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The Walking Dead 131 Preview

Here’s the preview for The Walking Dead 131, out Wednesday!


Story By: Robert Kirkman
Art By: Charlie Adlard
Inks By: Stefano Gaudiano
Greytones By: Cliff Rathburn

A journey begins.

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  1. Carly Hudson September 5, 2014 at 6:09 pm - Reply

    Already a Skybound Insider and glad to hear you guys are working on a bitchin’ rewards program! I love rewards!

  2. Carly Hudson September 5, 2014 at 6:14 pm - Reply

    Oh good God damn! Is Sophia getting funky?! I forgot she’s grown up too!

  3. Carly Hudson September 5, 2014 at 6:20 pm - Reply

    Spoiler – — – — It’s not the walkers who learned to talk… it’s the HORSES!!!

  4. Bastet September 5, 2014 at 6:53 pm - Reply

    The tusks were a no go, there’s a fruity-looking apprentice who’s moving in on his spot, now Sophia’s doin’ the do….Carl’s going back home to vent to Negan.

  5. Bastet September 5, 2014 at 6:55 pm - Reply

    I’m Super Best Buds with you, Skybound! Can I get my sniper T-shirt now?

  6. hobbs September 5, 2014 at 7:41 pm - Reply

    You guys are my best friends, through thick and thin, we’ll always be together, two of a kind havin fun all day….. We’re best friends, best friends are we!

    – Eric cartman

  7. JW Coombs September 6, 2014 at 4:42 am - Reply

    Carl will definitely hang around the Hilltop. I’ve had a sneaking suspicion that the apprenticeship wasn’t his only motive for moving there. I think he and Sophia have been a long time in the making.

  8. JW Coombs September 6, 2014 at 5:12 am - Reply

    I’m excited to see more of the world outside the walls as well. Ken and Marco were wandering around outside of charted territory. So they were in the apocalyptic frontier land where anything is possible, and this is where our hero’s will need to go to investigate these claims to talking, and attempt to rescue Ken. Adlard’s doing a phenomenal job with the art, the urban decay, the vegetation, mother nature choking out to developments of mankind and taking back what’s rightfully hers. This is a completely different world now, even vastly different from the world we knew before the time jump. At this point, several years into it, the world we knew, will look more like untamed jungles and forests than the sprawling urban city-scapes we remember. This is a world that belongs to nature,and the dead, and Charlie is doing a real bang up job on portraying those facts and details and really bringing them to life. It’s been quite some time since the story took us back into the truly uncharted and dangerous deadlands. The places that haven’t seen a living soul in 2 or 3 years. I’m excited to venture into the deadlands once again. I’m also glad to see that, despite the growing society, and thriving civilization, they will still find ways to keep the dead, and the plague, as an ever looming threat; as well as still finding compelling way to continue to tell stories about the world outside the safety of their walls. Regardless of all they have accomplished, this is not their world anymore, and they are still not safe.

  9. JW Coombs September 6, 2014 at 7:29 am - Reply

    Man, look at Sophia. You can tell she’s grown up quite a bit, it’s strange seeing her without all that lustrous, flowing hair she always had. She appears angry in the panel, as if she’s arguing with, or yelling at the other child(not sure if boy or girl) in the panel with her. Also, I think it goes without saying, who the person calling her name in the panel is, it’s obviously Carl. That’s why it’s in the form of a question-“Sophia?”, he probably hasn’t seen her in quite some time. I really hope she doesn’t harbor and hard feelings from their various disagreements and experiences together. Especially, the last time they saw each other back in AOW, when Carl made an ass out of himself, and she got up and walked away, saying she’s got better friends and doesn’t need his crap. I hope she’s happy to see him, because I know sometimes, when people share terrible and traumatizing experiences with another person, they push them away and grow to hate them because the person reminds them of the bad times.

    I’m hoping it goes something like this, a sad and disappointed Carl, goes moping around Hilltop aimlessly, in search of his father; after having his dreams of blacksmithing crushed by freckle-faced Ronald. As he mopes around the grounds, head down, kicking at the dirt, he over hears a nearby argument between two kids about his age. Out of curiosity, and the need to distract himself, he wanders over, as he approaches, a twinge of recognition sparks in his head. The voice, the hair, it all seems so familiar. Then it hits him, he calls out–“Sophia?”; and she turns around confused, surprised and elated all at once. She runs and give him that patented crazy-Sophia running hug, and they go off on their own to talk. Carl is upset, and confides in Sophia about Earl Sutton, and they talk about his Dad, and baby Hershel, and eve a little bit about the past. Eventually Carl tell her he planned to move to the Hilltop, but without his apprenticeship he doesn’t see the point, and doesn’t think Rick will let him. Blushing and batting her eyes she asks Carl is that’s the only reason he wanted to move to the Hilltop. Shyly, he says no. Sophia springs to her feet, with a gigantic smile on her face and says-“OK!”, then leans in, kisses Carl on the cheek and runs off, leaving Carl flustered and confused. Later that evening, when things settle down, Sophia is talking to Maggie as they get ready for bed. She tells her about Carl, and his dreams of blacksmithing, and his disappointment upon finding the position filled. Sophia successfully puts the bug in Maggie’s ear, and the next day she goes and talks to Sutton, telling him that he needs to take on Carl as an apprentice. So not only does Carl get his apprenticeship, but it’s also the beginnings of a relationship that’s been a long time in the making.

  10. Kaydan Howison September 6, 2014 at 12:44 pm - Reply

    Damn Sophia looks so much like Carol.

  11. Ronan Barrett September 6, 2014 at 4:33 pm - Reply

    The zombies are drinking gasoline which is then evolving them! But When you burnt them they would explode like fireworks…… Get me some candles!

  12. Zimovski September 8, 2014 at 11:24 am - Reply

    I think Carl cathes Sophia making out with this other kid and he’s all like: “Sophia? WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK..?”

    Speaking of fucking fucks, what do you think about this casting choice?
    Rory McCann is huge. He looks like Negan, he already had experience with saying “Fuck” *coughGameOfThronecough* And he’s a fucking great actor. He might be a little too old now, but it’s not a problem.

  13. Zane September 9, 2014 at 7:55 am - Reply

    Man oh man, if Carl finds Sophia hooking up with the same chump that stole his apprenticeship we could have some problems!

  14. JW Coombs September 10, 2014 at 4:31 am - Reply

    Where’s the damn #131 Discussion thread? Don’t they know Google Play releases the new issues at midnight on Tuesday!?

    Well, anyway; here’s my thoughts so far on this issues. I’m sure there will be more to come later.

    Oh, wow. What an issue, a lot of questions and mysteries being posed in this one. I absolutely love the direction the book is going in now.

    First off, Sophia’s a badass! She cut those two boys down like it was nobody’s business. When Brian said-“You’re getting tougher”; that was the understatement of the century! She’s SophiaMotherF*cking…Greene?, and if she keeps this up, she just may be up there with Jesus and Michonne one day. Also, I though her accidentally sucker punching Carl was funny, it was a cool way to break the ice, I also love the comment she made-“You should have been able to dodge that right? The Great Carl Grimes, sucker-punched by a girl”, that was priceless. So, it’s apparent that Prince Grimes is having to do more than a little living in his father’s shadow. But, I love how quickly Sophia goes from tough, independent badass chick, to shy and smitten school girl the second she lays eyes on Carl. There’s no doubt in my mind that their relationship is finally reaching a point that’s been a long time coming. It was most obvious when Carl told her she was staying, and he gave him the cute little mousy, and blushing response of “Cool!”. It kind of warms the heart to sees those two finally coming full circle, we’ve watched them grow up and suffer together, times when they might not have made it. But now, they actually have a chance at a normal life, and a chance at love, and fun and all those things. It touching.

    Moving on, I’m not sure how I feel about the mass manufacturing of corn-liquor. That’s only going to lead to trouble, but I guess with society and civilization comes all of societies problems. I’m sure, without a doubt we’ll eventually be running into some wine-o, lazy bum types that sit around the Hilltop all day in a drunken daze, panhandling and offering to spit-shine shoes. This new, stable civilization they’ve built will bring with it all of it’s unsavory details.

    Also, I’m not so sure how I feel about this Dante guy. He seems like a good guy, and it’s apparent that there is something budding between him and Maggie, but he also seems like he could be trouble. He rubbed me the wrong way, I got the feeling he may be a little two-sided, a little selfish and cut-throat. But, on the contrary, he seemed pretty dedicated and loyal to finding Ken and doing the right thing, even when the others wanted to give up out of their own selfishness. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, maybe he’s not so bad.

    Also, Carl finally delivered Jesus letter to Alex. I always thought it strange that Jesus chose to move to ASZ, but he always said he didn’t have much at Hilltop anyway, and spent little time there. Not to mention, he swore allegiance to Rick, and I don’t think he would ever want to leave his command. Anyway, it seems like Alex has found someone else, but this someone also seems to udnerstand that Alex’s heart is with Jesus, as he holds his hand and say-“See, I told you he cares about you”. This kind of bothered me though, it seems like people are always trying to paint homosexuals in a very loose and promiscuous light. Either way, it’s cool being able to catch up with some minor characters like Alex.

    And Carl, I’m so happy he stopped being a brooding little and confronted Earl like a man. It’s amazing what a little bit of straight forward communication can get you isn’t it? So, it’s great that all worked out, now Carl can learn his trade, and be with his woman. But, I’m still dying to know what that letter from Anna says, I have a feeling it may be a little more important than just puppy love.

    Back to Dante,I really enjoyed getting another glimpse at the outside world, and how nature has re-staked it’s claim to the lands that it rightfully owns. The developments of mankind are almost completely unrecognizable. Another thing, and this is touching on Marco’s talking-walkers claims. I’m still fairly certain they’re going to run into some Quislings(or pretenders); but when they found the barn Ken was left at, and they found Ken’s shirt and Marco’s had very suspiciously placed right there in plain view, almost like bait, and the very second that Dante hollered out Ken’s names, the herd of walkers responded immediately; almost as if they were lying in wait. I’d hate to believe it, but that really seemed like a trap did it not? The walkers most likely already ate Ken, but through rudimentary reason were able to deduce that people will come looking for him; so they place his clothes in the front of the barn, to entice them to look further, then when they call out for Ken, it alerts the dormant and waiting walkers, and they pounce. Like I said, I’m not on the evolved walker train, but that really seemed like a good ole’ fashion trap, a hoodwink if you will.

    I loved Rick and Maggie’s discussion. It was like a melding of the minds of kings,two great leaders sharing their thoughts and worries. It was very cool. The coolest part though, was seeing them be able to interact in a similar way to how they did in the old days, when they were just people struggling to survive together. I especially loved the-“**** that! I’m happy!” and “Holy shit!”-“What?”-“Me too!”; that was priceless. That little moment goes to show how deep their bond is now. Also, I think Rick talking about the bad times being behind them, and Maggie telling him to bite his tongue, and not to tempt fate, is definite foreshadowing of the impending doom to come. I also loved how Rick admitted that he missed Maggie, because even though he happy to see her as a wise and powerful leader, she became part of his family during those first two years, and I’m sure Rick misses that, he misse having his family around him all the time, after all, those are the only people who really know the real Rick, and the number of people left who were part of that special bond has dwindled greatly. I’m sure Rick is a very lonely man in his private moments.

    Speaking of Rick missing his family. That comment he made about Michonne, the first mention of her since #126, literally scared me. The look on his face, the distance in his eyes, the way he seemed to be talking in the past tense. “Even after all that happened…I miss Michonne”; I’m going crazy over this, I don’t know what to think. On one hand, it seems that because of the way Ricks says it, that she’s still alive and they just had a really terrible falling out. But at the same time, you can’t help but wonder if it was something worse. Last time we saw Rick and Michonne in the same room, they were thanking each other, and talking about how they’ve always been there for each other, and Rick was urging her to move in with Ezekiel, since he knew they had a thing going on. I just wonder, did things go bad with Ezekiel and Michonne stayed loyal to him? I mean, we know the Kingdom hasn’t been excommunicated from the community network, because patrolman Benjamin is a Kingdom resident, and Rick told him he would be reporting him to Ezekiel. I wonder what happened? Either way, Rick makes it sound bad. The way he phrases it, makes it seem like whatever happened was so terrible, that anybody in their right mind wouldn’t ever miss Michonne for what she did or was a part of. Oh man, this is going to eat me alive!

    Finally, I think it’s pretty clear Rosita is pregnant. Can’t wait to see what that little abomination comes out looking like!LOL

    Also, WTF MAGNA!? She must be drunk, or completely stupid and crazy. She’s pushing her luck by bum rushing and holding Andrea captive for interrogation. Rick and the gang never did anything that brazen and utterly disrespectful as that. Not to mention, they have hidden nothing from Magna, she snooped around and found Negan and found the truth. But, Rick never hid that from her, he offered to bring her down there when he returned. And she goes and pulls a stunt like this? Beating and kidnapping the leaders wife in his own home? I hope they know, no matter what their intentions are, there will be hell to pay when Rick returns, or when Andrea gets free. This will not go unpunished. They won’t be able to explain this type of behavior away as “looking out for her people’s safety”. I’m not sure what Magna is trying to pull, but she’s barking up the wrong tree. Someone will die for this. It’s completely unnecessary. They’ve hidden nothing, lied about nothing, given them food, shelter, clothes, and absolutely no reason for them to do something like this. I think Magna’s intention aren’t what we though they were, I think they’re going to attempt a hostile takeover. Oh man, it’s going to be so bad for her.

    I can’t wait for next month, two issues next month! And they said in the letter hacks that #132 is going to be so surprising and shocking that we’ll be glad #133 is right behind it.

  15. Bastet September 10, 2014 at 9:58 am - Reply

    WHAT’S UP, SKYBOUND? Where’s our 131 Discussion?! You guys sleepin’ on the job! Going to find a firing gun with a honing device for bosses!!!

  16. hobbs September 15, 2014 at 10:33 am - Reply

    NEGAN NOVEL – everyone should upvote this comment to show Kirk-Man how many fans are begging for this, so they will see how much money they will be missing out on if they never write it. WE WANT A NEGAN ORIGEN STORY!!!

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