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The Walking Dead Comic Books

The Walking Dead Comic Issue 185 Reader Discussion

Even though Carl was on the cover the main focus of The Walking Dead Issue 185 was The Commonwealth, specifically the drama between Rick and Dwight. After that eerie ending with Mercer, what did YOU think of the issue? If you leave the best response in the comments, we’ll send you a Robert Kirkman-signed copy!

Previously: A riot erupts in the Commonwealth, and Michonne is severely injured. However, she’s still able to stand in court to defend the Commonwealth guards. In the aftermath, Rick leads the cleanup effort, and it’s clear the citizens have begun viewing their way of life in a new light. And now Dwight thinks it’s time for Rick to save the people from themselves.



  1. seanmathews1 November 7, 2018 at 11:22 am - Reply

    What a beautiful and timely issue. With the divisions going on in this country right now, I feel Rick Grimes was speaking to everyone after this midterm election. I don’t want to get in to politics because everyone has views and I respect that, but, whether this issue was well planned and intentional or completely coincidental, Rick embodies what I would love to see in a leader.

  2. SkullFacedLittle November 7, 2018 at 12:06 pm - Reply

    Wow. I assumed from the blurb and the cover that this would be a quiet issue but that ending was incredible – so well-written and well “acted” by Charlie and company. Absolutely classic, triple-A Rick Grimes and a nice character beat for Mercer too.

    Dwight… sigh. I like his role here and I guess it makes sense but I really feel his character is reaching the end of the road. Sophia… I like that the conversations are somewhat realistic and Sophia continues as ever to be that much more immature than Carl. But she should be maximum 12; of course, the magic ageing puts her higher but it still feels pretty weird. I’m surprised Josh of the Whisperer family didn’t get a mention as I thought that might factor in. I liked that Rolland got a mention though.

    Magna and Yumiko… nice scene. Glad these two are continuing to get attention. And not an iota of Pamela’s BS gets by Rick but he gets to her humanity anyway. Eugene and Stephanie – about time! And I’m glad it looks like trains are soon to be on the agenda.

    Michonne’s waitress faux pas felt a little out of character but it served a vital point in illustrating how quickly power like that corrupts and also, as Rick said, the lines aren’t clear-cut. I think what I loved is how clear he was that they weren’t evil but WRONG. That’s such a powerful, simple, resonant idea.

    I also love the way Kirkman is playing with our expectations that this will all lead to another war. Great, great issue… one of the best this year.

    Shame in the letter hacks the potential of bi-weekly was shot down again. Whatever it takes to keep Charlie Adlard happy is good for me – the man’s a marvel – but this has been the leanest year for TWD in a good number of years. No double-shipping months, no extra-sized issues, no “Here’s Negan” or other spin-off books. I’d love to think there’s a bit of stockpiling going on so we can have a faster clip at some point soon.

    Anyway, roll on the December issue and what promises to round off the first (and, hopefully, last) Negan-less year since 2012. The comic is so different now it’s incredible… I’m intrigued to see where this goes.

  3. Hogg Head November 7, 2018 at 12:49 pm - Reply

    Watch out for the #184 issue cover!

    I have to say that I can relate to Dwight, at least partially. He freaked out when Saviors arrived to “help” during the Whisperer War, seeing Rick allowing Negan to stand up and then leave freely, after everything he had done to Dwight. Now he arrives to the Commonwealth and quickly sees the oppression and division, just like in the Sanctuary under Negan’s rule, but with a difference – in the Commonwealth, people have no chance to climb up the ladder – you were a street sweeper before the outbreak, you are a street sweeper after the outbreak. Dwight has had a hard time and again it looks like he cannot get out of this self-destructive loop induced by Sherry’s violent death, Now, we can see that Mercer sees Rick as an ideal candidate for a new leader, which might empower Dwight’s stance, but I seriously doubt that Rick is going to be willing to become a leader and leave his community.

    Otherwise, it was nice to see other characters and “the pursuit of sex continuation”, as Letter Hacks of #184 stated. How is it with the protection in the world of the undead? When will be Maggie and Lydia pregnant? And what about poor Sophia? Carl could have easily scored, but I guess he doesn’t want to be caught in a love triangle situation, at least for now.

  4. Tifflove November 7, 2018 at 1:40 pm - Reply

    Dwight Dwight Dwight!! What are you doing!! I hope Ricks conversation with him helped him realize he’s going about this in the wrong way.
    Ricks tears over Andrea was so heartbreaking. I miss Andrea so much!
    I feel like Michonne has forgotten who she is. Like when she said that infront of the waitress.
    Finally! Finally!!! Eugene She Stephanie!! Yes! I’ve been waiting for this!!
    Poor Sophia.
    I’m excited to see Dwight’s storyline going forward! And Mercer I feel he’s got something up his sleeve!
    Great issue

  5. Bennydice November 8, 2018 at 10:39 am - Reply

    I liked the ending of this issue…everything else was a meh….the last few issues have been underwhelming….Im not really into all these obvious political references….

  6. Death Dealer November 8, 2018 at 4:11 pm - Reply

    185 is a great issue…not really ready for Carl to be a sex machine ,bahahah (cue James Brown). ..D is stirring the pot for Rick…hmm how will this play out I wonder….

  7. xokox November 8, 2018 at 6:57 pm - Reply

    My comment has been erased. Fuck.
    I would try to be brief.

    Issue 185 is fantastic! Nothing more to add after read the readers’ opinions.

    In the Letter Hacks of Issue 185 is stated that something unpredictable happens in the first 5 pages of Issue 186.

    I think that Dwight escapes from jail, he disguises as a Commonwealth soldier and kills Michonne.

    I know, it is painful and sad. But it can happens.

    After that, Elodie threats Pamela with a gun. Rick stays between them and try to calm Elodie down. The Commonwealth residents start to arrive. Rick convinces Elodie that Pamela doesn’t give the order to kill her mother. Elodie puts the gun down. Suddenly, an arrow cross Pamela throught her back. She dies. Dwight arrives. Rick deduces that was Dwight who killed Michonne. Dwight starts to speak about the injustices that occur in The Commonwealth. When he finishes his speech, he asks if there are anyone who thinks he isn’t right. Elodie kills him for avenge her mother. Rick watches that with horror while The Commonwealth citizens rise up.

    What do you think about this theory?

  8. Neutral-Grey November 9, 2018 at 1:38 pm - Reply

    This was a great issue because it’s such a paradigm shift. What Rick said is IMPORTANT. He acknowledges these people are WRONG… but they are not EVIL, let alone BAD. These aren’t enemies to be crushed and killed and “saved.” These are people with a different philosophical position that simply need to be persuaded of a different methodology of running things.

    This issue also emphasized how much our heroes’ new problems are just… regular problems. The world is evolving. Rick was amazed that he was sitting down at a diner, being waited on, and eating a meal cooked by someone else. Just like the old world. Then we have Alexandria. Sophia isn’t worried about how she is going to survive until tomorrow. She’s just jealous that one her best friends is having lots of sex and she has no one else she’s interested in that can get her laid. This is such a fucking TEENAGE problem and it’s mind blowing to think that this little girl who was once so traumatized at death she simply pretended it didn’t happen is now worried about how she can lose her virginity. Even if she was her current age back in the prison this is a problem Carl and Sophia would NEVER have time to focus on.

    The world is slowly healing. Slowly going back to “regular” problems. Both Sophia and Rick show this excellently in this issue.

  9. brian.oliver November 26, 2018 at 11:31 am - Reply

    Perhaps there will be another war but I don’t see it being one fought with bullets and blades. Politics will come into play. Rick will likely become a political hero in the eyes of the people of the commonwealth. I imagine they will try to peg Rick as someone who is weak and too unstable to lead such a large group. Maybe Rick will be upset with Dwight now but come to realize his outbursts can be used in his political agenda. Interesting times ahead!

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