wanted to kill her. This in turn pushed me to kill Kenny, along with 69.7% of people. He was fragile mentally and she pushed him to make a point and forced me to kill one of my best friends. His being able to say his goodbyes destroyed me. I loved Kenny, flawed as he was, but it feels like finally he’ll be at peace. If i may just jump back in to critic mode outside of the emersiveness of Clementine’s journey for a sec, as a story element this worked so well for this episode. At the start of the episode Jane surprisingly feels regret over killing the Russian who she barely knew because he’d done nothing personally wrong to her, but she did it to protect me. The episode ends with her forcing me (I say force, I could have let Kenny kill her) to shoot Kenny, someone I didn’t want to kill who had done no wrong to me except an emotional shouting match, to protect her. The fact that this story element came up in that way in a game where choices can alter the outcome was startling. I saw the hypocrisy of the moment, her forcing me to do something that she detested at the start. In that moment of finding out the baby was not dead I knew what Jane had done, and why, and I could not forgive her. Her cries of “I can’t do this alone” stang me as I walked away, the shoe now on the other foot. I hope, though I doubt it, that Jane learns from this. Do not break the trust of those you depend on for company, you will find yourself alone.

    See my Clem wasn’t a complete fool, she understood sometimes you can’t save everybody but that if there’s a chance you have to try. The situation with Luke was a 50 50 shot, shoot the zombies before their weight broke the ice while Luke tries to get out. Going over to him would be foolish and costly. Whereas in the previous episode I took every opportunity to try and save Sarah because the risk was justified, even if she was a liability in a completely Jane-esque pragmatic view. My trying to save Sarita by cutting off her arm felt justified, I didn’t account for her scream calling over all those Walkers, a stupid rookie mistake. Clem will have to carry the weight of those decisions but I believe her drawing a line in the sand and being strong with her convictions is something instilled in her from Lee. It was so good seeing Lee again, and scary because I really felt Clem could have died because I made a choice to not betray my values, even at the cost of my life. It ends with Clem walking into a hoard of Walkers, covering herself in guts, baby in hand, with the knowledge skills and values she has acquired over both seasons.

    Wow. So brilliant. See Mass Effect 3? We can have a sad ending, dependent on our actions (with proper cause and effect without just suddenly introducing a new element to the narrative), and it can feel complete and satisfying. I feel more excited for season 3 to come from this ending than I did before.

    How does it stack up compared to season 1? I feel season 2 is a very different beast, telling a very different story. Mostly it’s about lines in the sand and which side of them you are on whereas S1 was more about what is living/life? Is it just pure survival, is it the amenities, is it people, and should children be sheltered from the realities of the world? Also Season 2 felt formatted differently. It felt less like one long story like season 1, and more episode to episode how life changes, how what was sacred one day is optional the next. It felt chaotic, no safety net of characters for the long haul, except Luke and even he died. Each episode felt very thought out on its own basis whereas S1 had a larger seasonwide arc. Both worked. I was in tears both times but this time it was tears of regret. Regret for having to do what I had to do, but knowing I wouldn’t do it or have it any other way. Well done Telltale Games, can’t wait for Borderlands, Game Of Thrones, and of course Season 3.

  87. DudeOFNowhere August 29, 2014 at 4:18 am - Reply

    it turns out, jane is a bitch but when i check choices, FUCKING 38 PERCENT PEOPLE went with her and the family. i rooted for kenny. BTW will there be a DLC like the previous season?

  88. DudeOFNowhere August 29, 2014 at 4:20 am - Reply

    the scene in wellington made me cry. DAMN. happened last time too with lee. GOD DAMN! tell if you cried at any point in both games

  89. Jules K. August 29, 2014 at 4:38 am - Reply

    Usually I hate multiple endings! Often it’s just the “happy ever after” ending, the “evil” ending and the “why the fuck did I even try” ending and none of them are satisfying.
    Ultimatly it comes down to what color is displayed in the cutscenes and none of your choices you did before matter in any way.
    But The Walking Dead did it just right!
    I watched every possible ending and every one of them is perfect … and I think thats at the same time the problem.
    I can´t really decide which ending is my favorite … while in other games every ending is kinda shit, in TWD every ending is perfect.
    So I’m left now with many endings that could happen and I can’t really choose … it will in some way always stay open ended for me.
    And I don’t think season 3 will continue where we left off in season 2 because they would have to make at least 3 completly different games.
    I think that they will either again skip about 2 or more years or they will show a new protagonist that we might or might not already know.
    And maybe they will release another DLC like 400 Days … who knows.
    But one thing is sure: Clementine will continue to survive … with or without Kenny/Jane!

    • Timothy Camilleri August 29, 2014 at 4:40 am - Reply

      So true. I actually referred to Mass Effect 3 in my analysis of this ending too. This is how to do it right.

      • Jules K. August 29, 2014 at 4:49 am - Reply

        And also every character was important to the story till the end.
        I never had the feeling they could just have cut out one of the characters.
        Bonnie, Arvo, Kenny, Jane, Luke, etc … they all had there own problems, hopes and reasons, even the ones from 400 days.
        Clem defenitly saw them just as armed assholes who work for carver or even as enemys but they were just peaple too as shown in the DLC.
        the didnt play a big role in season 2 but the DLC helped to give them a bit more background and for me a way to sympethise with them.
        I still hope they made it out of carvers place alive 🙂

        • Guest August 29, 2014 at 5:02 am - Reply

          I’m just a bit disappointed that christa didn’t show up any more 🙁
          I really hoped that she survived and maybe she did but I think we will never find out the truth.
          The truth died with the dying man at the river in episode one.

  90. Chris Donald August 29, 2014 at 4:46 am - Reply

    Kenny just needed to die as far as I was concerned at the start of this episode. I had issues with him in season 1 since he left lee to die a couple times just because I disagreed with him. In this season he showed that he was just a liability, Jane didn’t really need to set the confrontation up I knew he was batshit crazy already.

    Saying all that I hope next season there is an option to end Bonnie and Arvo, no questions just “hey assholes!” BANG! BANG! If bonnie hadn’t stepped on the ice near Luke he may have lived, but she blames me for making the smart choice and gets me shot, she gots to die.

  91. Nicolazz August 29, 2014 at 5:05 am - Reply

    There seems to be a big difference between the two endings. I POSSIBLE SPOILER…

    Ended up with Jane after i shot Kenny in Carvers base with baby. Ive just let a family in. I liked Janes view on things as its one i would certainly take. I would want a massive group just 1 or 2 i could trust and a game plan. I cold see Kenny turning near the end and he had issues he just couldnt let go of, which is fine but they were affecting others.

  92. jackman August 29, 2014 at 5:07 am - Reply

    50% of player chose to shoot kenny? did these 50% of players even play season 1? do they even walking dead brah? why was “shoot kenny” even a choice xD well i hope they make a season 3 anyway love the game

  93. Tristan Harrison August 29, 2014 at 5:26 am - Reply

    Prediction for season 3: things are fast forward Dow. The track and AJ and Clem are grown up. A lot of things have happened to end up at similar points but you play as AJ and are with Clem who is who you choose her to be in season 2. Therefore using choices made and maybe with a couple of flashbacks unique to the finish to find the pieces. Thoughts? Telltale give me a call 🙂

  94. HiDe RuN August 29, 2014 at 5:33 am - Reply

    My favorite thing about the finale were the slower scenes, like cleaning Kenny’s face up or sitting with the group by the fire. Those scenes really made me think, which is one of my favourite things to do.
    In the end, I shot Kenny. From the start of season 1 I never liked him. He always made things much harder for the group and often you couldn’t even reason with him. He got even worse in season 2, in my opinion. I still felt really bad for the guy because all he wanted to do was look out for those closest to him, but I don’t agree with how he did it. When it came to the decision I didn’t really think much about the possibilities, I just went with what popped into my head first, which was Kenny.
    That being said, if doesn’t mean that I like Jane that much more. I hated when thet argued after you woke up in the car. It was childish of both of them but damn, Jane went way too far. What made me like her was that she was looked out for you (most of the time) and she was far less of a loose cannon.

    I still haven’t made up my mind about my decision being, what I felt, the right one.

    Great series.

  95. Dusan Popovic August 29, 2014 at 5:52 am - Reply

    What did you think of the finale episode?
    I think it really good cause you never would guess ending ,and i think that Nick -writter did amazing job with MIKE AND BONNIE.
    How did it compare to the Season 1 finale episode?
    I think S2 is more emontial than S1 cause we alredy new Lee was bitten and that he would die,but i never guess that friend are gonna screw us!!!
    What was the hardest choice in this episode?
    Who to shoot-I shoot Kenny because i trusted Jane that he is crazy.
    What are your predictions for Season 3?!?

    I think that Clem is going to be with new group cause it would be boring all alone…

  96. Reggie August 29, 2014 at 5:57 am - Reply

    Since the beginning of Season 2, watching how Kenny would react to the smallest of things and seeing him rant in rage over and over again until he started to become more physically violent, I just hated his character as a whole.
    Maybe its just me but whenever he would raise his voice at someone in an act of aggression, it would taunt me. I just wanted to get rid of that unreasonable character as soon as possible.

    I knew it was the right thing to do, other characters in the game noticed it as well and so that feeling of hate toward Kenny was growing till the end.
    All I was thinking is that HE MUST DIE and when ever there was a chance for it to happen, it would happen. I was literally begging for it.

    When Jane was introduced, I felt such a connection between her and Clem, much like a connection two siblings would share. I had a feeling that maybe Jane was sorry for wronging her sister the way she did, maybe she wanted to fill that hole in her heart by accepting Clem as her younger sister and the thought of that was fulfilling.

    So when Jane did what she did in the final acts of episode 5, I chose to save her and kill Kenny because to me, I liked Jane more than I ever liked Kenny, even after 20+ hours of gameplay.
    Even after finding out that Jane lied about losing AJ, I couldn’t help but forgive her, even so, she is all that Clementine has now.
    Its interesting to find out that only 30% players saved Jane instead of watching her die but even with the low statistics, I still know that I made the right choice, even in a game where not every choice is right.

  97. Vincentalim August 29, 2014 at 8:06 am - Reply

    The hardest choice is let Kenny kill Jane. I can’t let someone do that, But, If I want to save Jane, I have to kill Kenny. It’s so hard to me… I don’t know what happen if I shot Kenny… Is Jane will be saved and we will see her in the next season (and Kenny died), or we still with Kenny for some reason. I guess I will try this last episode once again…But I really love this season. Although, I feels like the first one have a better climax.

  98. Deadhead216 August 29, 2014 at 8:41 am - Reply

    Great episode. Just as emotional as the s1 finale. The final decision was a tough one. And fuck arvo

  99. Evan August 29, 2014 at 10:27 am - Reply

    I bet that dlc for season 2 will wrap up all the different endings to make it possible to have not 5, but 1 season 3 game.

  100. hobbs August 29, 2014 at 10:44 am - Reply

    I played the ending like 4 different ways, Kenny gets killed, then pair up with jane, Kenny gets killed then bail on jane, let Kenny kill jane, then kill Kenny, let Kenny kill jane and join up with Kenny heading north to wellington. Ive actually got 4 different games saved so I was able to play out all 4 of these outcomes, its gonna be interesting to see tell tale introduce season 3, because those 4 outcomes were so different. Usually some common event will bring you back to a common outcome, but I don’t really see how as of right now. Now alls im hopin for is another 400 days equivalent. and soon!

  101. hobbs August 29, 2014 at 10:46 am - Reply

    too bad about luke, I would rather have saved him and let bonnie or arvo go swimming. Speakin of which, what ever happened to arvo? I hope Kenny left him tied up and he became walker bait, feeling sorry for that ruskie got old quick.

  102. hobbs August 29, 2014 at 10:47 am - Reply

    I wonder why they went with Russian speaking foreigners instead of Mexicans?? There sure are a lot more of them around than Russians……

  103. hobbs August 29, 2014 at 10:47 am - Reply

    Mexican cartels would’ve worked better I think

  104. coolspyguy August 29, 2014 at 11:03 am - Reply

    i can already see the plot for season 3… MOLLY AND JANE, BABYSITTER BUDDIES 4EVER

  105. Tyler Sant Fournier August 29, 2014 at 11:17 am - Reply

    I went with kenny all the way, then it came down to staying at wellington or not, at first I chose to stay but knew in my heart I should stay with Kenny, so I rewinded it and went on with Kenny (best choice in my opinion)

  106. Alex Waters August 29, 2014 at 11:30 am - Reply

    I guess you could say that Luke went out with a splash. It’s a shame he had to die on his birthday week, he was so hawt. I would have defiantly tapped that. You were too slow Clem.

  107. bunkertie August 29, 2014 at 11:56 am - Reply

    this game felt like a living breathing world. telltale gave me and a whole lot of other people actual feelings for the people in this game. it all started with lee and how he teached her how to be strong no matter what happens. and now clem is all alone and puts the things she learned into good use. for herself and AJ.

  108. Hehuman August 29, 2014 at 3:06 pm - Reply

    Well , first i have to say that i was watching PewDiePie Gameplay walkthrough TWD Season 2 and i dont agree with him in some things.
    The ending got me.I was stoned and crying. I didnt expect, Kenny and Jane will act like that and the scene with Lee, damn.It was totally Jane’s fault and she did it on purpose.I would choose Kenny ( ”Look Away” choice ) , because i know him from the beginning , i feel like Clem and that baby will be more safe with him than with Jane.I know that Kenny sometimes can be an asshole and wants kill everything, but when he sees Clem , he is like happy and nice to her.Jane just put the baby into a car alone. So Bad .But yeah ,Pewdiepie chose Jane and then he (Clem) left Jane, moved to South i think.I think The ending was the hardest choice and u made these endings so great , but very sad and it touches everyone.

    I really cant compare 2 endings.Different stories. S1 ending is about to save Clem and then forced Clem to end his life because he was bit. and S2 ending is about that u choose who will live , Jane or Kenny.But 2 endings have 1 same thing. Lost ur dear friend.

    I hope Season 3 will have awesome story and adventure, I think that Clem will be much older (16) and she will teach AJ How to shoot and etc.

    Thank you that u are doing these awesome and heartbreaking games.I wanted to share my feelings and opinions. And Sorry for my English 😀

  109. Brendan1928 August 29, 2014 at 3:25 pm - Reply

    Honestly, I went with Kenny. Sure, he was a little messed up but he always tried to act with Clementine’s best interests. In the end the choice was about survival or compassion. Jane was always thinking about survival and even wants to reject the newcomers at Howe’s because there is a shortage of food (thinking of herself instead of the shit the newcomers might have been through), whereas Kenny wants you to be safe even if it means him being alone. I’m with Kenny through and through. Ever since Season 1 he’s always been there and trying to protect Clem and I mean seriously, would you NOT go insane if your family died then your new ray of hope died, then a baby who was the last straw was believed to be murdered? Jane had it coming and wanted the fight, and after all, didn’t she say not to interfere? I just hope Telltale doesn’t pull a typical Telltale and make the endings all go onto one path so no matter what you’re on your own with AJ and everyone else dies in the beginning so they don’t have to make three different story lines. I want Kenny to last until the end, he’s been my favorite character since S1 E1. He only cares about Clem and AJ. Sure, he says he was too wreckless and should die but if you stick it out and don’t kill him he shows that he truly loves Clem and that he is just trying to protect her. #TEAMKENNY #SAVEKENNY #KENNYTILTHEEND.

  110. Farkas Gergely August 29, 2014 at 4:44 pm - Reply

    I voted for Jane and let the family in. At the end I wasn’t scared about the hidden gun, but when they came in I realized the two white ppl have a brown boy and he wanted my cap like the girl in s2e1. Hey, that’s my survival hat!

  111. Anthony Tasselli August 29, 2014 at 5:06 pm - Reply

    I shot Kenny. Jane did good by letting him think AJ was dead so that Clementine could see what a monster he was. He just attacked her without giving her a chance to explain. Then all Jane did was defend herself. Kenny is clearly evil and becoming like Carver. Plus, he didn’t need to beat the shit out of Arvo.

    • Tim Buktu August 30, 2014 at 11:11 am - Reply

      you should look up the ending where you stay with kenny and arrive at wellington, then you will see how much Kenny cares for Clem andd AJ, he LOVES them with his whole heart. He is not becoming evil, he was in rage mode, because he thought that Jane sacrificed AJ to save herself.

  112. Amelia Bromfield August 29, 2014 at 5:15 pm - Reply

    Man that was such an intense last episode! I knew that little shit Arvo couldn’t be trusted and I sided with kenny on everything he had to say about him, even when kenny beat him up… Yes it’s wrong and cruel but he deserved it. I could just tell that Arvo was going to do something after the way he kept looking at Clem. I have no sympathy what so ever for him. I chose to try and save Luke rather than just shoot because Bonnie had a gun, it was worth a shot ay!? I had a feeling Luke would die especially because he was falling behind on that ice, you just knew shit was about to happen. And with regards to shooting kenny or letting kenny kill jane… It took me a long time to decide because I did like jane, she came back for us and showed me how to fight, plus her and Clem seemed to be connecting. But after 20 mins of deciding, I just couldn’t bring myself to shoot kenny, he’s always been there. I also didn’t let him send me to that Wellington place/building. If I choose to save kenny, I stick with kenny. But yes I am slightly upset about him killing jane, but Kenny ftw!

  113. Joshua August 29, 2014 at 5:16 pm - Reply

    This is probably really dumb, but it would be cool if season 3 was about Christa; we still don’t know how that ended.

  114. Viktor Ershov August 29, 2014 at 8:03 pm - Reply

    Greatest game of the world 🙂

  115. Pablo August 29, 2014 at 9:57 pm - Reply

    In the finale episode…has come big feels…speceally in the dream whit Lee :´) …And i feel bad for other side, because all the others characters died :/.
    If i have to compare the Season 1 finale whit this finale…All are sad (in my opinion) but i prefere the finale of Wellington,get out of there, and keep whit Kenny, beacuse “in a few months” we can come back and enter to the fortress. But well..the season 1 finale, whitout words…just tears…R.I.P. Lee, all miss you.
    The hardest choice…”Shoot Kenny” or “Look away”….in a moment i have thinging in the first choice, but Kenny always was like that from the season 1, alse all happend in this season…Sarita,Carver and Jane speaking about his family ¡JUST FOR CHECK A POINT!…and what she doed to the baby too…And He is our old friend…Jane is really amazing but in the last moment doed the things bad…Sorry Jane. But well, yet we have Molly haha.
    Hope the main character of the season 3 will be Clem again :D, yet the little Clem. just for the feels from the season 1 and 2. Hope she will still be little at least for this season.

  116. Tutta Snork August 29, 2014 at 10:39 pm - Reply

    Wow. This was some roller coaster.

    Finale of the season was as right as it could be. It had a cold atmosphere of episode 4, mind-blowing madness of episode 3, cozy and heartwarming moments of episode 2, and this feeling of pride and worry for grown-up Clementine we’ve first got in episode 1. There were also several references to season one, and, of course, Lee and a whole chapter back in the RV, which was amazing. I like how all of this was brought up and in the finale, well-combined with a great conclusion for a great story. Yes, whichever ending you got, I think there isn’t a bad one, and each one makes a good epilogue. All of the aforesaid makes The Walking Dead Season Two Episode “No Going Back”, as well as the whole game itself, perfect in my book.

    Before going into this, I decided to determine, who is #MyClementine, like it was proposed by Telltale Games in their twitter. And, actually, it helps a lot when making choices. I mean, this is how it is supposed to be? Because as long as we have our wits about us, we can always make the right choice. Right?

    My Clementine is not as small as she used to be. She also trusts Luke with every plan he has, since the only time she didn’t, back on the bridge in episode 2, she was told to ‘not do it again’. So, when it came to covering vs. helping Luke, I chose first. I’m still pretty sure Luke would’ve made it. I mean, who *walks* on ice to get to someone who got in the water? You don’t *walk*, you *crawl* there. Making less pressure on ice. I don’t want to blame Bonnie, but I really don’t see how this is my fault. Well, at least I don’t feel as much at fault as Bonnie talks about it in the next chapter.
    In any case, I really liked Luke. He was fairly compassionate and kind-hearted. Yep, that was really sad:( I ended up playing to the end of the episode pretending that Luke is still there, I’m just not able to see him nor talk to him. Just how I usually do. Just how I did with Lee.
    By the way, I like how there was no choice between Kenny and Luke. I mean, the one choice that was most unwanted, but expected and predicted by fans for nearly every episode of the season. Well, as I said before, this isn’t a story about Luke vs. Kenny, right? It never was. It’s a story about Clementine growing up and making hard choices, and it is much more complex than that.

    My Clementine is pretty fast to make promises, but she never fails to fulfill them if there is something she can do. This is why from the beginning I had always put AJ first – not only because it makes sense to take care of the baby, but she promised Alvin to do so in my episode 3. And yes, this is why I never considered leaving with Mike and Bonny as an option. I felt so betrayed and frustrated seeing how who I thought to be my friends were taking the truck Kenny got working for us, and also all the supplies we had. I would’ve understood if they wanted to leave, I mean, Kenny was quite unpredictable and harsh, and we really don’t have to stick together if it’s not working, but, damn, they took *everything*. They could’ve at least leave a half, or might’ve taken AJ with them since Kenny is so ‘dangerous’, instead of leaving him with ‘bad’ people who are likely to die of hunger being unable to go anywhere fast enough.

    My Clementine has no mercy for those who are hurting her friends, although she is barely a threat to anyone. This is what I thought when Jane and Kenny were fighting. And that’s why I shot him. I couldn’t let get my (at that point) friend Jane killed for what it sounded like an accident with AJ (if I remember it right, Jane did say it was an accident and she was sorry, while Kenny didn’t want to let her explain herself). Neither could I let Kenny kill someone because he ‘wasn’t thinking straight’. He killed Larry and Carver before, but only because this had to be done, and Kenny always does what has to be done. Jane is a different story. There’s no reason to kill her but anger. Honestly, I thought since we lost AJ, Kenny is broken for good.
    So, I think it was the right choice. But I still feel awful bad for it. Oh My God, I Killed Kenny! X_x
    I didn’t like Kenny a lot. Not until he met AJ. Past this point, I he got… fixed? I mean, instead of being broken first after Duck and Katjaa, and then after Sarita. Only this episode I realized, how much he cared for both AJ and Clem. Yes, there were a lot of times when Now that I think about it, I’d say Kenny cared the most about Clem in the entire game, except for Lee maybe. Isn’t this just amazing? How can one man care for others so much? This is one wonderful and lightening message.
    And I just killed all of this. I killed Kenny.
    I hate Jane. What kind of a way to prove a point is that? I feel like being manipulated. As I said, I thought having AJ is everything that keeps Kenny sane, alive. You don’t take away someone this important to show how out of hand can other get about it. I didn’t think for a moment if I should forgive her or not.
    I still wonder if I should’ve forgiven Kenny for being so angry. Just like we were forgiven as Lee for murdering the senator. Like we (well, I) forgave Nick in episode one. Because bad things happen to everyone.
    But, well, I couldn’t just sit there and think “Oh well, he just had a bad experience, all he needs is to vent the anger, and it’ll be fine then”. Not at that moment, when I didn’t know Jane’s ‘genius plan’.

    My Clementine, although very smart and strong, is still a child. But she learns. Learns how to survive, how to keep going, whom to trust. How to forgive. And, believe me, she is a fast-learner.

    I have no idea what is going to happen in Season 3, especially since there are 5 different endings. And I don’t want to go guessing about it. I know one thing for sure though: Clem and AJ are going to be just fine. She can make it, for both of them. I first played Season One when episode 2 of Season Two already came out, and I remember I couldn’t wait a day to start playing next game: I was freaking worried if Clem ever met Omid and Christa, and how is she going to do it if she didn’t, and, crap, does she even has an idea on where to get food? I knew she is not that little and helpless as she could’ve been, but I couldn’t just leave her there, in the TWD universe, without anyone watching her. Now it is completely different. Clem is not the same girl who couldn’t keep a weasel cooking and the fire lit. She is my Clementine now. Do it, girl.

    (Art by Shina)

  117. Damon August 30, 2014 at 9:08 am - Reply

    I think Kenny is the only person I could trust. I was a little weary after he killed Jane, but when he told Clem to stay at Wellington, I knew he truly cared. I left with Kenny because I just couldn’t leave him alone

  118. SparMMMMMMMMMM . August 30, 2014 at 11:29 am - Reply

    Honestly, this ending was FARRRRRRRR MORE gut wrecking than Season 1. Season 1, I was just sad beyond comprehension, but in the end of season 2, I am still in the middle. I have 2 gave saves, 1 with jane alive and i chose the family, and 2, I didn’t go to wellington, i stayed with kenny. But i got fucking wrecked. I REALLY love them both, Jane specifically bonds with you, and almost sees you as a sister, because her sister didn’t have the urge to live and the strengths that jane had. So she bonds with clem beyond the other characters. But with Kenny, WTF I love kenny, he’s always been there for clem, and is such a caring guy for his people, but he is also quick to judge others and keep them distant. I admit, he TRULY WANTS TO MAKE THINGS RIGHT, but he has grown unstable, he is a time bomb, i mean he chewed out clem in ep.4 because she cut off sarita’s arm to help her. He’s always been a hot head, and mostly for the right reasons, but fucking Telltale Games are fucking savage, making us choose between REALLY TOUGH DECISIONS. As a guy i’m not gay, but i seriously almost teared up for both endings, like holy fuck. My first choice was to shoot kenny before he killed jane, and i forgave jane, because everyone deserves forgiveness, (i would have forgiven kenny but he is contantly bursting, and ALOT MORE HOTHEADED than in season 1) But i can’t figure which gamesave i’m going to delete and use for season 3, which in all honesty, is prolly going to be a completely off story,there’s no way they can make 5 different endings, unless they just kill off kenny and jane (due to the percentages of choices) and make clem be alone with AJ in either the cold or the normal. But still i’m mind fucked, i couldnt sleep at night for the longest time. @TellTaleGames, you guys are fucking savage for wrecking on me, good job

  119. Tim Buktu August 30, 2014 at 11:38 am - Reply

    I chose to look away, because I hated how Jane was pouring salt on Kenny’s wounds (multiple times) just to prove her point, and that she also told me that she (mostly) thinks about her own survival, so I didn’t know if I could trust her. Plus Kenny was my BFF in season 1 so I couldnt kill him either. The Wellington Part ripped my heart to pieces, seeing how Kenny was willing to leave alone to save AJ and Clementine. I did not want to leave Kenny alone then but I had to for the sake of AJ (because it would be harder for AJ to find food outside & because the guard said, they would accept new people in a few months, so Kenny could stick around and come back eventually) The hat part and Kenny’s last sentence gave me the rest and I cried even more then Clem did in the episode lol. It wasn’t the happily ever after ending with Kenny, but the reasonable best one and I chose how I would choose in reality (really the baby has higher chance survivng in the camp). It still shredded my heart parting with Kenny for the last time, but at least he can rest easy at night, knowing that he achieved to save Clem and AJ. Goodbye Kenny, my dear friend.
    Ps: Seriously, the bond I shared with lee/clem/kenny is stronger than any bond I had with any book/film and game character EVER. this game is such a masterpiece. 🙂

  120. Treasurelle August 30, 2014 at 3:02 pm - Reply

    The flashback scene broke my heart. I told Lee to never leave me alone, despite fully knowing there wasn’t a damned thing I could do to change his fate or keep him with me. It was a tearjerker to say the least, and excellent writing on TellTale’s part.

  121. Shelby August 30, 2014 at 4:10 pm - Reply

    I guess I’m being a bit biased here, but so is everyone else lol. I loved Jane since her initial appearance. Kenny I never liked and hoped he had died in Season 1. He annoyed me by how reckless he was. I felt bad for him towards the beginning of this season, but he turned back into the braindead wreckingball he was before when Sarita dies. So I shot him. Easy choice. Watching all the endings, saving him gives you more feelsy results, but Jane is much more trustworthy….mainly because she trusts you much more than you trust her. The choice of the family tho, I don’t buy it. Accepting them gives us a new “friend” who looks more like a juvenile with those facial expressions he keeps giving Clem, but refusing them is kinda a dick move. Still it’s safer to be a dick than an idiot and, in my opinion, to go with Jane and stick with her and only her.

    • 0xXOPPXx0 . September 6, 2014 at 1:55 am - Reply

      but yeah I hated kenny’s guts season 1, He hated me and I hated him more. I did start liking him more in season 2, a lot more than anyone else in the group but his mood swings were getting out of control and he was taking it out on clem every now and then. He did get some brownie points when he apologized but I still shot him and forgave Jane. What she did was wrong because she manipulated him, but what if she legit could not protect AJ and came empty handed. Same results right. What I really want to do is KILL Bonnie. I hated her in the DLC episode and I hate her with a burning passion now. Idk if shes dead or alive but after Luke died, she gave me the cold shoulder and guilt trip treatment.

  122. Observer August 30, 2014 at 7:38 pm - Reply

    Sigh. Stupid feels!!!! I shot Kenny and left Jane. I know that Kenny was being aggressive but he was only looking out for us! I hate Arvo! Clem saved him so many times and he shot her and he brought his stupid friends to gang up on them even though I let him leave with the medical supplies. Arvo deserved it but what Jane did was unforgivable. She KNOWS Kenny lost a child and he saw AJ as his other son and manipulating Kenny into thinking he died as well was OF COURSE gonna push him over the edge. He lost way more ppl than Jane. She crossed the line even though I liked her. But I couldn’t let him stab her, he would have regretted that forever even though she was the one with the knife! And I put Kenny out of his misery. He was just too sad and hurt. I couldn’t forgive Jane though and I don’t know for sure that she wouldn’t kill AJ cuz he was a burden or something. She made Clem lose Kenny. I’m sure Clem and AJ will survive. She will keep him alive. I wish Kenny could have lives though.

    • Tutta Snork August 30, 2014 at 7:53 pm - Reply

      I know right? I killed Kenny too, I just couldn’t watch him stab her, couldn’t let it happen. But when I found out this was just ‘genius’ plan of Jane’s… She put herself in the situation where she was supposed to die if it wasn’t for Clem, and she did it *on purpose*. Saving her goddamn life was fucking generous enough, and I’m not forgiving her, sorry for the language.

    • Timothy Camilleri August 31, 2014 at 12:28 pm - Reply

      First order of business in Season 3 should be finding and killing Arvo. To think I felt bad for him!

  123. ApparentlyNot August 31, 2014 at 1:56 am - Reply

    I just hope that Wellington is actually the Hilltop so we get a comic/video game crossover

  124. Arrowstorm August 31, 2014 at 3:37 am - Reply

    I really hope they confirm Clementine for Season 3. If she won’t be the protagonist again, then I hope they say so as quickly as possible so I don’t get super disappointed.

  125. Inti Koreneef September 1, 2014 at 3:50 am - Reply

    OMG I miss luke soooo much, after the episode (ended with kenny) I cried because of him. How can nobody (from the group you find in episode 1) survive? I thought at least 1 will survived but no ;_(

  126. Nathan Carpenter September 1, 2014 at 11:11 am - Reply

    I think that if you go to wellington that in season 3 you will meet up with christa

  127. Shadow Moonlight6 September 1, 2014 at 1:03 pm - Reply
  128. Cj X Prince September 1, 2014 at 1:09 pm - Reply

    I think telltale games is playing with my emotional so bad..but the right choice is letting kenny sticking that huge knife into that boobless jane cuz she deserved to be killed..kenny never thought or tried to kill anyone but trying to keep the group was janes fault..she wanted to fight all long by talking behind his back and trying to fill clems head.

    I loved kenny even he was losing his mind but he lost his wife..and son and then sarita and thrn he thought he lost the baby too which jane couldent understand that and she made it yeah I went with kenny cuz hes the second best character since seaon 1 episode 1 i even cried whrn lee died..and when i lost kenny in season 1..cried again when i met him again and i cried when i had a dream about lee omg why telltall games whyyyyyyyy do u need to make it that sad? Im just hoping kenny will stay till the last season with me cuz i felt like i was playing with kenny specialy the last secene when he was telling clem to stay in that new place they found..wateva who ever killed kenny has no loyalty :p

    • 0xXOPPXx0 . September 6, 2014 at 1:44 am - Reply

      Loyalty???? I hated Kenny after season 1 episode 2. HE WAS A FUCKING DICK, but I can’t lie, I started to like him in season 2. I liked him more than everyone else in the group, but i ended up killing him in the end. Don’t get me wrong, What Jane did was wrong and fucked up. She was right about Kenny though, he was becoming to cold blooded.

  129. Sam Pitts September 1, 2014 at 1:21 pm - Reply

    Im sorry but I have to change my decision from killing kenny to letting jane die. It was my pure gut reaction to the situation as I didn’t fully think it through long enough with the time given as I literally went back and forth 50 times.I should’ve trusted kenny just for a tad longer, he was always right. I just can’t live with myself knowing jane did what she did. Seeing the other endings, I’m not letting go of a truly awesome character and friend, I just have to do it even though I’ve never gone back to change a decision before in my WD story.
    Sometimes I have to keep reminding myself that its a video game but I’m just so immersed in the story and what they’ve have been through.
    Telltale is the best.

  130. Observer September 1, 2014 at 2:22 pm - Reply

    So found out that if you let Kenny kill Jane they actually find Wellington and there is an extra scene and it made me cry. Now I don’t want to shoot Kenny!!!!! Jane knew exactly what she was getting herself into to and she knew he would crack if she provoked him to that extent. I don’t know what to do. When Clem leaves with AJ she doesn’t find Wellington. Lol someone please help me decide!!!

  131. S.l. Walker September 1, 2014 at 7:39 pm - Reply

    My ending was Clementine alone with the baby, surviving with all her own knowledge and without all the petty matters of a group.
    ** Clementine in the end was what Lee was to her – her guardian. **
    I chose to let Kenny do what he needed to, when it came to Jane. She basically set the tone for leaving, and leaving people who needed her. Although she wanted to make amends by adopting Clementine as her sister — it was too late. Even though the baby was alive, she took a chance that didn’t need to be taken just to prove a petty point.
    I let Kenny have his peace by killing Jane, afterwards it was obvious that he was gone. That he needed his own peace and to be freed of this world that already took so much of him. He was proud of Clementine, and he asks for it to be over — he wanted his peace and to be with the ones he loved and lost. She did Kenny a favor, and I believe he died with no ill regards to Clementine’s decision.
    I’m happy with my choices, although killing Kenny was hard — it wasn’t about killing him because of what he did to Jane, but killing him because she loved him.

  132. S.l. Walker September 1, 2014 at 8:08 pm - Reply

    My ending was Clementine alone with the baby, surviving with all her own knowledge and without all the petty matters of a group.
    ** Clementine in the end was what Lee was to her – her guardian. **
    I chose to let Kenny do what he needed to, when it came to Jane. She basically set the tone for leaving, and leaving people who needed her. Although she wanted to make amends by adopting Clementine as her sister — it was too late. Even though the baby was alive, she took a chance that didn’t need to be taken just to prove a petty point.
    I let Kenny have his peace by killing Jane, afterwards it was obvious that he was gone. That he needed his own peace and to be freed of this world that already took so much of him. He was proud of Clementine, and he asks for it to be over — he wanted his peace and to be with the ones he loved and lost. She did Kenny a favor, and I believe he died with no ill regards to Clementine’s decision.
    I’m happy with my choices, although killing Kenny was hard — it wasn’t about killing him because of what he did to Jane, but killing him because she loved him.

  133. Cheryl Anne September 2, 2014 at 12:15 pm - Reply

    I don’t know what to comment other than I wish I had Season 1 and the means to purchase each episode of season 2. 🙁 I’ve only played episode 1 season 1. 🙁

  134. Nikitacfc September 2, 2014 at 12:22 pm - Reply

    Am i the only one who wanted Kenny to live in the end? You have been through so much together with him? If she stays at Wellington theres probably gonna happen a outbreak anyway so my favorite ending was going with Kenny 😉

  135. eliana September 2, 2014 at 12:53 pm - Reply

    Many months have passed since the events developed in Season 1 of The Walking Dead, and Clementine is looking for a safe place. But what may make an ordinary girl to stay alive when the living are as bad – and sometimes worse – as the undead?

    An abandoned village in which collect food on time because at any moment is filled with zombies, a long way to go on a train track … I HOPE TO DIE entertain

  136. Tom Paterson September 2, 2014 at 1:43 pm - Reply

    I thought all the endings were great, I underestimate how much of a part Jane would play. I ultimately shot Kenny and his last words gave me feels. 10/10 would play a third time.

  137. Morgana Täuschung September 2, 2014 at 1:46 pm - Reply

    Ba dum tss.

  138. Johnf3545 September 2, 2014 at 1:48 pm - Reply

    You know what the entire Season didn’t have that I missed from Season 1? Getting to know the group through free control segments like Season 1 had.

  139. imabanana5082 September 2, 2014 at 1:49 pm - Reply
  140. JorgedePazMolina September 2, 2014 at 1:54 pm - Reply

    I think that Kenny had to die, because he was… crazy. But, on the other hand, Jane is always trying to prove her point. She EVEN PUT A BABY IN DANGER TO PROVE A POINT. Clem is better on her own, i think. Finally, I hope that in the 3º season Clem Will be a teenager and AJ Will be a kid. That could give different kinds of decissions, and it would be great that you have different decissions depending who you were in season 2. (Sorry if i have some fault, I’m not English);)

    • Creshosk September 15, 2014 at 7:44 am - Reply

      Thing is, he wasn’t crazy. He was absolutely right about Avro. No matter how nice to him you are, how fast you stick up for him, give him the medicine… he’ll still shoot you, any option, any choice and he’ll still shoot you given a chance. And it was kenny’s interactions with him that mostly made him seem crazy. But Kenny was right about him. And if Kenny was right about the thing that made him seem crazy? Then how could you honestly say Kenny was crazy?

  141. Kathryn Coleman September 2, 2014 at 2:15 pm - Reply

    I only played tho once so far and stayed a wellington but I only did that cuz of AJ I don’t see how he can survive in a winter like that without a home and shelter plus cuz Kenny asked well pleaded with Clem to stay but I wanted to go with him so much (think I will next time)
    I hate what Jane did with AJ and trying to make you dought Kenny, I remember pausing to think what to do when Kenny and Jane were fighting but there was no way I was gonna shoot Kenny so sorry Jane, but then when I heared that baby cry and realised what she had planned I hated her a bit, I know she said stay out of it but she nearly made a poor little 11 year old girl kill the one person who really cares about her and knows her more than anyone else alive.
    so messed up.
    The only thing that would of made this episode better is if Luke didn’t die 🙁 I loved Luke

  142. Lotta Cooties September 2, 2014 at 2:15 pm - Reply

    Wow is all I can say. The final episode brought me to tears and making the final decision was the toughest thing ever, however I love how this final episode gave you more of an option to choose how you wanted the story to continue compared to season 1. I personally chose to forgive Jane and kill off Kenny as I felt he’d played his part in the story and I felt like he’d be happier dead than alive.
    I am very excited to see how season 3 will play out and keep going with all the different endings of this final episode. Also I’m hoping the story will keep following Clementine as she’s one of my all time favorite game characters.

  143. codero Johnson September 2, 2014 at 2:23 pm - Reply

    The interesting thing about this finale is that it’s just as intense and gripping like season 1 finale, I believed it compared similar but with a twist on this episode Tough decisions , it deciding who I rather be with the most I mean damn ?! Kenny was losing it all together and I know why because he lost his family, jane she’s cool but has issues too , season 3 I’m excited that it’s gonna be here I hope clem is in it and bonnie and mike and hopefully luke if not oh arvo that dude shot clem and jane and or kenny too

  144. DingoEnderZOE2 September 2, 2014 at 2:25 pm - Reply

    What did I think about the finale episode?
    Well I have to say I thought it was fairly enjoyable, and the pacing was good. It went from tense, to chill and relaxing(Which we haven’t had one of those in the series in a long time.), then back to business as usual, then….touching, and then things got REAL at the end. I was quite satisfied.

    How did it compare to Season 1’s finale?
    I’m going to have to say the finale of Season 1 was better, not to say season 2 wasn’t great which it was, but for season 1 mainly due to the fact that we knew Lee was running out of time and he spent his remaining time DETERMINED to get Clementine back and what he went through up until that final iconic sad moment just left a much bigger impression on me….

    What was the hardest choice?
    ………I’m sure you can guess what was the hardest choice in the season 2 finale you evil…EVIL people.. T_T The hardest choice for me was the final decision at the end involving two SPECIFIC people, and I made the choice to shoot and regretted it completely.

    What are my predictions for season 3?
    I dunno, you’d have to give me a bit more info before I’m able to predict. But if I were to go off blind then, the only thing I can predict is more Clementine goodness perhaps?

  145. Randy September 2, 2014 at 2:32 pm - Reply

    Q: What did you think of the final episode?
    A: This final episode had me near tears multiple times and is easily the most emotionally engaging video game I’ve ever played! The intense choices of this episode far outdid all previous episodes and my own expectations!
    Q: How did it compare to the season 1 finale?
    A: As hard as it was to tell Clementine to leave Lee to turn so poor young Clem wouldn’t be left with the burden of killing him, this was nothing in comparison to having to leave Kenny out in the cold harsh world so Clem and AJ could be safe behind the walls of Wellington. Had to put Clem’s and my own feelings aside and do what I thought was best for baby AJ.
    Q: What was the hardest choice in this episode?
    A: The hardest choice for me was definitely letting Kenny kill Jane. Both being my favourite characters of the season made this an almost impossible choice but despite all of Kenny’s downfalls he is and probably always will be my favourite character of the series. Not to mention Jane’s foolish plan to hide AJ put herself in that position.
    Q: What are your predictions for season 3?
    A: I can honestly say that season 2s MULTIPLE choice ending has left me clueless ass to how season 3 will pan out. The only thing I feel confident about is that a time gap will take place again and our young, not so young Clem will no longer be young anymore.

    All in all I love this game and many key moments will live on in my memory fo a long time to come!

  146. ElCarlosCZ September 2, 2014 at 2:32 pm - Reply

    1) Ending was good, but all time of this episode I have wait for some action. Interval between action moments was so long, so I start to be little bit scared, e.g. I still watch mirror in car, during talk with Kenny, if there isn’t some incoming walker.

    2) It is different! At last episode in season one, main character died. I don’t know how Telltale want to start season 3, because they cannot use Kenny or Jane characters.

    3) Shoot Kenny or look away. He was unstable and dangerous, but… it was Kenny, this guy was with you all first season and protectu you together with Lee.

    4) I’m affraid of season 3 will be set in Kenny’s time between season one and two, without Clementine. This strategy can be used to many characters.

  147. Grihm September 2, 2014 at 2:51 pm - Reply

    What did you think of the finale episode?

    It felt more real and that the choices you make has an impact of
    more than just for now. The entire story is now taking bigger turns
    and twists and it is getting harder to see where things are going.
    Trust is hard, old friends might not be the same still and it really
    feels as if anything goes for the sake of survival. You know the
    story is far from done with all things that has changed over the
    previous episodes, but i felt that the final episode was a great
    cliffhanger, and now the story really begins in a way.

    How did it compare to the Season 1 finale episode?

    Season 1 was a tough part to complete and left me with a lot of questions and thoughts about the story to come. I would say that Season 2 felt more advanced
    and adult. It felt as if some time really has gone by and you begin to see the person Clementine will become as she grows up way to fast, but without a choice.

    What was the hardest choice in this episode?

    Since i went on with Jane, i would say that the choice with her or Kenny was the worst one. All through the Season, i felt that Kenny had been changed to the point of no return so to say, but when it came down to it, it was still a very tough one.
    I´m still thinking that i am hoping he finally has found peace, and that he finally is with his family again.

    What are your predictions for Season 3?!?

    My predictions and hopes are in that the episodes are more as in Season 1 when there was more time to walk around and stay a bit on each location before moving on. I am hoping for decisions that could be about either walking in to a town for looting and having to defend yourself or the group, build a base and protect it in the urban area of the game, OR stay in the wilds and learn to fish and hunt, to scavange for food in smaller huts perhaps but the benefit is a more off the grid experience and with other challenges.

    Also looking forward to seeing how all this alters Clementine when it comes down to trust, to how she looks upon strangers with all that has happened and to see her evolve and hone her skills in a world that is still very confusing.

    Clementine has become one of my all time favorite character, and i am really hoping for a franchise with her and with many games to come. She really is an amazing person and i hope that there are countless adventures ahead of her.

    The Walking Dead really feels like a survival Post Apocalypse game should feel, and it really is one of a kind.

    Really hoping this is just the beginning.

    • hobbs September 5, 2014 at 10:29 am - Reply

      have you played “State of Decay”?? its a pretty cool zombie game that is “free roam”. Its not connected to the walking dead franchise, but it is still pretty cool. It kinda reminds me of GTA 4. You can drive cars and go to different groups in the map and do missions for/with them.

      • hobbs September 5, 2014 at 10:30 am - Reply

        you can download it from x-box live,but im not sure about playstation or ios or computer.

      • Grihm September 5, 2014 at 10:46 am - Reply

        Indeed i have and i agree it´s a cool game. Bought the pack on last Steam sale so i got the 2 expansions as well =)

        These kinds of games are really getting a boost and i think it´s good. Pretty fed up with all everyday shooters with no long term goal, so this was an unexpected surprice.

  148. derPanged . September 2, 2014 at 3:24 pm - Reply

    It hit me hard when I saw I had the option to shoot Kenny. I really felt it was right but i couldnt do it. I couldnt turn on an old friend. Plus Jane wanted a fight. So she bassiccly killed herself. When i got to wellington i just couldnt leave kenny. He seemed changed but i wanted clem and Aj to be safe.. i wish we could have left AJ at wellington and then have left with kenny. I cried like a baby and got embarressed that i did just like in season 1. Im glad Nick Breckon wrote the final. And one last thing i wanted to kill mike arvo and bonnie sooooo bad xD

  149. Jeremy Siddens September 2, 2014 at 3:50 pm - Reply

    I now have a hatred more fervent and vile for Bonnie than any other character including Lilly, Larry and Carver.

  150. Roger Havens September 2, 2014 at 3:56 pm - Reply

    Played two of the endings, crazy thinking how logistically a season 3 with the same saves will be possible. Kenny, you are flawed but you are a good man. As Lee said, people do stupid things for those they love. I know you love me and AJ. We’ll get through this together. -Clem.

  151. CrispyBomb September 2, 2014 at 4:39 pm - Reply

    What did you think of the finale episode? I thought it was really good.
    It involved some hard choices and some shocking outcomes.

    How did it compare to the Season 1 finale episode? I think it was
    better. The first season was interesting, fun and deep but the second
    season did all that plus some. It also made me cry more.

    What was the hardest choice in this episode? Who to kill at the end. I
    like Kenny and have history with him. I liked the ending where you stay
    with him and leave Wellington the best. However I think my chances of
    survival may have been higher if I went with Jane.

    What are your predictions for Season 3?!? I think it will either be
    another main character because with the multiple endings it may be hard
    to bring them into one story line and people would be mad if you used
    the choice they didn’t as the next game. If they do manage to bring it
    all into one story line I think the game would have a lot more
    variation. In the end I think whatever happens will make a great game.

  152. Wynter September 2, 2014 at 5:54 pm - Reply

    I really liked the season finally! Earlier on in the episode I wasn’t so sure
    About Kenny I thought he was going crazy but still even if he was going crazy he’s still the Kenny that had a son and a wife and the Kenny that risked his life to save Ben. When the choice came between Jane or Kenny I knew I was going with Kenny and it was sad to see Jane die because she was a nice person to clementine but like they said in the game she could’ve still stopped and told Kenny that Alvie wasn’t dead but she didn’t. When clementine and Kenny got to Wellington and the decision came to choose Kenny or Wellington I chose Wellington because without Alvie or clementine he would have no one. I knew big decisions were going to have to be made during this episode just like the season 1 finally and I think when clementine had to leave lee was very emotional and I think it was more emotional then letting jane die and my predictions for season 3 are that Kenny, Alvie, and clementine will go back to the mall where carver was and they will try to stay there a few months to get spots in wellington

  153. Danyal S September 2, 2014 at 8:03 pm - Reply

    The season finale of TWD S2 was definitely….amazing yet unexpected XD It was everything I hoped it to be and the end was really hard to bear with. I cried when I did the end XD I killed Kenny and left Jane so yea it was intense. I changed it tbh, but I still couldn’t shake off the ending I chose in the Beginning. I love how it had so many endings compared to season 1 where it was just one.I think the hardest choice of the Episode was definitely Ken or Jane and seeing them fight wasn’t a easy thing either. I really hope we are going to have a Add on episode that goes into season 3, but with all the endings you never what could happen. Mabye it’ll go onto Clem when she is older with AJ and show how they survive. It would he heartbreaking if it goes to another person because I really think there is more to Clementines story. But yea thats what I think of Episode 5 of Season 2 of TellTales The Walking Dead, No Going Back.

  154. Nathan Thies September 2, 2014 at 9:02 pm - Reply

    My opinion:

    The walking dead has been the best game I’ve played so far and I’ve played over a hundred games, I’m really really really hoping for the people that saved Kenny, that they won’t just kill off Kenny, I love Kenny and if he leaves the walking dead for good I probably won’t play this game ever again if Kenny does… For all the people that shot Kenny, telltale should just go and Kenny his A** just like season 1 all over again. Kenny is one of the most loved characters in the game and I would hate to see him go.

    Even better can you imagine instead of playing as cleamintine, playing as Kenny and meeting up with her later on in the story!!

  155. Antarctic Ace September 2, 2014 at 9:20 pm - Reply

    Hey I am a big fan of the walking dead game and comic so I shall participate! LOL anyhow what I noticed is that Kenny was able to put his hat and eye bandage on quick enough to catch up to Clem about 5 seconds later. I also noticed that Arvo will always be a piece of crap even if you took an elbow from Kenny for him. I see that you guys seemed to have modeled Jane after Molly. Also I see most people did not think about the blood loss if you chop Sarita’s arm off. Also what twisted person in your studio said we should have an option to shoot Kenny AFTER he kills Jane. Kenny FTW! Even if he hit Clem! Wait… Oh well! Anyway you guys should now that your game is the only piece of media that has evoked emotion in me and has made me tense and shed a tear. I salute you writers! Cya!
    P.S. Imagine if Michael Bay directed your game into a movie! Megan Fox as Clementine, lens flares all over, and Carver explodes along with others who you shoot!

  156. Jim Jones September 2, 2014 at 11:31 pm - Reply

    Kenny’s an abuser, man.

    Battered-person syndrome:

    The syndrome develops in response to a three-stage cycle found in domestic violence
    situations. First, tension builds in the relationship. Second, the
    abusive partner releases tension via violence while blaming the victim
    for having caused the violence. Third, the violent partner makes
    gestures of contrition. However, the partner does not find solutions to
    avoid another phase of tension building and release so the cycle
    repeats. The repetition of the violence despite the abuser’s attempts to
    “make nice” results in the abused partner feeling at fault for not
    preventing a repeat cycle of violence. However, since the victim is not
    at fault and the violence is internally driven by the abuser’s need to
    control, this self-blame results in feelings of helplessness rather than
    empowerment. The feeling of being both responsible for and helpless to
    stop the violence leads in turn to depression and passivity. This
    learned depression and passivity makes it difficult for the abused
    partner to marshal the resources and support system needed to leave.[8]

    In ep.5, Kenny was brutally violent, increasing physical with Clem, but always tried to make things up with words that amounted to more than excuses. It was mentioned a number of times by many characters how he had changed. Comparisons were made with him and Carver, and they’re not far off – Carver was a good leader but he was brought down because of his unpredictability and his rage… just like Kenny.

  157. Jim Jones September 2, 2014 at 11:38 pm - Reply

    Wherever Clem ends up, I think there is going to be trouble between a new settlement at Howe’s and Wellington and we might seem some battles between them… or they will join up to fight a larger enemy somewhere. If Clem is at Howe’s, she’ll be one of the main leaders there (remember what Carver said about her?). If she’s not, the family that shows up there will be the ones to do it. If Clem is at Wellington, she probably won’t have any kind of leadership role but she’ll be involved. If she’s out in the fields, she’ll get caught by someone and have to choose sides.

  158. Andrei Mager September 3, 2014 at 5:15 am - Reply

    You guys made a very hard choice for me…First I chose to kill Kenny because I got the point of Jane and I knew that I would have more chances with her than with him at that point in the game. Then I thought better and I couldn’t leave him just like that so in the end, I chose to save Kenny and stay with him as long as he lives in the next season(I refused to stay in Wellington – I know shit happens in such ”safe houses” – ). Compared to the Season 1 finale, this one had a lot of options to choose from so it wasn’t that sad. I really cared about Jane but she went too far with the baby. That’s it, thanks for a great season 🙂 lots of questions still remaining.

  159. Emskii September 3, 2014 at 8:00 am - Reply

    we want more we want more we want more

  160. Martin Hare Michno September 3, 2014 at 3:40 pm - Reply
  161. Gemma Marie September 5, 2014 at 5:12 am - Reply

    Honestly, exploration was seriously lacking. It was almost like there WAS no exploration, because, funnily enough, the game didn’t give me any chance to explore except to look at a few signs and crud. However, that was my only problem with the episode. Otherwise, it was quite well done and I’m very excited to see all five endings reach their completion.

  162. Katy McKenna September 9, 2014 at 3:06 am - Reply

    Lots and lots of interesting points. I just finished the game today. Couldn’t last night as I didn’t want to make hasty decisions whilst I was half asleep.

    I stuck by Kenny til the bitter end.
    I have to say in Season I, unfortunately as Lee, Kenny was not the biggest fan of me based on the decisions I made. He didn’t hate me but he didn’t like me either. Like he didn’t choose to accompany me when Clementine got captured to go and find her (was just Christa and Omid who offered to come). Not even Ben who I was nice to or tried to be nice to :|. Part of the reason was because I guess I didn’t save Duck back at Herschel’s farm and I also didn’t kill Lilly’s father when he was about to turn.

    Lest I digress, I got emotionally involved and was so happy to see Kenny in the 2nd episode. I had a gut feeling he might still be alive. We never saw him die in Season I after all.
    Anyway, I felt this need to stick by him this time as I could’ve been better towards him as Lee. Yes, Kenny is brash and acts on emotional impulse but at least he has always been a fighter and never given up. I also agree with what some others have said, he has strong family values and moral values. I also feel he will help you if he knows if you’re trustworthy but won’t give you the time of day if you turn out to be cold, untrusting and much of an enigma. Just like Jane was.

    Jane, I like. But I never trusted her. I really kept her at arm’s length but in a very subtle way. As in, I gave her responses she could respect but I never ran off with her or 100% agreed with what she was saying. As much as it was loyal of her to come back to Clem… Jane still gave away way too many hints that if push came to shove, she wouldn’t hesitate to leave everyone behind and save herself.
    She could also be manipulating.
    She shot Troy after playing up those feminine wiles. She took Luke for ride. And… she hid AJ to bring out the worst from Kenny.

    When I played through the last episode, I’d try and give neutral responses when Kenny and Jane were arguing. I knew something was wrong when AJ was missing though. I had a feeling Jane was up to saying.
    So I’m sorry… I actually let Kenny shoot her. After everything Kenny, Lee (RIP) and Clem had been through, I couldn’t and did not want to shoot Kenny. Call it forsaken loyalty but I love the man to pieces and he’s been there since the start.
    Jane, as much as she obviously had a soft spot for Clem, was diabolical in pulling that stunt in leaving AJ in a vulnerable position and trying bring out the worst in Kenny so that she could kill him.

    I also chose to leave Wellington and stick with Kenny. Whether it was the right decision or not, I don’t regret it.
    I can’t be fickle like that.

  163. Thom Williams September 10, 2014 at 5:46 pm - Reply

    I killed Kenny (YOU BASTARD!).

    From the salt block on Larry’s head going forward, Kenny has been kind of a pain in my ass. I sided with him on everything before that, and because I didn’t smoosh Larry’s head fast enough, Kenny was willing to let me die at the farm and again at the pharmacy when I shot that chick in the street out of mercy. Kenny is loyal – so long as you do what he tells you to do. By the end of season one, his relationship with MeLee had deteriorated to the point that he wouldn’t even help me look for Clem.

    I gave him a second chance in season two, but it was the same old Kenny. Everything is always everyone else’ fault, he shouts people down and threatens them, and while I agree with him killing Carver, and would agree with killing Arvo at a fairly early point, he didn’t beat Arvo with the intent to kill him or even punish him. Kenny beat Arvo as a way to release emotional stress. Sorry, but that’s an abuser, pure and simple. I couldn’t shoot him fast enough at the end. Forgiving Jane for her having to ‘convince’ ClemMe that Kenny was a piece of shit was a small matter.

    Love and loyalty are not demonstrated to me with grand gestures, but with consistent, thoughtful care and reason. #TeamJane

  164. Hellsbloodyrose(Alyssa) September 10, 2014 at 10:17 pm - Reply

    I think keeping Kenny alive is cruel because as long as he’s alive he’s suffering.

  165. Sam Wilkie September 14, 2014 at 2:34 am - Reply

    This seasons finale was great in so many ways, like season ones finale the tears were streamin, Luke was another Lee in my opinion and i want him back :'(

    however the first seasons finale was far better in my opinion. No one knew what to expect from the first season and this time around we had a slight idea which is a shame because it took away some of the shock value.

    I had the hardest time deciding whether to side with Kenny or Jane this season. Obviously if Luke had made it i would have been with him all the way but in the end i felt Jane was the most stable choice for both AJ and Clem. It wasn’t easy considering the history between Clem and Kenny but it got to the point where Kenny was unstable and it really became a mercy shooting.

    Now Season Three. I don’t know if Telltale are going to continue on with Clementine’s story. They’ve done so much with her character but are they going to be able to give us a fresh group again with Clem? And if not a group a fresh story arch which will surprise us? i don’t really know to be honest but i think maybe a new protagonist or even multiple protagonists would be interesting, that gives the game a new spin still sticking with the multiple choice aspect but with even more replay-ability. Just an idea! 🙂

    Reply? give me your thoughts?

  166. luke is alive September 14, 2014 at 12:00 pm - Reply


  167. desibee September 20, 2014 at 11:51 am - Reply

    My decision was covering Luke on the ice. Since going for help on
    that cracked ice seemed like a bad idea. I shot the walkers to save him
    time. He couldn’t survive. Not my fault. He tried to save me from the
    risk that I could end up like him. I respect that. But I remember he was
    “kissing” with Jane and let walkers come near us. Sarah died at the
    end. Never liked her. But she was not in a position to be saved.

    Ok now the hard ones:

    let Kenny kill Jane. Because the game did not give me an option to
    shoot near them to end fighting or wound Kenny who was on top of Jane to
    stop the fight. I let Clem on wondering if she’s gonna chooce on her own but she didn’t.

    For me Jane is untrustable. Why?
    In Carver’s place when escaping she shot the guy in cold blood to make
    him bait for walkers while she was talking to him like she was trying to
    convince him to help us. He was open for a talk… He died.
    Killed the guy by stabbing him from the neck in cold blood. If I’m not
    mistaken, that fighting scene with the Russians would end more
    peacefully. More or like I felt that way. Anyway she could take him
    hostage or sth imo. But I might be mistaken on this. Not that important.
    She LEFT Clem ALONE in the car while there was an active walker like
    10cm away from Clem. Basically she left Clem to her destiny, she didn’t
    care about her.
    4) She left before. On the observatory deck. If Clem
    didn’t catch her leaving she shouldn’t even bother telling her reasons.
    Or say goodbye. Because she told Clem she cared about her also called
    her a partner early that day.
    wrong. She would abandon Clem soon without a second thought.
    6) Ok I
    admit I liked the character at the beginning but everytime she talked to
    Clem I felt like she tried to make her leave others and become “her
    dead sister”. She talked like she was trying to turn Clem on others.
    That felt uncomfortable.
    7) She doesn’t want to be around people. I
    get that but she started to trust again, got used to the idea that being
    around other people might help you but in any hard situation she gave
    me the impression she would run away without looking back. Yes she came
    back this time but for how long. I mean she can leave for good when Clem
    is in a bad situation. Read no.3 again.
    8) Oh thanks for the knee trick Jane. Now you can “kiss” with Luke as long as you want.

    Kenny perfect? NO. But he is trustable. Yes he is unstable but did not
    kill anyone on purpose for no reason. Did bad choices in the past like
    with Hershel’s son. Killed Larry in season 1 but actually he was dead
    already. He just rushed the head crushing, waiting for a little while
    when Lee was giving cpr would be a better idea.

    Kenny went
    through a lot of thinks that’s normal if he is a little lost. But he is
    handy. He has open eyes to dangers around. Ok he has “an open eye” now
    🙂 I get angry with him when he talks angry with Clem but he always
    makes it ok later. I’m used to this because he has been always like
    this. It’s his character. He talks bullsh*t when he’s upset and angry.
    You just need to ignore that at that times. Like in real life.

    He is handy. He cares family the most. And Clem and AJ is his family now.

    cares for the baby. Others don’t care him like he does. Mike, Bonnie
    and Arvo did not care, they tried to leave Clem,Kenny,Jane,AJ without no
    food. That’s selfish and means kinda death sentence for them in that
    world especially for the baby. Jane would not care about AJ if it wasn’t
    for Clem. She thought it’s a burden.

    Actually I feel the same
    about the baby but I couldn’t let him die even if I had a choice in
    game. It’s just wrong to leave someone to die without trying to save

    SO I let Kenny kill Jane (wish I had options to shoot
    somewhere near them or wound Kenny to end their fight and not to let
    anyone die. The story would make someone leave alone and alone only
    after my choice)

    I told Kenny he is dangerous, without a second
    thought. But I tried to keep the group going and since I thought Clem
    wouldn’t raise a baby alone I went to Wellington with Kenny.

    front of the Wellington walls I did not leave Kenny alone even if he
    said he is not capable of taking care of us anymore. He will sacrifice
    his life for them when the time comes. I can’t let him go along an
    uncertain path, he is kinda family. We are a gorup. Remember what the
    lady says in Wellington? Sth like “we only give one bag per ‘group’ … Yes they are.

    may be a bad choice at the end but how can we be sure if Wellington is
    safe? I mean ok that place seems like a fortress but they use a
    loudhailer to communicate to Clem,Kenny and AJ who are away like 5m? How
    stupid and reckless is this? And why the hell the woman goes inside to
    ask when she has an intercom thingy on the ears? And what we heard about
    Wellington is just rumors and how old the news?

    And is there any reason that life in Wellington is not the same like in Carver’s place?Like a prison I mean 🙂

    Ok maybe I’m just trying to rationalize my choice but what the hell…

    PS: The game gives us hints what lies ahead. Remember:

    telling Clem she is a natural when Clem comforts the baby in Arvo’s
    place. That was a hint that later you(Clem) can take care of the baby
    alone. You had that option after Kenny and Jane’s fight.

    -Telling Luke “I would come back for you” (if you choose to say) was a preparation of the ice scene where Luke was in trouble.

    telling Clem that at a time she would have to choose to leave the group
    or not. Which happened when Mike and Bonnie was LEAVING US TO STARVE!
    and we had a chance to ask if Clem would join them. Or leave Jane or
    Kenny after one of them dies or leave Kenny in front of Wellington in my

    – I’m not a big fan of Kenny btw. But he is
    here and I went with him rather than being alone or stay in an unknown
    so called safe place called Wellington. I’d rather not see him in
    season2 but he acts kinda like a dog doing what Clem decides to do it
    was ok to have him. You can convince him to what you want and that’s
    good :))

    – I would not like to go with the baby but I had to, so I’ll try to do my best to keep him alive.

    Multiple endings in the game is perfect. I hope to see that in later
    episodes. But I hope that every choice doesn’t end up the same since it
    makes no sense in a game like this.

    And sorry for the grammer mistakes if I made some 🙂

  168. 572kl240 September 21, 2014 at 8:43 am - Reply

    I have an idea to bring lee back into the walking dead series. Follow me
    in this one. We all should know that lee got bitten and is dying and
    turning into a walker. And lee is handcuffed in a jewelry store in
    Savannah probably far away from Clementine by now. Here is the plot:
    After Clementine “shoots” Lee or not, Lee wakes up in Clementine’s house
    with a whole herd of walkers roaming into the neighborhood. Later in
    the story Lee realizes that he is stuck into his own mind and he is not
    living into a reality. Depending on the choices you made in season 1,
    people you are not friends with you would be enemies like Larry, St.
    John brothers, etc. and if you made a good relationship, like Doug,
    Carley, etc. they would help you fight the herd of walkers. The walkers
    represent the virus infecting lee and is shutting down his brain. If Lee
    wins, the bite would not infect him no more and he will search for the
    real Clementine. But if you die in some way, lee would automatically
    turn into a walker. And if you are saying lee might not catch up to
    Clementine, you’re wrong. When lee faints for the final time,he will
    then start his journey during Clementine’s adventure. Lee would then
    find some clues that Clementine is still out there somewhere, like
    Omid’s corpse, a picture of himself or Clementine’s drawing near the
    river depending on choices you made in season 2, and Clementine’s
    backpack somewhere. And if your wondering if I meant Lee is immune to
    the pentagon, I’m not. All i’m saying is that Lee is given a chance to
    fight and survive the the virus, it was just a little bite and not a
    full-on chomp on the hand after all. And if you watched the walking dead
    TV series, you should know that Rick survived a coma in the hospital
    with no medical help, can’t you give lee the same chance? After all Lee
    did take a couple of knockdowns before he finally fainted. And if you
    don’t agree to this idea, fine. But at least it doesn’t involve a
    scientist curing lee. It involves Lee to overcome the virus to protect
    the ones that he care so deeply about, and to survive the apocalyptic
    world with his fellow survivors. Telltale if you haven’t thought of any
    way to bring Lee back, consider this one.

  169. desibee September 21, 2014 at 9:09 am - Reply

    What bothered me most in the game was that russian harry potter named arvo! I did not steal from him but they attacked anyway. So how is this tailored to my choice? At least telltale could make a scene showing an excuse for them attacking us like seeing our group a threat or sth like that…

  170. Crixus97 September 28, 2014 at 4:28 am - Reply

    Hi. I decided to stay in Wellington because of AJ… He’s just a baby! However i felt weird and saw a video with all the possible endings. It made my mind clear. In the first decision, Kenny or Jane, i thought about the trust that i can have with the characters. Jane has left the group before and was allways saying that she should be alone. Kenny was allways there and trusts Clementine with his life. I chose Kenny and i didn’t regret it at all! Jane left AJ in a car just to prove Kenny’s “insanity” and hit me when inwas between them! Kenny wasn’t insane, he was really sad and insecure but still strong and ready to protect Clem and Aj, like a father! In the second decision, Wellington or Kenny, i chose Wellington because of AJ (like i said before), but it was sad leaving Kenny. I hope that in season 3 Kenny will show up if things become bad in Wellington, like Carol in the tv show!

    I would like to know some oppinions. Thanks

  171. Bravelefler October 19, 2014 at 5:10 pm - Reply

    The hardest choice was killing Kenny or letting him kill jane. I was disappointed that Luke was killed. Also I thought they would keep mike because he reminded me of lee in the first season. Also when clementine is shot and dreams she’s in the rv with lee again I didn’t like that. And Bonnie cared about clementine and still left her what the heck. And the Russian dude caused me of robbing him and I chose not to do it. I don’t get it. I’ve herad from other people about the other endings but I’m alone with aj. Can anybody tell me what the other endings are in the game. Can’t wait for season 3.

  172. Nordj21 December 27, 2014 at 1:55 am - Reply

    GOD Dam I loved and hated this season. A lot of things happened, but this last episode was the hardest in terms of the morals that I myself have set out for. My choices were protecting the baby, help luke, didn’t leave with Mike, let Jane die, and this was by far the hardest I left Kenny. I bet a lot of you know what that felt like. Throughout the game series I myself had a connection with Kenny and the reason I chose to stay at Wellington is because it was the last thing that he wanted me to do for him. I may be the first to admit it but I literally shed tears because I knew that if I was there I would never stop hugging him and keep telling him to come back when he can to see me and for me to make sure he is alright. As for the baby I am a caring person and I believe that all life is worth saving especially the baby and what Jane did to “kill” the baby, just was heartless if I had kept her alive, which by the way I could NEVER shoot Kenny not for anything I would die by his side if I had shot him, I would have abandoned her or if the option was there Kill her myself.

    As for Luke, GOD he felt like a brother to me. I would do anything for my brother. If he was stuck in ice I would sacrifice myself to keep him alive and I know he would do the same for me.

    I’m not even going to discuss Mike, he was just kind of there, I didn’t connect with him enough to care about what he did, besides his “colleque” shot me. Lol shot me, sounds like I the gamer now has a chest wound.

    Final thoughts I need to see Kenny in the game again, my life is already incomplete being part of only 18.6% of people who played this episode to stay at Wellington. I would have done anything to try and convince the place to allow Kenny as a father figure in my life, but since there was no choice for that I wanted to make sure Kenny’s last wish was listened to and done.

    Tears shed from a 21 year old man. This is a hard game to complete based on morals and choices, relationships with the characters, and much more that I would have never imagined could come from a game. Hope to see a Season 3 but wouldn’t be upset if there wasn’t one.

  173. winter18 May 9, 2015 at 6:16 pm - Reply

    In Season 3, I want either Lilly or Molly to make a reappearance. Molly because she’s a total badass, Lilly because it would make an interesting plot twist/dilemma.

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