Every kid wants superpowers. But not every kid's father is Omni-Man, the greatest superhero the world has ever known. When teenager Mark Grayson finally inherits his dad's abilities, though, he realizes life isn't getting any easier. Juggling homework, dating, a fast food gig and the odd alien invasion or two can be rough.

Good thing he's Invincible.

Robert Kirkman
Creator/Artist: Cory Walker
Series Artist: Ryan Ottley


This Week’s Comics: Birthright #23

Hey there, Skybounders! Who’s ready for some new comics?! This week we’re bringing you some new BIRTHRIGHT! Issue #23’s got magic fights and demons and reunions and so much more! Check out a preview of Birthright below and, as usual, grab this title at your local comic shop or online on Wednesday! BIRTHRIGHT #23 STORY: […]