Customize Red Flags for Valentine’s Day!

Looking for something different to get your significant other this Valentine’s Day? Well, Skybound & Red Flags are here to help!

You can now create your very own Red Flags custom card set. Just pick from the drop down menu, choose your recipient and we’ll send out your 3-card Red Flags set just in time for the holiday. The best part is, you can punch the cards out and add them to your Red Flags deck! A personalized gift AND a great addition to your favorite game, what’s not to like?

Send them to your lover, your spouse, your mom, your mailman… At ONLY $2 a piece (including shipping) you can send them to everyone that means something special to you!

You can also send a digital version to your intended victim beloved for free! Just provide and e-mail address and we’ll send it out instantly.

Head over to the Red Flags page and get creating now!


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