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The Walking Dead 141 Discussion

The Walking Dead 141 is out this week! And here is a post to discuss it! Have you HEARD of such a thing?! Fantabulous. CAN YOU BELIEVE WHAT NEGAN DID?!?!

We want your best reaction, insight, critique down below in the comments. The comment that Lizzy and I think is the best will take home their very own, practically not-at-all-pawed-through issue of 141 signed by the man, Robert Kirkman!


UPDATE: Comment winner is a last minute entry! GMTaylor makes some great points about not only Negan and Rick’s relationship, but also how this issue captures the core of TWD. I can’t believe how many of you think Negan is an ok guy. He forced a bunch of Survivors onto their knees and then played eeny-meeny-miny-moe before bashing Glenn’s head in and reveling in the act. That’s not a nice guy!

  1. DaveRabbitt May 12, 2015 at 9:45 pm - Reply

    I can’t believe Negan has sex with Olivia!

  2. Agenta5211 May 13, 2015 at 6:36 am - Reply

    Completely opposite of my predictions, but iam not mad. I hope Negan really does change and I hope he helps Rick with getting rid of the Whisperers. Just think about it. Rick and Negan together could be unstoppable and it was just be so awesome to see that.

    • seanmathews1 May 13, 2015 at 7:25 am - Reply

      Negan knew the instant he stepped outside of his cell he was a dead man. The town is not afraid of him. Staying in the cell was the safe alternative. And he got into Ricks head. If he finds out about Carl joining up with the whisperers, he will use his relationship with Carl to further get into Rick’s head. I like this development.

  3. jwcoombs May 13, 2015 at 6:47 am - Reply

    Ok, so; I’m really loving Rick and Negan’s relationship development. This is exactly what I’ve been hoping for all along; it will be a long hard road; but I’ve always thought a hard-won alliance would be possible.

    This is exactly what I predicted Negan would do back in #140 as well. I had a feeling he was going to go on some murderous, vengeful rampage. What would be the point? He’s spent three years in a cell, lost an entire thriving community, just to get out and murder a few people before they inevitably gun him down? No, he far more complex than that. Also, I think we should all take a few minutes and go re-read the final pages of #126. I’m still of a mind that Negan wasn’t completely bullsh*tting Rick when he had his epiphany about working together and forging a new civilization from the ashes of the old one. I really think he was beginning to see the light; but obviously locking him up was the right thing to do. Because while he may have been coming around to Rick’s ideals; at that point he was still too wrapped up in his leadership and all his characteristically Negan-behaviors that he wouldn’t have followed through with the transition/change. He needed to undergo some sort of cognitive recalibration first. Which is, in my opinion the purpose of his incarceration.

    That being said, this is precisely what I expected from him. To just sit back, with the door wide open and wait for Rick to come home; so he could see for himself and make his own judgment. And while it may have seemed like Rick wasn’t buying a single word Negan spat; this encounter and discovery definitely rattled his cage and f*cked his mind pretty good. I can tell, somewhere deep in his mind he actually considering the possibility of Negan’s genuineness. Their relationship has really grown very complex; probably more complex and serious than Rick had ever intended. At this point; I feel like they’ve entered into a sort of “Batman-Joker” type of relationship–where one cannot exist without the other. They need each other. Also, I’m kind of disappointed in Rick and is wasn’t until this issue that I truly noticed a monumental change, and behavioral shift in Rick. He’s different now; he’s changed immensely–and I’m not entirely sure it’s for the better. Rick really showed his ass down their with Negan. I mean, like Negan said, it’s just them down there, and they know one another intimately. There’s no need to put on a show or try to puff out your chest in an attempted-intimidation. Rick should know better than anyone that if Negan had wanted his life; he would have took before Rick made it down the staircase. Now, I don’t blame Rick for not hanging on Negan’s every word, and being so impressed with his trustworthiness that he was willing to give him a chance in the community. But at the same time; I think he could have kept his gun holstered and spoke with Negan like he were a human being. They’re both men, extraordinary men. There’s no need to play games and dance this ritualistic dance. I’m not saying he even had to consider Negan’s requests and claims. But he could have listened, and really taken the measure of the man, who he was, who he’s become, the situation, the circumstances–and then put some serious though into it.

    But, I think the reason he shut that door was fairly obvious. Negan really touched on something during their talk and I think it shook Rick to his core. This is also another indicator of how intimate and complex their relationship has grown(whether they wanted it to or not). Negan lectures Rick about the things he’s done, the sacrifices he’s made, the lives he’s taken, and the unforgivable acts of violence he’s displayed. This opened my eyes to something for the first time; the same thing I mentioned above–a monumental change in Rick. He’s immensely different and I can’t believe I didn’t see it sooner. Now more than ever I can the seed of tyranny growing within him; and I’m talking about something much more severe than the “Ricktator”. It’s always been quite clear that Rick and the Governor were two sides of the same coin(as well as Rick and Negan in many respects)–and now, as Rick grows older, as his world grows larger, more civilized-he ultimately grows more powerful. With that power comes fear, fear of losing it, fear of detrimental mistakes, fear of destabilization, fear of possible dissension and mutiny, etc. When a man/leader reaches that point there is only one possible course of action: complete and utter abuse of power and status in the interest of securing said power absolutely. Rick’s fear of his civilization crumbling and hurtling them all back into the dark ages, back to “the way things were”; those volatile and violent times, not only could–but most certainly is driving Rick to tyranny. What I think scares Rick the most though; is that no matter what he accomplishes, or who he spares; behind that thin veil of leadership and civilization is a monster. A ferocious monster forged in the fires of apocalyptic survival, tragic loss and immense trauma.

    Deep down Rick knows he’s no better, or different from Negan. And honestly, I’m starting to become equally as exhausted as Negan with Rick’s ridiculous hypocrisy. I mean, I’m not saying cut Negan loose and insert him into the community; but atleast consider giving the man a chance–after all everyone had given Rick a chance. And I guarantee that if every ASZ resident knew the true extent of all he’s done in the interest of his of personal survival and selfish preservation; they wouldn’t be so fond of having him as a leader. They certainly wouldn’t be worshiping him as a hero and savior.

    Also, could it be that Rick reinstates Negan was the leader of the Saviors? It sure seems to be leaning that way.

    Another thing I found refreshing and extremely interesting is Dwight. I’ve never liked Dwight, I never hated him; but I just wasn’t a huge fan. Don’t get me wrong, during AOW I though he was a very compelling and interesting character. He was a device that made for some riveting and unpredictable story telling. But now, after this issue; I’m starting to genuinely like him. First thing’s first, starting at the surface–I really dig Dwight’s “A New Beginning” look. He seems to have completely abandoned the whole unsavory, gritty, hardened criminal look and traded it for something much more practical and tactical. Something akin to the garb of a hunter, hiker, or scout. And while they say never judge a book by it’s cover; this new look says a lot to me about the new Dwight. He’s calmed down, become loyal, learned to genuinely play well with others, etc.

    I really enjoyed his conversation with Rick. Since Dwight’s introduction in #98, he has only had a handful of substantial encounters with Rick; and most of those were lackluster do to the circumstance of the war and the question and suspicion of Dwight’s true loyalties. But it appears that he and Rick have really grown into their working relationship; to the point that it seems like that may have developed a genuine friendship. Obviously it’s not a Rick/Jesus type bond; but I think it goes without saying that Rick not only trusts Dwight now, but also even likes him a bit. Dwight really impressed me with his behavior. The way he approached Rick and requested a personal conversation, almost as if Dwight views Rick as a trusted and valued brethren, leader, and adviser, was nice to see. It appears Rick has become a genuine confidant for Dwight; and Dwight has a lot of respect for him and his advice and ideals. Another thing that impressed the hell out of me was Dwight’s modestly and humbleness. That showed me just how far he’s come from the days of triple-agent deceit, and a thirst to wield Lucille and assume all the power and authority that came with the symbolic “scepter”. It takes a real man to admit that he isn’t cut out for leadership, to say that he doesn’t want the power, he doesn’t want to rule people and make decisions for them. It’s not that he fears the responsibility; I think deep down, he actually fears failure, and the disappointment of his people. Which speaks volumes of the man he’s become; he used to be a selfish, underhanded fiend. Now he’s a modest, and benevolent leader; this couldn’t have been made clearer than when Dwight commented on Sherry and how her genuine happiness with another man brings him happiness as well. I didn’t know he had it in him to be so selfless.

    The whole encounter between he and Rick had a very “Father-Son-Heart-to-Heart” vibe to it. And it actually worked really well. It didn’t seem odd, or out of place, or forced. It seemed natural and genuine. Rick’s advice was warm, heartfelt, wise. He helped Dwight to see that leadership chooses the leader, not the other way around. Whether you like it or not. And even though Dwight may think otherwise at the moment; “leadership” never chooses wrong.

    I’m very interested in seeing where this leads. I just hope it’s not a setup for a new, reformed Negan to take up the helm at the Sanctuary once again. That’s just too reminiscent of the past; it’s critical that they continue to change and evolve with a forward motion. Otherwise they risk the very real possibility of history repeating.

    That being said; I found it intriguing that the Saviors’ relationship and status among the network of communities is still very, very rocky. I mean, I understand that just a few years earlier some of the people were jumping at the chance to slit the throat of an ASZ resident. But I think many of the most unsavory Saviors died in the war. If you remember, Carson explained to Eugene that all of the residents at the Sanctuary itself are actually normal, decent people; and that Negan kept the worst, most violent and dastardly Saviors stationed at his various outposts in the surrounding areas. He did this in the interest of keep them away from the good people; but he also knew he had a need and a use for these types of men. But now that need is no longer relevant; which leads me to believe the majority of the surviving Saviors are comprised of decent folk. But, it’s still obvious that people are very eager to give them a chance, or take a risk on them. That, coupled with the fact that I’m sure many of the Saviors harbor quite a bit of guilt and shame for their affiliation with Negan and their participation in his acts of violence and cruelty, makes for a very rocky, and delicate relationship with the rest of the Grimes Kingdom. They are without a doubt, part of the community; but a genuine welcomed alliance with still a few years out. Trust is hard to come by in this world and even harder to build. Even rarer and more difficult to achieve than trust is redemption. So the Saviors have their work cut out for them.

    I found it very interesting that they seem to keep the Saviors on the outside in a sense. I’m willing to be Dwight or any of the Saviors come around, or visit the other communities very often(with the exception of Carson). It seems that they most likely only make the journey to visit another community out of sheer necessity.

    So, all that being said; I think it goes without saying that I’m am very excited and interested in seeing not only how things play out at the Fair with all communities present. But, also just how many Saviors even show up for the Fair. It seems like they may not feel so welcome; so I wonder how compelled they’ll be to even attend the Fair. At the same time; this could be a great team building exercise. Giving all the vastly different residents of the communities the chance to break bread and really get to know each other on a level deeper than face value.

    Moving on, I was so surprised that they decided to lynch Gregory! Don’t get me wrong; I’m so glad that snake in the grass has finally been removed from the equation. Because as long as he was sucking wind; the possibility of him using his silver tongue and his extremely capable manipulative abilities to create unrest and dissension was a very, very real threat. I just wish we could have gotten a little more insight into how Maggie and Jesus finally came to the final decision of hanging Gregory. It seemed there was quite an audience, so I wonder if they made and official announcement informing the community of Gregory’s crimes against the administration. If so, did Maggie inform the community of White Trash Family’s conspiratorial involvement in the assassination attempt? Were they, or will they be persecuted and punished as well? That double page spread created more questions than it answered, lol.

    But, regardless of all that–I was ecstatic to see someone finally get the rope in the TWD. Not only was it some serious ironic symbolism that Maggie(and her attempted suicide) would be the one to execute a community resident by way of hanging; but I’ve been waiting to see someone get lynched since Rick had intended to hang Thomas Richards back at the prison. Ironically enough, the only reason Thomas Richards never made it to the noose was because Maggie gunned him down in the cell block before Rick could string him up. Also, the reason I’m calling it a lynching is because, as far as we know, there was no trial or due process of any sort. Just swift and brutal apocalyptic frontier justice.

    I can’t wait to find out what Rick’s take on this is. This has got to be the first execution since they formed their new world order. I think this will finally force Rick to amend his “We Don’t Kill” law. Because, even in the civilized world before the Turn we believed and exercised capital punishment. I think Rick will finally be forced to realize that while it is no longer necessary for them to ruthlessly and carelessly kill just to survive; they are still a long time from creating the type of utopian pacifistic society Rick dreams of. Killing still has a very prevalent and useful place and purpose in the volatile new world they’re forging. Things are going to change now; and Rick is going to have to wake up from the dream he’s been living in for the past 2 or 3 years. He’s done a great job keeping the peace and his hands clean. But in a world now steeped in blood and being reborn from the deaths of billions; you’re going to have to get your hands dirty. Sadly, a world where Rick’s blood-soaked hands can be washed clean once in for all will not be seen in his lifetime.

    I don’t believe Rick will be cross with Maggie. I think this will just be a wake up call for him, in many ways. I think he’ll realize he’s being a little naive. He needs to return his old ways, not entirely; but what I mean is he needs to go back to taking the world as it is, not as he wants it to be.

    The only thing I missed in this issue was a check-in on our favorite one-eyed Prodigal Son. I wonder is he’s enjoying his vacation in Whisper Town? I mean, what’s not to love? Being constantly surrounded by the undead and a bunch of primitive, skin-wearing freaks; falling asleep to the constant and soothing screams of slaughtered livestock, and not to mention they joyous possibility of receiving his own diseased skin-suit to wear!

    Oh, one other thing I forgot to mention. The official announcement of Rosita and Eugene’s bastard child. Or should I call the milkman’s kid? Or possibly the carpenter’s child?*hint hint*

    This short two or three pages felt very forced and out of place. It felt like the only reason this little get together was written was solely to give Rick a transitional vehicle/segue for chastising Olivia. I will say though; I was stunned that Rick did exactly what Negan said he was going to do. Like I said, it seems they’ve developed a very intimate knowledge of one another; hell Andrea even made the quip about Rick going to see his “boyfriend” as soon as he gets home.

    • harpo.AF May 13, 2015 at 3:50 pm - Reply

      I just gotta say, I love reading your posts. They’re always very introspective and in-depth, and I agree with pretty much all you said about Rick and Negan. Although Negan did use some deceit in AOW (all’s fair in war after all), for the most part I believe he’s a very honest person who doesn’t beat around the bush or bullshit a lot, and if he does, he at least -believes- his own bullshit. And I think Rick knows this but even knowing it, he doesn’t give him enough respect to put down the gun and at least listen. Maybe he feels like he doesn’t ‘owe’ it to Negan, but if you’re going to bother to keep the man alive, then at least bother to listen to him once in a while.
      Sorry, getting off my original point… LOL which is I really enjoy reading your posts and I like how you analyse the characters.

  4. seanmathews1 May 13, 2015 at 7:23 am - Reply

    The last two frames in issue 141 are probably the most profound that the Walking Dead has ever seen. More profound even than Rick’s “We are the Walking Dead” realization. Bravo Kirkman and Co. Bravo.

    The faster that things normalize in the new world, and in the Walking Dead, the quicker they fall apart.

  5. Trivia May 13, 2015 at 9:15 am - Reply

    I REALLY hope that Rick does not go back into wuss mode on the show. It would give him the most schizophrenic character development ever. It is bad enough in the comics. I always thought they kept Negan alive to punish him, but nope it is because they are cowards! I am glad that Negan is still alive and kicking, but they already had a great reason why. This just felt poorly written and forced. Major props to Maggie and Jesus though, they did the right thing. When someone tries to murder you in the apocalypse, a noose is the best cure.

    • Neutral-Grey May 13, 2015 at 6:57 pm - Reply

      “wuss mode.” “Cowards!”

      Are you a fucking sociopath? Seriously? And as for your “reason” why they’ve kept Negan alive, they’ve NEVER said it was to “punish him.” It’s been strongly implied they didn’t kill him for the precise reason stated here: Looking civil. Don’t know what the fuck you’re on about. And you’re one person I’d never want to be near at the end of the world.

      • Trivia May 20, 2015 at 2:38 pm - Reply

        Apparently killing a dangerous murderer in the friggin’ apocalypse is the equivalent of being a sociopath. Are you trying to tell me that Maggie and Jesus have become sociopathic monsters? No, they are being smart and doing the logical thing. You remind me of Patricia from the comics who literally had pity on a man who had just decapitated two little girls. There is a difference between murder and self defense. In the apocalypse, life behind bars is never a certainty. Execution is the only way to guarantee the safety of your loved ones.

        • Neutral-Grey May 27, 2015 at 1:41 am - Reply

          That’s not what I was addressing at all and you fucking know it. Negan probably should be killed but your understanding of why they didn’t is terribly misinformed and your attitude of the kind of lives the characters are trying to form now shows a complete inability to move on past the “all people are enemies” stage of survival. Sociopath.

  6. Vegaiti May 13, 2015 at 9:16 am - Reply

    Nice we’ve got everybody back. Michonne, Dwight… And one death. Am I the only one to be surprised because Gregory has been killed? I thought that they will check with Rick before doing something like that, I do not know, to have like a jury before a big decision like this is taken. I think now things are going to be weird. Maggie will lead the saviors and Negan will go to the hilltop, how does it sound? Crazy but with Robert you never know, in some way could be logical!

  7. BarbaLucy May 13, 2015 at 9:28 am - Reply

    we all know Negen is capable of anything. I personally think his little game was more of a “toss out the bait and see if Rick bites” sort of deal. Even if Rick was stupid enough to bite, which he is not, I believe once the two of them made it up the steps someone would have taken Negan out on site. Andrea most likely since she is Rick’s keeper. Also they can’t forget how smart, conniving and brutal Negan really is. This is not a fairy tale in which bad guys see the light and become good guys.
    Now let’s compare the three leaders. Rick seems to be becoming more of a mentor and counselor then a leader. His decisions of late are related to basically the day to day running of the community and its relations to the other two communities. As Negan pointed out, he is old now. To point out the obvious, he is a lame duck ( literally). What do lame duck leaders do? They don’t move forward and chang things, they keep it moving on an even keel, and they rest on their laurels.
    Dwight appears to be extremely ill equipped for his job. He wants out. And we see, other communities perceive the Sanctuary as a freak show. Sadly, no matter who is in charge the community obviously has been sullied by Negan’s legacy. Something big needs to happen there, a turn around in leadership, or maybe the Sanctuary breaking ties with the other communities. We are not privy to much of who is there or what is going on between those walls but whatever it is, it is not good. My hope is that a strong, benevolent leader pops up, maybe someone who hasn’t found their true place yet, like Michonne.
    Lastly we have Maggie. She is like the Rick of old, and has reason to be. The weight of the world is on her shoulders a s has given her an attitude. I would feel safer living on Hilltop then anywhere else because of her leadership ( and the fact that Jesus is there!) she has not gotten over Glenn’s murder. She is vigilant and realizes that sometimes people are too dangerous to have around.
    To me, the practical outcome for the Negan situation would be to turn him over to Maggie. She deserves to get her pound of flesh for Glenn.
    I love how these three communities and leaders relflect the world as it is now. We have benevolent leaders, hesitant leaders, and no nonsense leaders. WD continues to amaze me in its ability to replicate the societies we, as humans, continue to create and recreate.

  8. XJ55 May 13, 2015 at 9:43 am - Reply

    ” If we ever lose that… If we ever go back to how it was before… Kill to survive… All that… That’s when all this starts to fall apart”

    Then Gregory is killed. BAM.

    Some bad stuff is going to happen, and I’M SO LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!

  9. Bsur May 13, 2015 at 9:45 am - Reply

    hehe so far my negan prediction was correct. best issue in a long time! looking forward for more 😀

  10. carlyyougoonie May 13, 2015 at 10:20 am - Reply

    I didn’t think I could be any more thrilled by an issue than when Carl got his eyehole licked and his wick dipped in #137, but fuck me! Every panel in #141 had me cheering out loud, much to the dismay of the Denny’s patrons seated around me. Every line of Negan dialogue is pure fucking gold. And those last panels… Ahhhhhh!! BEAUTIFUL!

  11. SakBee May 13, 2015 at 11:08 am - Reply

    I was eating my Subway for lunch and I accidentally spit it out when I read Negan”s “Rick Puppet” speech from laughing out loud. Robert Kirkman is a sick sick but a beautiful man.

  12. ronnyhaze May 13, 2015 at 11:56 am - Reply

    A “Negans Cock Fan Club T-Shirt” …. Fucking hilarious! haha

  13. mk797 May 13, 2015 at 12:17 pm - Reply

    I think this is the reason why I love Negan, you really never have any idea what he is going to do. I think its obvious he isn’t actually repenting, but I love how he called Rick out on his hypocritical crap on executing people. And I mean, you can’t get much better than a butt puppet. 😛

  14. ApCarolina May 13, 2015 at 2:44 pm - Reply

    Holy Crap That Hard Left Turn From Rick’s “Were Civilized/Can’t Kill – 2 – Maggies’s “it’s Done, Cut Em Down” was Phenomenal.

    Great Issue, Eager For the next……. as Always…

  15. col57lin May 13, 2015 at 2:53 pm - Reply

    Hey Rick something came in the mail for you today……. Negan’s Nuts!
    Ha got him!!!!!!!

  16. scottnlr123 May 13, 2015 at 3:20 pm - Reply

    Just like the first 140 issues, so hard to put down and such a bummer when finished reading it, now I have to wait for 142 to come out.

  17. Agenta5211 May 13, 2015 at 3:27 pm - Reply
  18. Bsur May 13, 2015 at 3:35 pm - Reply

    probably the best issue yet. proof that you dont always need action.

  19. harpo.AF May 13, 2015 at 3:52 pm - Reply

    So Rick thinks Negan was mind-fucking him, but… I think the easiest way to tell Negan was being genuine was when he admitted to having a perfectly normal-sized wiener. 😉

  20. Ismokeherb May 13, 2015 at 4:05 pm - Reply

    All this talk of civilization and civilized folk is really playing into my whole theory of this turning into a Natives vs Settler story with Romeo and Juliet undertones between Carl and Lydia. At this point of the story the whisperers resemble Native Americans or any indigenous race for that matter. Those who live off the land and have become one with it whereas Rick and his allies are the mad industrial tyrants from Britain invading their lands for more resources. I can see Ricks people branding them as savages when all they’re doing is protecting their own and their territory much like native Americans/Maori/African tribes did in the past. It’s a really complex situation, I find myself wondering who the good guys are in this situation. Is it Ricks lot with their laws, control and their drive to return to the old ways at any cost and if the whisperers are the bad guys, what is it that they’re doing that’s so bad apart from the rapey part but even then is that bad, Go back thousands of years and humans were doing it then as well. It was about preserving our race. It’s really interesting and I’m looking forward to seeing how Kirkman writes it all.

    As for Negeta aka Negan, marvelous banter between him and Rick, stayed right where he was like I expected him too and even moved towards gaining trust. Oh the future is bright for the Tritagonist antihero. Two issues next month? Sweet! Compendium in October? Sweet! You know that’s going to end with an interesting development.

  21. xvshanevx May 13, 2015 at 4:46 pm - Reply

    Negan sure did mindfuck Rick, he has everything exactly planned out, he knows he could of tried to escape but didn’t he must have his reason


  22. flamingbagofpoo May 13, 2015 at 6:08 pm - Reply

    Rick and Negan together? Hells Bells that would be a force to reckon with!

  23. JMaese May 13, 2015 at 6:51 pm - Reply

    I’ve got to admit, I think I regret buying this issue. It wasn’t a bad issue to me. Everything went well, but when I read the last panel, it gave me creepy vibes. Jeeeez Maggie, was it necessary to give a public execution to Gregory? P.S. Poor Negan did not get out of jail but at least he got his poop bucket to keep him company. Muhaha!

  24. Neutral-Grey May 13, 2015 at 6:59 pm - Reply

    No new Carl. :c

    Fucking Hell, Negan really dug into Rick’s psyche, though. And Rick basically confirmed everything he said with what he said to Andrea and how he scolded Olivia. I have to wonder if this causes Rick to be maybe a little more introspective.

  25. robert88 May 13, 2015 at 8:07 pm - Reply

    Dear Kirkman and Crew just read issue 141 it was AWESOME, in a comic and movie world full of superpowered bad guys it cool to someone beside the Joker that can cause some chaos, Negan is like a psycho a mob boss a joker a leader and bad ass that can throw down too. I cant wait for him to come to the TV series and to see where he goes in the comic series, I was at Wondercon in Anahiem and bought a free Negan t shirt at the skybound both, I know everybody has an opinion who should play Negan i think it should be Vinnie Jones but thats just me, QUESTION MR KIRKMAN if Michonne was the Governors arch enemy is Carl, Rick, Maggie, or Dwight Negans arch enemy-I think its Carl cause of the all the factory mind games and everthing else even though Maggie has the most reason.

    Your Die hard Negan and Walking dead fan
    Robert Ayala Fontana, CA

    Mr Kirkman are you ever going to be in california doing a signing I have a Stan Lee and a Jim Lee signature i got in person and it would be a honor if u could sign my issue #100 your fan Robert

  26. harpo.AF May 13, 2015 at 8:33 pm - Reply

    Some thoughts of some of the stuff Negan said… when he asked Rick if he regretted anything he’s done, did that mean Negan was also saying he regretted stuff he’s done too, and maybe he wasn’t lying when he used to say he didn’t ‘want’ to kill or hurt people, but he thought it was necessary? ‘From the outside perspective you look like an evil POS.’ But then again, he also said he loved violence, so…

    I also found this dialogue interesting, because it almost seemed self-mocking… ‘He’s the guy who’s going to fix everything! He’s the guy who’s going to save the world! Because he’s the most civilized of all of us!’ It really mirrors a lot of Negan’s Saviour shit ‘We’re the Saviours, we bring back civilization to the world… I’m saving lives…’ etc… Like he’s subtly trying to tell Rick they really had the same methods to their madness and maybe now he realizes it was more self-absorbed ego than anything.

    Either that, or Negan’s completely oblivious and doesn’t realize that was exactly how he was. Kind of like how he told Magna that Rick was ‘ruling the place with an iron fist and everyone is afraid of him’ 😛

    At any rate, I think Negan’s words are really going to nag at Rick, no matter how much he might just try to shrug it off as mindfuckery or pretend it’s all bullshit. As nutty as Negan can be, he’s strangely introspective and understands physcology. (maybe he was studying human psych before the ZA? Who knows!)
    I’m now wondering if Andrea is going to try to kill Negan behind Rick’s back, or at least try to create some situation where she can. And does she have a fanclub shirt? 😛 I bet Olivia does 😉

  27. MaximumParty May 13, 2015 at 10:41 pm - Reply

    Oh my god, i just got fucked backwards with this issue, ive always loved rick and his smart choices for as long as ive known him (and always will) but i kinda feel like hes slipping or something, man i dont know, i loved the shit with dwight, it was kinda light and funny even though it wasnt that way for dwight, its so like “well just have an election my friend!” and i love it, i know they really are on theyre way to a better tomorrow and all that shit but rick still needs to remember that its the fucking end of days out there and some people arent as comfortable with that as he is, im down to see whos elected king savior but im a little worried that a vote might make things go all fucky with those guys, im also not super proud of alot the others talking shit about the saviors, i know things were bad before…real bad, but its been years and it seems like time, same with negan, i really really fuckin reaalllly fucking hate negan but whens enough? Like i said its been years and they should have either killed him way back when or let him out at the fair, lord giveth lord taketh away and all that, im sure it would feel good to give a “the next step is forgiveness” speech and ricks crew would eat that shit up, im choked theres no carl but im ok with waiting for a ton of carl later so it is what it is, hes gettin a meat suit though, hes fuckin gettin it and i can taste it in the air guys, ummm what else, ooohhh fuck thats right! (in a singsong fasion) gre-gor-ys a fu-ck-ing corpse haha! im making these last 2 pages my phone screens for a while, fuck him, fuck him up his stupid goat ass, ive been dying for that for a while, lock them up or kill em now, boy this was great, also i forgot to say negan did the best thing possible, albeit the cockiest thing possible, by just chilling and waiting for rick to find his ass, i laughed real hard at the “perfectly normal sized weiner” since we alllllways heard him talk about his “fucking huge cock” and all this obscene bullshit and then we all heard about how that might have not been the case in 140 during his bathing, and dwight looks cool with longer hair and paramilitary gear, just looks dope now, and i guess thats it, a great issue (dare i say my fav? A position currently held by #33 baby) and i didnt think id like it this much when i first saw the cover, you guys fucking. nailed it. Oh! (fuck sorry) we NEED “negans cock fan club” t shirts, we need them real bad, real bad yo

  28. EICzerofour May 13, 2015 at 11:29 pm - Reply

    So glad Gregory is dead. Now hopefully Rick will be next.

  29. CMercado815 May 14, 2015 at 2:16 am - Reply

    I hope Negan wore a condom when he was mind fucking Rick in his cell!! Safety first

  30. Bsur May 14, 2015 at 3:12 am - Reply

    first maggie fails to control carl and now kills gregory, guess rick has to kick somebody out for her incompetence 😛

  31. Vegaiti May 14, 2015 at 9:56 am - Reply

    Two issues next month (!!!!!!!!) OMG (!!!!!!!!) that is going to be brilliant to see how they close this arc

  32. Professor_JD May 14, 2015 at 11:18 am - Reply

    Oh Negan you! Yes he could have walked off, but was he REALLY going to face the outside? He knows someone would take him down, the town know who Negan is so he couldn’t of sneaked past! He’d be dead before he could even say “Fuck, fuck and more fuck”

    Yet he is clever and made Rick panic, which was good. In that panic mode I think Rick didn’t think logically. Negan knew this and kept him distracted with issues regarding trust. Personally I think Negan knows he met his match mentally, although physically yes he could have overpowered Rick easy.

    Good old Negan is his cocky self again.

    It was nice to see Dwight again, and it’s great to see the communities be so diverse. Elections contrasted with execution. Civilized and not civilized?! Well it is The Walking Dead who knows what journey Kirkman is taking us on!

  33. Hades May 14, 2015 at 1:20 pm - Reply

    To be honest I think I just saw another spark that proves a theory I have about the best character in the comic: Negan. I think he is really not as horrible as a person as he is and has just been stuck playing the role to survive. It is not unheard of that someone can take on a role and then needs to keep it, no mater how different it may be from their true self, just to get things done. In this case it is to keep the 70+ people alive and well. In this world “weaker” people need someone like Negan to an extent. I think the “horrors” he has committed were just diving into this survival/leader role that those of the Sanctuary needed.

    What makes me think this was first near the end of All Out War when Rick tells Negan that they can “coexist” before stabbing him Negan has a true face of relief. Almost like that is what he has truly wanted but had been caught up in the role. Again, as imaged above with the “Why The Hell Not?!” quote there is that face again. Also followed up by the role coming back into full swing.

    One could claim “Mind Games” but the artist is drawing something that is generally out of character for Negan’s cocky self: loss of hope. Just like scene mentioned before and Negan having Hope only to be little stabbed by it. It is all of this as to why I think he truly didn’t walk out of the cage in the first place. Sadly for Rick and crew they are driving the hopelessness the series has right into the character and I think this is going to make him play the role even more so to their detriment.

    Continuing on that vein here of hopelessness the death scene at the end further drives it home that no matter what example is being set there is no real hope in this new world. Not only that but the hopelessness that the Sanctuary will ever have a leader who can keep them fully safe as Negan had in the past during the scene with Dwight and Rick.

    Then again I could be reading well into everything a lot further than was meant here. Not to mention again my love for Negan’s character specifically. I think we are getting small hints as to how he isn’t as bad a person as everyone sees him to be and he is just reacting as outside forces require.

    Back to wearing my Free Negan shirt as I thought I could hang it up after the ending of 140. 🙂

  34. Limse May 14, 2015 at 3:03 pm - Reply

    Hi guys, i want first to make my apologies about my approximate english ( i hope not too much approximate ^^ ), i’m a french fan of TWD since i’ve discovered it 3-4 years ago, and i only began to read the comics in english, 6 month ago …
    And today, i want to suggest my theories about Rick and what’s going to happen ( for me ) in the next issues of TWD …

    So first, Rick Grimmes is one of my favourite character ( and i guess for everybody ), i love when he speaks, his role in the comic, and how cool he is … at the end of AOW, when Negan finnaly understand what’s Rick dream is and the speach he make, and when suddently Rick shoot him for imprison him, i understand his choice … even if Negan understand what Rick wants, he’s still dangerous, right ?… So it was okay for me …

    But now … i’ve just read issue #141, and everythings change in my vision of Rick … i think with what he done in this issue and what Negan says about him, was true … Rick really changed … his really face is showing up to us … i think it happened in issue #100, with Negan appearance, and the death of his best friend, Glenn … you know the adage : “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely”, it’s exactly what happenned to Rick, since the world become larger, his power too, became larger, when Negan appears, Rick saw him like a threat for they lives and peacefull life, of course, but also a threat to his power, it has already almost lost with the Governor … you know what i’m mean ?

    Almost 2 years past since he won the war, he’s a respected man, maybe more than when we was a sherif, he’s leading the town of Alexandria since almost 3 years, and he’s seen like a hero, a great man to take example on ( see Rick-Dwight relation ) …
    But he began to getting old, he’s getting weak too, he must have in the 35 years, and it’s like he is almost 50 years old, he aged too fast … Negan saw that, he has seen through, he saw not a good man, but a weakened man with a great fear to lose his power, a man weakened mentally … Who’s acting like is the good guy, but manipulate everyone …
    Also look Rick did exactly to Olivia, exactly what Negan said … and how he act againt the guard from the kingdom in issue #129 …
    In the next issue, i think, Rick will became more and more, corrupted, mad, he will became a tyran, hiding behind the image of the good guy, and abusing on his image of “The guy who defeated Negan” just to keep his power …

    He’ not going to end well for Rick, I imagine that Carl will had to stop his own Father, ( maybe killed his own Father ?! Who knows ? Horribly cool !… ) After that will happenned the only remaining characters of the original group will be Carl “and Michonne” ( I think Andrea and Maggie will die too, Maggie began to become really dark too … even if Gregory was really a bastard … )

    To Conclude, i will say this issue he’s the most important of the comic, it changed our vision about Rick, and everything he did in the past since he met Negan … It had a “before-Issue #141, and an after” …
    From now i see with a different way the cover of issue #144, it’s the end of the Compendium Three, and you know how it ends … Something will happenned, something REALLY not cool at all … ( so exited )

    Well, thanks for reading me ( and really sorry if i made sh*tty spelling errors ), we’ll see what Kirkman has prepared for us, the July 8, 2015 …

  35. SamTheAwesom31 May 14, 2015 at 4:25 pm - Reply

    Noooo! Gregory was the new Spencer! Now we need a new Gregory to hate on!

  36. Lb263 May 14, 2015 at 6:38 pm - Reply

    Trust. Rick will finally realize he needs Negan when Maggie tells him 3 weeks later that Carl went chasing after some girl and a group of people they know absolutely nothing about. Oh and that she abandoned all of their talks of not killing and being civilized people now because of 1 man (he did deserve it) Where has Magna and her group been? Sneaky … FREE NEGAN

  37. Marblewand53266 May 14, 2015 at 6:58 pm - Reply

    I really enjoyed Dwight’s appearance. as well as his new beginning look. I also like how well Negan is playing with Rick’s head, he’s making him very cautious of everything. I also can’t wait to see how Eugene and Rosita’s story plays out. Eugene loves her, but the baby will definitely put it to the test. I also like the glimpse of Rick’s dark side, when he yelled at Olivia. We got to see it in one of the first issues of new beginning, when he yelled at one of the patrols for not having his sector clear. The highlight of this issue is the development with Maggie. The fact that she actually hung Gregory is really helping develop her into her own leader, not a Rick spin off (not that she ever was, just this helps show Maggies dark side). This moment showed that Maggie will do anything to show that she wants to keep this the Hilltop safe, at any cost. I really loved this issue, my only critique is that I don’t like how Rick handled the situation with Dwight. I think that he needs to help him get through it. I believe that would have been a better option for Rick. Other than that I really enjoyed t his issue. Also loved it because I recently started reading the series. And I just caught up, and this was the first issue I’ve bought on the day it came out. It was awesome.

  38. harpo.AF May 14, 2015 at 8:26 pm - Reply

    I had a sudden thought when rereading this issue again today. Andrea still wants Negan dead and even thinks it’s not too late to drag his ass out and execute him.
    And it got me thinking, maybe this will become a mirror to what Carl did way back when with the Ben and Billy situation. (which Andrea, I’m assuming, STILL doesn’t know about.)
    Maybe Andrea will go down to the cell one night, thinking, much like Carl did, that she has to be the one to make the hard choice and do what no one else will… kill Negan. Rick will come down in the morning and find him shot dead. And he might even suspect Andrea, but will he call her out on it, or let it go and leave it to be an ‘unsolved mystery’ forever? She doesn’t seem to totally buy into Rick’s vision…sure she understands it, but she also thinks it’s too risky to leave Negan alive.
    (I honestly hope this doesn’t happen. I love Negan too much :X)

  39. Wolfe1810 May 15, 2015 at 12:44 pm - Reply

    So Connie is going to turn out to be Michonnes daughter right?

  40. Agenta5211 May 15, 2015 at 3:39 pm - Reply

    Thoughts on Negan.
    I think Negan is a good guy, and all he ever wanted was to protect his people. He was taking supplies from the hilltop and killing walkers for them, but I call that strategy. He was thinking “we’re big, were strong, were intimidating, we can take care of walkers, so let’s let them take care of supplies.” And yes, the hilltop didn’t like it, but no one was getting hurt.
    Then Rick comes in all bold and confident and sees what Negan is doing as bad. Which from his point of view, it is, he just didn’t think it all through. He decided to go after Negan with some people, and Dwight and some saviors run into them and Rick kills some saviors. Rick caused first blood… Then Dwight comes back for revenge and kills [spoiler] then takes [spoiler] hostage and goes to Alexandria to tell them to stop and give the saviors half of their supplies.
    Rick responds by killing a bunch more of the saviors and Dwight flees. Ricks side has only lost one person so far. Saviors have probably lost like 5 to 10. Does that seem fair in any way?
    So yah, Negan retaliates (rightfully) and kills [spoiler] in issue 100 which shouldn’t have happened at all, but Rick was too stupid and too confident in his plan to attack Negan.
    This basically starts a massive war because of Ricks initial actions.
    What he should’ve done was go to Negan peacefully and say “let’s work together towards a common goal of surviving. And we can trade and stuff” but no. He just attacks.
    By The end of All Out War II, he finally achieved what should’ve happened 5 volumes prior. Peace, trade, and survival. Rick took the stupid long hard path to victory, which isn’t even a victory because the group lost too many people. And only to get to a point that could’ve been achieved earlier with no deaths.
    Now, I wouldn’t take anything back because everything that happened is written by Kirkman as genius in the eyes of storytelling. No one wants to see immediate peace. We want war, conflict, excitement, action. And by God, that’s what he gave us because he’s telling a story. But now, he needs to continue that story. In 141, Negan tells Rick that all he wanted was to protect his people, and Rick got in his way. From an outside source, Rick looks as bad as Negan. And now, Negan wants to build trust with Rick when he could’ve gotten out and killed tons of people. But he didn’t because he wants Rick to trust him. And in response, Rick continues to treat him like shit for his retaliations to what Rick initially did. I think at this point, Rick is sort of an antiprotagonist, but he doesn’t even realize it because he’s too bold to think that he’s doing wrong.
    I think him and Negan should work together towards a common goal of peace and survival and they could honestly achieve greatness, but Rick won’t realize that he needs to trust Negan. Rick needs to realize what he did wrong and just accept that. Because when someone offers trust, take it. Because your gonna need it when someone like the Whisperers come along and you don’t know what’s gonna happen.
    I think Rick and Negan are gonna team up. But then ricks gonna think the Whisperers took Carl and not that Carl went willingly. Therefore, he’s gonna go full forces to get Carl back instead of going peacefully, and that’s gonna result in more unneeded war and death. Which the story “needs”
    I want to see peace, but no one else does. Peace is over, and Kirkman had to do a 2 year time skip because majority of the people don’t want to see two years worth of peace. And now, two years later, more conflict, more war, more death.

    • Bsur May 16, 2015 at 2:44 pm - Reply

      completely agree about rick starting the bad blood by killing saviors and negan only protecting his own group. even at the end of the war, when rick told negan about what they couldve achieved together, negan agrees, but rather than being cool about it, rick attacks him with the knife.

    • BASTET. May 18, 2015 at 5:28 pm - Reply

      I disagree with Negan being a good guy because, supposedly, he’s only done the things he’s done for the sake of survival. If that’s so, there’s no difference between good & evil. If that’s so, every action done by The Governor, The Hunters, The Marauders, Gregory, Negan, etc. are all justifiable & they’re no different than Rick & crew. That would make the story all about survival from walkers.
      No. I don’t buy that. There are the methods being used & there are the deeper reasons behind those methods. Rick killed Negan’s cronies who demanded ALL instead of the half Negan required. That was survival. Negan bashed Glenn’s skull to pieces. That was 1st blood.

  41. jesusrocks24 May 15, 2015 at 5:39 pm - Reply

    Everything is going to fall apart now.
    Maggie killed Gregory and what Rick said about everything falling to pieces .
    Maybe the hilltop rebels against maggie.
    Just release Negan and he’ll sort the hilltop out for you Rick.

  42. BASTET. May 17, 2015 at 8:40 am - Reply

    Rick tells Andrea he’s doing the RIGHT thing instead of the EASY thing & that’s what makes him a leader. Then we learn that Maggie took the EASY way. The Hilltop could fall apart, like Rick says, & the story moves on. OR she just gave her community what they wanted & expected & will be revered as a worthy leader… which means that it would only take one adverse event in Alexandria to prove that sometimes the RIGHT thing to do is to take the EASY way out. Next thing you know, Rick may no longer be the good guy. Wouldn’t take much, since he’s so stern to begin with & the majority is against his keeping Negan alive. And then there’s Negan himself, planting thoughts in Rick’s head, which could prove to be Rick’s own undoing. There’s nothing more evil than someone destroying a person from the inside out and opportunistic Negan knows just how to fuck with a mind! He’s gonna take Rick down without lifting a bat! I can’t fucking beLIEVE some of you think he’s a good guy!!
    The Saviors, those “bunch of weirdos” at The Sanctuary, are in need of a new leader. Will it be an ousted Rick?
    Fair’s coming… calm before the storm!!!

  43. Gmtaylor May 20, 2015 at 6:31 am - Reply

    Issue #141 is the epitome of the entire Walking Dead comic series. This issue raises the questions that the Walking Dead has been asking from the beginning, when is it justified to kill? How is justice even dispensed in the apocalyptic world? And most importantly, how does a person survive these decisions without becoming the walking dead themselves?
    Maggie is the leader of Hilltop plain and simple, not Rick. Thats what Rick would say as well. While I know Rick, Maggie and Paul will have words over the execution, ultimately its not Ricks community. Its apparent that to the people in all the communities Rick is viewed as the godfather, but to the leaders, especially in these times of peace, he is the leader of Alexandria, not of them all. I could see some people wanting to leave Hilltop for Alexandria, or even for the Kingdom because of Maggie’s decision, but I don’t believe this is the beginning of the end of Maggie’s leadership, just the beginning of another evolution. Besides, who could run Hilltop better than her! Maybe Paul, but he helped Maggie come to that decision.

    As for my main man mother fucking Negan the fucking fantastic (sorry he has really rubbed off on me, its your fault Kirkman). Negan is serving the same purpose he has always served, as Rick’s mirror. Without Negan, Rick would have never of become the leader he is in the current issue. The communities would never have united and prospered as they have. Negan is still what Rick fears to become, what Rick had to defeat to confirm to himself that he is better, that the world could be better. Negan is crazy, thats certain, but as he pointed out, he is also the baddest mother fucker alive, and perhaps one of the smartest. Which means only Negan could complement Ricks humanity, or critique it, only Negan could help Rick to become who he is today. So therefore Negan is the only person that truly understands Rick. This is basically what Negan is saying to Rick. Which is why Negan stays in the cell I think, he enjoys making Rick look in the mirror, and Rick keeps Negan alive, because he needs to see what he can not become, if he ever hopes to continue building a better world.

    Thanks for the comment space Walking Dead family, I can’t wait for two issues in one month again, lets me know you love me too!

  44. tristainpittman May 22, 2015 at 9:33 am - Reply

    Excellent issue! Negan’s back to his old tricks (not to mention his fucking perfect dialogue), getting inside Rick’s head and digging in as deep as he can. Rick is obviously shaken from this exchange, but certainly isn’t going to change anything because of it. Everything felt so true to character for both men.

    Gregory…. oh Gregory. That’s what you get for fucking with the Queen. Maggie is edging into really shaky ground here. The looks on the faces of her people certainly looked more fearful than celebratory, so it will be interesting to see how this pans out. After letting carl off the hook and then seemingly issuing captial punishment with no judge or jury… I imagine she’s only compounding the issue of mutiny. She’s either going to have to start putting a judicial system in place, fast, or begin her trek down Negan’s road toward absolute tyrannical rule. If it’s the latter, that could make for an interesting dynamic between her and Rick, perhaps drawing a line in the sand for both communities.

    No Carl this issue, but I’m actually not that interested in his little expedition. He doesn’t seem to be in immediate danger, so it’s likely a plot device to bring the Whisperers to Rick’s front door.

    The only thing that’s really nagging at me is this: What the fuck happened to Magna and her crew? They were introduced quite emphatically, consider releasing Negan… and then completely withdraw from the story. Are they going to be relevant again soon, or were they simply a tool to show how the community brings in new people?

  45. JoshW May 23, 2015 at 9:13 am - Reply

    Negan has a plan. There’s something more to his monologue than just making a point to Rick. I don’t believe he’s gone through everything and done everything he has to squander an opportunity like that. We’re not going to see Negan in a cell much longer…..he will be the antagonist again….I can just feel it.

    And holy shit Robert Kirkman! You took a character (Negan)…made him instantly the most hated villain in the series in his introduction..made him the Joker to Rick’s Batman…took us through all out war…and then you gave him dialog that made me go…”huh…Negan’s kinda got a point.” Your writing is genius! That being said…I’m still Team Rick…forever and always!

    I understand (and agree with) Maggie’s decision wholeheartedly (what does that say about me?). I also don’t think this will really cause all that much drama between her and Rick. Rick’s been there, and he’s not stupid. If, God forbid, Rick gets killed, I’m voting Maggie for head-honcho! Because…

    …you don’t fuck with someone who has Jesus in their corner!

  46. KingDead May 25, 2015 at 1:21 am - Reply
  47. MrGrimey822 May 26, 2015 at 12:17 am - Reply

    Yeah I’m amazed that I’m actually starting to like Negan, the sick fuck.

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