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Comics, TV/Film

How The Walking Dead "Right Hand Man" Clip Compares To The Comic

AMC recently unveiled a full scene from The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere, which occurs moments after Negan kills _________ and brags to Rick about it. So how does this moment compare to its iconic comic counterpart? We’re here to break it down. But as a refresher, here’s the Season 7 Preview clip that premiered at New York Comic Con 2016:

How It Compared To The Comics Before The Scene

As we mentioned in our Season 6 Comic Vs. Show Comparison the final minutes of the Season 6 Finale mirrored the comics almost exactly. See for yourself:





How It Compared To The Aftermath

In the COMICS, Negan chooses his victim, says Lucille is thirsty, beats the living hell out of him, and then calls Lucille a “vampire bat.” He then turns to Rick and asks, “What? Was the joke that bad?”


Although we can’t confirm if he makes the same joke in the show, he DOES ask the same sick question to Rick in the clip. In both the comic and show Rick promises Negan, “Not today, not tomorrow…but I WILL kill you.” THIS is when both mediums deviate.

IN THE COMICS Negan challenges Rick to kill him right there to prove even if he could he’d be outnumbered (and killed) by the Saviors. He then implies if Rick keeps threathening him he’ll have his men sexually abuse Carl (WHAT?!). Finally, he slaps him around and reminds him he’s the new sheriff in town and he expects his first supply drop next week…or else.

IN THE SHOW Rick tells Negan, “I’m gonna kill you” (slightly different from ‘I will kill you’), which prompts Negan to tease Rick for having a hatchet. He discusses his right hand man (hence the name of the clip) Simon, and how it important to him he is. He asks Rick if he has one, or if he killed them. Negan then places the axe in his belt, drags Rick to the RV, and says he may or may not return with him. We obviously can’t reveal the subsequent events but it differs greatly from what happened in the comics (Negan walking away).


WHAT THESE COMPARISONS MEAN is in both the comic and show Negan renders Rick nearly powerless and despite Rick’s promise to kill him, sets a precedent that he owns Rick and there’s nothing he can do to stop him.

Which version of events did YOU like more? Where do you think Negan’s taking Rick? And do YOU hope the rest of the season follows the comics or takes a dramatic left turn? Tell us in the comments!

  1. Cegress October 11, 2016 at 6:59 pm - Reply

    I’m hoping a whole lot that Negan and the rest of the story is super close to the comics (with some remixes here and there) and hoping that season 7 is negans rule! And lastly season 8 to be all out war!

  2. MikeLacey October 12, 2016 at 2:39 am - Reply

    Season 8? I was thinking we might get to All Out War by 7b.

  3. Nogle October 12, 2016 at 4:28 am - Reply

    I’ll be the happiest boy ever if Glenn dies (best for Maggie story, imo) and Negan chops off Ricks hand.

  4. WoodEroc October 12, 2016 at 11:33 am - Reply

    Kill Daryl Already!!! Hard, left turn…From Glenn….

  5. KingDead October 12, 2016 at 11:57 pm - Reply

    Stay true to the comics with this one please. I love Glenn especially show I feel like he’s way tougher and valued to the group. Which is why his TV death would hit just as hard as the comic. Plz stay true to the comic on this one kirkman

  6. the general of lust October 13, 2016 at 8:24 am - Reply

    Right hand man clip, sounds to me like Rick loose his right hand with the hatchet, now where did i read that . . . .Here you read it here first so when am right(hand) you can all kiss my shinny metal butt, total speculation btw i have no insider information, despite being a skybound insider (how ironic)

  7. JENNIFERCOLLINS October 15, 2016 at 12:25 pm - Reply

    I saw it! It happens 40 pages in to Book 9! I doubt that it will be Glen on the show who gets beaten by Lucille–that is too obvious a blow to fans of the comics. It is much as a surprise to me as it is to most of us. They gotta get more creative than that. This is going to be bad, whether it is Glen or not–but it won’t be Glen, I know that for sure.

  8. dimni_sergio October 15, 2016 at 2:38 pm - Reply

    you just copy pasted the lines from comic to show.the show version has some very mini differences

  9. z0mbie October 15, 2016 at 2:52 pm - Reply

    I’ve had a couple theories about what I think is going to happen. Unfortunately no one I know reads the comics, so I’m basically talking to a wall about the theory. Of course, one being is they just out right kill Glenn, as expected. But, I’m thinking since there are a couple expendable characters, being ones that are not in the comics (or already dead), I am expecting someone to try to sacrifice themselves for Glenn, and Negan ends up killing two people. In order of most likely to die, and least likely for this theory I am choosing Daryl first. We all saw the previews for his new show, he’s not a character from the original series, and if you remember the last finale you see Maggie/Glenn showing her ultra sound to Daryl. Daryl now having seen a picture of their baby, I was/am expecting Daryl to try to sacrifice himself when Negan (or the Saviors) pull Glenn forward. I’ve had this theory ever since seeing the finale, and when I saw this video a couple days ago I think it more or less confirms this… The video being titled “Right Hand Man” is a play on words. Being a reader of the comics, I would have considered Glenn to be Ricks right hand man, but in the TV series, someone like Daryl is more fitting to that role… Readers of the comics also know that before this point in time, Rick actually loses his hand to the Governor… I think that might be a little far out there in terms of it being in the plot of the TV series, but it’s possible. I mean, Carl doesn’t wear his bandages forever… He eventually moves onto glasses, which of course would show a bit of FX on his characters eye. When meeting Lydia, she convinces him of showing it off (even though Negan told him it looked cool..) so, they’re going to have to show it at some point down the road.

    Of course we all know Abraham is supposed to be dead already, and the plot with Eugene, and Rosita later in the series. Though, I believe I read that Kirkman mentioned he wished he hadn’t killed off Abraham so soon… I think we might see him try to sacrifice himself to save Glenn, but I don’t think it’s likely. Same could be said about Sasha… I know they’re trying to do a combination of comic book Michonne, and Andrea for Sashas character. The PTSD when arriving at Alexandria, just like Michonne does in the comics. The way she mopes around after Bobs death, wearing his jacket, much like Andrea does after Dale dies… Even Bob suffered the same fate Dale did in the comics. More than likely I think it’s Daryl > Abraham > Sasha + Glenns death, and possibly Rick losing his hand. It’s going to be a great season, that’s a fact though.

  10. Neilendil October 17, 2016 at 3:36 am - Reply

    This article is only comparing parts of the scene that were identical or close to it. There were many other bits not referenced to above. The show replaced Negan’s process of picking someone out with having him walk around trying to get a rise out of people. Without the decision making process, I felt that the scene was slow and Negan didn’t seem to have much direction. There was little reason conveyed as to why he “simply cannot decide”. Comic Negan walked down the line giving reasons why he couldn’t pick each person, revealing pieces of his values and character. Negan’s lines about Carl’s story being too interesting to kill him now were especially important to the story but were integrated into the show without any emphasis on how interesting Negan found Carl. Other than that, I enjoyed the scene, more so the blu ray uncut which just had more impact to it.

  11. Heysteffie October 17, 2016 at 6:25 pm - Reply

    I think we should boycott and not watch this premiere. See how Kirkman and his minions like to be jerked around like they do us. I have a bad feeling it will be Daryl which is going to have me turning the channel indefinitely.

  12. ComicsPlus October 18, 2016 at 4:26 pm - Reply

    I don’t know why so many of you want the TV series story to follow the comic book story. I think that it makes it more interesting for the TV story to have differences from the comic book. If the TV story followed the comic book exactly then, if you read the comic book, you know exactly what is going to happen next on the TV show. Where is the anticipation in that. You wouldn’t have people debating what is going to happen next. I think that it is great that there are some similarities and some differences between the TV show and the comic book and I hope it stays that way.

  13. blubenow October 20, 2016 at 12:25 pm - Reply


    From The Spoiling Dead Fans member, “Rocket Dog”.

    We see the cold open which is the Negan/Rick trailer that was recently released. It is just after Negan whacks out

    Last chance, spoilers ahead

    Abe and Glenn. That’s been dissected to death, so I’m not going over that now.

    Negan throws Rick into the RV and drives the axe into the table. Then Negan tries to drive the RV like a mofo. Negan gets behind the wheel and starts to drive.

    Negan mocks Rick about him threatening to kill him. Negan dares him to get that axe and come get him. Rick, being Rick, does just that. Negan confronts him with a machine gun. Rick backs down- wise move.

    They take off again, and now Rick starts his dream state, thinking about people in the lineup, and then the lineup folks starting to set up a party/tables back at ASZ.

    Negan pulls up to the burning logs on the burning log road and shuts her down. He grabs the axe and opens the door of the RV. Walkers are now around the RV, attracted by the fire/smoke. Negan pops his way clear with Lucille, then tosses the axe on the roof. He tells Rick to go get his axe. Negan basically tosses Rick out of the RV into the walker fest.

    Rick still has these “dreams” of the garden party starting up and everyone starting to come together. Doing all sorts of family-oriented stuff. It’s also mixed in with shots of the lineup folks back in the lineup as well… In between these dreams, he’s fighting walkers all around the RV but it’s so smoky and dim, he cannot even find the RV. He fights with several walkers all burnt up and stuff. He FINALLY makes it to the RV and recognizes the ladder to the roof. As he climbs, walkers want him down. He kicks his way free to the top and lands on top of the RV.

    He looks around and sees the hanging man, now a walker (or hanger), just a few feet away from him. Just hanging there, struggling around. He keeps thinking about the party folks (even baby Gleggie), then they’re back in the lineup, back to reality, back to the hopeless feelings. This basically recycles for everyone in the lineup.

    Rick is cracking now. He’s crumpling down on top of the RV. Ready to cry.

    Now, we go back in a flashback- the LVs…a lot of it through Rick’s eyes.

    Negan goes through his eenie meenie spiel and the bat ends up on Abe!

    You can cry, hell you’re all going to be doing that….Abe goes all stoic, ready to accept his fate.

    WHACK! Abe takes it on the skull, Negan is amazed Abe still is kinda still with us.

    Abe manages to get one more Abe-ism in there. He wants Negan to suck his nuts. [You go boy!]

    All the while, taking it like a champ.

    WHACK! Abe goes down, and then, well, you know the rest. Bloody goo.

    Negan pummels his head. Rick looks on, stunned, obviously.

    Afterwards, Negan shows Rosita his bloody Lucille. She doesn’t want to look at it, but he demands she do so.

    Daryl is fuming/burning. In Negan’s mid-sentence, Daryl jumps up and clocks Negan’s ass and knocks him to the ground. Dwight and another Savior grab Daryl and tackle him.

    Aw HELL no! Negan’s not a Daryl fan right now. That isn’t the way to make friends in the clearing.

    Rick basically calls off the dogs and gets Daryl to stop. Negan takes note of the relationship.

    Dwight kicks Daryl back into the lineup.

    First one was free. This one won’t be. Negan explains how the shit works. Has to make the right impression.

    Instantly, Negan brings up the bat over Daryl, then turns and whacks the shit out of Glenn. Then again bashing in the top of his skull. Glenn spits out his comic book lines trying to call out to Maggie. Negan spits out his comic lines about his eye looking gross as shit. He turns to Maggie and basically acts sorry about having to do all this. Then…back to work. As noted…no exceptions.

    Then it gets graphic. You probably already got a good idea. Brain soup.

    Another Negan comic line about the vampire. Then he’s back in front of Rick…what, was the joke that bad?

    Flashback over– back on top of the RV where Rick is….

    Rick starts to feel crushed as he gets back to reality mode. Rick sees the axe, feeling pissed.

    Negan wants his axe. Rick has to move as bullets from the machine gun start tearing up through the roof of the RV from inside. Rick grabs the axe and runs and jumps off the RV onto the hanging bridge guy that now is a walker.

    Now Rick is periodically having constructed, sort of quick, flashbacky scenes in his head about how Negan is now Lucilling people in the lineup. The cracking has commenced.

    Rick is hanging on the walker trying to climb up and keep from the walkers below from getting him. But the weight is too great and the hanging dude starts to come apart! Ewww!

    Then machine gun fire is taking out walkers below. Negan is in the RV, like we see in one of the trailers, shooting walkers trying to help Rick get his axe.

    The dead guy gives way and part of the guy, Rick, and the axe go flying to the ground. Rick gets up looking around and obviously has to fend off more walkers until he finds the axe again.

    More scenes of Lucilling the lineup goes through Rick’s head.

    Rick is all over the place fighting walkers, the smoke making finding the RV difficult again. The horn is honked so he can follow the sound. He finally gets to the RV and the walkers are up on him…door is locked. More walkers. He’s doomed. At the last second, the door opens and Negan yanks him inside.

    Obviously, Negan is amazed and pleased that Rick got “his” axe. Back to the clearing they go.

    Obviously the axe is dirty. Negan cleans it and gives it back to Rick right before Negan makes a grand re-entrance to the group and tosses Rick out the door again.

    Negan drags Rick back to the lineup. He’s mad because all that was supposed to break Rick. It didn’t quite work that way.

    Now, back in the clearing, Negan is mad about the way Rick looked at him the whole time up to even now. He knows Rick ain’t there yet…

    Negan asks if he should give Rick another chance. Rick, of course, agrees. Negan needs some insurance apparently, so he has Simon point guns at the back of everyone in the lineup’s head.

    Negan wants Carl up where he is. Uh-oh…Negan pulls off his belt. Carl comes over, Negan wraps it around his arm and makes him lay on the ground. Simon gives him a sharpie marker and makes a deliberate mark on Carl’s forearm. Rick pleads with Negan. Negan isn’t interested. Negan orders Rick to cut off Carl’s arm at the mark. Not to worry, Negan has a doctor that could save Carl.

    Negan directs Rick down to where Carl is. Gotta do it now, or Negan will Lucille him, swinging Lucille around Carl’s head.

    Rick begs to make it be him. Negan declines. My way or the highway basically. Only one choice here. Rick doesn’t do it. Negan brings up Lucille…

    Negan starts a backwards count of 3. Rick starts to crack. He pleads with Negan again.


    Carl accepts his fate. Not trying to show fear.


    Rick starts to do it, broken, crying like a little bitch. Then at the last second, Negan stops him. Negan has done it. Rick is literally owned. Negan takes the axe. Then points at Daryl. Negan orders Dwight to take Daryl with them. Threatens if Rick tries to not follow the rules, that he’ll cut off little pieces and send them to him, or bring him by so Rick can do it.

    Then Negan starts to leave, then says he’ll leave them a truck to get and haul all the shit they’ll get for him. One week…they’ll come a knockin’. Says his signature goodbye line from the comic.

    As Saviors leave, a couple take polaroids of the bodies. Like the ones that Glenn saw on the wall in the outpost. Rick just stands there with his axe. Stunned. Totally broken.

    They load the bodies in the truck and they still got to get Maggie to see the doctor. Maggie is so broken and weak. They all leave and Rick drives off in the RV, Sasha and Maggie and the bodies go to HT. The garden party with everyone at the table floats through Rick’s mind. As things might have turned out, but won’t. Rick spies a walker coming out of the woods in the RV rearview mirror. The walker drops to his knees to get ready to eat the brains and goo on the ground where the bodies were. Rick glances away, still obviously shaken.


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