• A band of survivors struggles to survive after an epidemic of apocalyptic proportions has swept the globe, causing the dead to rise and feed on the living.

  • Every kid wants superpowers. But not every kid's father is Omni-Man, the greatest superhero the world has ever known. When teenager Mark Grayson finally inherits his dad's abilities, though, he realizes life isn't getting any easier.

  • Thief of Thieves tells the story of Conrad Paulson, the world’s greatest thief, who has set his sights on his own kind. He vows to steal only what’s already been stolen, in an effort to right the great wrongs of his life.

  • Dr. Luke Taylor's perfect life comes to a dramatic halt when an identical, bloodied version of himself arrives at his doorstep with news that he is one of many clones... and they're all after his pregnant wife and their unborn child!

  • Jackson T. Winters is one of the greatest criminal masterminds to ever live...except he's rotting in jail after his last, doomed score. But when a filthy rich collector breaks him out, he's tasked with putting together an elite team of paranormal experts to do the impossible: Steal a ghost from a haunted house of horrors!

  • Manifest Destiny follows Meriwether Lewis and William Clark’s historic expedition across America, only things might not be quite like you remember from History class...

  • The bruising story of one man's revenge and the dark road he travels.

  • It's a sick world, and Dr. Vincent Morrow's here to treat it. Headhunted into an exciting new career in the black arts after his excommunication from the medical community, Morrow serves the world with both hands -- one in magic, one in medicine -- as earth's protector. Earth's Witch Doctor.

  • The Guardians of the Globe are BACK in an all-new, all-exciting ongoing series! Your favorite heroes - Brit, Outrun, Invincible, Robot, Yeti, Kaboomerang, and more -face new challenges of epic proportions in stories by the all-star team of Phil Hester & Todd Nauck!

  • The Evil Max Maximus wants to get to Inner-Earth! He wants the dinosaurs that live there! He wants the powerful DynOre mineral that originates there! SUPER DINOSAUR and DEREK DYNAMO are the only ones who can stop him!

  • Fight fire with fire. Fight evil with science! Collecting the never before reprinted Science Dog back-up story from INVINCIBLE #75, as well as the ALL-NEW full-length, never-before-seen conclusion of the story!

  • After the Rapture the sole protector of the sinning masses is BATTLE POPE, and his trusty sidekick, Jesus. They're the last line of defense in a world overrun with demons and depravity.

  • When Gary Hampton, corporate CEO, is mauled and left for dead following an attack by a wolf on a family vacation, his life takes a drastic turn! Gary is cursed -when the moon is full he transforms into a beast of the night - a werewolf!

  • Meet Brit, the government's last line of defense when it comes to the really messy parts of keeping the world safe. When super-powered menaces threaten our home soil, send in this one-man killing machine: He's indestructible, unstoppable, and eligible for a senior citizen's discount.

  • Freedom fighter Bowen has lost everything in the war against The Infinite. His only hope is to travel back in time to prevent their world domination before it starts! Bowen can't do this alone, he must turn to the only ally he knows he can trust: HIMSELF.

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Todd Nauck Answers 7 Questions with Sina Grace

 Hi Skybounders,

It's Tuesday again, and that means 7 Questions. For this week's questions, I spoke with Todd Nauck, the amazing artist behind Guarding the Globe.

1. You have been drawing fun and upbeat pages for near twenty years… how do you keep excited to hit the art boards every day?

I started at Image’s Extreme Studios in 1994. Still feels like yesterday sometimes…

What keeps me excited to hit the boards? A non-stop love and passion for comics and storytelling. I’ve been drawing all of my life. I draw almost every single day in one way or another. I’m thankful that I get to draw comics for a career and enjoy every moment as best as I can.

2. How has it been drawing the Guardians of the Globe- are they no more or less challenging than the previous rosters you’ve tackled?

I’ve been reading Invincible since issue #1. It’s one of my favorite reads every month. So I was very familiar with most of Robert’s superheroes. It was very cool when Robert contacted me with the offer to draw this new monthly.

Most of my past projects have involved team books with a fairly large cast (WildGuard, Young Justice, NewMen). I love drawing lots of characters. Cory and Ryan’s designs are fun and fresh. It’s a blast to draw them! Some of the designs have been a little challenging. But that’s still fun. Like figuring out a puzzle and mastering it.


3. How has the process been working with Phil Hester?  He’s drawn comics - has that affected the way you two work?

Phil is the first writer I’ve worked with that is also a pro artist. He’s been very complimentary of my art/storytelling. That means a lot since I have a great respect for his art (His work on Green Arrow was awesome!).

Phil has been really easy to work with and open to my input and questions. And his plots have been crazy fun to work on. It’s exciting every time a new script comes in and I get to see what happens next!

4. Okay, break it down for me: how did you become such an amazing draftsman?

Wow. Thanks! You know, it’s pretty much years of practice, studying and trying to find new/better ways to draw things. I try to challenge myself as much as I can and evolve as an artist. And I feel my current work penciling and inking Guarding the Globe is my best work to date.

5.Have you changed your process with the advent of drawing tablets, iPads, and so on?

I’m still drawing everything on paper. I do use Photoshop for resizing and converting the art to blue lines from layouts to pencils to inks.

I’d love to try some of the new tablet tech. It’s amazing to see what artists are doing with that stuff nowadays. But I still think I would prefer to do finished art on a board and have that one-of-a-kind piece of art.

6. Which comics on the stands are grabbing your attention currently?

Dan Slott is making Amazing Spider-Man crazy fun. Geoff Johns has made Aquaman cool and bad ass. I finally got into Walking Dead via the trades last year (never thought I’d get into a horror comic!). Danger Club is my most recent discovery. The first 2 issues have been interesting. I look forward to seeing where Walker and Jones take that story.

I’ve also found myself really getting back into comics from my youth (the 80’s-early 90’s). I’m enjoying reading (or re-reading) series like John Byrne’s She-Hulk, Walt Simonson’s Thor, or the Giffen/DeMatteis Justice League.

7. Outrun or Flash—who would win in a race?

Which Flash are we talking about? New 52, Old DCU, Barry Allen, Wally West, Jay Garrick, Bart Allen?

I think that would be an awesome crossover to find out who would be faster… And I think Wally West Flash and Outrun’s personalities would make for an interesting mix!

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