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The All Out War Game Jam: The Winners!

Finally, here are the 10 winners in no particular order. The number 1 pick by Kirkman’s own hand will be announced very soon, and all the games will begin being rolled out for you to play, on this very website as of tomorrow!

If you haven’t checked out the footage of all the games submitted to The All Out War Game Jam, go take a gander! There’s a great mix of hilarious concepts, gorgeously executed designs and innovative ideas.

And if you’re short on time, then go and check out the Finalists!

10 Winners

Developed by :
Juan Rubio – Team of 1
Unholy Robot War Click to Play Video!
San Francisco, California
Genre : 3rd Person Arena Shooter
What we liked about Unholy Robot War, aside from the art direction, was the simplistic take on a vs arena shooter, that just worked. We found the Diablo vs Jesus concept and presentation was very well executed. It wasn’t adventurous or unique, but hit a solid take on the all out war concept, and delivered something that felt solid and well-scoped for the 2 week development timeline.
Developed by Team Human Shield :
Mark Reichwein, Graham McRobbie, Federico Sauret, Koichi Yamagishi – Team of 4
Human Shield - Stop The War! Click to Play Video!
Osaka, Japan
Genre : Limb Co-ordination Action!
This got a great reaction from all the judges, not just for the concept, very clearly influenced by the mighty “QWOP”, but the sense of humor, presentation, and even the effort put in that extended to hidden easter eggs (which we won’t tell you). This was an easy choice.
Developed by Galactic Bits Inc :
Markus Nigrin, Martin Schwarz – Team of 2
Last Call Paradise Click to Play Video!
Idaho, USA
Genre : Strategic First Person Tower Defense
This game was unanimously-enjoyed by the judges; a successful combination of fixed-in-position first person shooter play, with tower defense play. The way the complexity of the game increases with the use of signal lights and additional “tower” positions to switch to shows a lot of potential. It works really well, and who among us does not enjoy the satisfying pop of a zombie’s head on the business end of a sniper-rifle bullet?
Developed by Z Studio :
Ulisses Sousa Dantas, Caio Vinícius Ramos Balducci, Patrick Leandro Maldonado, Ricardo Barcellos Coelho – Team of 4
Cube's Clash Click to Play Video!
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Genre : 3D Battle Arena
This was surprising as at first glance, it didn’t look particularly exciting, but once we gave it a chance, the sense of chaos in the battlefield of a dinner table really made an impression. A very accomplished production within the 2 week timeframe.
Developed by New Horizon Games :
Jacob Williams, Ryan DeGange – Team of 2
Zombie Command Click to Play Video!
Alabama, USA
Genre : Top Down Real Time Strategy
This was a fun, no bullshit take on destroying humanity, using pixel-art zombies in small levels. Turning humans into zombies and then directing them onto destroying buildings was a pure joy and one we feel you guys will enjoy playing.
Developed by Joe and Brad :
Joseph Kinglake, Bradley Smith – Team of 2
Remember The FallenClick to Play Video!
England, United Kingdom
Genre : Emotional Adventure
We weren’t expecting an emotionally-focused game about loss of life during a war to come out of this (even though we suggested something along those lines when illustrating what the teams could submit), but we were glad to get one and we found this entrant to be superbly executed. The music, art style and use of color worked well together in expressing a depressing concept, in a game-like environment. And this one was put together in 48 hours!
Developed by Beavl :
Fernando Damián Martínez, Damián Matías Troncoso, Nicolás Saraintaris – Team of 3
The Narrow Path Click to Play Video!
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Genre : Rogue-like Real Time Strategy
This took a while for me personally to understand, but once I did, I kinda fell in love with it’s personality and atmosphere. You control zombie-building RV lab that looks ripped out of Breaking Bad and a small DIY zombie army. You build this army by using the starting zombies you have to kill humans, and then have your mutant dog pick up the parts they leave behind, such as cell phones, body parts, coat hangers and other things.

It’s weird, and I love that about it. The art style and sound work perfectly together and for something developed in such short time, these guys really knocked the execution out of the park. I personally can’t wait to see what these guys can do with a real development budget and a few months!

Developed by Pixels and Poutine :
Simon Préfontaine – Team of 1
DMMTTCA Click to Play Video!
Quebec, Canada
Genre : Road Trip Simulator
Anyone remember Enviro-Bear 2000? This is a bit like that, but instead of using a fish to hold down the acceleration pedal and other absurdist ideas, you’re constantly trying to maintain your sanity by juggling driving and silencing your unsatisfied kids.

Feeding them, giving them drinks and telling them off, while worrying about gas, and getting home on time are the proverbial bullets hitting against your insanity meter which you must prevent from hitting peak. All this together boils the all out war concept down into what plays out as uncompromising warfare on a parent’s psyche. We felt this was a very creative (and relatable) take on the all out war concept.

Developed by :
David Schneider – Team of 1
After Us Click to Play Video!
California, USA
Genre : Survival First Person Shooter
This short game, built in two weeks, has been confused for clips from Survival Instinct. In this case, I’d take it as a compliment as After Us by David Schneider is a no frills survival game, where you’re all alone in a blue-sky suburban landscape and need to survive in the zombie infestation’s all out war on your life.
Developed by Bar Benders :
Brad Wilcox, Michael Thelen, Timothy Jett – Team of 3
Revenge Of Zombie Town Click to Play Video!
Tennessee, USA
Genre : Suspense Action Shooter + Driving
This game taking the all out war concept as more of a pledge of revenge by the central character, caught our attention by way of its atmosphere and use of lighting. Some of the judges were really taken by it, and so, here it is as one of our 10 winners!

Honorable Mention

Developed by Hephaestus Studios :
Wyatt Beavers, Jared Gaertner, Evan Pollino, Jason Yeates – Team of 4
War of the Words Click to Play Video!
Texas, USA
Genre : Rock Paper Scissors First Person Shooter
War of the Words has one of the most unique and interesting core concepts I think I’ve personally seen since Valve’s Portal. Your bullets are methods of argument – one based on credibility of the arguer, another based on logic, and a third based around appealing to emotions. You also have a hyperbole grenade. What’s not to love?

It’s like being able to choose between bullets made from Jon Stweart’s brain, or Fox News’ anti-intellect propaganda pipe. However, as brilliant as the concept is, even in this small form, we all saw it needing more time in the oven to really blossom into something we believe could be the next great thumb and mind candy play-thing in games. And we really hope the team takes the time to build it into something bigger.

Developed by Poncy Coffee Collective :
Kevin Young, Cristian Ortiz – Team of 2!
Keiron In The Dark Click to Play Video!
England, United Kingdom
Genre : Third Person Suspense
Unfortunately, Keiron in the Dark only functioned on a few of the judge’s machines, due to some technical trickery performed by the team. Due to this, the game was knocked out odds in hitting the Top 10.

However, the few of us that got to play it, dug it’s mood, use of light, art style and somewhat artful message you receive at the end. The use of tumbling over objects using physics also seemed like a cool idea that could extend into something unique.

Developed by Unicorn Game Collective :
Leo Burke – Team of 1
Dog In a Mech Click to Play Video!
Kansas, USA
Genre : First Person Puzzle
This is utterly ridiculous. If the idea of controlling a dog, to find a mech, then control it by way of operating its hundreds of buttons as a dog sounds like entertainment to you, then you’ll have a great time.

I found the premise enjoyable and amusing enough to pass it into the Honorable Mentions category, though the gameplay will require a certain sense of humor to truly appreciate it.

Developed by The Herd :
Memige Den Adel, Rich Bisso, Ryan Duffin, Zach Latta, Mario Lavin, Jordan Lucero, Tomo Moriwaki, Dave Padilla, Olivia Peterson, Hrachia Stepanyan – Team of 10!
Tiger Vs Zombies Click to Play Video!
California, USA
Genre : Third-person Tiger Ass-Beating Simulator
We chose this as an honorable mention, simply as it captured the most perfectly spirited sense of fun of all the games we played. You are a tiger, in a zombie-slaughtering balls-out love-letter to who-gives-a-fuck, accented by the aural nitro flames of a heavy metal thrash backdrop. The team has already told me they plan to keep working on it, and we can’t wait to see how it evolves further!
Developed by Obscure Fish :
Chris Braithwaite, Jason Wiegele – Team of 2
Vanguard Click to Play Video!
Wisconsin, USA
Genre : Multi-Genre Chaos Management
Vanguard’s concept was to take the literal idea of an all out war, and turn it into a chaos management war game. You swap between 3 screens to manage three different views of an attack on the planet. We felt it deserved an honorable mention, simply as the execution of the idea itself was a strong one, though gameplay was a bit too rough around the edges to make the 10.
Developed by Pixel Comrades :
George Bryant – Team of 1
Capitalist Invaders Click to Play Video!
California, USA
Genre : First Person Action
Sadly, this was a game that struggled to perform smoothly enough on web browsers for long enough to really get a good feel for it. However, its presentation, sense of humor and metaphor of robots dropping money as a strange representation of capitalism with Russian music in the background was amusing enough to earn the team an Honorable mention.
Developed by Binko and Bonko :
John Collins, Dwight Rowland – Team of 2
Need for Feed Click to Play Video!
California, USA
Genre : 3D First Person Action
This visually stood out, and the makers claim that if you reach level 8, you’ll see the real meat of the game. No pun was intended.

Some of the judges enjoyed Need for Feed – seemingly an all out war upon you, from food. The gameplay was about thinking on your feet between using a fork or your hand to eat whichever food was most susceptible to the item.

Developed by Charming Dudes :
Richard Matey, Brenton Sewell, Dan Williams, Nicklaus West, Ben Braman – Team of 5
Black Death Click to Play Video!
Texas, USA
Genre : 3D First Person Action
Black Death looked absolutely stunning, in the same vain as a polished, months in development, major studio game.

Unfortunately, its ambition meant it ran too slow on our machines to be enjoyably playable for any extended period of time, and despite the production ambition and polish present in the video, we regretfully had to chop it from the finalists bracket.

Developed by Humeware :
Keith Bradner – Team of 1
Laser Kittens Click to Play Video!
Texas, USA
Genre : Kitten-based Tower Defense
It had cats in an all out war against mice. It had comedic voice acting and impressive presentation for such a short turn around. Even moreso, its few levels were pretty well-tuned. Well done Keith!
Developed by The Grateful Zed :
Scott Washington – Team of 1
The Bickering Click to Play Video!
California, USA
Genre : Survival-based resource management game
Targeting the personal difficulties between people during survival during an all out war as a core mechanic was a brave idea to pursue through its assumed complication. The game was quite difficult to understand and play for us to truly appreciate it beyond the concept, but we felt it worthy of inclusion here. We hope the team takes the idea further!
Developed by Kingdom of Dunftopia :
Ryan Dunfee – Team of 1
Tanxis Click to Play Video!
Middle Sackville, Canada
Genre : 3rd Person Territory Tug of War
Tanxis had a very solid and robust feel. The gameplay was simple and the ability to switch vehicles and optimize your attack on the enemy base through trial and error and learning the map was enjoyable.

  1. Michael Thelen November 11, 2013 at 5:34 am - Reply

    Congratulations everyone! I had a blast participating in the game jam and can’t wait to play all the games. Specifically interested in DMMTTCA as I have two kids of my own. 🙂

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  6. Benjamin Eugene NElson December 2, 2013 at 8:24 am - Reply

    so where can I find these games?

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