Our New Studio Is READY!

We moved offices WAY back in 2016 (remember those simpler times?) to a MUCH larger building to house all of the cool stuff we’re doing, and a big part of that move is a brand new studio space! We’ve been hard at work building that space out, equipping it, sound-proofing it, and set-dressing it and we’re finally ready to show it off! Mike Cruz, our Director of Digital Programming gave our friends at Mashable a first look RIGHT HERE.

And since that hit the web, I decided to grab some more shots for you!






We’ll see if we can’t pin Cruz down for a little tour of the space on Facebook Live soon! In the meantime, learn about some of our initial plans for the space and see more photos of the full space at Mashable!

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  1. beaver1 February 12, 2017 at 2:43 pm - Reply

    Looking like a great studio guys,nice

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