Earth's greatest heroes unite to defeat Earth's greatest threats! Invincible, the Guardians of the Globe, Tech Jacket, the Astounding Wolf-Man, and more appear in this series that expands on the world created in Invincible!

Story By:
Phil Hester
Art by: Todd Nauck

Out This Week: Clone #16 & Invincible Universe Vol. 2

Coming to your LCBS this Wednesday 5/7, check out these fresh titles from Skybound! Luke Taylor’s mission to uncover the truth behind the Clone program has only lead to the death of his friends. Who will be the next to die in his name? Find out in CLONE #16! The greatest heroes in the Invincible […]

Invincible Universe Easter Eggs When we asked artist Todd Nauck if there were any Easter Eggs in the first 10 issues of INVINCIBLE UNIVERSE, imagine our surprise when he sent us this list! Now we'll hand it off to Todd, who explains how it all began. Todd Nauck: Back when I was a youngster dreaming of the day I'd break into drawing comics, I noticed Todd McFarlane would hide Felix the Cat in his issues of Amazing Spider-Man. Art Adams would do the same hiding Gumby in his X-Men comics. So that got me to thinking. What would I hide in my comics once I start working in the biz? I decided I'd hide Easter Eggs of my favorite TV show/obsession "Mystery Science [...]