Scare PewDiePie Statement

We at Skybound were shocked and saddened to watch PewDiePie’s recent videos. It is truly disheartening to see someone who you love and respect create content that is hurtful to so many. While we wholeheartedly disagree with the views being espoused, we acknowledge the rights of Felix and all artists to express themselves freely. We […]

The Walking Dead #126

Story by Robert Kirkman Art By: Charlie Adlard, Stefano Gaudiano & Cliff Rathburn Cover Art By: Charlie Adlard & Dave Stewart ALL OUT WAR PART 12 The Conclusion.   Price: $2.99 Diamond ID: FEB140645 On Sale: April 23rd, 2014


INTERVIEW WITH RYAN OTTLEY INVINCIBLE #111 marks Ryan Ottley’s 100th issue  of invincible ! We decided to ask him a few questions about when its been like working on invincible for over a decade. INVINCIBLE #111 marks Ryan Ottley’s 100th issue  of invincible ! We decided to ask him a few questions about when its […]

Tales from Skybound: Horror Movie Picks!

Hey everyone! This week, in honor of GHOSTED #10 coming out, we picked our favorite horror movies to share! Check 'em out below:   Brian Huntington, Online Editorial Director Don’t hold me to this, but today, it’s Poltergeist. I was very young when I first saw it and the clown under the bed and the tree outside the window scarred me for years. And it wasn’t like this was my first rodeo; I was also watching stuff like Alien and the Shining when I was very little (basically from 5 up—this is what happens when you have an older sister and young, hippie parents). I think Poltergeist nails some basics very, very well. A) Why is [...]

New Skybounder!

  Well I just got done telling you that Skybound is growing. Proof of that? We’ve decided to add yet another team member. Help us welcome Chris O’Brien, who will be helping us out on the Social Media side! Chris moved to LA from Rhode Island a couple years ago. When he’s not slinging tweets, […]

Tales from Skybound: Brian

Hey guys, it's me, Brian, your friendly neighborhood Online Editorial Director. You ever act all confident about writing an editorial for the comic book company you work for and then when it comes time to actually write it you have absolutely no idea what to write? No? Well me neither because I always know EXACTLY what I'm going to do. HaHA! You see what I did there? Classic misdirection. First, let's address that opening sentence, specifically the part where I say "comic book company." Because essentially, that's what Skybound has been, but Skybound is growing. True, we've been involved in televsion with AMC's The Walking Dead (and Robert's a big part of that still), and video games with Telltale's awesome [...]

Custom Conquest Fig is Awesome

Invincible fan (and teacher!) Arthur from Boston sent in a pic of a custom Conquest figure he had made and it is awesome. He had it done so long ago he can't remember the artist (if you're out there, LET US KNOW!) but we had him send us more pics so we could post them here.  Hit the jump for more pics.