Announcing: EXTREMITY!

Today we are super excited to announce our first new comic of 2017! EXTREMITY #1 is heading your way this March and we know you’re going to dig it! Here’s Editorial Director Sean Mackiewicz to give you the scoop:

People like Daniel Warren Johnson are rare. It takes a split second to realize he’s an incredible artist (see: any art in this post)… he’s also an accomplished writer (see: Space Mullet)… AND he TOTALLY rocks out when he’s not at the drawing board (see: twitter).

So Daniel’s the ideal type of creator we love to work for with here at Skybound: bursting with ideas and talent, who just want us to give them the space to create and the platform for you all to read it.

Which brings us to EXTREMITY, which is the story of Thea and her family in the Roto Clan. Who experienced loss and pain, and now look to pay it back on their enemies. But when a family seeks vengeance together, how does that change them?
Is there still room for the love and care they showed each other before they spilled blood? Or does the fracture in their hearts and minds push them apart?

These are the questions Daniel explores as he fills out the world of the Rising Plains and the Ancient Dark with beautiful monsters and monstrous humans, who live out grand adventures on floating islands and wondrous airships that you don’t need to be a fan of Hayao Miyazaki to fully appreciate.

When Daniel writes a two-page spread in which a robot is punches a rampaging beast dead-on and says that he’s “totally going to KILL this page”… you don’t doubt him for a moment.
He’s joined by colorist Mike Spicer (who may or may not be Daniel’s alter ego… it’s scary how much they’re in synch) and letterer Rus Wooton (the best in the biz).

This is your first taste of EXTREMITY, and I hope you check out the first issue when it’s released March 1st, 2017.
It’s but one of the ways we’ll be celebrating Image Comics’ 25th Anniversary next year, as we embrace the creators that will shape comics over the next 25.
Thank you for supporting us.

Sean Mackiewicz
Editorial Director, Skybound


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