SDCC 2016 Skybound Exclusives & Debuts!

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HERE THEY ARE! All of our SDCC 2016 exclusives and debuts! Hm, wait, actually IS this all? Or might we have a surprise or two… Hmmmm… Come see us at BOOTH #2729!

Outcast by McFarlane Toys

Kyle Barnes Action Figure

Kyle-package-both       Kyle-both

Straight out of the OUTCAST television show on Cinemax and Fox International, this action figure, from our partners at McFarlane Toys, features Kyle in a swirl of that mysterious black element (detachable). There is a standard “clean” version and a bloody variant. It also comes with a stand for easy displaying. Click here for more pics!

Outcast Wax Packs

Outcast TV show Wax Pack Trading Cards


IMG_1912_edit       IMG_1919_edit

Explore the Outcast TV Show by collecting these vintage style, wax pack trading cards. The set features 81 full-color collectible cards. Available as individual 8 card packs for $5 each, or a 24-pack box for $100 (each box contains a special 1 of 1 printing plate card inside a random pack). The Outcast TV Wax Pack Trading Cards were made it the USA by SideKick.

New Skybound and Saga Designer Shirts


Take it like a Champ – The summer of Negan continues! Could you look him in the eye and take a beating from Lucille like a champ? Well, with this shirt featuring his fan-favorite phrase along wth with his signature blood splatter, you can tell everyone how brave you are.


Silence the Whisperers – The War has begun and Rick wants YOU to help defend Alexandria! Everyone has to do their part – wear this shirt to show your support and SILENCE THE WHISPERERS.


High as F*** – The newest shirt from the Saga collection! Are you tripping on the good stuff? Riding that Fade Away high all the way across the galaxy? Who better to do it with than everyone’s favorite stoner Yuma.

Lucille Bracelet

The Walking Dead Lucille Bracelet from Han Cholo ($40)

Cuff image

Cuff Image-2

Negan’s favorite weapon becomes your next favorite piece of jewelry. Designed by Han Cholo, this stylish bracelet comes in an edition of 200 pieces.

Lying Cat Statue

Lying Cat Coming to SDCC ($75)

DSC00145       DSC00158

DSC00152       DSC00153

The pre-order period for the SAGA LYING CAT STATUE, sculpted by Squid Kids Ink and produced by Skybound, has ended. Your next chance to pick up this 8″ recreation of everyone’s favorite lie detector is at San Diego Comic-Con, where we will be selling a limited quantity at our Saga Shop booth #2629B.


“Negan Kills” Variants- $10 each


Birthright17B_Cover_Page_1[1]       MD21B_cover[1]

The Summer of Negan continues through three of Skybound’s hottest titles. BIRTHRIGHT, MANIFEST DESTINY and THIEF OF THIEVES all pay homage to the king of skull-crushing himself, NEGAN! The covers of BIRTHRIGHT #17, MANIFEST DESTINY #21 and THIEF OF THIEVES #33 feature each comic’s artist depicting the notorious WALKING DEAD badass facing off against its respective heroes, a.k.a. Negan f*cking sh*t up for everyone!

Horizon- $5 each


Skybound’s newest original series by Brandon Thomas (The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury), Juan Gedeon (Ghost Racers), and Frank Martin (East of West) will show you that survival isn’t just a human instinct… Pick up the limited edition HORIZON #1 Convention variant with exclusive cover art by Juan Gedeon and Frank Martin.

Skybound Series 1 Pin Set

Skybound and Yesterdays are teaming up to bring you Skybound’s first ever pin set. Each pin features iconic art from comics like The Walking Dead, Invincible and Saga!

There are 7 pins available at the main Skybound booth (#2729), featuring beautiful enamel artwork from Skybound titles The Walking Dead, Manifest Destiny, and Invincible. Each pin is limited to 1000 pieces and are $10 each.

At the Saga Shop booth (#2629B), there will also be a Ghus pin and a special 2-pin set celebrating the galaxy’s favorite feline, Lying Cat, along with her favorite catchphrase “Lying.” Both Ghus and the Lying Cat 2 pin set are limited to 1000 pieces, Ghus is $10 and the set is $15.

YESTERDAYS_Saga_lying_cat-01[22]       YESTERDAYS_Saga_ghus-01[29]

YESTERDAYS_MD_skullflower-01[33]       YESTERDAYS_TWD_Conquest-01[7]

YESTERDAYS_TWD_BF-01[24]       YESTERDAYS_TWD_logo-01[23]

YESTERDAYS_TWD_lucille-01[23]       YESTERDAYS_TWD_zombie-01[35]

Yesterdays is a collectible enamel pin company run by 3 friends out of Southern California. With a focus on art, pop culture and humor, they’ve created over 150 different styles made in collaboration with their friends and most beloved artists. From creators like Skinner and Alex Pardee to indie comics legend Mike Allred, they’ve created some amazing pins. Their latest partnership with Skybound will bring the incredible works of Saga, Invincible, Manifest Destiny and The Walking Dead directly to the pin game. The pin game is strong with them.

Foam Dart Blasters

Michonne’s Katana- $15


Abraham’s M16-$30


Carl’s Revolver- $20


Andrea’s Rifle- $30


Rick’s Shotgun- $30


Refill Pack- $10


We fired the first shot last year when we brought Dwight’s crossbows to San Diego, so this year we are evening the battlefield by bringing 5 new Walking Dead weapons with the help of our friends at Buzz Bee Toys! If the crossbow wasn’t your weapon of choice, don’t worry – we are bringing Michonne’s Katana, plastic and light and perfect for slashing, Andrea’s Rifle, Abraham’s M16, Carl’s Revolver, each with a range of 72 ft, and Rick’s Shotgun, double-barrel for double ammo action, to the booth. Only a limited amount of each weapon will be available at SDCC, so be sure to get your hands on them quickly if you want to survive the zombie apocalypse, or just ambush your frenemies!

Superfight & Red Flags

Street Fighter Deck- $15


The world’s most legendary fighting franchise is now in your Superfight deck. Use these cards on their own or with other Superfight decks to bring classics like Ryu, Chun-Li, and M. Bison off the screen and onto your table for the most epic battles you’ve ever argued about. No button mashing, just good old fashion debate.

Orange Deck 2- $15


Orange Deck 2 boldly goes where no Orange deck has gone before. With 100 new cards from your favorite nerdy books, movies, comics and TV shows, your deck will be shiny and chrome all the way to Valhalla.

Red 2-$15


The Red Deck was gross, but you bought it anyway. And now you’re back for more? You disgust us, and we love you. Red Deck 2 has 100 more horribly offensive cards that you definitely shouldn’t bring home to your family.



The Mindcrack deck adds 24 characters and 76 attributes created by your favorite Mindcrack content creators for all their fans. Now you can finally know who wins: Aureylian with a glorious beard, or Guude wearing a dinosaur costume.

Nerdy Red Flags-$12


Nerdy Red Flags is an expansion to Red Flags that adds 75 nerdy perks and red flags to your game. Now your dream date can be your favorite Doctor and live in Hogwarts, but beware, they’ll look exactly like Jabba the Hut and talk like Mario.

Sexy Red Flags-$12


Sexy Red Flags is an expansion to Red Flags that adds 75 inappropriate perk cards to your game. So get ready to blush, because these cards are gross, but you’ll want them anyway. (Just don’t forget the safe word.)


Lucille 34” Replica Bat- $40





Lucille is back and this time at a full 34 inches Perfect for smashing heads or a quick game of softball (just mind the barbed wire and the zombies). She was immortalized by the death of a certain pizza boy, but she still has so much blood to shed!

Lucille 4” Keychain Blind Boxes- $10

Hanging-with-logo revised


You can finally take your favorite skull-crushing bat with you everywhere you go! Presenting Lucille in 4-inch vinyl form, and a key ring for easy transportation. Available in multiple colors, both regular and blood splattered, plus a few rare colors.

McFarlane 2-Packs

Saga Figure Alana and Marko 2-Pack ($50)


Saga-2-pack-back     Saga-2-pack-front

Skybound is proud to present Alana and Marko from Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staple’s groundbreaking series Saga, available in action figure form for the first time! Each figure stands 5 inches and is paired with iconic weapons, like Alana’s mace and Marko’s sword. These figures were designed by McFarlane Toys and will be available at our Saga Shop booth #2629B.

The Walking Dead’s Negan and Glenn 2 pack Action figure Set ($50)


TWDComic_Glenn solo     TWDComic_Glenn color



Eeny meeny miny moe, Negan chooses San Diego. Skybound and McFarlane Toys are bringing back The Walking Dead’s most despised villain to San Diego Comic-Con and this time they’re bringing Glenn along for the ride. This exclusive 2-pack features Negan with Lucille, Glenn and an exclusive smashed Glenn head, straight out of The Walking Dead’s issue 100. This limited edition set comes in 2 color variants, Color Blood Splattered and Black & White.


Outcast Volume 2 Hardcover ($30)


This convention exclusive edition collects OUTCAST by KIRKMAN & AZACETA issues #7-12 in hardcover for the first time!

The Walking Dead Compendium Three Hardcover ($100)


This limited-run hardcover edition of Compendium 3 is gold foil-stamped and contains THE WALKING DEAD issues 97-144!

The Outcast Watch

Outcast Limited Edition Watch from Vannen ($65)

Limited edition San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Outcast watch from Vannen. Only 250 pieces available. Each watch features glossy, full-color artwork on the dial with Index Markings and Outcast logo printed on the inside surface of the crystal. The back of the watch and crown feature custom Outcast engravings unique to this design. Each watch also come packaged in a full-color Outcast sleeve.




This might be the most new merch we’ve EVER had a convention. It’s bananas! Give us your reactions in the comments below!

Comments 38

  1. wackyweirdo says:

    Why must it be a limited SDCC exclusive? 🙁 I probably won’t have the money the day they are released and they are going to sell out and get put on ebay for $1000 or something.

    • HolyPenguin5 says:

      If its the figures they will most likely go on the sky-bound/Walking Dead site after a couple weeks. Can’t speak for the watch.

    • Don’t panic dude. Walking Dead items after San Diego comic con will be in the skybound website a week to two weeks after the SDCC. And then when they do come on the website they will be on their for awhile just like every other walking dead exclusive like Jesus, Ezekiel, Alpha etc. So don’t panic.

  2. Timenjay says:

    Depending on the print run, they usually are offered after SDCC to Comic shops and (hate to say it) online outlets.

  3. lrikke67 says:

    I’m drooling.
    2 of each so I can have a set MIMB and a set to play with? $200??? YES! TAKE MY MONEY!!!!

  4. gray says:

    These are awesome.

  5. evilhmi says:

    I wish u can just take my money now .NEGAN ????????????????

  6. Kfog51 says:

    When will the color Neegan and Glenn set be available to buy?

  7. Are the SDCC Exclusive Lucille’s on a pre order for pickup at SDCC?

  8. Rachael427 says:

    If they THE WALKING DEAD’S COMIC NEGAN AND GLENN 2 PACK ACTION FIGURE SET are SDCC exclusive then why are they already on sale on ebay for double the price?

  9. I do have 5 people on my Walking Dead Utah Vape page, Doll Hunters R Us SDCC group that wanted keychains, I have no intention of re ebaying them. nor buying them from ebay since I plan on being at SDCC myself. Are you the person whom I should contact Brian?

  10. As true Walking Dead fans, my wife and I have a question: If these are “blind boxes” how can you tell which one is which color / limited Edition? I will be wanting two complete sets for sure.

  11. Reziah says:


  12. Archonia says:

    We’re a Belgian retailer and we’re getting requests for the Saga and Walking Dead AF sets.
    Will they be made available through distribution levels? (Diamond or others?)

  13. Reziah says:

    how bout BIRTHRIGHT HARDCOVER 2, BRIAN!?!?!?!?!!?

  14. mcoppa123 says:

    Great items for SDCC…..VERY VERYYYYY Disappointed there isn’t a Walking Dead variant comic

  15. mcoppa123 says:

    Or an Outcast variant

  16. violentzeh says:

    that Saga shirt is rad, but i cannot walk around with a shirt that says “FUCK” on it. all in all, good stuff.

  17. aaronddodd says:

    Please notify me as I’m an insider when and if you guys have any Negan Glenn 2 packs left. I need this in my collection and only buy from you guys every time. Please don’t leave us that can’t attend SDCC out as we’re just as Important if not more.

    Thank You,

    Aaron Dodd

  18. evilhmi says:

    Omg I need to know when all the TWD STUFF is available on this site…love it lucky for those that go too comic con

  19. krighton77 says:

    how do you go about getting one of the B/W Negan Kills covers..will those be offered on the website.

  20. I stopped by a few times to say Brian – but you were at a dinner and or gone. I was told the mini keychain bat sets were sold out – I have left for home to Salt Lake. Can’t do many lines because of MS – leg cramps etc… Maybe another day. Thank you though for the offer to stop by and get a set.

  21. Any word if TWD Compendium 3 & Outcast Hardcover 2 will go up for sale? Or did they all sell out at SDCC?

  22. HI
    I was delighted to see the Outcast trading cards at Comic-con and I bought a box which I just opened.
    The cards are beautiful, as is the vintage style packaging, but unfortunately Sidekick Labs, the manufacturer, used way too much wax on the wrappers and that means some of the cards inside the packs are damaged by wax staining. This probably wouldn’t have been so bad except for the heat wave Califorina has the week prior to, ,during, and the week after the convention. The temperatures melted the was to the point where it actually cooled on my display box, the inside of which looks like the bottom of one of those old Kentucky Fried Chicken buckets. While the dummy card in back protected the back card in the pack somewhat, they still got stained by wax on the edges and the card in front has a thick coating of re-constituted wax on it. It could be wiped away with a cloth, but there was still staining on those as well, in some cases showing through to the reverse side of the card.
    Anyway, the cards are still gorgeous, so I’m happy with what I got. That said, I did ask if there was a chance to get a full set from a full box and was told there was a good chance of that (although the Skybound worker (the boss, I think it was, did not say it was a guarantee, so I knew I was taking my chances.)
    Unfortunately, I didn’t come close to making a set, getting 4 or more copies of certain cards and zero of others. I know for sure I’m missing three of the white border character cards. It’s hard to say off hand how many more I’m missing, since the cards aren’t numbered (besides the printing plate bonus), making the set very difficult to sort or even know which ones I am missing.. Could you publish a checklist with the numbers that correspond to each card title, so I can find out exactly which ones I’m missing?
    I love the TV series and comics, so there cards are WAY better than nothing, but I really wish Sidekick had taken it easy with the wax sealant, and even more so, that the cards were numbered to ease sorting.
    I do recommend anyone who has a sealed box of this to keep it cool, otherwise, your cards would likely be damaged by the excess wax on the wrappers essentially melting onto the cards, which don’t take it well since they are on flat stock, and not glossy like modern cards. It really was a nice tough to make them that way, but they don’t take the wax well as glossy cards would have, sorry to report.

  23. Sorry for the handful of typos in the above. If any of that wasn’t clear, please let me know and I’ll clarify.

  24. aaronddodd says:

    Any word on any leftover Negan Glenn 2 Packs? Please give and update if you guys will let be selling on the site. Thank You.

  25. Dare250 says:

    Any information or opportunity to purchase the Lucille blindbox keychains would be appreciated. Hopefully some are left to have for my collection from this site since the ebay sellers of the keychains are already insanely overpriced. I was also wondering if any type of list detailing all the different colors or varieties would be made available. Thank you.

  26. scroll up 5 to 6 comments, they were sold out at the show and I missed getting two whole sets. Brian said they might make more

  27. When are you guys releasing the Lucille bat on your website?

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