Skybound New York Comic Con Exclusives!

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New York Comic Con is just two weeks away! We’re happy to share our brand new exclusive comics for the show with all of you and the premiere of the COMIC VERSION of Kyle Barnes from OUTCAST by KIRMAN & AZACETA! We’ll have these items plus plenty of other Skybound swag for you at Booth #1444. Hope to see you guys there!

Negan Kills- Green Valley #1 and Horizon #3

If you thought Negan was done killing, you were wrong. Skybound’s NEGAN KILLS variant cover series continues on two new series: HORIZON and GREEN VALLEY! The world’s most feared, bat-wielding psychopath murders his way onto the covers of HORIZON #3 (by Juan Gedeon & Frank Martin) and GREEN VALLEY #1 (by Giuseppe Camuncoli & Jean-Francois Beautlieu), depicting THE WALKING DEAD badass everyone loves to hate. No one is safe from Negan, not even in a different comic book. Each issue is $10.



Outcast Comic Kyle figure

Straight out of the OUTCAST BY KIRKMAN & AZACETA comic, this action figure, from our partners at McFarlane Toys, features Kyle in a swirl of that mysterious black element (detachable). There is a standard “clean” version and a bloody variant. It also comes with a stand for easy displaying. Only from Skybound! Each figure is $25.

kylefig1 kylefig8

kylefig3 kylefig7

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  1. Reziah says:

    Those are so awesome!!!! I have absolutely been loving Skybound. You guys have grown so much, and your titles get better and better. You guys really have a eye for talent. I read every title of yours and plan to read future ones. I know I carried on and hollered about Invincible ending ( and I stand by it), but I will continue to support you guys for as long as I read comics.

  2. Will there be anymore exclusives?

  3. Skybound, Walking Dead action figure collectors have been royally and collectively been shat on this previous year by McFarlane Toys.
    Not having a NYCC exclusive Walking Dead action figure stands a powerful chance of alienating some customers. For the sake of the collectors, announce one.

    Be better than Todd McFarlane.

    • Be patient. They are supposed to announce the walking dead NYCC Skybound exclusive before NYCC. They still have a week to announce it.

      • The reason for the stir, on Skybound’s twitter when asked if there’d be a Walking Dead exclusive they responded with no confirmation nor denial one one this year. Instead answering vaguely about having the Outcast figure

        • I did not see that twitter post. Now I’m kind of mad. I was all hyped for it to be announced. Well…. maybe they will still announce it. They like to keep Walking Dead stuff hush hush a lot of the time like right before it comes out sometimes too

          • Not sure if someone said we would have a Walking Dead figure at NYCC this year. I apologize if they did. The above tweet was maybe not as clear as I could have made it: our exclusive action figure at NYCC this year is the Kyle Barnes Comic version in both clean and bloody colorways.

            Sorry for any confusion.

          • People were going on the assumption from the previous years, in a sort of traditional way, that there’d be a Walking Dead exclusive.
            And with the recent near cancellation of McFarlane’s TWD TV series line of action figures, people are very, very hurt by this lack of. No one has said there would be, but there’s forever been an unspoken “yes” at most every comic con with the exception of this year’s Emerald City Comic-Con – which was unexpected.
            There really, really should’ve been one for NYCC. From every which way, Walking Dead action figure collectors are getting the short end.

        • Neganism says:

          THAT Is very dissapointing about the NON walking dead exclusive nycc. I like OUTCAST BUT that’s just a resculpt on the head from SDCC. Makes me wonder if we’re getting to the end of getting figures for the walking dead. I wish you luck but for the walking dead fan, it just sucks.

  4. travismc says:

    Awesome!! I got all the other covers when i was at San Diego Comic-con, will these be available here in the online store? I think yall need to make of them Lucille Necklaces!!!

  5. thecomicdojo says:

    Geez! Talk about an obsevvive personality. Some of these people getting upset about collectibles need to settle down and come back down to reality. Anything that comes out would be appreciated but anything that doesn’t come out, doesn’t really matter because it’s just a materialistic item that really doesn’t matter when we are all on our death beds. Get it together people.


  7. Lb1469 says:

    Just because you collect toys, doesn’t mean you need to act like children.

    Everyone will survive without a WD exclusive. No need to pout.

  8. PikaChao says:

    I wish I could go to Comic Con.

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