• A band of survivors struggles to survive after an epidemic of apocalyptic proportions has swept the globe, causing the dead to rise and feed on the living.

  • Every kid wants superpowers. But not every kid's father is Omni-Man, the greatest superhero the world has ever known. When teenager Mark Grayson finally inherits his dad's abilities, though, he realizes life isn't getting any easier.

  • Thief of Thieves tells the story of Conrad Paulson, the world’s greatest thief, who has set his sights on his own kind. He vows to steal only what’s already been stolen, in an effort to right the great wrongs of his life.

  • Dr. Luke Taylor's perfect life comes to a dramatic halt when an identical, bloodied version of himself arrives at his doorstep with news that he is one of many clones... and they're all after his pregnant wife and their unborn child!

  • Jackson T. Winters is one of the greatest criminal masterminds to ever live...except he's rotting in jail after his last, doomed score. But when a filthy rich collector breaks him out, he's tasked with putting together an elite team of paranormal experts to do the impossible: Steal a ghost from a haunted house of horrors!

  • Manifest Destiny follows Meriwether Lewis and William Clark’s historic expedition across America, only things might not be quite like you remember from History class...

  • The bruising story of one man's revenge and the dark road he travels.

  • It's a sick world, and Dr. Vincent Morrow's here to treat it. Headhunted into an exciting new career in the black arts after his excommunication from the medical community, Morrow serves the world with both hands -- one in magic, one in medicine -- as earth's protector. Earth's Witch Doctor.

  • The Guardians of the Globe are BACK in an all-new, all-exciting ongoing series! Your favorite heroes - Brit, Outrun, Invincible, Robot, Yeti, Kaboomerang, and more -face new challenges of epic proportions in stories by the all-star team of Phil Hester & Todd Nauck!

  • The Evil Max Maximus wants to get to Inner-Earth! He wants the dinosaurs that live there! He wants the powerful DynOre mineral that originates there! SUPER DINOSAUR and DEREK DYNAMO are the only ones who can stop him!

  • Fight fire with fire. Fight evil with science! Collecting the never before reprinted Science Dog back-up story from INVINCIBLE #75, as well as the ALL-NEW full-length, never-before-seen conclusion of the story!

  • After the Rapture the sole protector of the sinning masses is BATTLE POPE, and his trusty sidekick, Jesus. They're the last line of defense in a world overrun with demons and depravity.

  • When Gary Hampton, corporate CEO, is mauled and left for dead following an attack by a wolf on a family vacation, his life takes a drastic turn! Gary is cursed -when the moon is full he transforms into a beast of the night - a werewolf!

  • Meet Brit, the government's last line of defense when it comes to the really messy parts of keeping the world safe. When super-powered menaces threaten our home soil, send in this one-man killing machine: He's indestructible, unstoppable, and eligible for a senior citizen's discount.

  • Freedom fighter Bowen has lost everything in the war against The Infinite. His only hope is to travel back in time to prevent their world domination before it starts! Bowen can't do this alone, he must turn to the only ally he knows he can trust: HIMSELF.

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Juan Jose Ryp Answers 7 Questions with Sean Mackiewicz

Hey Skybounders,

For this week's 7 Questions, I talked with Juan Jose Ryp, the talented artist working on Skybound's new series, CLONE, with writer David Schulner. Check out what Juan has to say below about art, music, and this mindbending new book, in stores November 14th!

1.)   For those that don’t know, how did you get your start in comics?

God, I hate that question, I'm too old for… well, this is my bio in a few lines. A zillion years ago or so, I began to publish professionally in Spain, working in several magazines with so many genres: fantasy, sci-fi, horror, erotic. Some of these works and characters have seen the light in the States years later, like Nancy In Hell. By sheer chance, I started to work at Avatar Press exclusively, and I continued to work there eight or nine years more, doing works like Robocop, Black Summer, No Hero… I spent two years more at Marvel Comics, drawing Wolverine, Moon Knight, Punisher…and, well, now I'm here, at Skybound drawing CLONE, along with some Batman stuff for DC Comics. There is more to tell, sure, but… who would want to hear all that?

2.)   Your insane attention to detail makes you perfect on an action book like CLONE. Can you tell us about the evolution of your style?

Thanks for your kind words! I've always drawn that way, paying so much attention to the detail. Some people say it's because I lack an ability to synthesize. I never attended any art class, I just draw the things as I see them. In fact, all that detail comes to the surface when I'm inking. My pencils are much more loose, more anarchic than the final result.

3.)   Which artists out there are currently influencing your work?

Oh, well… Hergé is a DIVINITY and Jean Giraud Moebius, too. And in the same Olympus are Schuiten, Manara, Giardino, Darrow, Boucq, Gimenez… I know this is too European, but Adams, Lee, Risso, Miller and Hughes are around, too. But I'm not being fair. See, every book I read, every comic I enjoy (and there are plenty of them), leaves something in me and influences every new page I face. I love comics, man!

4.)   If you look at our interview with Director of Business Development Shawn Kirkham, you’ll know that we’re big music fans in the office. What music do you have playing in your studio?

Are you asking for a playlist? Right now Bo Diddley is playing, but usually I listen to (without any order in particular) The Clash, BB King, Stray Cats, Sex Pistols, Mozart, Ramones, The Cure, Charlie Parker, Green Day, Nirvana, Vivaldi, The Who, AC/DC, Ella Fitzgerald, The Undertones, The Cult… and much more! Plus a lot of Spanish groups. I don't want to bore you, but as you can see, everything I hear is sort of… old. Just like me.

5.)   You live in Spain. David Schulner lives in Los Angeles. What’s it like creating comics across the globe with David and the folks at Skybound?

That's nothing new. My life as a professional has always been like that. The publisher is American, the writer is American or British, me, a Spaniard, and the colorist is from any other part of the world. That's globalization, man…Or perhaps some type of Babel Tower. But there is absolutely no problem there. David and the Skybound guys are very kind and attentive, always quick to solve any doubt I may have.

6.)   Artistically, how do you approach making Luke and all the clones distinctive, even though they’re all the same?

 …with some difficulty *laughs*. Well, first we designed a "Zero-Clone," that could be (our protagonist) Luke, and changed some characteristics and features, like haircuts and clothing, and the other clones soon appeared. But I've tried to depict that "difference" with the gestures and the behavior of the different clones. That way, Patrick is a cold-blooded, evil-hearted, imperturbable guy. And Luke is just a good guy, indecisive and insecure. A good guy in a bad problem

7.)   If you had a clone to assist you, what would you do with all that extra time?

Well… a hundred things come to mind, and some of them I can't confess! Overall, I'd love to spend more time with my wife and my son, to share more things with them. I'd like to travel, to see with my own eyes these places I've drawn and possibly I'll never visit. And run! Running is one of my passions. I have in mind to run through the whole country, a la Forrest Gump. I can keep saying nonsense like that all day long, you know…

Thank you very much! I really hope you like CLONE. I'm putting all the effort and hope I can into this series.

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