Skybound Holiday Gift Guide 2017!

Something for everyone on your list

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The holidays are almost here! We know you’re busy and stressed and running around like crazy to get everything done on time. Never fear though, Skybound is here with a handy dandy holiday gift giving guide to help you through these holidays (at the best prices of the season)! Check out our list of amazing Skybound items you can order right now! Head over to the Skybound store now to pick up some items and take advantage of our big Holiday Sale!

$20 & Under:

Skybound Enamel Pins


Need some stocking stuffers? Skybound’s got you covered! We’ve got a bunch of awesome pins available right now for just $10! Right now though, because we like you, pins are 20% off in the Skybound store. Go get yours now!

Skybound Minis Blind Box Figure


Everyone loves a good holiday mystery so why not grab a few Skybound Mystery Minis?! With characters like Rick Grimes, Mark Grayson, Science Dog, Negan and many more, these little dudes are perfect for stockings. They’re $10 in the Skybound Store.

Skybound Hardcovers and Trade Paperbacks


It’s been an insane year for Skybound comics and we’ve got the collected comics to prove it. Grab them for your friends that want to try new comics, those that are already obsessed and need to collect it all, or your the person you’ve been dying to get started reading comics! Don’t forget, hardcovers are currently 20% off!

The Walking Dead PVC Figure Sets


Our Walking Dead pvc two packs are the perfect stocking stuffers for the TWD fan in your life. There are several characters to choose from and multiple colors. Plus, right now, they’re ONLY $2.50! That’s definitely enough reason to pick up a couple… or 20!

$50 & Under:

Skybound T-shirts


Who doesn’t love a good t-shirt for the holidays? They’re practical and they show off your nerdy side. We’ve got something for all of the Skybound and Image Comics lovers on your list. From THE WALKING DEAD to REDNECK to SAGA to EXTREMITY and much more! Hurry now and save 20% or more on ALL t-shirt designs!

Skybound Action Figures


This holiday season we’ve got action figures for EVERYONE on your list! Pick up you favorite heroes from SHIVA FORCE or INVINCIBLE, Grab a Isabel & Hazel or Shiva & Ezekiel 2-pack and grab you’re favorite villains like Beta or Sidney. Figures range from $25-$50 and they’re all on sale right now! Go get some!

The Megabox


The ULTIMATE gift for the ULTIMATE Skybound fan! We’re at the end of our first year of The Megabox and we’ve got even more awesome content coming to your door every 3 months! The current edition of The Megabox features features exclusive comics, the coveted Lucille Patrol Dwight and much much more! Just $50 per box or save more by buying an annual subscriptions and get each box for $45 (plus shipping and handling). Order TODAY!

Skybound Holiday Bundles


New this holiday season Skybound’s hooking you up with some great deals on some epic duos and starter bundles for fans! Pick up the Walking Dead Beginner Bundle featuring a TWD shirt, action figure and trade paperback. You can also pick up some of your favorite TWD in epic team bundles. Choose from Ezekiel & Jesus, Rick & Michonne, Alpha & Beta or Clementine & Lee. All of these bundles come at a discounted price point so they’re the perfect gift this holiday.

$50 & Over

Lucille Patrol Action Figures


This summer at SDCC we introduced you to the newest fighters in the struggle for truth, justice, and the zombie bashing way: The Shiva Force! But what are heroes without some villains! The Lucille Patrol is here to take our heroes down a peg and to crack a few skulls along the way. The Walking Dead’s most infamous antagonists take center stage in this box set, perfect for the villain lover in your life. The box set retails for $100 and comes in both regular and a bloody variant!

The Walking Dead Fan Kicks

twd_ht_d004_m09_quarterl   twd_lr_d005_m09_quarterr

We announced a few weeks ago that we were partnering with Fan Kicks to make some amazing TWD inspired shoes. Fan Kicks have interchangeable uppers that zip on and off the sole allowing you to change the entire look of your shoe. Maybe you want to rep the San Francisco Giants one day and Shiva and the Kingdom the next. Just swap out the canvas uppers and you’re good to go. The shoes come as high-tops, low-rise, and slip-ons. Snag a pair for yourself or get them as a gift for the TWD fan in your life!

The Walking Dead Comic Starter Bundle


Do you have a friend or family member on your list who’s been itching to get into THE WALKING DEAD comic book? Maybe they love the show and you want them to have more to devour. Why not grab them our Walking Dead comic starter bundle?! This bundle features the first 126 issues of the hit comic giving your friend plenty to read over the holiday break. Plus it’s on sale for just $140 right now!

None of that strike your fancy? There’s tons of other awesome merchandise available at the Skybound Shop and a bunch of it is on sale RIGHT NOW!!

DON’T FORGET: IF YOU WANT YOUR GIFT BY CHRISTMAS (USA-ONLY), ORDER NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 15th! Order later than that and you might miss the 25th, depending on our order volume.

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