Our VR Project GONE is Here!

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In case you didn’t hear, we’ve made a VR thriller with WEVR and Samsung for Milk VR called GONE! Our Media Development team, headed up by Rachel Skidmore, has been killing themselves getting this production wrapped up and we’re super excited that you can see it for yourself TODAY.

GONE allows the viewer to experience the dread and panic of a couple whose child vanishes. Explore the scenes in complete 360-degree freedom, looking for active clue points as the story unfolds around you. Finding these hotspots (which are only active for a limited time) will allow you to see events at different times and different perspectives. In short, exploring your environment will shape the way you experience the story. Miss a hotspot and you might miss an aspect of the story.

The 11-episode interactive VR production also presented a unique challenge for writer/director JT Petty. Filming in 360 is hard enough, but add to that the interactive element, the shifting perspectives, the timing aspects… it’s an amazing accomplishment that required working hand-in-hand with WEVR and Samsung on the software aspects as we shot the series.

Congrats to JT, Rachel, and everyone at Skybound, WEVR, and Samsung that worked so hard on this project. It’s awesome!

If you have Samsung Gear VR, head into the Milk VR app to check out the first episode!

Check our the Story featurette to learn about some of the unique challenges shooting in 360 VR presents:

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  1. Gotron says:

    Trying to find this, just watched episode 1 and now it is literally gone. Can only find the trailer in samsung vr. Congrats guys! The show is so hard to find for what it is i dont understand. Well mars just downloaded peace out

  2. Gotron says:

    Samsung Milk VR is now just Samsung VR. The only thing I can find is the Gone teaser but none of the episodes. Seems like a shame since the first episode looked like you put a lot of work into and was really high quality. It’s really weird that I found the first episode and now I can’t find any.

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