Writer JUSTIN JORDAN (LUTHER STRODE) and artist MATTEO SCALERA (BLACK SCIENCE, Indestructible Hulk) craft the bruising story of one man's revenge and the dark road he travels.

Justin Jordan
Artist: Matteo Scalera & Moreno DiNisio

Out This Week: Dead Body Road #6 & Thief of Thieves #21

We hope everyone in the US had a great Memorial Day! The best thing about a three-day weekend is that Wednesday comes around faster, and that means… new comics! Check out what’s coming out tomorrow: There’s a man digging a hole in the desert. Let’s see just how many bodies will fit. Orson Gage’s bloody […]

Burning Rubber – Car Chases in DBR

This article originally ran in DEAD BODY ROAD #4. You don’t see a lot of car chases in comics. There’s a perfectly good reason for this, which is also a pretty simple reason: they’re damn hard to do well in any format that doesn’t involve motion. There aren’t a heck of a lot of car chases in prose, either. In movies (and television, and anime), the car chase is a fairly easy way to ramp up excitement. Because they are exciting; even the most poorly filmed and choreographed car chase is still tons of metal going way too damn fast, and often ending in a car flipping over and/or exploding. Possibly because of hitting a fruit stand, which are notorious for their [...]

The Colors of DEAD BODY ROAD

Moreno Dinisio, the colorist of the Skybound miniseries DEAD BODY ROAD, walked us through the stages of coloring two pages of DBR. These are the four steps he follows to bring Matteo Scalera's inks to life! Step 1 I start with flat colors. On a grey uniform base, I spread the colors without too many shades, giving each thing its own colors without light or shadow. I give tone to the background and the characters, and take confidence with the page, looking for the three-dimensionality of the lineart without adding any other information.

Dead Body Road #2 Headed Back to Print!

The second issue of the wildly popular new Skybound series DEAD BODY ROAD, written by Justin Jordan (LUTHOR STRODE) and with art by Matteo Scalera (BLACK SCIENCE), keeps gaining readers and has already sold out at the distributor level. As his vengeful manhunt continues, ex-cop Gage’s momentum doesn’t falter as the body count rapidly increases. Continue reading for the full press release from Image Comics!

Dead Body Road #1 Preview

Check out this awesome promotional video for DEAD BODY ROAD #1. It’s gonna be an awesome ride (and a bumpy one if it’s really covered in dead bodies…) Retailers, today’s the last day to get in those orders! Also, check out this awesome interview with JUSTIN JORDAN over on Comic Bastards where he tells us […]

Dead Body Road Interview

CBR has an interview up with Justin Jordan and Matteo Scalera for Dead Body Road, out December 11th! Lots of good stuff in the interview. Can’t wait for you guys to see DBR!   CLICK!

Dead Body Road Announced!

Dead Body RoadA new Skybound Original miniseries Written by Justin Jordan Illustrated by Matteo Scalera Colored by Moreno Dinisio Seven men were involved in the death of his wife. Seven men must now die. Skybound presents Dead Body Road, a new miniseries from writer Justin Jordan (creator of LUTHER STRODE for Image Comics) and artist Matteo Scalera (INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK for Marvel […]