Skybound 2017 Last Minute Gift Guide

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Christmas is just around the corner. Like, seriously, somehow it’s only 4 days away! We know you’ve been busy and we’re here to help. Below you’ll find suggestions for some awesome last minute gifts that you can get before the holidays for your friends and family.

REMEMBER: You can still order from our online shop, but we just cannot guarantee delivery before December 25th. There are tons of items there for all super fans in your life and a lot of them are on sale! If you don’t mind giving someone an IOU this might be the best way to go! Anyway, on to the gift guide:

Megabox subscription


The Megabox is our quarterly subscription box that brings the joy of Skybound right to your door. Sign your friends up now and they’ll get our The Megabox #5: The Remains! You can sign them up for a single box or save some money and get the yearly subscription. They’ll get tons of awesome and exclusive Skybound items every quarter so don’t delay!



It’s been a HUGE year for Night School Studios Oxenfree and it’s time to celebrate. You can pick up the hit game for yourself or your loved ones on pretty much any platform you can think of. Oxenfree is available to buy digitally on Steam (where it’s currently 75% off until Jan 4th!), Playstation, X-Box, Google Play, iOS and Switch right now! Go get your spooky on this holiday.

Giant Cop


For all your VR lovin’ friends out there we’ve got Giant Cop available now on Oculus Rift & HTC Vive! Nothing says the holidays like policing a tiny city and causing mayhem. Put on those sunglasses and pick up Giant Cop now. It’s 65% off until January 3rd during Steam’s Winter Sale so don’t miss it!

Telltale’s The Walking Dead Series


We know a lot of you are amped for Season 4 of Telltale’s The Walking Dead but in the meantime why not get your friends hooked on the series. You’re in luck too as the entire TWD collection is available on Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, Google Play, and the App Store. Get everyone hooked today and play the epic conclusion next year!

The Walking Dead digital episodes on iTunes


You can’t go wrong with a little Walking Dead. All 8 seasons are available now on iTunes. Give your friends and family the gift of catching up before the second half of season 8 starts. Plus with a season pass you get all kinds of cool exclusive clips! Grab them a gift card and they can pick up all the episodes they missed

DON’T FORGET: There’s also still time to grab great Skybound comics, trades, collections and toys at your Local Comic Shop! Not sure how to find the closest one? Head over to the Comic Shop Locator and find yours!


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